my bias forever and ever

I was going to make something serious but I saw this cap again and everything was history. I’m not even sorry.

So this is a day early but tomorrow I am in cosplay hell once more so I’m getting this done now on my day off so I’m not rushing around all like a headless chicken.

But one year ago on the 16th of February I decided I was going to bite the bullet and make a blog for my Templar OC Atreus Melchor.

Now I don’t often commit to the long haul on blogs, I burn out or fade away because I lose interest but with Atreus he has just not given up this muse has clawed out a little hole for himself and this is where he intends to stay—and by extension this is where I am going to stay because being here makes me incredibly happy.

I love you all lots and I just wanted to take a bit of time to thank the people that made this possible and the people that always continue to inspire me.

So without further ado

(Disclaimer I might forget people - Harley is a forgetful Pterodactyl)

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So. I just hit 600 followers. When I made Cruella on a whim, I would never have thought that I would get this amount of people to follow me. I made Cruella the moment I heard Victoria Smurfit was going to play her, I’m a huge Victoria fan and Cruella is one of my favorite villains, so it was a natural decision for me to RP her after being away from the RPing world for a few months. 

Now on to the sappy part, where I tell you guys how much it means to me that you enjoy my vision on her. I certainly enjoy writing her! I never made a follow forever before in the year that I’m rping and I kept procrastinating it, but my friend kept bugging me about it this time, so here it finally is haha.

The Exclusive fur coats a.k.a. the main’s a.k.a. I smile when you get online.

dragonofallevil: Pal! You are my bestest friend. I adore you so much. Seriously, there are no words to describe how much I appreciate you being here for me. We’ve met over a year ago and immediately I liked you, during this year we have grown closer everyday and still I adore you more and more everyday. One day I will have the money to come and visit you. I will even come there during your summer if that means getting to spend real life time with you. It would probably mean that I would get a heatstroke or something, but I would gladly go through something like that for you. You mean the world to me and I love you.

wolfundertheskin: & all your other blogs. Sarah! We have met each other a few months ago, but as soon as we started talking there was a click between us. I know I can talk to you about everything and you will listen and give your honest opinion. I love how protective you are over your friends and want to keep them safe. You are such a loyal and great friend and I love you dearly. Our ship is amazing! I didn’t think they would get the relationship they have right now, but I love it!

thescarredqueen: Oh gosh, I think you don’t know how much I appreciate you and our talks. Simone! you are really one of my favorite people around here and actually one of the first that rped with my Cruella. You are always here, listening when I ramble about a new muse I want to make and always want to RP with me. You are stuck with me! And Scar won’t be able to shake Cruella off even if she wanted.

whxtacrock: & your other blogs. We met when I still rped Trina and then didn’t talk for a while until you found out that I also rped Cruella, from that day we just hit it off. You are such a joy to talk to, you have so much energy and always know how to make me smile, even if you don’t even know it. I love how enthusiastic you are, about everything and I want to keep you forever!

The Fur Coats a.k.a. People that I see as friends and those whom I simply adore:

breathingmild & ikarosopallios, glorenelya, lxstpriestess, mostloyalsquire, reginasmilf, storminglikeabxtch, theoriginalbloodcountess, thevampirecowboy, wasacoyote, womenofthewhirlwind, yourseawitch

The Furs a.k.a. My RP partners & the ones I’ve had OOC contact with:

adreamcatcherandakeychain, ahbutimavillain, anitaradclxffe, belgravianbitch, brighteststarinthehat, bxthory, bybxbble & halexnheels, courtxsan, dancetomytambourine, dxdger, fairestxregal, forgotthecinnamonx, her28thyear, littlebelixver, mistressmxleficent, mosthonourablewolf, ofheroics & all your other blogs, ofdaggers, rogerradclife, screwupwithflair, stillthemonster, sweettranzvestitefrankie, swynford-de-beaufort, thesilencingwhisper, twelvestep-reginamills, velmakiller, villainofthisstory, viridisalaewarriorfamulan, wiintry, xchenkov,

The Coats a.k.a. The people I stalk from afar (for now):

addamsmatriarch, administrxtor, agentericaevans, allforacrown & your OC, constantgrief, everaviper, evillmajesty, kneel-before-the-queen, piiratescave, soxiopath, sunofdorne, thebleedingstcr, theinfamouscaptain, thequeenalone, thesuperstes, unseenmockingjay, victorianasteampunk, witchyblackcat.

I apologize if I missed someone. I probably did, because I’m a derp like that. Don’t feel passed if you’re not on this list, because I adore every single one of you and never be afraid to come into my askbox. My muse may be a bitch, but I’m certainly not.