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Me every weekend

*Lies in bed on a Friday night in the comfort of the darkness*

Me: but what if…, now hear me out here, what if I’m mistyped?

I might just be and ISTJ, like even if the cognitive functions don’t work for me what if I’m just not DOING it right. What if I’m fooling myself? What if my MBTI is just my ‘would-be self’ or worse what if I’m delusional and I perceive myself differently than I really am; what if it’s the Barnum effect?

*Does the cognitive functions test again* Results: high Te and then Ti, equal Ne and Ni.

Me:yup I always knew I was an ENTJ I just knew it even if I’m clearly not one an ENTJ I definitely am. I’ll have to change the name of my blog, and my twitter; I just love identity crises!

*Does Enneagram test, gets results*

Me:…well it works with my type but maybe I have a confirmation bias.

Okay but what if…,now hear me out here, what if I’m mistyped- like I can feel like a four or one or eight or nine some days right?, right?

You know what shit this I need a break

*Reads book for an hour, doesn’t take break*

*Does SLOAN test- gets type, sighs in relief that it somewhat correlates with MBTI type* 

*gasps in horror that it might just be another confirmation bias*

Me: Nope I’m over thinking this, all evidence (my own unreliable subjective self) says this is who I am, I’m just going to stop this madness and go bathe…and maybe eat (because I forgot)

*Goes through week perfectly fine living as a normal human being*

Friday night comes once again…

Me: but what if…, now hear me out here, what if I’m mistyped?

Seventeen Scenario - Mingyu the Football Jock

Hey anon!! Sorry for the long wait but I made this super angsty and SUPER fluffy just for you!! Thanks for the request MINGYU IS MY SEVENTEEN BIAS!!!

Seventeen Scenario - Mingyu the Football Jock

Vibrantly colored posters littered the normally bleak walls of your dreary high school, bringing light playfulness where it hadn’t been before. They advertised the type of school function that filled you with absolute dread at the thought of participating. Prom.

Now, you believed in the notion that it was perfectly acceptable to attend prom without a date and just have a fun time with friends, however you had always been the type of person who avoided those types of events like the plague and therefore had absolutely no desire to attend. Most of your high school experience thus far had been gliding by as quickly and painlessly as possible and you wanted to keep it that way.

Typical, you thought as you reached your locker which had been plastered shut by one of the various posters. Without a second thought you ripped the poster down and onto the ground and yanked your locker door open.

“Not a fan of the posters I see.”

At the sound of charmingly low voice close to your ear you started, a chill traveling down your spine. You hadn’t noticed the tall and dangerously handsome boy who had taken up residence to the left of your locker, leaning casually despite the way it made your heart palpitate like there was no tomorrow. “Can I help you?”

“Y/N, don’t act like you don’t know me.” He chuckled, a look of feigned hurt on his face before he flashed you the most breath taking grin. You looked away, trying to keep your look of nonchalance on your face. “We’ve been lab partners for almost the whole year, so when are you going to start acknowledging that we’re friends?”

“Mingyu, I’ll acknowledge that we’re friends when you stop playing football, which I’m assuming will be never so…” You trailed off, giving him a pointed look. You were growing tired of the flirting act he had been putting on all year. Mingyu was the star football jock of our high school, and he was just about every stereotype that came along with the territory. Not only was he handsome, funny, and charming, but everybody loved him and he had a heart of gold. But there was something different about him. Being his lab partner for the entire year, you had learned that he was actually remarkably intelligent. He knew exactly what he wanted out of life and had always engaged with you in conversations that ran way deeper than the typical small talk of lab partners. He hummed and danced while he worked, his body always teeming with life, so eager to participate in every aspect of it. You’d be lying if you said that feelings hadn’t developed, feelings that you had shoved down from the beginning and continued to shove down every time you saw him.

He gripped his chest like he was wounded. “Ouch, Y/N. You always know exactly how to get to my heart.”

“That is never the goal.”

“Listen, Y/N…” Suddenly the tone of his voice shifted dramatically. For the first time since you had met him, he sounded nervous beyond belief. “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

You arched an eyebrow at him. He must not have done his portion of the work. “God help me.” You muttered under your breath.

“Okay, umm…well…okay…” He seemed to be hyping himself up. “I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you how I feel and then, this, and it came up and I thought, well I thought maybe prom might be the best way to…” He trailed off then, realizing that his words sounded ridiculous and opting instead to dramatically pull a bouquet of flowers out from behind his back that had a sign attached to them that said ‘PROM?’ in big, bold letters.

All of the air left your lungs and you stared at him in stupefied disbelief. There was no way. Absolutely no way. Despite your best efforts to ignore it, your heart fluttered rapidly in your chest and you almost reached out for the flowers and squealed before you could stop yourself. Forcing yourself to look around, you saw that people had stopped at the sight of not only a promposal, but Mingyu’s promposal. In the corner of your eye you caught some of his football buddies grinning stupidly at the sight and it instantly clicked in your head.

“Wow. I almost believed you there for a second.” You chuckled darkly, a bemused expression on your face. Mingyu just looked utterly confused and at a loss. “For one split second I actually thought that you had…feelings for me.”

“Wait, Y/N, I do—“ He was running his hand through his tinted purple hair with a desperate look in his eye but you cut him off.

“I never thought someone would actually attempt such a cruel joke.” You spat the words out like venom.

