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Being Queer With a Few of my Favorite Ladies

Angelica Schuyler:

  • Does not go to Pride
    • It’s too much and she just wants to stay home and cuddle
  • If anyone makes any type of homophobic remark, she will not hesitate to slap some sense into them
  • Laughs when people say that you two are just friends
  • Isn’t really big on pda
  • But will do it if someone is hitting on you

Eliza Schuyler:

  • Goes to Pride one year
    • She was too awkward and didn’t feel comfortable
    • But she always celebrates it with you and your friends
  • Makes rainbow/flag colored baked good
    • The two of you end up getting into the best frosting war ever
  • Always steals your lipstick

Peggy Schuyler:

  • Goes to Pride every year and goes all out
    • Face paint, glitter, flags, everything
  • Takes you literally everywhere to show that she is in fact gay
    • “Look at my girlfriend” “Oh I just love my girlfriend” “Let me get one thing straight: I am not”
    • Holds your hand all the freaking time
  • Flower Crown Gay™

Maria Reynolds:

  • Has never been to Pride
    • Really scared that someone is going to find out that she isn’t straight and is going to hurt her
      • You always tell her that you’ll be by her side no matter what
  • Still drops subtle hints that she isn’t straight but denies it every time she’s confronted
  • Wears your clothes all the time
    • Bonus points if you have forgotten who’s clothes are whose

Katherine Pulitzer:

  • Wears lipstick that matches her pride colors
    • She also does your eyeshadow to match yours
  • Takes you to every assignment she gets
    • “This is my girlfriend, (Y/N), she’ll be helping me today if that’s okay”
  • Joseph was so upset when he found out his daughter wasn’t straight
    • He eventually just gave up trying to understand and just ignored the fact that she has a girlfriend, even at your wedding

Hermione Granger:

  • A lot like Angelica
    • Has definitely slapped someone Ron who made a joke about the two of you
  • Cuddling in the common room!!!
  • Sleeping in her dorm almost every night
    • “Boys aren’t allowed in the girls’ dormitories”
    • The two of you just look at each other “okay”

Lily Evans:

  • Not dating until sixth year
    • James: “So that’s why she kept turning me down”
    • Lily: “I’m bi and still turned you down”
  • Being super casual about being together until someone brings it up
    • Then the two of you are all over each other
      • B/c you feel safe and just want to be happy

Not my best drawing but I finally got around to watching Milo Murphy’s Law and I really enjoy it! I wasn’t hooked right away but after about 3 episodes I couldn’t go back, haha. I think there’s something really genuine about how these kids interact on screen that reminds me of having wholesome fun with my friends when I was in seventh grade… so there’s actually a strange sense of nostalgia I get from watching. Also Milo is too good for this world and I love him.


I made a dragon au for arc-v by accident and I kinda love it?? so I hope you guys like it too bc you’re going to be seeing a good amount for it <3

Yuya is a dragon from the open plains, Yuri is from the toxic rainforest, Yugo’s from the floating seas, and Yuto’s from the stary mountains

If Only

Fandom - Supernatural

Characters - Dean, Cas, Sam, Jo, John, Gabriel

Summary - Dean’s fallen in love. Hopelessly. But what happens when he’s forced to choose between Castiel and Sam?

(A/N) - This is my longest fic yet! I worked on this for quite a while, so I hope you guys like it!

Words - 8.7k

“You have way too much energy considering it’s barely 6am,” Dean mutters, pulling the covers over his head and attempting to tune out his best friend’s perky humming. “Nothing and no one should make any noise before at least 10.”

“There’s no such thing as too much energy,” Charlie says folding her arms with an unimpressed look at her roommate; or, rather, a look at the mound of covers that he’s hidden beneath. “Besides, I want to go get coffee.”


“Yes, Dean. Coffee. That drink that people like to consume in the mornings? Or the afternoons? Or at any time, really, because it’s coffee. Now get up, would you?”

“Are you going to wear your Harry Potter shirt?”

“Which one?”

“Any of them.”

“I’m already wearing one.”

Dean groans, weaving his arms under his pillow and hugging it tighter to his body. He could go get coffee with Charlie, which would give him extra energy for his very first photography class… or he could bury himself in the warmth and sanctuary of his bed and forget about the rest of the world for the next 3 hours. Just as he’s contemplating which option would better prepare him for class, he hears a rustling sound, and peeks out from under the covers to see Charlie grabbing fistfuls of his bedsheet.

“Wait, no-”

“Too late,” Charlie smiles gleefully, whisking the covers away from Dean and throwing them onto the floor.

“Dammit, Charlie,” Dean groans, tucking his legs and arms close to his body. “It’s frigging cold.”

“You know what’ll be warm? Coffee. If you’re not up and dressed in the next ten minutes, I’ll start resorting to interesting methods to get you out of bed,” Charlie threatens, pointing a warning finger at Dean. “You do not want to know what I’ll come up with, trust me.”

“Ten minutes?”

“Don’t make me change it to five,” Charlie says, spinning round and reaching the door. “Get dressed.”

“Here,” Dean slides Charlie’s coffee across the table, taking a seat opposite her. “You just had to wear Star Wars and Harry Potter clothes, didn’t you?”

Charlie glares at him, shaking her Star Wars jacket from her shoulders, revealing her Deathly Hallows shirt. “I’ll have you know that while you were ordering our coffees, I got a compliment on my jacket.”


“No. I should have, though. No one appreciates my brilliant fashion sense.”

“Sam would like you,” Dean snorts, taking a sip of his coffee. “He’d probably ask to see your entire collection of Harry Potter wands.”

“Which is why Sam is the superior Winchester. You suck.”

“Thanks, Charlie. Feeling the love.”

Charlie just smiles and winks.

“We’re late, we’re late, we’re late,” Charlie groans, skidding to a halt outside the classroom door. “We’re late!”

“Hey, Charlie, do you think we might be late?” Dean asks sarcastically. Charlie glares at him. “We still have about a minute to walk into the room,” Dean points out. 

“I wanted to get here early.”


“So that I can see who’s in the class before it starts.” 

Turning away from Dean and peeking through the door window, Charlie grins. “Oh, score! Jo’s in this class.”


“Joanna Beth Harvelle. The girl who lives a floor below us.”

“Oh, right,” Dean reminisces. “Your epic crush from months ago. Wait, you’ve talked to her about twice. How do you know her full name?”

Charlie looks mildly insulted. “I do my research.”

