my best guess is none but the brave

all the different genders headcanons (especially les mis, but any fandom works really) are so satisfying to me… like, it’s hard to explain why I love it so much? there are a few that kind of bother me, for various reasons, but honestly I wish I was brave enough to switch more from one writing to another. i love all the possibilities. I love all the ideas. idk. I know it’s as far from canon as can be (even though the best is when it actually fits in canon, if it’s not canon), but it’s so deeply. satisfying to me. 

i think mostly because my own attitude towards gender is close to ‘what the hell’ - but I’m only one person, and idk, it’s my personality I guess, none of my relationship with gender is really reflected on how I dress, how I interact with others, how I speak, etc. but it’s fun to project on fictional characters, and play around with the possibilities! 

the headcanons that tend to bother me more are the ones where they become so popular as to become the only option most of the fandom explores. and maybe those are what some people prefer, but it ruins the fun for me. sure, I wish others shared the headcanons closer to my heart, but I love playing around with all the different options in my head. I’m not really allowed to, I think - people want reasons for these things, or at least for them to be recognizably close to ‘accepted’ fanon, and it’s just plain too removed from canon for a lot of people’s taste, which I understand - but whenever I feel brave enough to it’s always a little thrill, ahah.

Still The Same (Stiles x Reader)

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Still The Same

Requested by anon:

Hi! Can I have a Stiles (Teen Wolf) imagine please? I would like one where the reader has been dating Stiles for a while, and knows about the supernatural and the pack, but is secretly supernatural too, and the packs reactions (especially Stiles) when they find out. Thanks!

“Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!”

We laughed at Stiles’ joke as we arrived at the high school library.

At least Stiles kept our spirits up, because we needed to do some studying and we were feeling kind of depressed because of it.

“Cheer up, grumpy face” He told me when he looked at me, giving me a peck on the cheek.

I exaggerated a smile and he laughed, wrapping my waist with his arm and pulling me to his side.

Scott then stopped walking, so we looked at him.

“Scott?” Lydia asked him worriedly.

“I’m sensing something” He just answered absently.

I looked at Stiles, wondering if he knew what his best friend was talking about.

Of course, we all knew he was talking about his werewolf scent or hearing. But about what? Something bad?

But the look on Stiles’ face, it was something bad. He knew his friend, and he knew that expression.

Before we could arrive at the library, I heard a frightening animal like grunt and I had no doubt that it was something supernatural.

Stiles took me away from there and I looked over my shoulder to see what Scott was doing. But he wasn’t there anymore.

What happened next was confusing and I barely remembered anything. It all happened really fast, and my vision was blurry for some reason.

I heard a potent scream that I recognized as Lydia’s an it made my heart skip a beat.

I closed my eyes tight and screamt in terror when I watched Stiles with a bleeding wound on his head, staining his whole temple down to his jaw. He had a terrified looked on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Stiles’ voice sounded over me although he was before me a secondago.

I opened my eyes and focused on breathing and not freaking out.

For a moment I was disoriented. One second ago I was watching a bleeding Stiles, wondering where Scott and Lydia were and what had attacked us. And suddenly I was with a perfectly safe Stiles in what looked like his room. Wasn’t I on the high school before?

Only then did I remember I was lying on his bed, resting my head on his chest as we snuggled.

I must have fallen asleep.

“I had a nightmare” With a silent sigh I shoved my face back into his chest.

I was so relieved that it was all a dream.

“A really bad one by the sounds of it” My boyfriend sweetly caressed me to calm me down.

“Yeah, but it was only a dream…” I mumbled, hoping I was right.

“You can still make a poem about it like you always do” He joked to cheer me up.

But yeah, for some reasons making poems about my nightmares made me feel better everytime. Like the suffering wasn’t in vain or something.

It wouldn’t be the first time I had strange and realistic dream –good or bad- like that. And it wouldn’t be the first time that it came true either.


The next day we got off Stiles’ Jeep and he smiled at me as he held his arm up for me to get next to him.

I snuggled to his side and wrapped his torso from behind with one arm.

“Hey!” Scott soon joined us after he parked his motorbike.

“Hi!” Lydia smiled at us as she walked beside us too, chatting with Stiles and Scott.

But I was quiet. Something felt odd. Really, very badly, odd.

“Guys, I have the best joke ever” Stiles assured, an arm still around me.

“Let’s hear it” Scott encouraged him even though he did a bit reticently.

“Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!”

Scott laughed at the terrible joke, and even Lydia smiled despite her exasperated eye roll. But I didn’t laugh. Everything felt way too familiar, and it was scaring me so much.

Stiles, noticing I didn’t laugh, squeezed me against him.

“Cheer up, grumpy face” He gave me a kiss on the cheek, but he thought I was sulky because we were about to study.

But I was getting really scared. I was surprised he didn’t notice I was shaking a little.

I faked a smile to reassure him and he smiled a bit too.

When we noticed Scott had stopped walking, a lump created in my throat.


“I’m sensing something”

I fled from Stiles’ side to stand next to Scott.

“Scott, we have to go” I pleaded him, knowing that something bad would definitely happen if we stayed there.

“Wait” He absently told me, focusing on his senses.

I ran to Stiles and held his arm tightly.

The other times I dreamt about something and I ignored it, we ended up almost dead. We were lucky to come out alive even if we ended up injured.

And that time I wouldn’t allow it. Not again.

“Come on, please!” I exclaimed, looking at Lydia for support. She was a Banshee, she probably sensed it too!

