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My piece for the Avatar fanzine! It is a tribute to the very first episode, which as a young 11 year old, hooked me right in. 

I feel like the original AtLA series was one of my biggest influences as a kid. It made me interested in learning how to draw humans, in story telling, and to this day it still inspires me in just how much a kids show is capable of.

Just had to draw something again - thankfully @kindahornyart is one of my biggest influences/inspirations with how they imagine so many classic characters in a very nuanced and special way. I don’t do Phantasma NEARLY enough justice for how well they illustrate her. Much of the work in the link  is NSFW - so tread carefully depending on where you are. But I highly recommend visiting their page and enjoying their art.


So basically my biggest hero and artistic influence just reached 10k followers and im sooooo unbelievably proud and happy for her!!

I made a tumblr account like 3 years ago and didn’t touch it because i literally had no idea what it was or how the hell to use it. So its May 2016 and literally like 5 months prior i discovered this show called star vs the forces of evil and i can honestly tell you my world turned upside down. No joke i stared at the screen and said “i don’t know who they are but i ship it” I HAVE THE SNAPCHAT!! So anyways im super new to tumblr and i final open the app and it asked me what i like.

I typed in starco (i learned the ship name through Instagram). Literally like the first post was one by a user named atomicmangos and it was of Star and Marco missing. And me being me i was like OMFG YESS MY BBYS!! I don’t think i’ve ever clicked the follow button so fast. Another month does by and i see she does these live streams on I’ve never been to a live stream so i was actually really nervous. I downloaded the app and entered her chat room. IT WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!! AND BY FAR THE BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE IN MY WHOLE LIFE!! There were only like 7 people there and i got to know all of them!! It was such a comfortable environment and i honestly couldn’t have asked for a better group of internet friends.

   I met my current best friend because of those live streams!! 

 She asked us we wanted to see and i literally started throwing ideas everywhere!! I didn’t think she actually liked them until SHE ACTUALLY DREW ONE OF THEM!! She drew 2 of my ideas. That may not seem like a lot but to a young artist it really opened my eyes and saw a new light on artist. They do listen to their fans. The thing with mangos is she doesn’t treat us like fans she treats us like family. Its like when ever i go to her streams i’m home… all her ideas and her au’s inspire me to draw. Because of mangos i’ve now decided what i want to do for pretty much the rest of my life. I want to be an artist. Like her. I may not be the best at it but i’m trying. I know i’ll get there one day because she told me so. She’s there for you whenever you need to talk and she’s really supportive of anything you do. I am honestly soooo lucky to befriend someone like her. She’s so hard working and i know she has a lot of work with school so the fact that she makes time for us really does mean a lot. She’s inspiring and kind and talented and over all just an amazing person!! I hope we mean a lot to her like she means a lot to us. Im sooo happy and honored to be a part of her mango fam and i will never leave. Why would i! It’s my home. 

 Those beautiful pieces of art work above were drawing i suggested and SHE DREW THEM!! LOOK THATS MY NAME!! COMETS SAYING!! But as always creds to the Amazing: @atomicmangos

I can’t  explain enough how much Pokemon influenced in my life like jfc I can’t imagine my life WITHOUT pokemon may the goddess bless this franchise

i only think of one thing when i think of stripping in anime. we need more psg/yoi crossovers

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Hey, I love your style, would you say you had any big influences on it?

My go-to favorite artist is Normal Rockwell. I’m not sure my style looks a lot like his (because it’s just too super good) but I look to him more for his amazing ability to tell a story in a single image.

Then there’s Mary Blair. I like how she used deceptively simple shapes and colors to convey a powerful moment.

My biggest overall style influence was probably Disney movies, because that’s what I absorbed growing up (and drew fan art of). This was almost to my detriment because it’s such a strong “look” that it’s hard to break away from it and find your individuality. The same thing goes for artists who grow up emulating manga or superhero comics.

Other influences? I tend to like landscape painting and sketchy concept art. My art tends to be more painterly and rough vs. tightly rendered, especially in the backgrounds.

And some how I ended up here:

I’ve been wanting to do that style meme + inspiration map I keep seeing from all the cool kids so I combined the two! And I used Raoul as a model because he is the most cooperative and his design is so fun to push! Especially in rabbit form <3 

 These are all an homage to some of my biggest artistic influences from when I was a kid. I most certainly did NOT do justice to many of these haha! But eh, attempted imitation is still a sincere form of flattery? Maybe?