Dean raises his eyebrows. “Okay…”

“I still like her. She’s hot. And funny. Now, come on.” Pushing open the door, Charlie makes a beeline for the vacant seat next to Jo, greeting her with a bright smile before turning back to Dean. “Dean, come on. There’s another chair,” Charlie calls, patting the seat on her other side.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Dean takes his seat, sending a friendly nod and a wave in Jo’s direction, before pulling his phone from his pocket and absentmindedly scrolling through his Tumblr dash. He hears footsteps, a deep voice, and Charlie talking, leaning forward in her seat and chatting animatedly to someone who is definitely not Jo, but is standing way too close to him. Glancing up, Dean gets ready to shoot a glare and a remark about personal space to whoever has decided to stand directly in front of him, but every witty comment that his head had come up with suddenly disappears when his eyes find the person in front of him.

“Oh, sorry. Am I too close to you?”

“I- uh- you… no, it’s- you’re…” Dean shrugs nervously, biting his lip. Apparently he’s lost the ability to speak.

The student’s blue eyes narrow, and he raises his eyebrows, opening his mouth to say something when the professor, a young man with messy black hair, walks into the room. The blue-eyed student shoots Dean an apologetic smile as he shrugs his trench coat from his shoulders and takes a seat at the table in front of Dean, Jo, and Charlie.

“What was that?” Charlie whispers, and Dean turns to see both her and Jo shaking with laughter; and holding hands.

“What is that,” Dean counters, gesturing to Charlie and Jo’s interwoven fingers.

Charlie holds her hand up proudly, pulling Jo’s with it. “That is me holding hands with the girl that I just asked to go on a date with me.”

Before Dean can reply, the professor starts talking, and Dean looks over at him. “Hello, I’m Professor Tran-” is all Dean hears before his eyes slide back to the beautiful student sat in front of him.

Dean doesn’t learn anything that lesson.

Guess what?

Dean is lying in bed, his music blasting round his room, when his phone sounds, and of course (who else would text him, ruining the flow of his music?) it’s Charlie.

What? Aren’t you on your date?

Yes, but Jo reminded me that I need to tell you something.

Dean furrows his brow. Now he’s interested.

What is it?

You know the boy from photography? That you have your dorky crush on?

I don’t have a crush.

Yeah, right. Well, he assumed that Jo and I knew you, and…

And? Nothing is ever good when you put dot dot dot.


Dean’s eyes widen, and his breath hitches in his throat. The guy asked for his number?


Have you met me? Of course I did. Now, I’m going back to Jo. See you later!

Dean flops backwards on his bed, holding his phone in a death grip, his head spinning. His music begins to fill the room again, and he closes his eyes, trying to recall the mystery-blue-eyed-student’s face as best he could; he can’t even remember whether he had heard the professor say the man’s name.


Sitting up and getting ready to type an irritated response to Charlie about her texting him after she’d said she was leaving, Dean freezes when he sees the new message.

Hey, my name’s Cas, I’m the guy from your photography lesson. Want to go for lunch tomorrow?

“Have you texted Cas back yet?”

“No,” Dean mutters, stretching out further along the sofa. Flicking through channels on the TV, he chances a look at Charlie, who is staring back at him stonily. "Stop staring at me.”

“You need to message him,” Charlie says, bounding from her seat over to Dean and sprawling herself on top of him. "He’s gonna think you don’t like him.”

“Get off of me,“ Dean whines, pushing at Charlie’s limbs, some of which are dangling over his face. “You’re so annoying.”

“You love me.”

“You know what would make me love you a lot more, Charlie Bradbury?” Dean asks, still attempting to throw his roommate off of him. “If you got off of me, went into the kitchen, and brought me a piece of pie.”

Charlie rolls her eyes, flying off of Dean and onto the floor, grabbing his phone.

“He- hey! What’re you doing with my phone?”

“Texting Cas!”

Dean stands awkwardly at the park gates, leaning casually against them before jumping and standing up straight any time that someone with dark hair walks towards him. Biting his lip furiously, he pulls his phone from his pocket, hurriedly typing out a message to Charlie.

He’s not here yet.

You’re meeting him at 1. It’s 1:07. Give the guy some time.

What if he doesn’t come?

Then he’s a jerkwad and he’s not worth you and your fabulous self.

“Talking to anyone interesting?”

Dean jumps, his phone slipping from his hand. Cas reaches out, catching Dean’s phone before it hits the floor.

“Careful,” Cas grins, holding Dean’s phone out to him. Dean gives him a small smile, taking the phone, accidentally brushing Cas’s hand.

“Sorry,” he mumbles, pulling his hand back quickly.

Cas tilts his head to the side. “You’re blushing.”

“I am?”

“It’s cute.”

"It… is?”

“Are you going to question everything I say?”

Dean grins, stuffing his phone back into his pocket. “Am I?”

“Oh, very funny,” Cas nods in mock sincerity. “We’ve been together for five minutes and you’ve already won me over with your humour.”

“I’m comedy gold,” Dean agrees. “Shall we go? There’s a coffee shop that Charlie and I go to, it’s only a short walk. We could go there.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Do you always wear that trench coat?” Dean asks as Cas takes said coat off, hanging it over the back of his chair. “You wore it to class too.”

"It’s my favourite,” Cas says defensively. “Even if it isn’t exactly…”

"Fashionable?” Dean asks, grinning when Cas glares at him. “So, what d’you want to eat?”

Dean learns a lot about Cas in the time that it takes them to eat; his name is actually Castiel, he has three brothers, his childhood best friends were called Balthazar (which Dean thinks is a hilarious name) and Anna.

“Shall we go for a walk?” Cas asks after they’ve both finished their food.


“Great.” Cas stands up, slipping his coat on. “Let’s go,” he says, throwing their rubbish in the bin and picking up his coffee cup. He holds his hand out towards Dean, prompting him to take it, before widening his eyes, as if he’s only just realising what he’s doing. His hand quickly falls to his side, retreating into his pocket. Dean picks up his cup and stands, walking over to the coffee shop door and opening it, before turning back and holding his own hand out to Cas. Cas sucks in a breath, pulling his hand from his pocket and taking Dean’s; they’re both smiling as they walk out of the coffee shop together. 

"So,” Dean says. “Tell me more about yourself.”

“Well, I told you a lot of stuff while we were eating… what else do you want to know?”

“Your brother, Gabriel?” Dean prompts, one of his hands holding Cas’s and the other brushing along the park fence. Kicking up leaves, he continues. “How close are you with him?”

“I live with him.”


“We moved out at the same time and bought an apartment together. He’s… annoying sometimes, kind of a trickster, but…”

“You still love him.”

“Yes. So, how come you live with Charlie? I very much like her, by the way. She’s the one who gave me your number.”

Dean grins, rolling his eyes. “I’ve been friends with Charlie since we were kids, she’s like my sister. I’m not surprised she gave you my number. She likes you as much as I do.”

“You like me?”

“I- uh- I…”

"You stutter a lot when you’re around me.”

