my best friend takes rad photos

Thrift store cosplay? $81. Being the best dressed jedi at the Star Wars Original Trilogy Marathon? Priceless. :D

Sadly my phone camera is being even crappier than usual, but maybe I can wheedle one of my friends into taking some better photos for me later. 

I had a ton of fun making this - needed to decompress from Nanowrimo and I really miss the excitement of pulling together a costume. Especially last-minute costumes. Woo impulse cosplay! I think it turned out pretty rad too, given the time constraint and budget.

Bless you @cosplaying-on-a-budget for the tip about ironing seams. <3

A few WIP pics under the cut!

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New York Comic Con was incredible! It was so much fun meeting all of you! It was my best show yet and I am beyond pleased!

I ended up taking home a lot of cool stuff, including the NYCC exclusive Daioh Negora figure (Godzilla cat!), a hand made Blue raptor plush from my friend at Nite Owl Workshop, and finally get to see the Aquabats and nab this super rad signed drum top! I also bought so much amazing artwork!

I’ve sold out of all my original art that I had for sell, as well as immediately sell out of my NYCC exclusive action corgis. 50 corgi memo pads sold!

The show was amazing!

Also! The photos were taken before attendees were allowed in. When they did, it was insanely packed! Too packed for me to explore, not that I could, lol!