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A True Masterpiece (M) pt 1

Summary: Kai invites me, his BFF, along on a trip to Fiji he is taking with EXO. I expect to be left on my own while he’s off working but unknown to me he’s invited me along because he intends to seduce me. How will that go when I only see him as a friend?

Rating: M

Chapter: 1/?

That morning I was exhausted from having stayed up all night painting and I was just preparing to dive under the blankets. I was so ready for bed that every inch of me was tingling in excitement when I thought about the nice deep sleep I would soon be enjoying.

Padding into my bedroom I hopped into bed, my body slipping beneath my toasty inviting sheets and I exhaled in relief as they enveloped me signaling that my day was officially over. I had just fluffed up the pillow and was about to lay my head down upon it when my phone rang. It was a familiar tune – the ringtone I’d set for my best friend, Jongin.

Immediately I had questions. Why would he call me this early? Why would he call and not text? 

Kai had been behaving a bit strangely over the past week. He seemed really keyed up and awkward. I knew it must just be the comeback that had him all antsy. He really wanted the new EXO album to go well and he wanted it to be liked by all the fans. He’d been working really hard.

He normally text me incessantly whenever he was nervous about something but the past few days had just been crazy. EXO was being sent to Fiji to film their jacket cover and video and he had been talking to me about it nonstop, obsessing over every minor detail of his appearance for the photo shoots and blathering on endlessly about his schedule for the week.

Now, none of this was a problem for me. In fact, having a famous best friend was very interesting. I loved hearing about all things EXO. To a certain degree. I also had my own life. My Agent had told me that many people had their eye on my artwork and that I should come up with about four new pieces so she could try and submit them to a high end gallery to see if any could possibly be exhibited. If accepted, a work of mine could be on display for two whole months. 

Of course I got really excited. I figured if I painted four paintings I could possibly get a couple of them into the exhibition, if they were up to standard. That would really make my name in the industry, possibly leading to me being able to open my own gallery soon.

Naturally this all meant that I needed to spend a considerable amount of time in front of my easel, banging out some truly top quality shit. So I started on it right away. I was letting nothing distract me - I was giving up sleeping and eating sometimes for this, and Kai knew that, but he still would not stop bugging me all day long.

Still, I did feel a little curious as to why I was receiving an actual call that early morning. I knew that EXO’s flight was leaving that morning, and I thought that maybe he wanted to stop by and say goodbye before leaving, since he sometimes did that when he found out he would be away for a few days or more. 

So with a heavy sigh I picked up my phone and answered the call. “Hello?” I mumbled, not bothering to try and sound energetic. I wanted him to feel as guilty as he should feel for disturbing my sleep.

“Come to Fiji with me!” he said, bursting with excitement. “I bought your ticket.”

I sat up in bed wondering if he had lost his mind. “What?” I asked. “Are you insane?”

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I have this idea of Stiles programming personal ringtones for everyone in his phone. But when he and Derek get together, he's stuck because /obviously/ he has to change his. Stiles can't figure anything out, & Derek just seems unimpressed with the whole thing. Stiles gives up and ends up busy, forgetting about it for a few days. And then Derek calls him about a week later, maybe asking him to grab a pizza or something before he comes over, and suddenly Stiles' phone is playing 'Howlin for you'

this is wonderful and thank you for this ask– i love love the idea of stiles doing personal ringtones for everyone. BUT WHAT IF STILES DECIDES THIS IS THE RINGTONE BEFORE THEY GET TOGETHER

Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” continues to blare as Stiles digs underneath the passenger’s seat for his phone. He’s very aware of the undignified position he’s in, but Scott’s calling and Stiles needs to pick up the phone. Now. He squirms, getting the Jeep’s gear to the stomach, and he can’t reach–

“Why don’t you just get out and walk around to the passenger side?” Derek says from behind him.

Stiles can picture it, Derek folding his arms and probably looking unimpressed, and scoffing at Stiles’ ineptitude, probably. Stiles huffs and plants his knees on the driver’s seat, ass wobbling precariously in the air. “Because I’m already here and I know where the phone is.” He does. He touched the metal casing, right before the song stopped playing. Great. Now Scott’s probably leaving a voicemail, which does not bode well since Stiles said he was getting Derek’s info about the troll and now Scott doesn’t know that the thing’s saliva is poisonous and–

“Why don’t you go round that way and help? What are you standing around there for?” 