Dean smiles shyly, glancing down to where his hand is still clutching Cas’s. “I know.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Dean’s gaze moves to Cas’s eyes, and when he looks into them, he almost forgets to answer. “Sure.”

“When you answered my message, did you want to hang out as friends… or is this a date?”

“Well, actually… it was Charlie that answered you. She stole my phone,” Dean says, his smile widening past what he thought was even possible. “Secondly, considering you asked for my number, we got lunch, I told you a lot about myself, and now we’re holding hands… I’d say this is a date.”

Cas’s face lights up, and he squeezes Dean’s hand slightly. “Good. So, can I see you again?”

"Tell me everything,” Charlie says as soon as Dean walks in the door. “Was he nice? What did he wear? What did you talk about? Where did you go? Did you kiss him? Are you going on a second date? I need to know!”

“Chill, Charlie,” Dean laughs, hanging his jacket on the door. “And, to answer your questions; yes, his trench coat, a lot of things, we had coffee and went for a walk, no, and yes. Is that everything you want to know?”

“Are you kidding me? I have so many more questions.”

Months into Castiel and Dean’s relationship, Dean is happy. He goes on walks with Cas, gets coffee with Cas, goes to the movies with Cas, he and Cas sleep at each other’s apartments and face relentless teasing from Gabriel and Charlie, and when she’s there, Jo. Cas teaches him new things, shows him how to see the beauty in things he didn’t notice before, and makes him laugh.

Dean shrieks loudly and collapses onto the bed as Cas’s hands connect with his side, poking and prodding. Cas grins, following him, straddling his waist and leaning forward to kiss Dean’s forehead. “You know, you’re really adorable,” Cas says, sliding his fingers over Dean’s neck and laughing when Dean scrunches his face up in a smile, pushing his head down onto his shoulders. “And hopelessly ticklish.”

”Shuhuhut uhup!”

Cas gasps, a hand flying to his heart. “Rude. I’m going to have to get you back for that, you know.”

“Nohoho, Cahas, I’m sohorry,” Dean laughs, drumming his feet on the bed.

“Oh, you’re not sorry yet, but you will be.”

“Nohoho, cohohome ohon!” Dean giggles when Cas’s fingers skate over his sides again. “Thihis ihis mehean!”

“Oh, so you’re telling me to shut up and you’re calling me mean? Well, Dean, that’s just not nice, is it?” Cas asks, skittering his fingers over Dean’s stomach, cherishing the loud laughter it produces, smiling when Dean attempts to grab onto his wrists and shakes his head from side to side. Cas pauses his attack to grab Dean’s hands, pinning them under his knees. Starting his torture on Dean’s stomach again, Cas lets out a laugh when Dean shrieks and bucks as much as possible, before falling back down onto the bed in hysterical laughter. “God, Dean, how ticklish are you?”

“Vehehery, ohobviouslyhehe!” Dean laughs, pulling at his trapped hands.

“Wow, if you can still say words like obviously then I must need to tickle you a lot more.”

“Nohoho!” In a sudden moment of desperation and stupidity, Dean yells out for help. “Chahaharlie! Johoho!”

Dean hears the thumping sound of people running (or rather, one red head running, and one blonde walking behind her in exasperation), and his bedroom door flies open with a crash.

“Cas, are you tickling Dean without me?” Charlie asks as bursts into the room, Jo at her heels. Blowing her hair from her face, Charlie bounds over to the bed, jumping and landing beside the still laughing Dean. “I feel betrayed. You always need to recruit me when tickling Dean.” Jo looks at the three of them in mild amusement before Charlie asks, “Jo, wanna help?”

“Sure,” Jo grins, sitting next to her girlfriend.

“Nohoho, Chaharlie, Joho, plehehease, plehease dohon’t! Mahake Cahahas leheave me alohohone! Tehehell him to stohohop,” Dean laughs, throwing his head back and shrieking loudly when Cas hits a certain spot on his stomach.

“Cas, Dean says to stop,” Charlie orders half-heartedly, pointing a finger at Castiel.

“No,” Cas answers with a defiant nod of his head and a feral grin at Dean.

“Ah, well, I tried, Dean,” Charlie sighs, grabbing Dean’s arms from under Castiel’s knees and pulling them above Dean’s head, kneeling on his hands. “Now, if I can’t stop Cas, I can at least help him, can’t I? That seems fair.”

Dean’s eyes widen as he feels his arms move up to above his head. “Nohoho, plehease! Thahat is soho nohot fair!”

Charlie grins, “I know,” before spidering her fingers under Dean’s arms, letting out a chuckle when he shrieks again, before dissolving into uncontrollable laughter. Jo scoots closer to Charlie, smiling fondly at her, skating her fingers over Dean’s neck, and Cas scribbles his fingers over Dean’s hips, causing his boyfriend to make a noise close to a scream, arching his back as much as he can with Cas sitting on his waist.


“And for telling me to shut up?”


“Awh, isn’t he just so cute,” Charlie coos, smiling down at Dean.

“Adorable,” says Jo, raising her eyebrows and giving Dean a smug smile when he attempts to scowl at her. “Don’t glare at me Dean, it’s rude.”

“He is adorable,” Cas agrees, bending down and placing a kiss on Dean’s cheek, which proves difficult due to Dean’s squirming. “Apology accepted, Dean.”


“We will,” Charlie nods. “In a minute.”

Cas moves his hands away from Dean’s hips, tracing light patterns on his sides instead, and Charlie slows her fingers, spidering them up Dean’s arms and over his elbows and wrists, making Dean shiver and letting his hysterical laughter die down into small giggles.

“Cohohome ohon…”

Jo, Charlie, and Cas all back off, leaving Dean to lie on the bed, panting, trying his hardest to glare at the three of them through his giggling.

“You’re ahall horrible,” Dean says, not even trying to get rid of the wide smile on his face. “So horrible.”

Charlie and Jo raise their eyebrows and frown, faking hurt.

“Watch it,” Cas warns, wiggling his fingers. “We can always start again.”

Dean glares at him, still giggling, and scoots to the corner of his bed. "I don’t like you.”

Cas smiles. “Love you too, Dean.”

Dean leans in, refusing to take his green eyes away from Cas’s blue ones. He presses his lips against Castiel’s, smiling and intertwining their fingers, closing his eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Dean. Though I would love you more if you would just let me drink my hot chocolate.”

“There should be marshmallows in the kitchen, unless Charlie’s already eaten them all… which she probably has.”

“Dean Winchester. You might have marshmallows and you didn’t tell me immediately? I feel betrayed.”

“Oh, well now, we can’t have that, can we?” Dean laughs, standing up and walking into the kitchen. When he comes out again, bag of marshmallows in hand, Cas is curled up in a cocoon of blankets, his head resting on the arm of the sofa, his eyes glazed over and staring out of the window, where, in the park next door, autumn leaves are falling, spiralling downwards slowly, before a breeze carries them out of sight. “Cas? You alright?”

