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do you have any tips for drawing hands?

Well! Let me give you some points of reference that have helped me. 

1) Draw from life, as I’m sure you already know. It’s always the first thing people seem to say, but it really does help. “To draw a thing is to know a thing” and all that. 

Here are some websites I constantly use for gesture drawing practice, and they both give you the option to focus solely on hands.

2) Tip Sheets. If you just look up hands on Pinterest, you can usually find a bunch of tip sheets that helpfully break the hand down into moving parts. Understanding how something works will always give you better results that just knowing the exterior appearance.

(Normand Lemay is just amazing. You can see more of his tips by looking up “Tuesday Tips with Griz and Norm.”)

3) Studying cartooned versions of hands. Drawing from life is wonderful, but when you’re going for a more illustrative or cartoony style, it can be hard to know the best ways to simple things. Doing quick gestures will naturally help with this, as it focuses you to only records the essential information, but! It’s always nice to study from the masters.

Milt Kahl (the great Disney animator) is probably my biggest influence when it comes to hands. 

I hope that helped a little bit. Happy drawing! :)

My piece for the Avatar fanzine! It is a tribute to the very first episode, which as a young 11 year old, hooked me right in. 

I feel like the original AtLA series was one of my biggest influences as a kid. It made me interested in learning how to draw humans, in story telling, and to this day it still inspires me in just how much a kids show is capable of.

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So your post about your OCs, I was curious, do they know each other? And if they do, how did they meet/what's their backstory?

hi! thank you so much for asking! ive like, never gotten questions about my OCs before.

so their names are freddy and vivi and i came up with them when i was like…14??? and i decided to uncover them now that i’m a grownass 20 something. maybe make a webcomic - ive got a plan, kinda. but basically to answer ur question: yes! they do know each other. they’re besties who spend every waking moment thinking about solving supernatural mysteries. they met each other at school… here’s their uniforms, because they attend an english secondary school. very trendy.

currently the way i have it is that they live in a universe where like, magic is real and normal and can be used in small ways by everyone but not everyone is like, really attuned to it? idk its not that solid in my mind yet.

anyway theyre 12yr old kids so like they make mountains out of molehills and believe they uncover loads of super mysterious magical stuff on the daily. who knows, they may ACTUALLY discover something genuinely amazing sometime.


So basically my biggest hero and artistic influence just reached 10k followers and im sooooo unbelievably proud and happy for her!!

I made a tumblr account like 3 years ago and didn’t touch it because i literally had no idea what it was or how the hell to use it. So its May 2016 and literally like 5 months prior i discovered this show called star vs the forces of evil and i can honestly tell you my world turned upside down. No joke i stared at the screen and said “i don’t know who they are but i ship it” I HAVE THE SNAPCHAT!! So anyways im super new to tumblr and i final open the app and it asked me what i like.

I typed in starco (i learned the ship name through Instagram). Literally like the first post was one by a user named atomicmangos and it was of Star and Marco missing. And me being me i was like OMFG YESS MY BBYS!! I don’t think i’ve ever clicked the follow button so fast. Another month does by and i see she does these live streams on I’ve never been to a live stream so i was actually really nervous. I downloaded the app and entered her chat room. IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!! AND BY FAR THE BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!! There were only like 7 people there and i got to know all of them!! It was such a comfortable environment and i honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group of internet friends.

   I met my current best friend because of those live streams!! 

 She asked us we wanted to see and i literally started throwing ideas everywhere!! I didn’t think she actually liked them until SHE ACTUALLY DREW ONE OF THEM!! She drew 2 of my ideas. That may not seem like a lot but to a young artist it really opened my eyes and saw a new light on artist. They do listen to their fans. The thing with mangos is she doesn’t treat us like fans she treats us like family. Its like when ever i go to her streams i’m home… all her ideas and her au’s inspire me to draw. Because of mangos i’ve now decided what i want to do for pretty much the rest of my life. I want to be an artist. Like her. I may not be the best at it but i’m trying. I know i’ll get there one day because she told me so. She’s there for you whenever you need to talk and she’s really supportive of anything you do. I am honestly soooo lucky to befriend someone like her. She’s so hard working and i know she has a lot of work with school so the fact that she makes time for us really does mean a lot. She’s inspiring and kind and talented and over all just an amazing person!! I hope we mean a lot to her like she means a lot to us. Im sooo happy and honored to be a part of her mango fam and i will never leave. Why would i! It’s my home. 

 Those beautiful pieces of art work above were drawing i suggested and SHE DREW THEM!! LOOK THATS MY NAME!! COMETS SAYING!! But as always creds to the Amazing: @atomicmangos

Just had to draw something again - thankfully @kindahornyart is one of my biggest influences/inspirations with how they imagine so many classic characters in a very nuanced and special way. I don’t do Phantasma NEARLY enough justice for how well they illustrate her. Much of the work in the link  is NSFW - so tread carefully depending on where you are. But I highly recommend visiting their page and enjoying their art.

asterix has always been and will always be my biggest influence 
it’s graphic elegance and unique gaulish humour is just the most perfect match 
as for me it’s the best comic book ever
unfortunatelly i haven’t drawn a single fanart on those two guys since the year 2012
shame on me!