Derek doesn’t say anything, but then Stiles can hear him stepping around the Jeep. Derek helpfully starts reaching underneath the seat, looking for Stiles’ phone and grumbling. “There’s so much junk under here,” he mutters, pulling out a copy of Wuthering Heights that Stiles was supposed to return to Lydia. Three years ago, when he was still in high school.

Derek’s phone is in the stomach of the last troll, so unfortunately their only line of communication with the rest of the pack is to find Stiles’ phone. In the dark. 

Fortunately, Lydia starts calling. Stiles can hear a few bars of Beethoven’s 9th before it stops, like she was interrupted while calling. 

“We don’t have time for this, we just need to get to them,” Derek mutters.

“Well that would be great, except we don’t know where–”

Derek howls. It resonates through the night, and in the distance there’s a returning howl. 

Stiles tries not to tremble. This is no time thinking about how hot that was. Damn crush, he thought he was over this. Wasn’t going to college and dating other people supposed to put and end to this awful pining? 

Apparently not. 

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T. Jeffs x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 2780 

 Warning: mentions of stalking, a couple cuss words, literally the stupidest death threat, shouting, a little bit of angst (I cannot do angst for the life of me) 

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a tjeff x reader story where they’re dating and then Laurens and Lafayette find out and the reader is afrsid of telling Alex but then Thomas is all fluffy about it? Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense *Runs away* 

 Prompt: nada

 A/N: these warnings sound really bad but I promise it’s not 


 Being curled up with your boyfriend, late a night, with no sounds except the steady rate of breathing, was a great feeling. And right now, you loved it. 

Thomas Jefferson was the sweetest, kindest man in the world–even if he could get a little cocky– in your opinion, and he was a rather busy man, so nights like these were savoured. 

You may have thought Thomas was amazing, in every which way, but your brother hated him. Every tiny aspect of him he couldn’t stand. 

 Y/n Hamilton– that was your name. Your brother, Alexander, was Thomas’ political enemy. So, if you actually wanted this relationship to work, you would have to hide it from him. Thomas and you both knew that eventually you would have to tell him, but you wanted that to be a long while from now. 

Thomas would start subtly being nicer to Alexander if he could, trying to see how far he could go before he noticed. You thanked Thomas that he was trying, he would always tell you he didn’t mind, but you knew it was killing him– their feud has been going on for centuries. 

“I really don’t want my brother to come back tomorrow,” you mumbled into Thomas’ shirt. 

He sighed, “I second that." 

You smiled into his shirt, you knew he didn’t care if it sounded mean or not. And frankly, you didn’t care anymore either. 

Soon after, you heard a car outside, screeching to a stop. You shared a look with Thomas, before walking over and peeking through the blinds. There was a taxi cab outside your house, with Alexander in it, facing the taxi driver. 

"You have got to be kidding me,” you said. 

You closed the blinds and turned to Thomas, “Alexanders home." 

He scrunched his eyebrows, "Really? Isn’t he a day early?" 

"Yes, he is. And your death date will be many years early, if you don’t get out of here." 

He smiled and walked up towards you, "Hmm, I think I’ll risk it." 

"Thomas, seriosuly,” you whined, “He’s going to walk in any second now–” You heard the doorknob jiggiling, and your eyes widened. While pulling Thomas into your room, you heard the door fully open, hitting against the wall behind it. 

You walked out of your room, with a smile on your face. Despite knowing you wouldn’t be able to see your boyfriend as much, as you have in the few days, you were happy to see your brother, “Alex! I thought you were coming home tomorrow!” You laughed and gave him a hug. 

“Ah, it wasn’t as long because Jefferson wasn’t there. I’m kind of glad for that,” Alexander broke away from the hug, walking towards his room, and you followed. 

“’Kind of’? I thought you hated him.“ 

He shrugged, "He’s been kind of… weird lately. He’s being really nice and stuff, it’s pretty strange." 

"Hmm, maybe you should reciprocate what he’s doing,” what you said came out in a whisper, because you knew how he was going to react, “What? Why would I do that? He’s Jefferson!" 

"I was just saying,” you shrugged, “Maybe it’d be a good thing.” You saw the expression of shock and disgust on his face, and you quickly added, “Scratch that, forget I said anything." 

You walked back to your room as fast as you could, immediately shutting the door behind you, "You need to leave now, while he’s unpacking." 

"Why are you so tense? He’s just Hamil– Alexander,” Thomas quickly corrected himself. 

