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BTS Reaction - When they see a beautiful girl in their fanmeet and they are her bias


“ Can’t believe a beautiful girl like this is now looking at me, and I am her bias, OMG! Should I ask for her phone number or something…” However, ending up only making you promise to come next time.

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“ Stay cool, stay cool man, god why is my heart bumping so quickly!” “Oh! Her smile is so adorable, wait I loosing me SWAG now! “ Then on keeping trying to steal a glance on you.

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“ Let’s show her something different…as a fan service…”, try to hold your hand they whole time and would insist not to let go even though you have to move to the next member.

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“ Am I sexy right now, is she looking at me? Wow she is so gorgeous” He definitely makes it too obvious, like always looking at you during the interview and the performance, that after the fanmeet other member would tease him so much.

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I feel like he would be doing the same thing like rapmon, since we all know Jimin is a cutie playboy, “ Hey girl, my eyes were blind cause your too shiny” And so much flirts….

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So he would try his best to have so many skinship with you, and would love to see you being excited around him. “ I would definitely recognize you the next time we meet, and make sure you remember this hug.”

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OMG so Kookie would be sooo shy, and he couldn’t even say something right. “ Oh, hey you’re so pretty…um… I mean not my kind of pretty, uh no.. not like IU pretty, but more pretty… uh uh what am I saying…, can I get in touch with you, if that’s okay…?”

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GOT7 Reaction To You Saying “I didn’t think my crush would become my boyfriend.”

JB: Although he wouldn’t show it as much, this would really touch his heart. He’d shyly smile and he would pull you into a tight hug, one arm around your lower back and the other gently placed on the back of your head. He’d then smile widely, showing his teeth, almost chuckling to himself, as his heart beat a little faster,touched by your words, ans he holds you in his embrace, never wanting to let you go. (y’all this just made me die and he ain’t even my bias. goddammit jaebum)

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MARK: You two would be watching a movie late a night, you resting your head on his shoulder, saying it half-asleep as you doze off. Mark would giggle and rest his head on top of yours. He’d pick up you head, ever so lightly and kiss it, holding it as you both fall asleep.

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JACKSON: He’d take this very personally and be sentimental. Your words would make him feel super warm inside. He’d cuddle you in closer to him. “And I never thought that my crush would become mine either…I love you babe.”

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JINYOUNG: A laugh/breath of air would escape his lips before covering up his mouth with his hand, laughing. He’d then pat your head. “Aiishhh my jagi is so cheesy.” You two would laugh and continue your fun date with Jinyoung. 

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YOUNGJAE: Youngjae would get super shy and blushy. He’d giggle at your comment, dying from endearment, yelling. “What is this?” he’d asking, laughing until he almost couldn’t breathe. Once he caught his breath, he’d proceed to tell you how much he loves you.

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BAMBAM: Bambam would be in shock as he playfully scoffed. He had always thought the same thing, wondering how he was lucky enough to have someone like you. “Why would you think that? I’ve had a crush on you for forever! I never thought you’d like me back!”

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YUGYEOM: This would mean a lot of Yugyeom. He’d let out a big smile and lean in closer to you, pecking your lips. “Well, I did, I am, and I’m all yours.”

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(Thank you for requesting! Sorry this took me so long to write! I hope you enjoyed it!~)

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Bonnie's 1994 trauma

Is so fucking unbelievable I can’t believe people still use it in anti Bonkai arguments

My anti bonkai arguments are more well I just don’t like how Bonnie hates him.My argument as small as it is. Is actually based on reality. The trauma argument is based on people who eat whatever Plec says without thinking things through.

First of all Bonnie made it clear to Kai that she would rather be in isolation than in his company, but when that happens she gets angry that Kai left her alone?

The trauma was just an unjustified plot device to show Plec’s bias towards anyone who chooses to put her first, and who only has eyes for her.

Cos let me tell you something if it was Damon who did all those things and left her behind in 1994, Bonnie wouldn’t end up with PTSD, cos Plec could never do that to Damon.

Lets also be real about how much Kai is hated, and in hypocritical ways too. Josette forgives the dad who tried to kill her, and would have killed her beloved younger sister if it wasn’t for Tyler, but she’s all like I forgive you dad come to my wedding. Check my intuition tells me her dad could have succeeded in killing Liv and Jo STILL would have forgiven him.

But Jo was unwilling to do that for her own twin, instead she called him a parasite. Granted Jo probably grew to resent Kai, cos she grew up believing her life was of little value, as she would die for the coven, and her brother would be the cause of it.