Cas blinks, shaking his head and taking a deep breath. He turns to Dean with a confused look on his face, as if only just noticing he’s there. “When can I meet your family?”

Whatever Dean was expecting, it wasn’t that. “Why d’you want to meet my family?”

“Well, it’s just that,” Cas begins, sitting upright and shedding his blankets as Dean flops down onto the sofa next to him. “You’ve met Gabriel already. And you’re meeting my other brothers soon, right? We made plans for next week. You’ve met my parents, and Balthazar. You’ll probably meet Anna at some point. So, I just wondered when I could meet your family.”

Before Dean can form an answer, his phone sounds, buzzing from the table.

Are you coming home this weekend?

Yeah. I’ll see you in a few days, Sam.

Dean turns to Cas. “How about you meet them this weekend?”

Dean parks his car, grinning when he sees his little brother racing down the garden path to meet him. Clambering out of his Impala, he holds his arm out, his hand meeting Sam’s in a high five.



"It’s Sam, I know, I know,” Dean says solemnly, pulling his brother into a one armed hug. “How’s life?”

"It’s good!” Sam says enthusiastically, grabbing the sleeve of Dean’s jacket and pulling him towards the house. “I made friends with this guy called Ash, from school. He’s kinda weird, but he’s cool, and guess what?”


“I’ve started talking to Jess!” Sam exclaims, delight obvious on his face. “I wonder if she’ll go to the same college as me…”

“Did you ask her out yet?” Dean asks, laughing. Sam’s been in love with Jess, the girl from down the house next door, for years. Dean can remember little 7 year old Sam giving her his favourite football as a grand gesture of his love; he can also remember Jessica being ecstatic at having a new ball, and giving Sam an apple in return.

“She’d say no.”

“She wouldn’t. Where’s Dad?”

“He’s inside. Come on.” Sam drags Dean into the house, barely giving him time to lock his car. Listening to Sam chatting animatedly about school, Dean lets himself be pulled into the living room, seeing his father on the sofa, several beer bottles on the table, and a game of football blasting from the TV. "Dad, Dean’s here.”

John twists round to view his sons, sending a small smile and a nod to the two of them. “Hi, Dean.”


“I’ve been telling him about Jess,” Sam explains, tugging on Dean’s jacket again and gesturing towards the stairs. “Come on, I wanna show you some new stuff I’ve got. It’s in my room.” They’re halfway up the stairs when Sam says, “So, how’s college? Are your classes good? Are you dating anyone?”

Dean is not expecting the amount of noise that he would get from the reply, “Yeah, classes are alright, and I’ve been seeing this guy called Cas.”

Sam nods and continues the conversation. “I didn’t know you liked guys. What’s he like?”; at the same time that John crashes into the hallway, staring at the two brothers from the bottom of the stairs, asking incredulously, “You- you’re seeing a guy?”

Dean turns back to face his dad. "Yeah.”

“You like guys now?”

“Well, I-”

“What did you say this guy’s name is again?” John interrupts, folding his arms.

"Cas,” Dean answers, wondering where the conversation is leading to. “It’s short for Castiel.”

“Yeah?” says John, uncrossing his arms and pointing a finger at Dean, his expression cold. “Well, tell this Castiel that you’re breaking up with him.”

Sam’s mouth drops open, and his eyes fill with anger. “Dad!

Dean freezes. “I- you- what? I’m not dumping Cas.”

“No son of mine is dating a guy. It’s unnatural. Men don’t date men.”

“Wow, Dad,” Dean says, his voice starting to shake, but still full of venom. “Could you be more homophobic?”

"I’m serious, Dean, you either break up with that boy, or you’re not welcome in this house anymore.”

"What am I gonna do, Sam?”

“I don’t know,” Sam says, his voice quiet. He sits on his bed next to his brother, meeting Dean’s sad gaze with his own. “I don’t want to have to stop seeing you, we barely see each other as it is, but I don’t want you to have to stop dating Cas either. I’ve not even met him, and I can already tell that he makes you happy.”

“Speaking of meeting him, he’s meant to be coming here tomorrow. I’m going to have to call him and tell him not to come,” Dean sighs in despair.

“Wait, Cas is coming here?”

“Yeah, he wanted to meet you and Dad. Something tells me we aren’t all exactly going to sit down and smile, though.”

“Don’t cancel.”


“Dean Winchester. You may be the older brother, but right now, I’m telling you what to do,” Sam announces, standing up. “And what I’m telling you to do is call your boyfriend and make sure he drives here tomorrow. I want to meet him, and you are going to keep dating him.”

“But I’ll have to stop seeing you,” Dean reminds him. “I don’t want to stop seeing you. You’re my little brother, Sammy.”

“And he’s your boyfriend,” Sam says softly, kneeling in front of Dean. “You’re not losing him. So call him and make sure he’s still coming, or I’ll steal his number from your phone and call him myself.” With that, Sam spins round and walks from the room.

Pulling his phone from his pocket, Dean smiles slightly when he realises that Sam let him call him Sammy.

Dean speeds to the front door, throwing it open and racing down the garden path, reaching Cas and throwing his arms around him. Cas staggers backwards, eyes widening as his boyfriend buries his face in his shoulder, Dean’s hands holding fistfuls of his trench coat. Cas wraps his arms around Dean, holding him and gripping him tighter when Dean’s breathing gets heavier.

“Dean? What’s wrong?”

“I- it’s just- I don’t know what to say,” Dean mumbles, holding Cas tighter. “Yesterday was a long day.”

Dean and Cas look back towards the house as the front door opens and Sam’s head sticks out, looking at them curiously. Dean smiles, pulling away from Cas, though he still grips his boyfriend’s hand. “That’s your brother, Sam?” Cas whispers, squeezing Dean’s hand. Dean nods, beckoning Sam over with a wave of his hand. Sam rushes over to them, smiling brightly at Castiel.


“Hey,” Cas replies. "It’s nice to meet you, I’ve been wanting to for a while now. Shall we go inside? I could meet your dad as well.”

Sam sucks in a breath and looks down at the floor; Dean does the same.

“What?” Cas asks confusedly. “Did I say something?”

“Our dad’s out right now,” Sam says, looking up. “I think we should go inside… not in the living room. Upstairs.”

Dean nods, nudging Cas towards the front door. They enter the house and walk up to Sam’s room, the three of them sitting on the bed. Sam and Dean tell Cas everything that John said, and by the end of it, Cas is pacing around the room, his eyes wide.

“So he’s making you choose between Sam or… me?”


