my big fat spy wedding

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g*psy is a slur? We use it here(Netherlands) very lightly and with no worry that it is an insult. shit i didnt know.

Anonymous said:In Europe, we use the term “gypsy” very often, and is not bad connected, They call themselves Gypsies, and are proud of the term. I know several and they want to be called like that

Anonymous said:HI um stupid question, but why is gypsy a slur? I use it all he time and just found that out now and I feel bad.. I am only aware of the historical meaning of ‘gypsy’ which is ‘nomad’. Lady Gaga has a song called gypsy and no one’s ever made an issue of it that I know of but wow I can’t believe its a slur #themoreyouknow

Hey guys, disclaimer here: I am not a Romani person, I am going only off what other people have told me and what I have researched about the use of the word g*spy and why it is a slur. 

To begin, G*spy is a word used to distinguish a race, the Romanis. I have seen comparisons made between it and the n-word, where both are used to discuss these people in a derogatory manner without acknowledging their racial and cultural background. Many Romanis feel that the word “G*spy” strips them of their identity, while others have gone out of their way to reclaim it only to be met with people telling them that “G*spys aren’t real.” They then have to explain that yes, they are real, and no, “g*spy” does not refer to a certain lifestyle but to a ethnic group of people.

During the reign of Hitler in WW2 many Romani people were taken to concentration camps and killed. This, however, was and still is not widely acknowledged, because of the stigma around the word “g*spy.” Many people have come to equate being a “g*spy* as being a thief or petty criminal. You can see this time and time again in it’s use - G*spys are cheap is a recurring belief set I’ve witness, as demonstrated by one Romani woman’s account of asking a store to change their sign from reading “G*spy sale!” - and because of this they have never received the same acknowledgement or representation in historical discussion of WW2, similar to the lack of conversation about the disappearance of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The very word “G*spy” is a misnomer in itself, it originates from the incorrect belief that the people falling in the minority group come from Egypt, instead of North India. At it’s very roots it has been used to deny people’s identities.

However, talk of “G*spy” as an slur is complicated, in North American I know that it is treated very casually - as seen by Miley Cyrus’ “G*spy tour” or the tv show “My Big Fat G*spy Wedding.” Apparently, this casual use carries over into European society as well.

I am of the opinion that if there are Romani people saying that “G*spy” is a slur (and there are) then it is not my place as a non-Romani to say otherwise. The best thing we can do is try and eliminate casual usage, and in events where people are uneducated on the matter: teach them. I believe that Louis’ use of the word is not at all a racially motivated attack, but simply an example of the widespread ignorance surrounding this word. If any Romani people have anything more to add to this discussion please let me know, I would appreciate your input greatly.