my best friends baby


harrison osterfield as johnny storm 🔥

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😈 best friend texts with Mark Lee 😈 

‼️This is Mark from NCT, lol, not from GOT7‼️

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“When I started being a father, I wasn’t ready. Things are great now but I struggled with substance abuse for a long time. I have three older children and I wasn’t very present with them. I’m fifty-one now and this is my last chance. So I’m trying to do my best with this one. He’s my little baby. Thankfully I’m good friends with his mother so I’m able to see him every day. But I’ve never lived with him. I don’t wake him up in the morning or help him get ready for school. I hear my other friends talking about these things and I just hate it. It makes me feel so guilty. But I’m doing my best. It’s not the best. But it’s my best.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Don’t come to school tomorrow.

by reddit user MichaelDj54

That was the last text my friend sent the night before the shooting.

It wasn’t all that surprising, to be totally honest. David, my friend, had a real rough time the past year and a half. Everything just sort of…fell apart around him. His sister ran away from home and wound up murdered about a month later, chopped to pieces in the woods.

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Baby shower bliss 🎀it’s a girl. (im)Patiently awaiting Mia’s arrival!

Nanny to be.

This weekend was great! Between my brothers wedding proposal and my best friend (of 10 years) baby shower, I have hope for the future.

I aspire to be a wife and carry a child someday.
Until then, I’m content with a sister in law and another godchild lol


I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Eight

Summary: You go for your first scan, skype with Gen and Danneel, and announce your pregnancy. Everything seems to be going well
Warnings: pregnancy, mild angst
Words: 3.5k
Jared x Reader (Jared x Reader x Gen), Jensen, Danneel, Clif
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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You called up your doctor the next morning, apologising for the rude way you ended the last call.

She assured you that there was nothing to apologise for, knowing that the information would have come as a bit of a shock.

You were booked in for an ultrasound scan on Monday morning.

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