@ thedrawingduke on twitter + instagram +facebook + Patreon 

Raoul from my comic @fantome-stein

It was incredible, I think that may have been one of the best moments of my life. It was in the arena in Nashville that I have seen all most favourite artists playing. Then it was my song that had just gone number one and with the artist that is probably one of my biggest inspirations and influences. It was just a really special night.
—  Kelsea Ballerini on being a special guest on the 1989 World Tour in Nashville
Answers to some Infinity Train Questions


I didn’t. I had to look up what that acronym stood for. Glowing things in or on people’s hands are a very old sci-fi and fantasy concept. I would say it was more inspired by Logan’s Run than anything else.


Thanks! Before I was born, my mom and dad used to watch Doctor Who together. Eventually, their schedules made it so they couldn’t do that, so my dad recorded all the episodes of Doctor Who that they couldn’t watch when they aired. I found all these tapes when I was like 4 and the handwriting on the labels of “Dr. Who” was, I’m pretty sure, one of the earliest things I learned to read. Tom Baker was my first Doctor. I used to watch the show all the time. My neighborhood friends thought I was crazy. I remember hammering a bottle cap into a piece of wood and saying I’d invented something and I was the doctor and my friends would say “What do you mean?” and I’d say “No! You’re supposed to say ‘Doctor who?’ and then I say ‘yes!’”

They didn’t get it.

I wanted to get that feeling of adventure and mystery that I felt then (though I didn’t come up with this idea until 2010). Also, I got super SUPER into Myst as a kid and other point and click adventure games. I remember one of the earliest kind of mysterious games I played when I was 5 was called Countdown. It’s a DOS game about a guy in a prison and you’re trying escape, so you search your cell and you solve various puzzles. However, if you get caught, you get a lobotomy, which my parents then had to explain the concept of to me.

So Infinity Train is just all of that stuff.

Something I just wanna point out quick: I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to assume that I was heavily affected by anime as a kid, and I was, but only in that I HATED anime. All the anime stuff I’ve done in Regular Show was based on research (given to me by @tobyjones). My sister liked anime when we were kids, and we would argue about it constantly. When we got home from school, she would want to watch Dragon Ball Z and I would want to watch Twilight Zone or Sliders. I didn’t learn to even start considering anime as a valid idea until mid-late college. I’m fine now, but it’s not where my biggest, deepest influences come from.


Thanks! And wow yeah, that face stealer is cool looking. I’ve seen people mention the face stealer and also people saying it’s inspired from no face from Spirited Away.

The Steward is actually based on a song. I thought of the steward while I was driving through Yosemite a few years ago. I had just bought OK Cowboy by Vitalic and I was blasting it while driving through the mountains. The steward was the face/robot I thought of when the song My Friend Dario popped up. I imagined her rising from the ground, nodding her head to the beat, and then when the guitar comes in, that’s when she starts shooting like crazy. I wasn’t sure what she was shooting at, just that she was shooting stuff. I thought it could be cool (in my very early ideas of what infinity train might be) if she was terrorizing some small band of villagers and someone had to go confront it. This song inspiration is also why she has a sound effect that’s like a chugging, but constant electronic beat.

I would say, design wise, she’s most influenced by the couple’s mask from Majora’s Mask mixed with @hypnothalamus‘s work. I had just discovered Lucian Stanculescu and fallen in love with his art, so it was permeating my mind at the time. When I finally thought of the corgi scenario, I realized she was the perfect monster for it. She looks so different than anything we’d seen in the world so far, that the contrast would make her feel shocking and a little scary.

Here are the two original Steward drawings I drew in a tent cabin in June 2013. She wasn’t even named Steward at this point:

As always, thanks for watching the pilot and for your continued support of Infinity Train! We’re inching ever closer to a million views!

Hamilton characters as things I have said

Alexander Hamilton: Autumn is the best season ever and anyone who disagrees can duel me right here right now

Aaron Burr: my biggest influence is probably my cat

John Laurens: I have so many turtle figurines they’re coming out of my ass

Lafayette: nobody wants to take Spanish. French is where it’s at. Learn French and all the ladies come to you. Learn Spanish and all the ladies cry.

Hercules Mulligan: if you leave me alone I’ll give you a candy.

George Washington: I swear to God if you drop that mallet again I’ll shove it up your ass.

King George III: Step aside pheasants, I can read bass clef.

Eliza Schuyler: just because I’m nice doesn’t mean i won’t beat the living hell out of you.

Angelica Schuyler: feminist as fuck

Peggy Schuyler: no it’s okay I wasn’t trying to talk or anything. Just go ahead.

Thomas Jefferson: hehe ‘bonjour’ autocorrcets to 'bonner’ on my phone!

