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Any fic/scenario rec?? :)) idc about the genre

That is… a very serious question my friend. Let me change into my comfy pants (no pants) and I will give you the tip of the iceberg.

@btssmutgalore - Zaddy - Sugar Daddy, Kim Taehyung. 

I CAN NOT HYPE THIS STORY ENOUGH. I actually 100% blame this story for my obsession with Taehyung. I didn’t even consider him before and now… I am wrecked. 

@chanyeolspout - Anything for Her - Single Dad, Park Chanyeol

I would like to reiterate that I didn’t know who Chanyeol was before this story. Literally didn’t know who he was and still fell head over heels for it. That’s how good this story and the writing is.

@kittae - Bon Appetit - Dirty, filthy Zhang Yixing

Okay, so I am sensing a theme, bare with me. I didn’t know who Lay was (I know, I was young and I was so stupid) my EXO bias was Kai because he was the first member I saw. Then I read this story and a monster was awoken inside me. Actual thought process after reading this drabble, “Damn. I should look up a picture of this guy. *Googles Yixing* *falls desperately in love* *dies and is resurrected every time I see his GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL FACE*” Thanks @kittae, I used to think that there wasn’t anyone that could compete with my Love (capitol L) for Jiyong, but Yixing tho…. 

@kpoppantydrop Strap in nonnie. 

Eyes On Me - Daddy AF Choi Seunghyun 

I almost didn’t write Angels and Demons because after reading Eyes on Me I doubted that I would ever be able to create a comparable Seunghyun. I am still not convinced I did. Bottom line, read this. 

Partition - Dom! Park Jinyoung. 

You know what’s not done enough (besides fat girl fiction)? Stories whose titles are also Beyonce songs that I can listen to the entire time I’m reading it, which only emphasizes the mood. Also… Jinyoung smut, not done enough. 

Sweat, Thighs, Tears - Park Jimin

I’m not going to say much about this. It’s short, just read it. If your sense of humor is anything like mine, it will bring you endless joy. If not…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Curaçao - Park Chanyeol

I once said that I want this story read at my funeral. I stand by that. My family and friends all know I live a life of filth and sin. They will not be surprised, they will be blessed. You may want to read this in a ice bath that’s been blessed by the pope. 

@noona-la-la-la - Unexpected -  Min Yoongi

How does one summarize this masterpiece… they don’t. Just read it. 

@smutfictionaddicted - 

Eyes on the Prize Zhang Yixing (Lay), Kim Minseok (Xiumin), Kim Jongdae (Chen) and Byun Baekhyun. 

The lineup on this fic should be more than enough to intrigue you tbth. The first story I read by CL and I don’t regret it for a second. Came for Yixing stayed for this amazing writer.  

This Could Be… - Kim Namjoon

This story is…*sigh*… so good. There’s a lot of dirty dom!joon out there which is great, DO NOT GET ME WRONG, but I live for smart/nerd!joon and she provides.  

@tabi-ears - Let’s Not Fall In Love - Choi Seunghyun

I tend to stand by the belief that the best stories are ones where the writer is writing about their bias. I binge read this entire series in a matter of hours. Hours in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping and then some of the ones when the sun was just coming up. I will wait however long it takes for the next part with bated breath and so should you. 

@eureka-its-zico - Fighter - Jeon Jungkook

I have lost count of the amount of times I have read this story. Aggressive Kookie has never been done so well. C'est vraiment magnifique!

@versigny - Miss Dial - Fratboy! Min Yoongi

The build up is so excruciating and somehow still completely satisfying. If you enjoy pain and suffering, you’ll probably enjoy this too. 

@waitinginthedarke - Exposure - Min Yoongi

This is another series that I binge read until my eyes were practically bleeding. It’s so good. Who doesn’t love fluffy Yoongi stories?? He’s such a smol squish. heart eyeeeees. 