You can see how desperate Jo is about wanting to live back then, that she doesn’t even think “hey wait a minute if I send Kai to the prison world, then my baby brother or sister will have to die in the merge when they are older. The siblings she claims to "love” and she doesn’t even give the idea a passing thought.

I get that at the time Kai was too dangerous to be the coven leader, or who knows maybe he would have been a great coven leader, if they had just given him a chance, but if Luke and Liv were my siblings and I loved them my reaction would be “Uh hang on a minute…But if I don’t merge, one of them will die.”

Also they really emphasize Kai hate when a father is willing to kill his own children, abuse his own son, lie and deceive them, yet people’s reaction to Joshua Parker is “meh that’s just how he is” nothing compared to the violent reaction towards Kai.

Also if you really want to go the trauma route, then Bonnie was using Kai as a scapegoat for all the times her friends have used her, left her behind, and not been there for her during her emotional times. Bonnie is too loyal to unleash that anger and resentment towards her friends. Kai was the convenient scapegoat to let out the anger and resentment that had been bubbling inside of her for a long time coming.

Also from a subconscious perspective Bonnie would have felt betrayed that Damon left her behind with someone who hurt her. But wait a minute Kaira, Bonnie was the one who wanted Damon to get out of there. That may be true, but the subconscious is the deepest aspect of ourselves that we have no control over, and a part of Bonnie would want one of her friends to value her enough, for Damon to value her enough to drop the ascendant. He had time to do it.

The fact that she thought that subconsciously without Bonnie being aware of it, would have hurt her, and would have amplified her animosity towards Kai

Lets not forget that Bonnie condemns Kai for leaving her behind in the prison world, but was willing to leave him behind herself. Bonnie is loyal, selfless, patient, and brave, but she can also be self righteous and hypocritical. This isn’t Bonnie hate, but simply me being realistic about a characters flaws, Bonnie would be unrealistic if she had no flaws.

it’s been a lifetime, but 2016 is finally coming to an end. to show my gratitude towards you all, i thought why not make a follow forever?! this time, i’m just including my mutuals and some of my fave blogs (but everyone i follow is dear to me). whether you post your own content or share your love for your bias groups, you brighten up my dash and make this Hell site a nicer place to be. to my mutuals, i really love each and every one of you. i’m extremely grateful to have gotten to know some of you and i hope i continue to do so! and to my followers (especially those who actively pop up in my notifs!), thank you for sticking around.

so here’s to 2017! i sincerely hope it will be a year that treats you kinder, one in which you can look back upon with fond memories and a warm heart. i love you all!!!

mutuals 💕

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Master.List Part 2


Song Lyric Pranks

Jungkook/Never be like you

Jimin/Dangerous Woman

Taehyung/Ain’t My Fault

Jin/Don’t Let Me Down

Suga/Side to Side

Namjoon/Needed Me


Jackson/Same Old Love

Yugyeom/Into You

JB/Pity Party

Bambam/Kiss it better

Mark/I hate you, I love you

Random Shit

Funny shit




YAY OR NAY: Lay hanging out with Jackie Chan and Prince Mak!

So I’m not 100% sure what they are doing because I forgot but either way, these 3 men have been hangin out! (If y’all know if its for an ad or a show or movie then let me know in the ask box pls!!!) But yeah! I’m a huuuuuge fan of JJCC since their debut and Lay is my ult bias so I have some strong feelings about this so I wanted to know what y’all thought!!!!! :D

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Do you thin it’s cool that these 3 men are working together?

boyfriend minhyuk

A/N: i honestly am depending on these posts to keep me alive while school destroys me!!! but do not worry life is good!!! i love monsta x!!! masterlist!!!

