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new vid ,this time, Swan Queen feat. Supercat.
I´m so in love with Kara + Cat!! :)
Not my best work …but…yeah…^^ Clearly not enough Cat & Kara vids out there!

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amazing Coloring by Purfectors

Marco Polo

It’s 3:28 AM and I’ve been awake since 6:30 AM. Anyways strange enough, I came up with this idea while baking brownies. It’s not my best work but thought it was cute and I’ve been needing more Diablo fluff in my life. XO.


“You know what game my brothers and I used to play when we were bored?” You questioned Chato while you laid your head in his lap.

“No, lo hermoso juego?” Chato moved a strand of hair from your face and looked down at you.

“We used to play Marco Polo. Oh wow, it was so fun. Like one time, we went camping with our parents and we were…” Chato was so lost in how this beautiful creature was in his arms, and how your eyes lit up at the memories, how your laugh was like tinkling bells. You had him in such a trance with your beauty, that he didn’t completely register that he didn’t even know what ‘Marco Polo’ was.

“And he fell into the water! Amor, it was so funny and―Chato, baby are you okay?” You asked noticing his perplexed look, sitting yourself in his lap. You placed your hands on his face, forcing his chocolate eyes to connect with yours. He smiled ever so slightly and blushed, allowing you to feel the faint burning sensation to your hands.  

Chato placed his large warm hands on top of yours saying, “Lo siento mi amor. I just don’t know what ‘Marco Polo’ is.” He said sheepishly. You gaped at his sudden comment.

“Well looks I’ll have to teach you.” You stood up reaching for his hands. Chato grumbled but reluctantly got up.

“Babe, en este momento? ¿Estás seguro? Está bien, no tenemos a.” He interlaced your hands and pulled you close to his feverish body. You snuggled deeply into his chest inhaling his firewood scent.

You looked up at him and smiled. “Mi príncipe Diablo…you have to! It’s a necessity to growing up! Look it’s easy. I’m going to close my eyes and say “Marco.” You keep moving around and say “Polo.” And I have to try and tag you. Easy.”

Diablo rolled his eyes and graced your forehead with a kiss before separating himself from your body. He gently closed your eyelids with his fingertips and you felt the heat leave your side. His deep accented voice filled your ears, “Su llamada princesa.”

You smiled and placed your arms out in front of you.



You moved towards his voice.


You heard Chato begin walking. “Polo.”


You waited. But there was no response.

“Marco.” You called again.

Still, no response. You prepared to sneakily open one eye.

“No hermosa. Eso es hacer trampa. Don’t cheat, that’s not fair.” He finally responded. Your smiled enlarged.

“Marco.” You felt an intense heat directly in front of you. Chato wound his arms around your waist, while yours go around his almost burning neck, eyes still closed.

“Polo.” He ghosts against your lips. You smiled opening your eyes. “So beautiful. So so beautiful. Te amo mi princesa.” He gazes lovingly at you.

“I love you too mi príncipe Diablo.” And with that, Chato closed the gap between you two encasing your lips within his own.

Inktober prompts

Inktober approaches! Now, I’m no artist (stick figures are my best work), but I know there’s plenty of wonderful artists in our fandom and maybe you’ll be wanting to lend your talents to a GW Inktober-fest? I’ve compiled a list of arty prompts…or just words to kick off from. If anyone has any additions or great prompts on their mind, add ‘em! Maybe I’ll bestow some choice stick figures 😘🍁🎃🖌

The prompts. 31 for 31 days of October:

1. Halloween
2. Sweet potatoes
3. Leaf raking
4. Shopping for winter gear
5. Mars
6. Sweaters
7. Taking the day off
8. Fashion
9. Pumpkin patch
10. Full moon
11. Walk it off
12. Day trip
13. Cider and honey
14. Apple orchard
15. Children
16. Friendship
17. Work
18. Camera time!
19. Lovers
20. Sporty
21. Theater
22. Nights out
23. Drama
24. Glasses
25. Fall semester
26. Rest and relaxation
27. Cozy
28. Party
29. Major sale
30. Hugs
31. This is the best place to be

anonymous asked:

Hi Judy! I was wondering if there is a limit to entries for your icon contest? I kinda wanna redo my entry, I don't think it was my best work, but i also don't really want to un-enter my previous entry. So is there a limit to the amount of entries? #team snack for life

Nope, gimme as many as you want