@war-of-hormoan - I did genuinely consider just screen-capping her masterlist and then posting that but I will do this properly. And by properly I mean with a series of gifs that mirror my reactions to the stories because I just love her so much that I get too excited for real words. I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, I crush hard on Rams. 

Weights & Measures - Min Yoongi

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The City - Kim Namjoon

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For You - Kim Taehyung 

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Enjoy! I hope you find something you love!


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Title: Storms

Genre: Smut

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Lee Chan

Notes: Literally have no idea why I wrote this. I’m sorry because it’s so bad. Honestly deciding whether to post it or not. I did this in like 25 minutes and I guess it’s just because I’ve had Dino feels ever since i knew about Seventeen.. He is my bias so……


Ever since that stupid girl was hired, and you were assigned as her trainer, your life has gone downhill. She makes your days at work harder, makes you look like a phony, and now even your boss gives you putrid looks.

You fumbled up the stairs on onto the transit train. seating yourself at on of the bars. You leaned against it and pulled your phone out of your pocket.

‘Three missed calls from: {Y/F/N}’

You sighed and dialed your friends number, setting the phone to your ear as the train began to chug forward.

She picked up and her voice immediately rang into your ear, causing you to flinch a bit. “{Y/n}! I called you three times!”

“I see that.” You said, rubbing your ear. You felt a sudden gaze behind you, a pair of dark eyes staring you up and down.

You sub consciously looked in the direction, ignoring your friends ranting on the other line. You were met with a pair of dark, cloudy pupils in which were attached to a boy around your age.

His eyes where thin and his hair was a shade of grayish blonde. He looked away, giving a hint of a smirk in his gaze. He was masculine, some sort of ‘fuckable’.

“Hello? Are you even listening to me?” Your friend said, still angered. “Yeah, yeah whatever. I’m on the train - your breaking up, I’ll call you later.”

Without giving her a chance to protest, you hung your phone up and stashed it back in your pocket.

The ride continue, bump after bump and people began to get off. You watched the boy out of the corner of your eye as he stared at one stop, hesitantly stepping forward before halting and backing up.

Your eyes began to droop and you didn’t realize the boy had now moved next to you/ Lights flickered and you opened your eyes, the boy flashing before them.

Not a split second went by and the lights buzzed down, the train still moving forward at a normal rate. You tumbled forwards at an unusually large bump and fell above the boy with a huff.

He grunted and slowly lifted you up, making sure you could stand right in the pitch black. His thigh was between your legs as he held your arms up with his hands. Your knee brushed against something strangely solid, then feeling the zipper of the boys jeans.

Of course he didn’t see you, but your mouth went agape along with your eyes. You pulled away from him, holding to the poll.

The lights flickered on and a speaker clicked alive. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience, there was a bit of a technical mishap with our lighting system. A bit of a storm outside has caused the train to have a bit of a mishap. No worries, just a bit of a malfunction.”

You looked at the boy and laughed. He laughed along and you came to notice his features. He was not so bad looking, and he definitely took care of the way he looked.

He pointed at the sign above you which read the stop. The train came to a halt. “This your stop too?” He said, his voice soft.

You nodded and grabbed a hold of your bag. He motioned you in front of him and followed behind you, stepping off the transit.

You looked around from under the small shelter, realizing you didn’t bring an umbrella. The boy laughed.

“Do you want to stay with me until the storm stops?.” He asked. You nodded and smiled, throwing away the whole idea of ‘stranger danger’. He pulled out a large white umbrella, unclasping it and holding it above the two of you.

You both ran from the shelter to his apartment. He fumbled with his keys and unlocked the door, letting you in. You turned and watched him mess with the umbrella a few times before it shrunk back down and he stepped inside.

“Take your shoes off, make yourself comfortable. I won’t bite.” He said. You complied and pulled your sneakers off your sore feet. He did so with his own, setting them by the door.

You watched him walk across the room as he set his jacket on the counter. His body looked nice through the almost see through white shirt he wore. His jeans were a bit tight and they hugged his hips perfectly.