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  • oh man oh boy i love minhyuk let’s just get started shall we???
  • i keep getting distracted by the gif he is So CuTe is my minhyuk bias showing yet
  • smiles for days
  • honestly he’ll spend most of his time just staring at you and smiling and when you ask hime what he’s so happy about he’ll just answer “you” and scrunch up his face and giggle
  • but if you do the same to him oh man someone send that boy strength his heart will be fluttering so hard 
  • definitely has butterflies in his stomach most of the time from you and tells you about it because who doesn’t love being excited by someone???
  • i can see him applauding whenever you do anything like if you do the dishes well he is standing there applauding what a weirdo it’s not like i do the same thing or anything
  • lots and lots and lots of giggling
  • this boy is such a beam of excitement and he will always share it with you
  • okay but being woken up by minhyuk in the morning is actually heaven
  • please watch the video of him waking up jooheon if you havent seen it before and if you have just watch it again and cry because it is so important to me
  • highkey will play hide and seek with you underneath the blankets he is such a child omo
  • will also play hide and seek with you everywhere
  • he loves chasing you and both of you laughing until he corners you and stretches his long limbs and you’re trapped and he gets this evil grin on his face because he knows you have nowhere to go but that you will attempt some crazy maneuver to escape and when he catches you he’ll just say something cheesy until you fall apart giggling and he kisses you
  • speaking of kisses he’s the type to pucker his lips whenever he wants a kiss 
  • the greasiest boy ever
  • so much grease
  • please save yourself
  • also lots of jokes??? good and bad that boy really wants to see you smile
  • singing under his breath lots
  • please praise his singing always okay like he is so talented and hardworking please make sure he knows this and that you are proud of him
  • whenver you talk to him about serious things or compliment him from your heart he’ll get silent and take in how wonderful it feels
  • squeaks/screams all the time so many high pitched noises he is so cute
  • okay so he is a huge fan of pda
  • anyone else remember that episode of deokspatch when the members complained because he was so touchy feely because i cant forget that episode it changed my life
  • seriously he just loves feeling you with him
  • it brings him so much life and comfort because wow!!! you!!!
  • highkey always smelling you
  • at the most random times
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll sniff you and you’re like ??? and he sighs and says you smell great and like home rip @ me 
  • always down for cuddling
  • especially in blanket forts
  • probably makes a date night ritual of building blanket forts and eating sweets and playing childhood games wow 
  • you two will probably be extra af together
  • even if you’re not extra
  • you’ll be extra with mihyuk
  • making weird faces at each other from across the room to communicate
  • really strange inside jokes ??? you know the kinds i’m talking about ,,, the ones you say with your friend and everyone else around you is staring like wHaT iS hApPeNiNg
  • weird nicknames that ellicit the same reaction 
  • “how’s the weather outside?”"it’s sunNY!!!“ sorry i had to
  • he is super extra but also so so so soft
  • lots of very small but monumental moments with him
  • also very soft when meeting your family or when you talk about something you love or lying in bed and talking for hours about whatever topics come up naturally because he adores the intimacy of getting to know you like that
  • will always be there when you need anything at all do not doubt the dedication this boy has to your happiness okay 
  • probably blurts out “i love you” at the most inopportune time like you trip and fall over nothing and he just laughs and goes “tHaT wAs So FuNnY!!! are you okay? i love you!!”
  • he doesn’t even look embarrassed because he means what he said and you can’t help but laugh and say it back because wow you do really love this child
  • loves sharing things with you 
  • always stealing sips of your drinks and food but he loves to feed you too so it’s okay
  • clothes-sharing is a huge thing he will probably borrow from you too and you’ll soon get to a point where you can’t really tell whose hats are whose or whatever but it’s all chill because you both look adorable and great in everything
  • model af couple pictures
  • meme af couple pictures
  • far too many candids of you two laughing together when you were supposed to be posing nicely 
  • jamming so hard to your favorite songs together and to songs on the radio and to nothing you two are always jamming and going so hard at everything you do because you’re hyped on life together i.e. that right now episode when he is getting pumped about the ocean
  • i should probably stop before i write a novel but get ready for your cheeks to hurt from smiling because minhyuk is wonderful and cares so much
  • minhyuk is precious and deserves all the love in the world and that’s exactly how he feels about you and your days together are pure sunshine and you’ll be with each other through thick and thin and have a language of your own and and he will stare at you forever because he can’t wrap his head around how amazing you are and more than that loving him will make you feel like a kid again and if that’s not beautiful i don’t know what is 

Anonymous said: one thing you love about jikook? 

Oh man, there are so many things I love about them… but one that comes to mind strongly is the way that Jungkook looks at Jimin. I am smiling like crazy just thinking about it (it makes me happy?) Jungkook is my bias and obviously I stare at that kid 24/7 and my god.. the way he stares at Jimin sometimes just makes me feel so much?

Like… let me show you, okay. (These will be in random order but here goes)

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OMGGGGGG I'm so done right now.. SP really left Sakura out of the Shikamaru story animated adaptation. She was apart of the rescue team to save him but she doesn't fucking show up?? At all?? I'm honestly about to give up on the show altogether bc I'm so done with the bias. Call me crazy for dropping a whole show just bc of one (my fav) character, but this is nonsense. Does Kishi allow this shit? I'm so dumbfounded

I know exactly how you feel.

