my best work


All of my writing (that I could find) is now available on my FANFICTION PAGE :D

You can sort by character, genre, relationship, and a few other criteria via the sidebar! Just want stories with Varlen? No problem. Just want Dorian x Varlen, or Redbull? Gotcha covered. Want to see gifts for others? Easy.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience. My blog has been a mess for a long time, but finally it is reaching some kind of working order!


You guys are… really nice.

I wanna say a big thank you to all of you who tagged me lately :) unfortunatly I’m having a very busy week (month?) at work and I can’t follow up but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it :) I’ll do the next ones if I have time.

Same thing with prompts, I reblogged a few articles for my writing friends mostly and have no inspiration at the moment, so sorry if they aren’t fulfilled. I’ll make sure to answer the next ones.

WANTED: if you ever see my inspiration somewhere, please tell them to come back to me please. So… same for drawing! sorry for my lack of activity, I finished a really hard one and seem to have difficulty getting back to art.

Yeah so PhD work sucks and something that someone suggested to me: a lot of grad students make blogs about their work to kind of vent.

While obviously I have a blog it’s not professional…at all, lol.

So I made

because i see so many “psych fact” posts being circulated on this site that are total bs or misinterpretations or half-correct.

So feel free to send me your psychology questions (but please read my disclaimer that I will not discuss mental illnesses. At all. I am a researcher, not a clinician, and no responsible clinician would diagnose you via a tumblr post anyway), or tag me in a post if you want clarification/something fact-checked/whatever of that nature.

Feel free to help me spread my blog around, too, lol.