“Well I’d rather see you alive rather than in a casket, plus, you only want him to catch us together so you can rub it in his face." 


You rolled your eyes, smiling, "Whatever. Let’s just get you out of here.” You slowly walked towards the kitchen, fingers intertwined with Thomas, who was trailing behind you. Your brother must’ve heard you because he called down the hallway, “Y/n, what are you doing?" 

You and Thomas shared a worried look, "Uh, I’m just… looking for something to eat.” Thomas gave you a questioning look, but you shrugged, and once you heard a murmur of approval from Alexander, you mouthed ’It worked.‘ 

You crept towards the door and slowly peeled it open, at a rate which it wouldn’t squeak, Thomas moved to the outside of the frame, “I’ll see you tomorrow?" 

You smiled, "Of course. See you tomorrow.” He smiled back, “Alright, bye,” he kissed your forehead before walking down the street. You watched him as he disappeared around the corner. You must’ve stood there for a while, because Alexanders voice spoke up soon enough, “Uh, sis, what are you doing?" 

"Hmm? Oh–I thought I saw something,” you said, nonchalantly. Your brother brushed it off, and you heard his footsteps get quieter until the reached the question, and the fridge opened. 

“You didn’t drink any of my–" 

"No, I didn’t drink your whiskey while you were gone, Alex." 

The next day, you were with Thomas. You found your way to your local park and hung out with him for a few hours. Alexander wanted to hang out with you today, but you told him simply you had work. You didn’t actually keep a schedule for him to see, so he wouldn’t know if you actually did or not. 

"I appreciate you trying to help me with your brother, but I’m sure I can sweeten him up just enough,” Thomas said, squeezing your hand, smiling. 

“Hey! You and I both know you can’t do that alone, I’m his 'wonderful baby sister’,” you giggiled. 

Thomas was going to say something, but he got cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. You couldn’t laugh as the ringtone was ’Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend.’ Thomas groaned in embarrassment as he answered the call, 

“Hey… Okay… Right now?… You’re kidding… I’m in the middle of-… Okay… I’ll see you in a bit,“ Thomas sighed as he shoved his phone in his pocket, and he looked down at you, "Madison called," 

Oh really? You would have never guessed. 

”… And he said there was a situation with a dissortment of papers, I have to go to the office.“ 

You smiled, "It’s fine, today was fine. And, I hope you get that paper thing fixed or whatever. I’ll text you later." 

He smiled, "Thanks, babe,” he kissed you on the forehead and walked off. You again smiled to yourself and turned around, walking towards your own home. 

Across the street, John and Hercules, two of your brothers best friends, stood in shock. You? With Jefferson? Alexanders political enemy? Their mouths were agape, as they were staring at you walking away. They got many weird looks as they just stood there, looking like they were stalking you. Some people rushed their children by. 

All of the sudden, you had this strange feeling, like a burn in the side of your head, like someone was watching. You picked your head up from the ground and look around, slightly panicking, until you saw the culprits. 

You rushed over to John and Hercules, and shut their mouths with your fingers, “What’s up, guys?" 

"You… you… you, and Jefferson?” John said, he looked like he was experiencing shock, and anger at the same time. 

“You cannot tell Alex,” you said immediately, pointing at his chest. 

“Why not? He deserves to know!” Hercules defended, “You’re dating his enemy, a man he’s despised since the beginning of time!" 

"I’ll rip out your tongues, along with your arms, and beat you to death with the arms. Do you understand?" 

John and Hercules both put their hands up in surrender. "You really like him, huh?” John asked.

You shrugged, “I guess I do, alright? Don’t tell anyone about it.”

The both nodded and you pushed them off, they walked the opposite way as you. You touched your pockets, realising you didn’t have your phone. You felt panic, but then remembered you left it at home. 


With Alex.

You rushed into the apartment, slightly slamming your door, and you made a B-line straight for your bedroom. Lunging for the bed, you ripped the comforter off, along with the blankets, hoping to hear a 'thud’, but nothing. 

“Hey, y/n?” Alexander called.

Here it was. You were about to die. You had imagined all the ways he would of found out, and how you would’ve handled it— this not being one of them. 

“Yeah?” You said, trying to keep a steady voice. “You left your phone here, I tried to call you, to tell you something, but it was here.”

You tried to refrain from letting Alexander hear your big sigh of relief, and you gladly took your phone out of his hands, “Oh, god, thank you. What did you want to tell me?”

