my bias ruiners in there

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hey could you do a pros and cons of dating jaehwan? thanks, i loooove your writing!!! 💖💖💖💖

yep sure :) sorry for the wait~


  • actually one of my biggest bias ruiners these days ugh
  • now where do i start??
  • jaehwan is so precious and funny and lovely and needs to be protected at all costs minhyun agrees
  • main vocal main rapper main visual main cutie main sexy main everything and even main languages omg his english is so cute when he spoke in eng and chinese on their teambuilding v app 
  • tall you know he’s 2m39cm
  • jaehwan just wants you to be happy and he’ll do absolutely anything for that to happen 
  • he’d be super crazy and really funny to be around
  • his laughter omg you get second hand embarrassment but secretly you know its the most beautiful laugh ever 
  • and thats what makes him unique tbh
  • he’s never afraid to do new things, challenge himself or go out of his comfort zone
  • let me remind u this boy made it without an entertainment company ???
  • he’s a passionate guy 
  • gets embarrassed at first about skinship but he loves it so much 
  • he’d try to do everything to please u and make u happy 
  • and yes that includes trying to cook and clean 
  • it’ll be the cutest thing bc he’s trying so hard but always gets distracted or forgets to turn on the fire and he’s there trying to fry onions for half an hour and there is no change…?
  • you laugh at him but appreciate his sincere efforts 
  • actual music genius tbh i can imagine him doing musicals and stuff in the future 
  • like he seems like a funny dork on the outside but once he starts singing and playing his guitar D E D 
  • his voice is so powerful yet pure at the same time and full of emotions 
  • always singing 
  • he’d sing for you when you do well on your test, he’d sing for you when you’re upset and he’d sing for you over the phone when you can’t fall asleep 
  • what is most attractive about jaehwan is how he knows when to work hard and when to play hard like you totally admire it and want to learn from him in that aspect 
  • if you’re more on the shy side he’s someone thats super supportive and would help  u to get out of ur comfort zone in a respectful way 
  • like he’d love teasing u and goofing around 


  • i dunno
  • tbh at the end of the day these cons are just depending on ur personality like u could find jaehwans jokes too much and find it annoying or you could love it in my case i love it 

I’VE FINALLY DONE ALL THE WANNA ONE MEMBERS!! if you enjoyed it please request for some other p101 trainees if you want :) i know all the top 20 and most of top 35 :) 

other wanna one members: minhyun (x), sungwoon (x), jihoon (x), daniel (x), jisung (x), guanlin (x), woojin (x), daehwi (x), seongwoo (x)

other p101 trainees: kenta (x)

Don’t Worry. I’ll Stay By Your Side - Taemin x Reader

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Hi! Can you a fluffy Taemin scenario where you and him have a performance and after that you almost collapse because you’re having fever, taemin takes care of you but he’s a bit angry because you didn’t tell him you’re sick, you don’t want disappoint his fans? Thank you. - First SHINee scenario :) with my bias-ruiner Taeminnie  (ʘ‿ʘ) #minhowho

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Let's talk about Kpop~

Let’s talk about groups

1. What animal do you see the members of _____ as?
2. How long have you been interesting in ______?
3. Group face rank
4. Group voice rank
5. If you could make your own group from the different groups, who would you choose, for what part and why?
6. Who seems like the oldest/youngest to me

Let’s talk about bias for ___(enter group name)

7. Who I first noticed
8. Who’s my bias
9. Who’s my least favorite
10. If I have a bias ruiner

Let’s talk about ships(by group)

11. My first ship
12. My first otp
13. My current otp
14. My notp

Let’s talk about favorites(by group or overall)

15. My vocal favorite
16. My dancing favorite
17. My favorite song
18. My favorite MV
19. Favorite rapper
20. Favorite male group
21. Favorite female group
22. Favorite group
23. Favorite solo
24. Favorite duo
25. Favorite performance
26. Favorite dance
27. Favorite song based on how it sounds
28. Favorite song based on lyrics
29. Favorite lyric from group
30. Favorite male vocalist
31. Favorite male dancer
32. Favorite male rapper
33. Favorite female vocalist
34. Favorite female dancer
35. Favorite female rapper
36. Favorite era
37. Least favorite era
38. Favorite show ___ has been in
39. Favorite costume your bias has worn
40. Favorite hair style/color your bias has had


HYYH onstage VCR closeups - 3. Suga

This one was acutally so hard to make. Since the scene itself is quite fast and calso fastly changes sequences I gave it a little turn focusing more on the slow motion parts rather than close ups. I hope you still like it.
P.S. oh and this time I ended up with seven gifs, I just couldn’t decide haha

  1. Jungkook
  2. Rap Monster
  3. Suga
  4. Jin
  5. Jimin
  6. J Hope
  7. V

thanks to @hellosarang for uploadiing the video and allowing us to make gifs from it <3