He must have caught you staring and stepped towards you, coming closer than normal. You looked up at him, as he was a bit taller than you.

“You know I can see you staring.” He stepped even closer, using his hands on your hips to push you against the wall behind you.

“And you know what I’ve been thinking since the second I saw you.” He whispered, trailing his breath against your neck. You melted beneath his warmth, running your fingers up his nape and into his hair.

His cold hands slid up your shirt, holding your sides firmly and picking you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he carried you quickly to his bedroom.

Laying you on the bed, he was in a haste to pull each of your clothes off. Within about a minute, you lay in a pair of underwear and him in his boxer briefs.

He began his journey, first attaching his soft lips to your chest, then working his way to your breast. He spent time there, biting and nipping where he could. His tongue flicked your bud and watched as you moaned and fluttered your eyes shut.

He experimented down your stomach, kissing places to see which made you shiver the most. You tangled your fingers in his hair, slightly guiding him to where you wanted him the most.

He smirked and that was the last you saw of him, his head disappearing between your thighs. He didn’t stop to teas, using his tongue on every inch he possibly could.

Running it up your slit then flicking it onto your clit, you threw your head back at the extreme pleasure. This was his way of knowing just what you like.

But this wasn’t his full act, he was getting you ready for his final act. He retreated up your body, attaching his lips to yours and allowing you to taste yourself.

He distracted you as he pushed his tongue into your mouth and explored it, pulling himself out of the tent in his boxers. He positioned himself and slowly pushed all the way in.

He stopped for a bit, allowing the both of you to adjust to each other before starting at his own rhythm. His hips worked quickly, twitching a few times to let you know  he was getting a good bit from this.

You moaned and through your head back as he hit a certain spot inside you and he knew. He sped up, pushing deeper so he could find that spot once more. Once he did, he pushed himself all the way in, hitting that spot right dead on.

His face contorted in pleasure as did yours and you came around him. Your walls clenched him in and he quickly pulled, taking not but a second to unleash over your stomach.

He fell beside you with heavy breath, and once you regained full awareness, you realized you were laying in a mans bed, who you’d met that day, and didn’t even know his name.

“Chan by the way.” He huffed, pulling you to his chest. You mumbled something of what was supposed to be your name, falling into a deep slumber in Chan’s arms.



Baekhyun being bashed yet once again because of a freaking couple phone case!

So here goes my first ever post in tumblr….I was never planning on posting anything BUT…I am way to angry right now and I just simply want to let it all out.

I was just scrolling normally in facebook for funny pictures or nice post in the groups I am in and then BAM! I saw an article that made me turn into SatanSoo and murder half of that fandom (EXO'ls….and yes I am a part of it).

So, apparently there is this thing going around the internet and it’s - Netizens Bash & Insult Baekhyun For Taeyeon Couple Phone Cases Included in Photobook

REALLY NOW? REALLY? YOU little fucked up b*tches…are bashing yet once again because of a FREAKING PHONE CASE?? O_o 

Are they freaking kidding me?? THAT’S INSANE! And stupid…and ridiculous….and immature….and…they’re so many words to describe it and I’m not using them all cuz that would be a bit too much, right?

What I read in this freaking article literally made me facepalm so fucking damn hard….

It was written:

~Taeyeon has the same Phone case, and they’re “dating”, so fans have been bashing Baekhyun because this picture included in the photo book.

BECAUSE OF THE FREAKING PICTURE!! But, NO WAIT! It get’s even more ridiculous…there were some reactions too…

  • “Why would he include that in their photobook…?”
  • “I understand that him dating someone he loves is something to bless but sorry that I’m not a cool fan and that I still refuse to be understanding.”

  • “I just won’t buy it then!!!!!! Ha!!!! Because I am an ATM with feelings, you know!”
  • “I don’t know why I need to have my feelings hurt like this when I’m buying a photobook with my own money. I know that he probably didn’t put his phone case there on purpose but it still hurts me… Have a happy love, and I hope this doesn’t happen again ㅎㅎ”

  • “Including that in the photobook is going too far ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My heart ㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “Eh~ I highly doubt it was intentional.”