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I absolutely love your art! Your artstyle is so cool... It's the #1 inspiration for developing my own style. You rock.

Oh man, thank you so much, that’s so flattering!! (I’ve been having kind of an art crisis for the last few months so, thanks ;w;)

I know you didn’t ask but, since you like my style and my approach to drawing, I’m going to share some of MY biggest influences and artists that I’ve always tried to emulate, especially while I was first learning to draw!

Tim Sale - my favorite comic artist, everything he touches is gold. My favorite comics from him are Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory

Bruce Timm - I was obsessed with Batman: The Animated Series in Junior High and it had a huge impact on my art. (BTAS is still aces, you should watch it.)

Eiichiro Oda - One Piece was the comic I was obsessed with when I first tried making comics of my own! Oda’s comic style, brand of humor, character design, and linework has been a big inspiration for a while and I wanted nothing but to draw like him in high school.

CLAMP - Specifically their work on Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. First manga I ever read! I love their linework, and their really really good use of stark black/white with limited use of halftones (esp in the first half of the series!)! It’s such a sharp looking comic!

Ayami Kojima - JUST LOOK AT HER WORK????

And I’m gonna go ahead and link a couple art blogs that are always so inspiring to me cuz if you like my stuff, you’ll LOVE theirs:
@millionfish @becdecorbin @ohpsshaw @afuchan @whitefoxcub @jakewyattriot @thezombiedogz @neonjawbone @silvermender @dunesand

Yes! Regular Show was one of the shows that finally convinced me to pursue animation, so of course JG Quintel would be one of my biggest influences. Flipping through his artwork, I would say expressions was my biggest take away from his style.

I dont draw characters with noodly arms, or the ping pong Simpson eyes, but it’s plain to me I drew heavily from the reactions his characters give off. But more than that a lot of my humor, and love of casual slacker type characters obviously came from Regular Show.

It was incredible, I think that may have been one of the best moments of my life. It was in the arena in Nashville that I have seen all most favourite artists playing. Then it was my song that had just gone number one and with the artist that is probably one of my biggest inspirations and influences. It was just a really special night.
—  Kelsea Ballerini on being a special guest on the 1989 World Tour in Nashville

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hey, so I just went back and read through Demented City again and I remember being a huuuuuge fan back in the day and I think you were one of my biggest artistic influences in my early teen years? out of curiosity, where were you gonna take the series? you said that it had no plot and that's why you dropped the project?

Aww that’s so nice! I’m glad you liked the comic.

One of the things I learned while doing DC was about the script/plot - I had an overall plot, but I realized it had some issues and needed rework. I really dove into drawing the comic a little bit too early, and some things were too late to go back and change.

So some plot things didn’t make sense.. and I wasn’t very happy with the comic either. I took somewhat of a bigger bite than I could chew! But I learned TONS and I had lots of fun drawing it. Immediately after DC I started working on Azrael which I’m STILL writing (but it’s 90% finished), maybe I’m taking a bit too long with it, but I’m a lot happier with the plot than I was with DC.

The DC plot was pretty convoluted (and I couldn’t seem to pick a theme for it, it was ALL over the place) but it was going into a pretty gory story? With a lot of.. religious themes, which might have caused issues. It was all made up religion. There’s like an old god and white dragon involved in the end. What the fuck was even going on.

I might do a stupid animation thing at some point to get through the story, even though it’s DANG bad I’d love to just tell the story and get it over with :P

Most ppl don’t know about DC so here’s a sum up:

I’ve been wanting to do that style meme + inspiration map I keep seeing from all the cool kids so I combined the two! And I used Raoul as a model because he is the most cooperative and his design is so fun to push! Especially in rabbit form <3 

 These are all an homage to some of my biggest artistic influences from when I was a kid. I most certainly did NOT do justice to many of these haha! But eh, attempted imitation is still a sincere form of flattery? Maybe?

@ thedrawingduke on twitter + instagram +facebook + Patreon 

Raoul from my comic @fantome-stein

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Your story is really interesting!! Will you ever make it a comic or a novel or smth??? I'd love to read it! I'm tired of all the cliche novels and I haven't seen anything this good in so long, so thank you for introducing me to your universe <3333

oh gosh aaaa thank you!! tbh I’ve mixed so many ideas from movies and stories into my universe that I hardly think I can call it 100% original but I’ve tried my best to make it my own over the years :’)) I would absolutely love to turn it into a finished work if it ever.. gets finished asdfdd,, I might start drawing little snippets of scenes that I already have figured out and post them? but a novel or a comic remains a distant dream unfortunately ;v;

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As an African American woman, I appreciate how out spoken you are about the tragedy in Charlottesville and depicting POC in your novels. Thank you so much and I'm so excited to read the next book. :) I'm a Creative Writing major and you are one of my biggest influences. I can't thank you enough 💕💕

Lots of love to you. Racism was a horrible central part of my life growing up and even though I live in THE most liberal city in the world, I still run into it with disturbing regularity. What happened in Charlottesville is f-ing disgusting and I still can’t get it out of my head a week later. But it is the reality of America and I believe we need to face that instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. Hugs to you and good luck with your writing. We need your voice desperately! <3