Cas sighs, rubbing his forehead. "Choose Sam.”

Dean stands up abruptly, mouth dropping open and eyes full of shock. "Cas!”

Cas opens his mouth to talk again, but Dean raises his hand, cutting him off. “No. Castiel Novak, I am not breaking up with you. I love you. No matter what my dad says, I am not choosing between you and Sam. I’m not losing either one of you,” Dean finishes.

“Dad’s back,” Sam says, peeking out of his window. “Cas, I want you to meet him.”

Dean and Castiel look at Sam in disbelief. “Sam, I really don’t think that that’s such a good idea,” Cas says, and Dean nods frantically from beside him.

"It’s a terrible idea,” Dean says, walking to the window and watching their dad climb out of his car. “If he sees Cas, I’m think that he’ll blow up.”

Dean hears the front door open and close, and hears John’s muffled greeting to him and Sam. Sam bites his lip, scrunching his face up as though he’s contemplating what to do next. Without warning, he rushes from the room, pounding down the stairs; Cas and Dean stare at each other in shock before rushing after him.

Dean skids to a halt at the bottom of the stairs, Cas behind him, both of them taking in the scene before them. Sam is stood on the bottom stair, arms folded, gazing calmly at John, who is staring back at him, a suspicious look on his face.

“Dean,” John says, nodding at his eldest son. “Who’s that?” he asks, gesturing towards Cas, who is frozen awkwardly behind his boyfriend.

“Well, it’s- that’s- he’s-” Dean stutters, casting his brain around for an explanation; one other than “This is my boyfriend, Castiel, that you demanded I never see again.”

“Uh, hello, says Cas awkwardly. "I’m… well, my name is-”

"That’s Cas,” Sam says flatly, his face showing no emotion. “That’s Dean’s boyfriend. You know, the one that you told him to not see again?”

"Sam!” Dean says indignantly. He looks worriedly between Cas, who is looking at John, eyes wide, and his father, who is glaring at Castiel with a look that could kill. "Dad, he-”

"No, Dean!” John says, his voice already rising. "I told you that you were never to see this boy again, and then you… you have the nerve to bring him here?” Dean opens his mouth to interrupt, but John cuts him off with a raise of his hand. "You?” he says, pointing a finger at Cas. “Leave. You’re not welcome here. Dean… you go with him, AND DON’T YOU EVER COME BACK TO THIS HOUSE! I DON’T WANT YOU SEEING SAM AGAIN,” John shouts.

Dean swallows, his throat tight. “Dad,” he says, his voice barely more than a whisper. “You can’t-”

“Except I can, Dean. Get your stuff and get out of this house, NOW!”

Cas sucks in a breath, taking a step down the stairs. “Listen, Mr Winchester, I-”

“No, Cas, I need to talk,” says Sam, taking a step towards his father. “Dean isn’t going anywhere, Dad, and neither is Cas.”

“Look, Sam, this- this doesn’t concern you, so you just-”

"No. You’re wrong. This does concern me, because Dean is my brother, and you’re telling him that we can’t see each other anymore. Cas is my friend, and you’re ruining his relationship. So this time, you are not sending me to my room, so that the adults can talk. This is important to me. You are not breaking Cas and Dean up,” Sam says angrily, walking closer to his father. “You are going to let them stay together, and you are going to let Dean and I see each other.”

"Or what?” John replies stubbornly, glaring at Sam. “You’re a teenager. You don’t have any choice in this, Sam.”

“You like your job at the garage, don’t you, Dad?”

John narrows his eyes, regarding Sam suspiciously. “What’s your point?”

“Don’t you think it would be a shame,” Sam continues, now less than a metre away from John. “If someone were to tell your boss that you have a slight tendency to be homophobic? Especially towards your own son.”

Dean lets out a breath he didn’t realise he’d been holding. "Sam,” he warns, glancing furtively at Cas, who stares back, biting his lip. 

Sam ignores him, not taking his gaze from John’s eyes. Sam’s face is the exact opposite of his father’s; Sam is emotionless, calm; John is seething, breathing heavily, his face full of hate and anger.

"Sam,” Dean repeats, edging closer to his family. "Sam, don’t-”

“Shut up, Dean,” John snaps, glaring daggers at his eldest son.

“Dad, don’t talk to Dean like that. And Dean,” Sam says, turning to frown at his brother. "Let me speak.”

Dean sighs, backing away from his brother. He walks halfway up the stairs to Cas, grabbing his boyfriend’s hand and squeezing it tight. “Do you think Sam knows what he’s doing?” he whispers, unheard to Sam and John.

"I do,” Cas mutters back, looking at Dean from the corner of his eye. “I think he knows what he’s doing. I just don’t know if it will work.”

Dean nods slightly, turning his attention back to his brother and father.

“Sam, leave me and my work out of this,” warns John, sending Sam a venomous look. “This is not about me. This is about Dean and the fact that he’s… wrong.”

Sam scoffs, rolling his eyes. “Personally, I think that being homophobic is wrong, but maybe that’s just me. Now, I’m pretty sure that if I told Bobby how you’ve been treating Cas and Dean, that he’d fire you in a heartbeat, right?”

“Sam Winchester,” John says, his voice low. "Do not even-”

"Are you going to let Dean see both me and Castiel?”

"No, I’m not.”

Sam sighs in mock frustration, pulling his phone from his pocket. "I guess I could call Bobby and-”

“No, Sam!” John shouts out angrily, making a grab for the phone; Sam pulls it away. “I- fine. Fine, Sam, just don’t get me fired.”

“No promises,” Sam shoots back. He pauses for a second before continuing. “So, you’ll let Dean and Cas stay together? And you’ll still let Dean come home?”

“Yes. But… his boyfriend doesn’t come here. Ever again.”

“You can stop Cas coming into this house, even if I think that it’s ridiculous, but you can’t stop him coming here with Dean.”

John clenches his fists, glaring daggers at his two sons and Castiel. He takes a few steps away from Sam, not breaking eye contact with his youngest son as he backs towards the front door and opens it, filling the hallway with cold, crisp air. “Fine,” he snaps, moving his gaze to Cas and Dean’s entwined fingers. “Fine. I don’t care, but Dean, just know this… as long as you are with that boy, you may be allowed into my house, you may be allowed to see Sam… but you are not my son.” He storms out of the door, slamming it shut behind him and leaving Castiel and the Winchester brothers alone together.

"That… went better than I expected,” Sam says in shock.

“You think that went well?” Dean asks incredulously, staring at his little brother in disbelief.

“Well… you’re allowed to come home, you don’t have to break up with Cas, and no one died. I’m counting it as a win.”