  • “To include this in a photobook that fans will be buying… I get that it probably wasn’t intentional but they should’ve been more careful. I completely lost all urges to buy it now.. ㅎㅎ”
  • “No respect for fans, really. Thanks for letting me save up on some cash for once.”

  • “They could’ve edited it out out of respect for the fans.”
  • “I don’t know… I can’t hate Baekhyun but I do hate his relationship.. maybe the person I should be hating is Dispatch. Despite Baekhyun trying to be as careful as possible, I can’t help but be hurt every time I see things like this. I know that idols are people too but they’re idols… dammit, Dispatch, why’d they have to release those pictures and do this to me?”

  • “Guess I won’t be buying it.”
  • “They really couldn’t cut off the edges of that picture?”

  • “Sorry I’m not cool enough as a fan, I won’t be able to buy this.”
  • “Please stop assuming that he purposely put his phone there for the picture like he’s so desperate to be known.”

  • “Isn’t the purpose of a photobook for their fans… Even if he didn’t know, I’d still be upset as a fan to have to buy a photobook with my own money that had something like this in it.”
  • “I know he didn’t mean it but it makes me not want to buy it.”

  • “Why on earth would he wear his couple phone case when he knows his fans are super sensitive right now?”

International Fans:

  • “Is he fucking serious, he would hurt me?”

  • ”^ lol wut, bitch you don’t even exist”

  • “Why would he post that… That’s so stupid he ‘s not my bias anymore”

  • “Really though, don’t they look these over, is this even a mistake, fck it off my bias list”

  • “Hmm, yeah… I’m pretty sure he knew… You know what. ok”

    When I saw the article i looked like this… 

    While reading some of the comments I was like this….

    And when I was finally done reading this was… 

    and this….

    So those self-centered, immature, selfish, idiotic, foolish, witless, insane and with absolutely NO personal life “fans” are saying that they won’t buy the photobook because of the picture and the damn case? They’re saying he was being improvident for not hiding his phone? That he wanted to “rub it into their faces” that he was in a relationship? That they do understand that he is a human but they were ‘hurt’ by his actions? REALLY NOW? -.- 

  • First of all, he does not even know about your existence!

  • Second of all, how come you are hurt when YOU - yourself have never even met him nor knows him personally? 
  • Third of all, why making such a big deal out off this?? It’s just a freaking PHONE CASE! They’re dating for almost a year now….deal with or leave the fandom! 

    I seriously can’t understand how can they decide if they’re his fan depending on the fact rather or not he is in relationship. 

    So what he has a girlfriend…HE IS A HUMAN TOO!



    People should learn that everyone on this planet is a human and they fall in love! Just because he is your bias it doesn’t mean he it not allowed to date! Just be happy for him! Idols don’t usually have the time to date so when they do it I’m actually proud and happy for them!

    You shouldn’t chose your bias over what he does with his personal life. You love him for the music, his voice, his character …or at least the one he is showing. No matter if that’s really him or he was told to be faking it! You don’t know him! Which means you have no actual right to be mad or hurt. I understand if you are someone he knows and you’re in love with him but he rejected you because of his current girlfriend BUT being so overly-dramatic when you don’t even know the guy….Damn, girl you need to go to the mental hospital and get checked! 

    I really wish people would stop bashing on them and mostly Baek! He did nothing wrong! It’s his life, his choices! We are nothing more but fans for him! I won’t be surprised if one day he ends up hating all of us! Some of us (fans) are rearing their noses into HIS personal life and that’s not even right to begin with. 

    I honestly don’t really believe in this relationship for my own reasons but that does not mean I don’t support them! I’ve said it millions of time that real or fake I’d be right behind them and support them with all my might! They deserve to be happy!


    Thank you^^