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Remember when Bizzle used to bless us? 2017stin can’t relate


You fracture Justin’s penis - (YES THIS WAS A REQUEST LMAO)

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Alright 1) I frickin love the faces you give cat yuuri they accurately describe my constant mental status and they just... They give me life. 2) I have a bad cold and found your blog, and thanks to that post with JJ and Justin Trudeau I almost choked from laughing-turned-coughing. I too, am wayyy too frickin Canadian for this. And I'm from the frenchiest section of Canada, everything about JJs existence causes me physical pain as it is but that, that was a beautiful train wreck. God bless.

Thank you very much!! I’m glad you enjoy them!

Oh my god, I also am just too Canadian, and I’m the one who was goaded into drawing them in the first place. JJ’s existence is a national pain, but I say that because I fucking love his character. He doesn’t exist to parody Canadian stereotypes, but he’s still exactly what a french canadian teenage boy is. 

Plus, he does charity work, what an upstanding citizen.

“A beautiful trainwreck” Mesdames et Messieurs, Jean-Jacques Leroy.