A small smile plays on Dean’s lips as he releases Castiel’s hand and walks to his brother, pulling him into a tight hug. Sam grins and closes his eyes, wrapping his arms around Dean, sighing contentedly into his brother’s shoulder. Dean removes one of his arms from Sam, using it to beckon Cas over to them. Cas chuckles and strides over to them, smiling wider as Sam and Dean each wrap one arm around him. Placing a soft kiss on Dean’s cheek, Cas holds Sam and Dean happily; they stand buried in each other for another five minutes before finally pulling away.

“Well done, Sammy,” Dean says proudly, reaching out to ruffle his younger brother’s hair. "Thank you.”

“For what? Making it be that you and Cas can stay together? Or just being generally awesome?” Sam says cockily, smirking up at his brother.

Dean rolls his eyes, messing Sam’s hair up even more.

"Hey!” Sam says, ducking away from Dean’s hand. “Quit it!”

"I can’t,” Dean grins, putting his arm around Sam’s waist and keeping him in place with one hand, using his other hand to further dishevel Sam’s hair. “I have to mess with you, it’s my job as an older brother.”

“No, it’s not, Dean- Ah, Dean, get off,” Sam grumbles, pushing weakly at his brother and attempting to glare at Cas, who is biting his lip to suppress a laugh at the brothers. "Shut up, Cas.”

Cas lets out a breathy laugh, raising an eyebrow at Sam. "I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t need to,” Sam says, still trying to escape from Dean’s grip. “The look on your face is enough.”

“Hey now, Sammy,” Dean says, landing a few pokes to Sam’s side. “Don’t get sassy with my boyfriend.”

“No, I’m no- ah! Dean, I’m not!”

“Uh huh,” Dean nods, narrowing his eyes. “It sure seems like you are, don’t you agree, Cas?”

“Oh, I do,” Cas says solemnly, sending Sam a smug grin. “He was being very rude. I don’t know how you can stand it, Dean.”

“Well, when Sam’s being sassy-” Dean says, ignoring the protests of "I’m not being sassy!” that Sam blurts out. “I get revenge on him,” Dean finishes, winding his hand under Sam’s shirt and skating his fingers over the younger Winchester’s side.

“Noho, Dehean! Cohome ohon,” Sam giggles, doubling over and trying to grab at Dean’s wrists. “Dohohon’t!”

“Don’t what, Sammy?”

"Tihihckle mehe!”

Dean whoops in victory before replying, “Tickle you? It would be my pleasure!”

Cas shakes his head, laughing. "I can’t believe you fell for that, Sam.”

“Cas, come and help me,” Dean orders as Sam falls to the ground, Dean supporting him, straddling him, and pinning his hands under his knees.


“Nohoho! Cahas, dohon’t! Dehean!”

“Shush, Sammy,” orders Dean, scribbling his fingers over Sam’s stomach and sending the younger Winchester into a laughing fit. “Ah, isn’t he adorable?” Dean coos, using one hand to pinch Sam’s cheek.

"I ahaham nohot!”

Cas sits above Sam’s head, frowning. "I have to say, Sam, I agree with Dean. You’re adorable.” He trails his fingers over Sam’s neck, causing him to giggle and scrunch his shoulders up.

“Noho, Cas,” Sam laughs, shoving at Dean. “Waha- wahait, Dehean, noHOHO! DEHEAN!” Sam shrieks and his squirming increases tenfold as Dean reaches behind him to scrabble his fingers over his knees, his jeans doing very little to protect him. “DEHEHEAN, NOHOT THEHERE!”

Dean smiles lovingly at Sam, taking in every single inch of his little brother’s joyful face; the way Sam’s hair flies over his face when he shakes his head, the way his eyes close and crinkle at the sides, the way his mouth opens wide when he laughs. "Why not there, Sammy? Sweet spot?”


Dean pauses for a second, looking at Sam with a look that is a mix of surprise and happiness. “Wow, De? I can’t remember the last time you called me that.”

Sam giggles, trying to evade Castiel’s fingers, which are still swiping over his neck. “Wehell, yohou still cahall me Sahahammy, I need a nihickname fohor you. Ahand it gohot you to stohop, didn’t ihit?”

Dean grins and narrows his eyes, placing his fingers on Sam’s sides, chuckling when Sam shakes his head wildly. “Not for long.”

Sam looks pleadingly up at Cas, who smiles and winks down at him, retracting his hands from Sam’s neck. Sam watches curiously as Castiel stands up, suddenly flying at Dean and knocking him from Sam’s waist; Dean hits the floor with a surprised "oof”, sitting up to look at his boyfriend in shock. Cas just grins evilly, calling Sam over with a casual wave of his hand. 

“Cas, what’re you- no. No, Cas, come on!” Dean cries as Cas pulls his arms above his head, kneeling on them and wiggling his fingers. “Cahas, don’t! Plehease! Saham!”

“You’re already starting to giggle,” Cas says. “I haven’t even started yet.”

“I dohon’t-” Dean stops, taking a breath and collecting himself. "I don’t giggle.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Shut up, Sam.”

Sam raises his eyebrows, sitting himself atop Dean’s waist. “You’re not really in any position to be rude.”

Dean shivers and squirms when Cas gently trails his fingers down his arms. "Cahahas, noho…”

Cas tilts his head to the side. “What’s wrong, Dean?”

"Yohou knohow what!”

“No, I don’t,” Cas says solemnly, frowning in mock confusion. “What’s the matter, Dean?” he asks, his fingers creeping under Dean’s arms.

“No, no, Cahahas, nohot theheHEHERE! CAHAHAS!” Dean shrieks, pulling at his arms.

"Not where?”


Sam laughs along with his brother, slipping his hand under Dean’s shirt and lightly tickling his stomach.


“Yes, me too.”

Dean groans through his laughter, glaring at his brother. Sam just smiles back brightly, giving Dean the most innocent look he can muster up.


Cas lets out a small laugh, and Sam’s mouth drops open as he fakes hurt. “Wow, Dean. Rude. Why’re we awful? Does this tickle or something?”


“Oh, you’re being sarcastic? I guess I’ll have to do this then.”

Before Dean can protest, Sam’s fingers are scribbling unbearably over his hips, and Dean completely forgets how to speak, let alone send sass towards his brother. Two of his worst spots are being attacked at the same time; he can’t even form coherent thoughts anymore.

“SAHAHA- SAHAHAM!” Dean laughs, regaining the knowledge of how to talk. “CAHAHAS, PLEHEHE- I CAHA- I CAHAHAN’T-”

Sam smirks, slowing his fingers and signalling for Cas to do the same. "You can’t what, Dean?”

"I cahahan’t breheheathe,” Dean giggles, panting.

“You’re talking,” Cas points out. “If you can talk, you can breathe.”

“Cohome ohon, plehease?”

