my best jeanist

HEADCANON: during his time with Best Jeanist, Bakugou learned how to style hair. (well, to be more accurate, Best Jeanist sighed and suggested that Bakugou couldn’t do something as elegant as learn how to style hair with that personality of his, and Bakugou got pissed and learned how just to prove him fucking wrong. also because he has to be the best at everything. which includes hair styling.)

SO one day at the dorms, one of the girls is having a bad hair day, and Bakugou just comes up behind her and fixes it. because goddammit he fucking learned these skills might as well fuckin’ use ‘em

Bakugou instantly becomes the person all the girls go to when they want their hair styled or fixed. at first it annoys him, but then he finds styling hair is actually kinda relaxing. maybe even fun. (he even styles Aoyama’s hair at one point, and some of the other boys too, tho a few just refuse to let Bakugou’s hands near their heads)


“Oh, I’ve seen him on TV before!
He was caught by a villain and looked like he was about to cry, right?”
“What did you say?! You know, I wasn’t caught by the villain back then, I was thinking about how to defeat him. It wasn’t that I’d lost. I’m the man who’ll become the number one hero!”