“Y/N what are you—“

“Get lost Mingyu.” The words were full of finality and you slammed your locker door shut before storming away for emphasis. Your shaky legs didn’t carry you very far though, and you ducked into the nearby janitor’s closet, sinking to the ground as soon as the door was securely shut. Letting out a shaky breath, you tried not to let the overwhelming pain consume you. You had pushed and pushed and pushed the feelings down and away and out of your sight but that didn’t mean that they weren’t there. And because of that split second that you had let yourself hope that it was true, you felt yourself falling into a pit of darkness now that you knew it was all a joke. You felt a sob bubble up in your throat but you held it back. The truth was you liked Mingyu so much that it physically hurt and he had ended up exactly like what you knew him to be: a jerk who played a joke on the girl that everyone forgot about.

From the hallway you heard booming laughter that sounded just like the deep tones of Mingyu and his friends and it echoed all the way to the bottom of your heart.

You skipped out on lab that day and talked to your teacher separately in order to switch partners. Mingyu didn’t look surprised when he received the news. For a second you thought he looked as if he had given up completely but you brushed it off. You hadn’t spoken to him since that day.

“Honey, I bought you this gorgeous gown for prom while I was out today. It was a total steal and I thought the cut and color would suit you so well. I know you don’t want to go but it was so inexpensive that I figured it would be worth it just in case you changed your mind.” Your mother came into your room on the afternoon of prom, an elegant garment bag draped over her arm and a hopeful look in her eye.

You just rolled over and avoided her gaze, “I’m sorry Mom but I really don’t think you should count on it.”

“Oh honey, don’t you think you’ll regret not going to your senior prom?” She perched on the edge of your bed.

“Not at all.” You grumbled.

She sighed heavily. “Well you still have some time, so if you change your mind it’s here. Please think about it my angel.” She planted a kiss on your forehead before trailing out of your room. Nothing, not even a guilt trip and free dress from your mother, would get you out of this bed and in a car on the way to prom.

About an hour passed and you hadn’t moved an inch when you heard a soft knock at your door. “Y/N?” Your mother called softly, worried that you might be sleeping.

“Mom.” You groaned, pushing yourself into a sitting position. “I’m not going.”

“That’s not why I came up here. There’s someone here to see you.” She grabbed your arm and yanked you out of bed. Your hair was a mess and you still had on your night clothes from the previous night, but you didn’t care. It wasn’t like it mattered. When the two of you reached the bottom of the stairs, she pointed to the front door before moving into the kitchen. “Outside.”

The sunlight stung a little bit as you opened the front door and you were momentarily blinded and unable to see who it was. But as you squinted you were able to make out broad shoulders and then purple hair and—

“Mingyu?” You gasped in surprise. “What are you doing here?” Your voice was guarded, the hatred and emotions fighting within you.

“I have to know one thing.” He said suddenly as he rushed towards you, leaving only a few inches of distance. You noticed that he was wearing a tux and it somehow made him even more handsome, filling longing throughout your bloodstream. “How could you ever think so low of me that I would pull that kind of a joke on you, Y/N?”

Your mouth formed a little ‘o’ of shock and you gazed at him, speechless. You couldn’t even begin to find the right words.

“I was serious, Y/N. I have feelings for you, real ones that won’t go away no matter how many times I tell myself that you’ll never feel the same way. And maybe prom wasn’t the best way of conveying that but how on earth could you even think that I would lie to you about something like that?” He was angry and hurt and he wanted answers and none would roll off of your tongue.

“Your friends were laughing…I thought…” You couldn’t form the sentences correctly. “I thought…do you really have feelings for me, Mingyu? It’s not a joke?”

“Y/N, I’ve wanted to kiss you from the moment I met you and every day I’ve fallen in love with you even more until it reached the point where I can’t remember what it was like to not be in love with you.” He responded honestly, this look of deepest sincerity in his eyes that made your legs melt like a pool of jelly.

“I’m sorry Mingyu I thought…” You couldn’t believe your ears, it couldn’t be true. But your insides were flipping inside out and you felt a smile creeping up onto your face.

“Well? Is there anythin—“

But you cut him off, just like always, except this time you did it with your lips as your drew him closer, afraid to let go. Everything about this was so surreal that you didn’t believe it even as it was happening, and you were desperate to make sure that none of it disappeared in front of your eyes. “I think I’m in love with you too.” You whispered against his lips, biting your own in anticipation of his answer.

He just pulled you in again and didn’t let go until you were both breathless. “You don’t know how many times I imagined you saying those words.”

Suddenly a voice interrupted your little private bubble. “Well now that everything is settled, Y/N needs to get ready so you can take her to prom.” Your mother had been watching the whole time from the house and she was practically jumping up and down. She helped you get ready as quickly as possible.

The two of you attended prom together and you didn’t even bother to look at anyone else’s reactions but his. Your mom was right, prom night turned out to be the best night of your life.

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Okay guys apology time~

I know I had some big time goals to get all caught up by halloween, and obviously that hasn’t happened yet so i’m a dirty liar. (but what else is new.)

I’m really trying here so if I still haven’t done your request I am so sorry but I really am trying. The good news is my semester is almost over and then I have a month off in which I will be opening requests for the entire month! Also to those of you who are following my Sehun story on wattpad, jesus am I sorry about that too it’s on the list I SWEAR ITS ON THE LIST OF THINGS I NEED TO DO. Anyway thanks for the patience guys I’ve had a lot going on family and school wise the last few weeks. 




(Kelsey is still and will forever remain, a scrub.)


throwback; one of the fave stages jae did on kpop star - toxic with racoon boys
#HappyBirthdaySwegChicken! thank you for joining kpop star despite that was your impetuous decision. thank you for overcoming your fright to perform on stage. thank you for joining the jyp nation. thank you for practicing hard but not losing your own color during your trainee days. thank you for still being your true self after debut. thank you for being part of day6. thank you for being adorably weird.