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O’Solo with kids

Not really kids, and definitely not my best work. I couldn’t find a rhythm with it, but hopefully it’ll come back as I write more. Thanks for being so patient, I promise the next updates won’t take nearly as long! 

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OKAY, so first of all, this really isn’t my best work (ugh), but it gets my point across. (i’ll probably draw something tonight of this that’s better and done in a style i’m more comfortable doing just because of how bad this turned out. i’ll also probably work on the outfit a bit just because i didn’t have enough time to be more creative with it in this). 

second of all, this is that kainora gem fusion i was talking about doing (inspired by this post)


Watch how I created my Champions Collection portrait of Finn Balor, one of my best works yet!


Prompt:  “Winchesters x Short!Reader where they tease her but then they each arm wrestle her and she beats all of them”

Warnings: None

Words: 553 (Very short, I know)

A/N: It’s very short and sweet, not my best piece of work, but not my worst. Enjoy!

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The boys were always making fun of you for being so short, and frankly you were getting tired of it.

Constantly being called short-stack, smurfy, and small stuff was really getting old.

All of the teasing, the jokes, the constant mocking, there was no wonder you were so fed up with it.

So, when Sam and Dean were having a debate about who was the strongest of the two, you couldn’t help but jump in and try to prove a point.

“I’m obviously stronger.” Dean boasted.

“I’m sorry, but it seems you forgotten that I’m the one that actually works out at a gym while you’re busy stuffing you face with pies.” Sam pointed out, giving his brother a smug look. You rolled your eyes at the both of them.

“Step aside amateurs,” You cut in. “We all know who the strongest here is, and that’s me.”

They both started laughing at you.

“You?” Sam blurted, finally saying something through his laugher. “You’re tiny!”

“I may be small but I pack a mean punch.” You protested, and they started cackling again.

“The only thing mean about you is your personality.” Dean went on, and you scowled at him.

“Alright hotshot, if you’re so sure about your masculine strength, then how about you arm wrestle me?” You offered and folded your arms. “Winner gets bragging rights as the strongest.”

“Y/N, we don’t want to hurt you.” Sam teased, and you shot him a glare as well.

“I’ll beat you too, Moosey.” You snapped, and he quirked an eyebrow.

“You’re fiery, Y/N, I’ll give you that. But you’re being stupid, there’s no way you’ll be able to beat Sam or me.” Dean pointed out, and you gave him a smug look.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Dean.” You fired back and he shrugged from his position at the table. You sunk into the seat across from him, placing you elbow on the hard wooden surface.

“It’s your funeral.” He said, and with that he rolled up his sleeve and grabbed your hand with his larger one.

“Ok, on the count of three.” Sam refereed. “1…2…3-”

The moment the number three slipped out of his mouth, you slammed Dean’s fist onto the table with such a force that the piece of furniture almost cracked.

Dean let out a cry of surprise as he was defeated.

You turned to Sam, triumph written across your features as you held up your hand.

“You next, pretty boy.” You jeered, and immediately he wiped the shock of his face, crushing your small hand with his strong grip.

“1…” He started.

“2…” You answered, and he hardened his features before he spat out the final number.


You smashed his hand into the mahogany table so hard that its surface actually splintered.

“What the hell?!” Sam blurted, and you smirked at him.

“I won!” You exclaimed. “And you know what that means? No more making fun of me for being small!”

“Fine.” Dean grumbled. “We won’t. But you’re paying for the table.”

“Alright fine.” You agreed, and with that you rose from the table, exiting the room in a few quick strides.

You never would tell the boys how much you had to bribe the witch with to give you that strength charm.

Summer Commissions Open!

I’ve decided to finally reopen commission for summer to try and earn some extra cash while looking for a job!


Sketch - $5
Line art - $8
Line art w/ color - $10

All starting pieces will be from the waist up, like so, unless specified.

For a full body commission it will be +$3 and with just a fairly generic pose unless specified!


To add an extra person it will be +$5 and if you would just like a commission from the shoulders up like shown in the first picture it will only be $5 with full color.

I will not draw any nsfw or furries.  I don’t feel comfortable doing either and would rather offer my best work.

If you are interested please either message me here or at!  You may find more examples of my work in my art tag or on my twitter if you’re willing to dig around a bit!


I think that you know at the end of the day, going on to set everyday, I was just striving to do my best work and bring to life this character that Pete Nowalk so beautifully crafted. Really, it’s his doing and his words that are sort of jumping off the page and I think resonating with so many people inside and outside of the LGBTQ community. I think that yeah, there has to be a feeling of like a little bit of responsibility just because, well, I was going into it just approaching the work. I didn’t really think–maybe naively so–I didn’t really think that it was so groundbreaking. Maybe that’s because I don’t watch television or own a television, but just seeing and hearing the response on Twitter, Instagram on social and people coming up to me at restaurants after even just the pilot, it sort of struck me right between the eyes how important this is and to continue the dialogue and like you said, like “Empire” has similar characters and it’s becoming more inclusive on television. It’s 2015–it’s time for us to have inclusive content, you know even with trans characters beginning to show up on “Orange is the New Black” and “Transparent.” It’s time for equal representation and I think Pete and Shonda have for years– it hasn’t really been an agenda, it’s just been a fact that these people exist and should be shown on television.