“The guys are coming over tomorrow, so I wanted to clean up, and I was just going to tell you that I found your phone on the couch.”

You though for a second, “So, you knew my phone was here, and you tried to call me?”

“…. Shut up!”

The next day, in fact, the boys did come over. It was John, Hercules, and Lafayette. When you opened the door to greet them you gave Hercules and John a knowing glare, while Lafayette just looked confused.

Alexander made you hang out with them, but there was no point really, they were playing video games– and you were texting Thomas.

“Y/n,” Your brother whined, “Pay attention to us.”

“Hey! You can make me sit out here, but you can’t make me participate in whatever you doing now,” you shot at him, looking at him quickly before receiving a text from Thomas.

“Who are you texting anyways? Who’s more important than us, mon amie?” Lafayette pried, smirking. You picked your head up to reply, but before you could, Alexander lunged over and snatched your phone from your hand. Your eyes widened in panic as you tried to take it back, but he got up and held it out of reach.

“Thomass? Who is…” He give a disappointed look towards you as he tossed your phone back onto the couch, next to Lafayette. 

“Please tell me it isn’t,” Alexander pleaded.

You stayed quiet, and you couldn’t see, but Lafayette had picked up your phone and was typing a text. “Y/n, answer me,” Alexander commanded.

“It might be…?” You winced back as you said your words.

“Why? Why him of all people?” Your brother was shouting now, and you tried to ignore him as you looked at the group of boys in your living room, “I think you should go." 

"No, stay. I need your opinions,” Alexander said, crossing his arms.

“Leave,” you glared at John and Hercules pointedly. That caused them to stand up.

“Yeah, I think we should get going…” John said awkwardly.

“Yeah, I have to walk… my dog,” Hercules added.

“You’re staying, you don’t even have a dog,” Alexander growled.

Hercules and John nodded and sat down, leaving the spotlight to you and your brother.

“Y/n, really? Thomas? Jefferson? You couldn’t have chose someone else?” Alexander shouted again. Not wanting the boys to see this, you dragged your brother into his bedroom, but continued to yell, “My decisions don’t revolve around you!” You shouted back, “They’re my decisions!”

“You’re my little sister! I’m supposed to supervise your decisions!”

“Excuse me? Who was the one that came up with the idea of moving in with their sister? Who was the one that had to get a part time job at their little sisters firm?”

“That’s not what we’re talking about! We’re talking about you and Jefferson!" 

From where you were, you couldn’t hear someone knocking on the front door, but Lafayette did. He walked up and opened it widely, stepping aside to let the guest in,

"Alexander knows." 

Thomas’ widened his eyes as he heard you yelling at your brother, and his voice eventually overlapping yours. He couldn’t make out the words, it was all muffled. 

John mumbled something as Thomas immediately walked towards Alexanders room, something along the lines of 'he really knows his way around,’ causing Hercules to elbow him.

Thomas opened the door to see your back facing him, while Alexander questioned you non-stop,

”- Really?! Name one thing, one thing, that you like about him! He’s a player, y/n! I know him!“

"Like hell you know him! All you talk about with him is goddamn politics!" 

Alexander stayed quiet for a second, before saying a bit calmer, "Why on earth would you choose him, out of all the boys in the city?”

“Because I love him, dammit!” You shouted, stepping forward, towards your brother. Alexander stopped as his eyes were right above your head, and you couldn’t tell if he was furious, confused, or shocked.

“What, cat got your tongue now, Alex?” You said, eyebrows narrowing.

Your brother rolled his eyes, as he took one hand on your shoulder and turned you around towards the door, where your boyfriend was leaning on the frame. A hand immediately covered your mouth, “Thomas…”

“Hey, y/n,” he said softly. Surprisingly, there was no smirk on his face towards your brother, there was no cocky stance, he was just watching.

“I don’t assume you were talking about me, were you?” There it was.

You couldn’t help but your smile, while your brother was frowning, “Get out.”

“But I’m not in your room?”

“I meant my house.”

You smacked your brother in the chest with the back of your hand as you walked up to Thomas, giving him a hug. Alexander gagged from behind you, which just made your magnitised pull towards Thomas increase.