I dropped Shikamaru arc when they didn’t mention Sakura’s connection with Sasuke, but I really thought about watching it later… however, now that they didn’t even put her in the rescue team (where she was supposed to be freakin helping Temari and punching Sai), I won’t watch it at all!!

And let’s not mention those Hinata scenes at the new ending where Kakashi was supposed to be. Thank you very much, SP!

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Matchups??? ? ? oh boy !! I'm a 5'3 smol girl with medium length brown hair and dark brown eyes. I really like playing video games, reading manga (huge closet weeb) and drawing. When I'm in front of people I give off the air that I'm confident and don't care what people think but actually its the exact opposite!! I'm usually shy to people that I don't know well (unless with friends) but I'm super sarcastic to people that I know well!

Ooh~ Anon, if you don’t mind me saying, personally I think you’d be a great fit with *drum roll* (also, I think my love for this character ended up showing up a lot because… bias reasons.)


  • Now, you might be thinking, Rohan? That tsun tsun of a mangaka who likes the sweet sweet tears of children? Well uh… yeah that one.
  • Still, this boy is great! Don’t let Josuke tell you otherwise!

  • While your confidence had somewhat intrigued him (not that he’d ever say that), it was only after he found that you were shy and actually took the words he said to heart did he start to have an active interest in you. After all, multidimensional personalities make great character references, and his interest in you has nothing to do with how cute he thinks your personality is or anything!

  • But seriously, sorry for your privacy, but this boy is going to use heaven’s door on you. There’s no stopping it.

  • Once he finds out your interests, he’s literally going to shower you with gifts (because honestly, this boy has no idea how to make friends, let alone make a romantic relationship). He’ll read that you like games and manga, so be expecting a BUNCH of that. Sometimes he’ll give it to you in person, probably trying to shrug it off like “I got this as a gift, but I, Rohan Kishibe, have no interest in such mediocre things, so I’m giving it to you. You should be grateful.” or he’ll just have Koichi leave it at your house (since there’s no way in hell you’re getting this pretty boy to go all the way there himself)

  • After the two of you become closer, he’ll notice that you like to draw. Now, while you’re no Kishibe Rohan (and he’ll make sure you know it), he’ll be sure to compliment your work and tell you what you need to improve on. Unlike what most people think, Rohan takes art very seriously, and it’s probably the one subject where you won’t be insulted unless he feels like you aren’t giving it the effort or attention it deserves. (for instance, say you really like to draw realistic portraits, but you feel they turn out bad so you quit, that’s when the insults would happen)

  • Expect a lot of drawing dates(?). Rohan will probably just find you out in the middle of the town and drag you to where ever he wants to go. He’ll have spare art supplies and paper for you, so the two of you can draw in the place he sees fit.

  • Despite all of this, Rohan still wouldn’t have confessed to you. While it seems obvious that he has a crush on you, if you try and bring it up, he’ll only deny you, probably saying something like “Ha! If you think that I, the great Kishibe Rohan, would ever have an interest in you, you must have the biggest ego in all of Morioh.” … ironic ain’t it?

  • Still, you’ll see it, just for a second, that he regrets the words that came out of his mouth, knowing you might have taken it to heart. He’ll quickly shut his mouth before shoving his sketch book at you, showing page after page of his sketches of you. The amount of details that went into each sketch are honestly astounding, and you can honestly feel the love he put into every line… It’d be up to you to decide how it all goes from here~!

151015 Happy Birthday, Lee Donghae!! My favourite person, my idol, my ultimate bias, my first love, my sunshine… you have ruined my life in more ways than one. But if I ever had the choice between knowing you and not knowing you at all, I would easily let you ruin me to my death. Thank you for being my source of happiness and making me smile even when I’m at my lowest. I wish “Happy Birthday” was the only thing I have to say today, but sadly it isn’t. It’s not a goodbye but a see you later, and I really will, because there is no way in hell you could get rid of me that easily! Do well, stay healthy. I’ll be here when you come back♥♥

happywife416 replied to your post “It’s just…forty years after Snowman’s death and Harry still speaks of…”

Your relationship with Dusty feels me with happiness just so you know. *all the hugs*

*hugs* It was absolute magic and I say that without bias. He was amazing. He touched so many lives and touched them profoundly. I have godsisters and cousins who are still terrible with horses because he was just so different from every one they encountered afterward. lol My brother is building that sort of magic with his ponies though and it makes me really happy. 