”Maybe we should give him a break,” Cas says, pulling his hands away from his boyfriend. “I think he’ll pass out otherwise, and that may ruin this bonding moment.”

“Yeah, alright,” Sam agrees, climbing off of Dean and laying on the ground next to him. Dean smiles, slinging an arm over Sam’s shoulder.

“Cassie, come here,” Dean calls, reaching above him and grabbing Castiel’s sleeve, pulling gently on it. Cas smiles, crawling next to Dean and resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. Dean pushes his hand into Castiel’s, weaving their fingers together.

“Who would’ve thought that the hallway floor would be so comfy?” Sam jokes, running one hand through his hair. Cas and Dean smile, staring up at the ceiling.

“Do you think that Dad will ever accept me and Cas?” Dean asks after a while, directing the question to neither his boyfriend nor brother specifically.

Sam sighs, biting his lip. “I could lie and say yes… but no. I- I don’t think so, Dean.”

Dean smiles weakly, closing his eyes. “Well… if Dad doesn’t accept me for who I am, he’s not worth my time, right? I can get over it. I’m over it. Already.”

Sam gives Dean a sad look. “No, you’re not.”

Dean opens his eyes, turning to look at his brother. “No, I’m not. But… I have my brother, and I have my boyfriend. I have Charlie and Jo. I’ll be okay. I’m okay.”

"Save some popcorn for me!” Charlie shouts, vaulting herself over the back of the couch and landing on top of Jo and Cas, who both shriek indignantly.

“Then don’t eat all of the jelly beans!” Dean shoots back, waggling a finger at his roommate.

“I didn’t eat them all!”

“You didn’t eat them all yet,” Dean corrects, leaning into Castiel. “You and Sam have had half the bowl between the two of you.”

“You should slow down,” Cas says, agreeing with his boyfriend.

“On the plus side,” Charlie says, stuffing popcorn into her mouth. “If we’re sick, it’ll look like a pretty cool jelly beans rainbow.”

Jo snorts, pushing the popcorn bowl away from her girlfriend. “I don’t think that’s how it works. Pretty sure you’ll have gross coloured vomit, whatever you eat.”

“I say it’ll be rainbow coloured,” Charlie argues with a nod. “Sam will back me up.”

“I agree with Charlie,” says Sam, scooping up a handful of jelly beans and pouring them into his mouth. “It’ll be a magical rainbow.”

Dean opens his mouth to disagree, only to be stopped when Cas puts a hand over his mouth. Rolling his eyes, Dean pushes Castiel’s hand away, sticking his tongue out at him. “Cas, is Gabriel coming or not? Because I wanna start the movie,” Dean complains.

“He’s coming. He’ll be here in about ten minutes.”

“Sam, Charlie, can you last ten minutes without eating all of our food?”

“No promises,” Charlie says cheerily, reaching across Jo for the bowl of popcorn.

“Nope,” Dean says, picking up the bowl and holding it out of Charlie’s reach. “No more popcorn. Not until Gabriel gets here and we start the movie.”



"Dean, can’t I just-”


"But I-”


Charlie glares at Dean, falling back against Jo. "Sam, defend my honour.”

“What honour?” Dean asks, grinning.

“Oh, that’s it! Winchester, you’re going down!” Charlie yells, diving over Cas and onto Dean’s lap, digging her fingers into his sides. Dean shrieks, falling onto his back, spilling the majority of the popcorn out of the bowl and onto the floor.


"Don’t sass me next time, there are consequences.”

"Cohohome ohon!”

"Do I have honour?”


Sam shakes his head at Dean. "Shouldv’e said yes, De. Charlie, go for his hips.”

“Oh, I know,” Charlie replies, sending a devilish grin towards Dean, who looks back, eyes wide with panic.  

“Noho, Charlie, wait, don’t!” Dean protests before Charlie latches onto his hips.

"Say what I want.”


"I do, don’t I?”

"I hate you,” grumbles Dean, sitting up and punching Charlie’s arm.

“You deserved it,” Cas says, taking Dean’s hand and squeezing it. "You were being rude.”

"I didn’t deserve it!”

"You did,” Jo says simply.

“No one here agrees with you, Dean,” Sam points out, getting to his feet. “I’m going to go and get the other bag of popcorn, considering Dean’s thrown most of the first one onto the floor.”

“I didn’t mean to! And I’ll come with you, I have to talk to you about something.”

Sam frowns, walking away, Dean on his heels. He takes the bag of popcorn from the cupboard, and leans against the wall behind him, looking Dean straight in the eyes. "So, what’s up?”

Dean takes a deep breath, biting his lip and trying to figure out how to phrase what he wants to say. “I want to try and make it so that you can live with me.”

Sam drops the bag of popcorn, barely registering it hitting the ground with a soft thump. “You- I- you want… what?” he stutters, shocked.

“I know it’s sort of a long shot, and we’ll have to do a lot of work to get Dad to agree to it, but… well, I miss you. Dad doesn’t seem like he pays much attention to you. I don’t live that far away from your school, it’s only about an hour by bus, and, well, you’re 18. You won’t be at that school for much longer. You’ll be in college soon,” Dean rambles, sounding breathless. “You could go to the same college as me, if you want to! And I’m 21 almost 22, and so is Charlie, so… we’re both old enough to take care of you. We have a spare room, and Charlie agrees. She thinks you living here would be cool. Like I said, it’s going to be difficult to sort out, but I want to at least try it… What do you think? Do you want to?”

Sam stares silently at Dean, his mouth open. He blinks a few times, trying to comprehend what his older brother has just offered to him. When Sam doesn’t answer, Dean’s face falls. He bites his lip, looking at the ground.

“I- uh, it’s fine if you don’t want to, I was just-” Dean is cut off as Sam dives at him, enveloping him in a tight hug.

“Dean, of course I want to! How soon can we start sorting it out? How long will it take to make it happen? Can I bring all my stuff?”

“I don’t know if I can make it happen, Sammy, but I’m going to try as best I can.” Dean glances back towards Cas, Charlie, and Jo as he hears the doorbell ring. “I’m honestly surprised Dad’s letting you stay here for just this weekend.

"Dad’s letting me stay here because he misses you. I think it’s his way of being nice.”

“I miss him. But… well, time will tell. Now, let’s go and have our movie night, because I think Gabriel just got here.”

“How much older than Cas is Gabriel?”

“Well… Cas is 20, so… I think Gabe’s about 21. Same as me. Why?”


"Alright. Let’s go.”

Dean and Cas walk to their friends to see Jo and Charlie in each other’s arms, faces inches apart, both smiling dopily, and Cas and Gabe chatting animatedly to each other. Dean flops down next to Cas, winding their feet together, causing Gabriel to laugh and roll his eyes. Sam squeezes in next to Gabe, who turns to him and greets him with a lopsided grin.