“What, what?” Stiles urged me, knowing how apprehensive I was being.

“No, no, no” I nervously mumbled, tugging at Stiles’ arm. I couldn’t let anything bad happen.

“What’s the problem, Y/N?” He concernedly asked me.

“It’s happening!” I couldn’t let them get hurt. None of them.

Stiles took me by the arms as I pulled at his collar nervously, trying to get him to pay attention to me.

“What is happening?” Scott asked behind me, watching me freak out.

“They’re coming, Stiles!” I was so scared. “They’re going to hurt us!”

I didn’t know what to do to stop it, and I didn’t even know what would happen. All I knew was the part I saw in my dream: everything going crazy, Scott disappearing, Lydia screaming and Stiles with a bleeding wound on his head. And I didn’t want to see that either.

“Calm down, Y/N” Stiles brought me towards his body, cradling my head against his chest and holding me tight. “It’s going to be okay”

Then I heard the grunt. And as Stiles dragged me away from there, definitely sure that something was wrong, I noticed Scott was gone.

It was happening, exactly like in my dream. Every single detail was coming true.

I felt a dull pain on the back of my head and next thing I knew, Stiles was bleeding and staring at me so scared and I had heard Lydia’s scream too.

The reason why I was confused and everything seemed blurry was because I had been knocked out.

“Are you okay?” Stiles helped me off the floor and held me by the waist as I still felt faint.

I just feebly nodded at him.

“You knew this would happen, didn’t you?” Stiles wondered as I felt his eyes piercing me and burning on my skin.

“It was a Wendigo” Lydia’s voice interrupted us. At least she was okay even if she had been scared to death judging by her screaming.

“I got rid of him, it’s okay” Scott was panting and his red eyes shone as his animal like features, including his fangs, faded away into a human appearance once again.

When we were finally together and, taking in consideration the circumstances, okay, Stiles drove us to his place on his Jeep.


We were on the bathroom, Stiles sitting down as I healed the wound on his head. Apparently, he had fallen to the floor while he tried to run away and hit his head against a table as he did. That had to hurt.

When I was done, he looked up to me and stared.

“How did you know something was going to happen?”

I frowned. The moment I feared so much had come.

“My dream, the nightmare. You remember? I… I saw it on my nightmare” I sighed heavily and refused to look at him.

“How?” His voice quivered as he talked, and it pained me to understand that he was scared of what I had done somehow.

“She’s a Sibyl” Lydia was at the door. “I read about them on the bestiary, and she fits the description”

“What description?” My boyfriend insisted.

“Apparently she sees the future in her dreams. The Sibyl is some short of clairvoyant, and she usually writes her prophecies in verse” Lydia informed us, but she sounded impressed. It wasn’t the exact reaction I was expecting.

“Y/N can see the future?!” Scott’s voice yelled behind Lydia, who turned around to see him.

As all response, I bowed my head down ashamed. Even though I felt like I didn’t have any reasons to be.

“Awesome, that’d be quite handy” He said to no one in particular.

I looked up at him and saw him smiling, which made me feel a little better.

When I first noticed something was different with me, I wondered what my friends would think of me. And what Stiles would think of me.

And it scared me very much.

“Guys, can I talk to Y/N?” Stiles suddenly said, breaking the silence.

Lydia nodded and placed a hand on Scott’s arm as they walked away.

When the guys left, I felt uneasy. Sure, it was a relief that they didn’t think differently of me knowing I was a Sibyl. But it especially worried me what Stiles thought.

“Did you know what you were?” He asked me, knitting his eyebrows together.

“I knew I was something…” I shrugged, trying to appear I was calm although I felt myself shaking restlessly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Stiles walked closer to me and I had to hold back the urge to step away from him. Not because of him, but because I felt so self-conscious and insecure in front of him now.

“Because…” I sighed. “I was afraid you guys wouldn’t accept me. That you’d change the way you saw me”

Stiles dedicated me a warm smile and got hold of my hands slowly.

“Y/N” His voice was calm and I sensed a hint of amusement on it. “I’ve seen my best friend turn into a werewolf and his girlfriend is a fox. The girl I was in love with is a banshee and we made friends with a grumpy werecoyote”

When I heard those words, I couldn’t help but smile even if I wasn’t brave enough to look into his eyes. I kept my glance glued to my shoes.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right”

“Even if none of that happened” Stiles continued, tugging at my hands to emphasize his words. “You would still be the same Y/N I know and love”

My coy smile enhanced.

“You’re still the same old Y/N”


I finished Leeds Abbey dash today in 1 hour and 3 minutes and I am genuinely over the moon and sprinted over the finish line then cried (bawled) 😂

Having weighed over 210lbs (now 73 lbs down), I couldn’t even bring myself to walk very far never mind get myself into running. I put on my first pair of running shoes (wish I still had them for nostalgic reasons, what a pair) when I was much heavier than I am now.

I’ve come on so much recently with running and I was ecstatic when I got a 1 hour 20 personal best (that wasn’t even too long ago!). I always second guessed myself and thought that cause I was a newbie runner that I would never be able but I was so wrong. I’ve put in pure determination and will to achieve what I have achieved and I feel like I’m dreaming.

Who would have thought that big old me would run 6 miles none stop in just over an hour? Nevermind shocking other people, I’ve well and truly shocked myself today, I’ve shaved big chunks off my running times and I feel brave enough now…. to call myself a runner.