Gracious I miss him though. He didn’t hover long after he left. about a year later he showed up in a dream to let me know he was heading back out. He missed kids and sweetfeed (his two favorite things). I can still feel Chief with me (mean ass pony I’ve written about before), but Dusty is definitely back out in the lifecycle doing his thing. It’s kinda cool? I mean, maybe I’ll see him again this life? But one day, one way or another.


My internet once again is shitty, and sadly I can’t watch @taetaetown‘s vines, they won’t load, BUT I MANAGED TO SCREEN SOME REAL GOOD PICTURED AND IM IN A MEME MOOD SO LETS GET STARTED ! (ps : ily Alex) OH AND PLEASE IF YOU RE CREATE MEMES WITH THOSE PICS TAG ME LOL ty 

When you realize Yoongi’s gonna drop his mixtape in less than a month

When Jimin’s showing those abs randomly and you’re just-

When someone’s talking shit about your bias and you’re like “Excuse you ?”

Admin K

Liam literally went to an interview w/a gay magazine and complained about gay things (slash fanart & shipping). Not a peep about parallel hetero focused things (“Nut all up in this pussy” signs at shows, het fanfics/shipping, etc.). If that doesn’t tell you something about what he /truly/ finds offensive, “strange,” and distasteful, I don’t know what to tell you.

There are several other reasons his interview comments were offensive, but let’s be clear on this point: all that talk about having gay friends doesn’t mean Liam isn’t homophobic.

Just like me saying “I have black friends” doesn’t mean I am not steeped in white privilege and prone to racial bias. It doesn’t give me a free pass to not examine my own thoughts and opinions and to /educate myself/ on issues of race so that I don’t act on my ingrained biases and so that I am aware of white privilege.

But Liam, a straight, white, CIS male, is content to be intellectually lazy about homophobia – including his own – because he “has gay friends.” Don’t tell me he isn’t homophobic.

So, friends, followers, we need to talk. We need to talk about a little show called Arslan Senki, or The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

The art is beautiful and the animation is impressive, but I’m not a visual artist, and those who know me know my taste in these things can occasionally be suspect, or at least prone to bias. So instead let me sell you on the things I’m good with.

If you liked Fullmetal Alchemist but wanted more focus on international politics and cultures and less on the local version of magic, you will like this show. It has about the same level of drama and seriousness, but no visible magic as of yet: just war and politics, traitors and loyalists and realistic cultures coming into violent conflict with one another.

If you liked Kyou Kara Maou: Watch this innocent prince maintain an idealism much too pure for the setting, guarded by his deeply loyal and deeply quirky (and immensely shippable) retainers, as he struggles for recognition in a world that would rather keep on fighting the wars it’s always fought.

If you like the Tales series: Watch a monotheistic culture which believes all people should be equal take over and try to violently convert a polytheistic nation which traditionally keeps prisoners of war as slaves. Marvel at nuanced characters, hypocrites, prejudice and honor on both sides. Witness that no one is right or wrong.

Someone please join me in this. It’s only eight episodes subbed thus far. It’s by Funimation, you can find it all subbed on their site, on Hulu, or on Youtube for free.

Real talk, I like how fierce Levy has been looking in recent chapters. I’m not holding my breath on whether she’ll be involved in any of these bodyguard teams but I’ve been loving that her reaction to genuinely scary news is a face that basically says “Oooooo that does it, Levy’s gonna smack a bitch”.

Bias list ruiner - SHINee Edition

You know that moment when you choose your bias from a group but then another member comes and ruin everything, making you to change your whole standards and making him your bias or keeping him as “bias list ruiner”? Let me show you why Kim Kibum is one of those people. 

1. He’s a fashion queen. This boy has a good sense of fashion, I’m not gonna lie.

2. ENGLISH! He’s so hot but still so inocent while speaking English.

More here.

3. Vocal+rapping. He’s just perfect!

Enjoy! Singing “Tik Tok” , singing “Embrace my soul” , singing “Firework” , rapping 

4. He can be the cutest person alive

But he can be also the hottest shit on Earth *good bye ovaries*

And he does this stupid shit with his tongue. I mean, boy, you really want to kill your fangirls.

5. Two words describe him the best : sass and fab.

6. In every era he rocks.

Replay era.

Juliette era.

Ring Ding Dong era.

Lucifer era.

Hello era.

Sherlock era.

Dream Girl era.

Why So Serious era.

Everybody era.

7. His Instagram updates. Yeap, you read right. His Instagram updates can make you choose him as your bias. Just click here and you’ll see.

8. Don’t watch “Hello Baby”. For sure you’ll fall in love with him.

9. Look at his cute gwiyomi.

10. The grand reason : ideal boyfriend and husband.

Onew version