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Chanyeol and Baekhyun as Sherlock and Watson for anon~

I drew the lineart for this a week ago.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-09: a movie tv poster graphic style

(a Daisy Calloway Meadows version)

“My name is Daisy.” My eyes land on Ryke as I strongly say, “and I have this theory.” My smile stretches wide as soon as his rises.

I am the biographer of my own life

And no one can take that away from me

legendarypaws  asked:

To the working people who want puppies: I'm at school from 9-4, and I set up a pen indoors that connected to the dog door to the yard. The pen had a bed and toys all over to disencourage peeing inside. I taught him how to use the dog door first. I only had a weekend before I went back to school. He hated being alone for the first week, but he is totally fine now (20 weeks) and is completely potty trained. The pen is screwed into the wall in about 14 places so he couldn't push it over.

Here you go anons and not-anons! Another method with puppy pens and toilet training (likely to be the biggest challenges for everyone tbh)


Attack on Titan and the Seven Deadly Sins

I had an anon ask me recently to categorize the Attack on Titan characters as the seven deadly sins and hoo-boy did I struggle with that! 

Since the seven deadly sins don’t include things like “sick desire to humiliate”, “surprising ruthlessness" or “will happily stab you in the gut for science and take detailed notes while watching you die”, I found them woefully inadequate for our story. So rather than a literal interpretation,  I decided to present them this way.

I think the images are self-explanatory, but my detailed reasoning is below the cut.

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5:28am how did he let me leave so quickly? without even fighting for me? I love him so much but he proved to me that I'm nothing to him. he didn't even ask me to stay... I gave him my all. I gave him the best of me but that wasn't enough for him. I gave him so much of me I feel like I'm nothing without him. I don't sleep anymore

me too love


“Why won’t you let me do this for you, Rose?”|”Just let me do this for you, Steven!”

i just went to the gym and worked out for the first time in a reeeeeeally really really long time (like. i’m talking years since i properly exercised) and i am FEELING it let me tell you but i also forgot how happy exercise makes your brain feel, wow :’) i know it’s dumb but I just had to tell you guys bc joining a gym and then actually going has been something i’ve been super anxious and insecure about for a long time and I’m kind of proud of myself for finally fuckin doing it, i can’t wait to be hot af with my one-pack abs lmao