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A comiXologist Recommends (an all-time favorite)

Birds of Prey (1999-2009)

When fifteen-year-old me first picked up an issue of Birds of Prey, the 1999-2009 version, I had no idea that my life was about to change forever. I had no idea that I was about to meet characters who felt as real to me as my own besties, no idea that I’d picked up the book that would keep me reading comics every week from then on. But this isn’t a story about me, not exactly.

This is the story of how Oracle built the most powerful network of information and friends the world had ever seen. This is the story of how Black Canary became the best martial artist on the planet and found herself in Sin. This is the story of how the Huntress found more strength in her friends than she had ever found in her anger. This is how Lady Blackhawk made her place in a time removed from her own, how Misfit learned to live, how Catwoman learned to trust, how Manhunter learned to hope, how Barda gave everything.

In the pages of Birds of Prey I met women who were fearless and fierce and bound by friendship and loyalty, women who fought and bled for each other when no one else would, women who laughed and celebrated and hoped despite the evil they witnessed. I saw myself and what I could be in these pages, like so many of us did. So it isn’t just my story. This is our story.

Kara Szamborski supervises the production coordinator team at comiXology and co-hosts the weekly comiXologist podcast to help you find your perfect comic. Huntress aka Helena Bertinelli is her favorite pre-New 52 DC character.