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I think ???? That for a short period in time I was going to a “"counselor”“ who was actually like,, the head religious person of the kids section of the church (if that makes sense sorry lol) and like,,, I just feel rlly icky abt having someone who worked in the church basically be my ”“therapist”“ when I was a kid,, and like,, I only have 2 memories from that,, but i KNOW i didn’t trust her,,

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I LOVE U AND UR SIGGY??? but seriously you put so much love and care into him and I always love reading your threads and headcanons because wowie????

    tell me!! | always accepting!!

LAYLA WO W I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!! this world could use more ppl like you bc you’re literal perfection………. omg i’m?? flustered!! i never think people would actually read those, but it makes my heart soar!! thank you so much for liking siggy & roleplaying with him!!


Matt Ryan at Wales Comic Con 2015, signing my autograph :’)

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Hi can you do the aftermath after rucas becomes official in ski lodge and their friends and Riley's parents reaction when rucas are now dating

Here ya go, hope you like it!! :D

“We have to tell them,” Lucas whispered. He and Riley were sitting in the plush chairs in Topanga’s Bakery, watching their friends and family laugh at something Zay was saying at the counter. Riley sighed and turned her attention back to Lucas. 

“Yeah, I know we do. But I’m just wondering why we can’t wait a few more days or weeks or possibly decades,” Riley nervously played with the fraying thread on the bottom of her jacket, and Lucas turned to look at her.

“Riley, why are you so nervous about this?”

“Well, I’m nervous that my dad is going to kill you for one. I mean he’s already taken every shoe you own, so it seems like death is the only option left,” Riley pointed out.

“Riley, I can handle your father, okay?” Lucas assured her, giving her a confident nod. Riley’s eyes went wide as a figure appeared from behind him.

“Oh can you?” Cory asked, and Lucas’ blood went cold. “Tell me, Mr. Friar, how does one ‘handle’ his history teacher?” Cory took a seat next to Riley, leaning over her to raise his eyebrows at Lucas.

“Yikes,” Riley mumbled under her breath, afraid to look up at either of them.

“Uh, I didn’t mean it like that, sir,” Lucas sputtered out quickly. “I just meant, uh, um – Riley you wanna take this one?”

“Thanks a lot,” Riley muttered. She glared at Lucas before taking a deep breath. “Well, the thing is, Daddy…”

“Uh oh,” Cory panicked, his fists clenching together and his eyes searching the room for Topanga.

“She called you ‘daddy,’ huh? Sorry Cory, this sounds serious,” Topanga told him, circling the chairs to sit on the other side of Lucas. 

“That’s the kiss of death, sir,” Farkle pointed out, coming around chairs to stand in front of them.

“Your life is going to be forever changed by whatever comes out of her mouth,” Zay explained, taking his place next to Farkle.

“Yeah, big brother. You’re in trouble,” Josh appeared in the doorway, and Riley’s eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

“Okay, is everyone we know here or something?” Riley shook her head at the crowd of friends and family that had gathered around her.

“Riles, whatever it is, we’re here for you,” Maya promised. “Just tell us.”

Riley opened her mouth to explain, but Lucas placed a hand on Riley’s shoulder to stop her. He gave her a small smile, and turned to their friends.

“On the class trip, Riley and I had a really long talk,” Lucas began, his voice surprisingly steady. “I told her that I liked her as more than a friend and that I wanted to be with her. And so we decided to…”

“We decided to start dating - for real this time,” Riley blurted out.

Everyone turned to look at Cory, waiting in anticipation for his reaction.

“I mean, if that’s okay with you, sir,” Lucas added quickly.

It was quiet all around. Eyes flitted from face to face, waiting for someone to speak. Waiting for someone to react. As Cory stood and turned to face Lucas, everyone flinched, afraid of what he was going to do to him.

“Dad you can’t hurt him, I think that’s against the law or something!” Riley put her body in between the two of them, creating a protective shield around Lucas.  

“I’m sorry, Mr. Matthews!” Lucas threw his hands up, in an effort to protect his face. “Just, not the face, if you don’t mind,” Lucas squeezed his eyes together, preparing for the worst. Suddenly, Cory’s expression softened as he placed one, firm hand on Lucas’ shoulder. 

“I’m really happy for you guys,” Cory smiled. Everyone in the room gasped as they exchanged confused looks with one another. 

“What?”  Riley and Lucas gaped at him, both of theirs mouths hanging open in shock.

“You finally worked things out, you came to terms with your feelings. I’m proud of you – both of you,” Cory gave them a reassuring smile and patted Riley’s hand to show his support.

“I have to admit, that is not what I was expecting,” Zay admitted, and Farkle nodded in agreement.

“What? Did you really think I was going to hurt him?” Cory turned to look at all of the faces staring at him.

“Yes!” Everyone snapped in unison.

Riley turned to Maya, waiting with bated breath to hear what she had to say about the news.

“It’s about time,” Maya smirked, placing her hand on Riley’s and giving it a supportive squeeze.

“You’re sure this is okay?” Riley asked, her nerves evident in the way she was biting her bottom lip.

“More than okay,” Maya assured her. Riley let out a sigh of relief and threw her arms around Maya, pulling her into a hug.

“Okay, to celebrate - smoothies are on me!” Topanga announced. She stopped suddenly and pointed to Maya. “But, not literally on me, just to be clear. Yeah, you betcha’ I heard about that.”

“Ah, that was some of my best work,” Maya beamed, as she remembered the time she poured a smoothie over Lucas’ head a few months ago.

Lucas turned to Riley as the rest of the group headed back to the counter to get their smoothies.

“See? Nothing to worry about,” Lucas smirked. Riley rolled her eyes and turned her body to face Lucas.

“Now, the question is; where are we going on our second first date?”

Riley was happy to finally be with Lucas, but she was even happier that she had the support of her friends and family. She only hoped that it stayed that way, no matter what happened.

Gliiua 🦄- 30 day art challenge! This isn’t my best work, but it ranks in standings

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Your stage manager kit...what exactly do you use as the physical kit? Its time for me to lose the raggity falling apart tote so I'd like to know what works best for others.

Ah, my kit. I love that thing.

My parents got me a Crop in Style XXL Rolling Tote for Christmas some years ago. It’s the greatest. 

My favorite thing about it is that not only does it fit all of the stage manager things you want to carry with you, but it’s usually big enough to fit my book in as well, which is sweet. 3” binders don’t tend to fit nicely into normal-people backpacks. 

Admittedly, this is not what my kit currently looks like. It’s a right wreck. I’m hoping to get reorganized sometime next week and will take updated pictures then :)