“Alexander, I want you to know that–” Your brother groaned. “–If you don’t approve, that’s fine. She’ll be living with me,” Thomas finished. You looked up with your eyebrows furrowed, you never had discussed that. You’ve only been dating for three months! And yeah, maybe you just proclaimed your love for him in front of your brother, but really

Thomas noticed your confused expression and winked at you before turning back to your brother. Oh, that was good. You knew what he was doing, he was bluffing, just to get under your brothers skin.

“Excuse me? She’s not ready for that!” Alexander defended.

“How would you know? You’ve never actually been civil enough for minute to listen to what she has to say about our relationship.”

Those words sort of stung Alexander, mostly because he was right, and your brother didn’t want to give in. But, then again, it was you. His baby sister.

“But, you're– it’s only been– y/n– I’m sorry,” Alexander sighed, “Thomas may be an asshole, but I’m an even bigger one if I’m actually driving you out of here,” He opened his arms for a hug, which you happily complied to, “If you want to move in with him, you can, its fine.”

You could hear Thomas laughing from the doorway, “Oh, I was kidding. We’re too early in our relationship for that.” You couldn’t help but laugh at your brother expression, as he was contemplating to kill Thomas or not.

“Love you,” you mumbled into your brothers neck, “But I gotta go.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“Out, with my boyfriend, if you don’t mind,” you laughed, backing up and slipping your fingers to intertwine with Thomas’. You walked out of the room, giving the boys a wink as you slipped a pair of shoes on and walked outside with your boyfriend. When the door closed behind you, Thomas’ face lit up, “Oh, y/n, I forgot to tell you something!”

You looked up at his as you walked down the stairs, “What?”

“I love you, too.” There was a large, goofy smile plastered on his face, and you couldn’t help but laugh a little as you kissed him at the bottom of the stairs. 

God, you were happy. Everything could finally be normal with him, and you could finally actually tell people about your relationship. You would definetly make sure to talk about it in front of your brother, though.

joelcarlyle  asked:


What ringtone my muse has set for yours: “best friend” - young thug
What contact photo my muse has set for yours: 

What my muse thinks of the way yours texts:  “the only other person I know who sends as many ‘repeat texts’ as I do”
How quickly my muse responds to your texts: immediately, if possible. they haven’t been talking a lot lately, though.
How often our muses text: once or twice a week 
How often our muses call: hardly ever
Does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours: no
Last text sent from my muse to yours: “hey at some point next week can i come by your place to study? just need a quiet place to sketch and catch up on art history. some jackass stole my usual spot in the library. just let me know. thanks, dude.”

Being Mino’s best friend means
  • the only friend you have that keeps all your presents
  • like you could’ve gotten him the worst gift in the world and he’ll still keep it because he cares about you and doesn’t wanna hurt your feelings
  • but then when you do get him something that’s perfect for him and that he’s wanted for a while he gets all emotional about it
  • and honestly you’re just used to mino being emotional
  • like you understand that he just cares about and feels things deeply and honestly it just makes you feel closer to him because you always know how he feels
  • sometimes when you two hang out all you do is watch him draw and paint and it’s the most amazing thing because he’s so god at it and so focused
  • but then he gets all shy and awkward and gives you that look like “is that all…you’re gonna do…”
  • he understand how to give you space but he also can get clingy in the best way and you two are just very comfortable being touchy
  • he likes to run things by you because he knows you’ll give him solid advice
  • like he knows he doesn’t need your approval but he also knows that you’re always looking out for his best interest so sometimes you know better
  • he has friends everywhere so sometimes you feel a little insecure that someone may take him from you
  • but whenever you start to feel that way mino goes out of his way to attend to you and make you feel important to him
  • because he never wants you to forget how much you mean to him
  • “mino did you take my phone?”
  • “…”
  • “then why is my ringtone okey dokey”
  • “…”
  • “…”
  • legitimately one of the best friends you’ll ever have because he makes you feel balanced and cared about and you always feel lucky to know him

I’ve had this bracelet since the first time I saw Owl City live: July 15, 2011. I’ve worn it (nearly) every day since then. Taking it off only for certain occasions. The letters, that were printed into it, are worn down and almost completely flat and flush with the rest of the bracelet. The inside is discolored from wear. It has thinned considerably. I don’t know what I’ll do if it ever breaks. It’s a part of me. This song is everything to me. It’s the song I chose to be my ringtone for my best friend, my person, and then he left. It’s a bittersweet song for me now. But this bracelet, and song, reminds me of how I want to live. It reminds me of everything I have to be happy about. It reminds me to look in awe at everything God has created.

Thanks, Adam. For everything.