James Madison: I’ll cough on you

Phillip Hamilton: wanna see me play piano? I can play hot cross buns, welcome to the black parade, and seven minutes of marching band show music. That’s literally it.

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Rules: Answer the following questions and tag 11 people

1. Subjects you’re taking?
the physics of language and sound, primate evolution, and environmental archaeology

2. Biggest influence?
my friends most definitely

3. Country do you want to visit?
Ireland, Argentina, Norway, Thailand, Hungary…where do I not wanna visit

4. Favorite book
HP, The Bronze Horseman, A Thousand Splendid Suns, A Court of Mist and Fury, Milk and Honey

5. Sources of motivation?
the knowledge that i get to fuck darcy kuemper

6. What language do you want to learn?
umm i want to learn portuguese better. french, russian, norwegian

7. Halloween v Christmas
Christmas but halloween is a very very close second

8. How old are you?

9. Favorite season?
summer :)

10. Favorite band or singer?
bon iver until i die

11. Have you had a good day today?
i’m alive so i think thats p solid

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1.What subjects are you currently studying? Currently Elementary Biostatistics I (I don’t like math so I’m like TT)

2.Who would you say is your biggest influence? My family, friends and the studyblr community that motivates me to get on my arse and get some work done!

3.Whats one country you would like to visit? I’ll love to unwind and spend some time off in Australia one day when I’m not too busy with school and daily life in Canada. I wonder what it’s like to be on the opposite end of the hemisphere and to be able to enjoy summer two times a year ;)

4. What’s your favourite book? I haven’t had the time to read lately so it’s a bit hard for me to answer this question at this moment.

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? I’ve recently started to squeeze in some workout time once a week at the gym and use my 52 week list that I got from Indigo during my Edmonton layover!

6. What language would you really like to learn? I would love to become fluent in my native language (Arabic) as I came here extremely young and had a few issues with speech development growing up so I was basically speaking English in a non-English speaking household to speak better! Also, I will love to learn Korean, Japanese and Greek. 

7.What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween? I don’t mind Halloween but Christmas has always held a significant meaning to me because my loved ones are always around to celebrate and the food is always delicious!

8. How old are you? Next month, I will be 18 and a half :D urggghhh I feel like a grandma already 

9. Whats your favourite season? I have always been fond of Spring and Autumn. The reason why I don’t like Summer/Winter as much is because it’s either an extreme hot or cold (especially when it goes from -50 to 40 degrees celsius in my province)

10. Who is your favourite band/singer? I have such a widespread of music that I listen to but my favourite groups are The NBHD, EXO, The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Halsey, BTS (although lately my interest in them has been dwindling a bit :\\), Blackpink, Troye Sivan and so many more! 

11. Was today a good day? It was extremely productive! I spent nearly 2 hours at the gym today and benched 80 lbs and achieved 100 lbs on dips/curl ups. Also, today is officially my first day that I will not smoke (I am trying to quit once and for all!) and I hope that I will be successful.

Now, I call upon @tbhstudying, @dr-a-level, @sarahlovesstudying, @st-uhdying, @sproutystudy, and @bestudy to do the challenge! good luck my friends, I can’t to see what you guys have to say about the questions!

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rules: answer the following questions and tag 11 people.

1. subjects you’re taking?
- art history
2. biggest influence?
- my grandfather
3. country do you want to visit?
- i honestly want to travel as much as possible, i can’t think of any country i wouldn’t want to visit
4. favorite book?
- notre dame de paris by victor hugo probably or anna karenina by leo tolstoy or the name of the rose by umberto eco
5. biggest motivation?
-ugh probably not to disappoint my family ??
6. what language do you want to learn?
-italian, french
7. halloween v christmas
- christmas
8. how old are you?
- 22
9. favorite season?
- autumn
10. favorite band or singer?
- maynard james keenan’s bands: a perfect circle, tool, puscifer
11. have you had a good day today?
- it’s 11:30 am and i’m hangover and planning to play mass effect andromeda instead of studying so 50/50

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Hello Icomebackwithanotherquestionsorry// You don't have to answer this, but you're one of my biggest influences/inspiration as your work/style got me back to drawing what I admire which is cartoon inspired styles. But I'm curious who, or what, influence your art? As well for your art style? Sorry for all the question asking lately, I'll give you a break here haha

!!! That’s wonderful, anon! Obviously I’m biased cos I love the cartoonier things hah, but I hope you keep it up, maybe get to 👀 your work too, kekeke… (and also omg WHAT KIND WORDS…crawls to my grave…goodbye)

This answer gets pretty long so have a readmore :9

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