"Uh… hi.”

Dean fights back a laugh as he watches Sam smile back at Gabe sheepishly. Dean and Charlie look over at Sam, giving him a look that Sam can tell is supposed to mean I-can-tell-you-think-he’s-cute-and-I-already-ship-you-two. Ducking his head to hide his smile, the younger Winchester adjusts his position on the sofa, coincidentally getting closer to Gabriel. “Oh, jeez, sorry,” Sam mumbles as his elbow catches Gabe’s side.

Gabriel shrugs at him, taking two chocolate bars from the table. “It’s alright. Want one?” he asks, offering a bar to Sam.

Still watching his little brother, Dean sees Sam take a bar from Gabriel and stretch his legs out, accidentally knock over a glass of lemonade that had been by his feet and sending fizzing liquid all over the carpet.

“Oh, shoot,” Sam mutters, bending down to pick up the glass. Gabriel covers his mouth with his hand to hold in a short laugh.

Dean shakes his head, smiling. "I’ll get a towel,” he says, walking into the bathroom. 

As the ending credits of the movie start, Dean looks around at the people he’s with. Charlie and Jo are both sleeping and clutching each other under a pile of blankets, small content smiles on each of their faces. Sam and Gabe are also asleep, Gabe sprawled out, taking more space than he really needs, Sam’s head slowly slipping onto Gabriel’s shoulder; their hands also seem to be inching closer together. Dean glances over at his boyfriend, to see Cas awake and looking back at him, blue eyes bright against the darkness of the room.

“What are you thinking about?” Cas asks, tilting his head to the side.

“Just… a lot of if only’s.”

Castiel’s look of curiosity morphs into one of confusion. “What do you mean?”

Dean sighs, hugging Cas close to him. “If only my dad had just accepted us. If only he didn’t hate me now. If only I had handled the situation with him, instead of Sam. If only my mom was still alive, because… I think she would have accepted us. Like I said, a lot of if only’s.”

Cas smiles sadly, his hands holding Dean’s shirt tight. “I think your dad will come around.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He let Sam come here. I think he misses you.”

“I’m not so sure.”

Cas watches Dean in sadness; he’s never seen his boyfriend look so dejected. “Hey,” he says softly, placing fingers under Dean’s chin and turning the Winchester’s face towards him. “You know I love you, right?”

Dean smiles tiredly, happiness beginning to shine in his eyes. “I know, Cas. I love you too.”

“Good,” Cas says.

Lost in the late night moment, Dean looks at Cas, studying him. Looking at his piercing blue eyes, his messy hair, his crumpled clothes; looking at his mouth, and the way that it’s curved into the most breath-taking, tired smile that Dean has ever seen in his life. Before he knows it, Dean is leaning forward, pressing his lips to Castiel’s, both their eyes fluttering shut as they hold each other, warm and safe in a cocoon of blankets. Dean places a hand on Castiel’s cheek, cupping his face. His other hand holds one of Castiel’s, clutching it beneath the pile of pillows and covers. If only I had found you earlier, Dean thinks. If only I had had you with me for my whole life. Even if I didn’t have you for the first 21 years of my life, I want to spend the rest of it with you. If only it could be easy. Cas raises a hand, holding Dean’s side gently, pulling their bodies together, and in that second, with his eyes closed and his lips on Cas’s, Dean realises; with or without John, he has the most brilliant friends he could ever ask for, a brother that he loves with all of his heart, and a boyfriend who seems like an angel sent from Heaven itself. And he couldn’t be happier.

saytwocents  asked:

hey fred 👋🏻 what are y'all's (u + max) fav things to do together! i need some inspo! love u both xx 😊💛

HELLO FRIEND woW this is a great question me and max are the BEST at doing fun things. FOR INSTANCE here are some of the coolest things we’ve done:

  • during that Epic Blizzard this winter we hid out inside (and put up caution tape to keep rosy out because you can never be too careful) and watched all the star wars prequels in rEVERSE ORDER because we’re edgy
  • we decorated a refrigerator box to look like a spaceship (my idea) and if you ask max about it he’ll tell you that he “““only helped out as a favor to me”““ and that it was “”“kinda childish”““ but I’ll hAVE YOU KNOW that he made excellent whoosh-y space noises for us when we took off
  • WE MADE A REALLY GOOD CAKE and by that I mean I sat in the corner and said encouraging things while max made a really good cake
  • on my twentieth birthday max surprised me by setting up a gIGANTIC BOUNCY HOUSE in my yard and we bounced in that for like twelve years and then just lay on the bouncy floor and talked abt Deep Things™

PLEASE TAKE INSPIRATION FROM OUR GREAT EXPLOITS and in the meantime I’m gonna go ask max if he has anything Epic to add to this list that I forgot

- fred

my favorite days have always been the ones we spent hanging out at stone court doing bio

- max

anonymous asked:

I'd like to stop having romantic feelings for one of my best friends because I'm sitting here, holding on to this feeling like I'm expecting something to happen when I know full and well that nothing will happen, and I would love to move on but can't seem to, and it's so annoying.

Mmm I’ve been thinking about how to answer this message all day. I’ve been in this situation way too many times before, so I’ll try my best to help even though I don’t even have any concrete answers.

I think the most important thing is to identify where your feelings are coming from. Some questions you might consider are: Do you like them because they’re nice to you? Do you like the attention they give you? Do you like the idea of being with them, but ideally you’d be with someone else? Do you think you’d feel differently if someone else came along and you had another option? Do you feel lonely and just want the sense of comfort and security they offer? Do you want a best friendship with a more physical relationship, but not an actual relationship? Do you want something long term with them that you can actually see working out? Can you think of significant reasons why it might not work? Etc. Just some food for thought. It’s hard because your answers might vary depending on several factors. It’s easy, for example, to realize you only like the idea of being with them when you’re alone, but then revert back to falling in love with them when you’re spending time together. 

Another important thing to remember is that ultimately, they’re your best friend first, and that inherently means that they care so much about you. Even if you can’t be in a relationship with them, that doesn’t mean that they won’t always be there for you and do whatever they can for you. In that sense, a friendship can often be as fulfilling as a relationship, and sometimes even more so! I’m sure you mean the absolute world to them, even just as friends. Never lose sight of that and remember that the person meant for you is out there somewhere :)

Alternatively, do you know for sure that nothing will happen? Because if you haven’t actually talked to them about it yet, then it might be a good idea because you never know where it might take you. Sometimes it’s just hard for best friends to think of each other as anything else, but it’s also very easy to transition into something more! It’s definitely scary to tell them – I was terrified when I did – but you’ll be so much better off afterwards and it likely won’t negatively affect your friendship. Just remember that it can only help you, not hurt you! Good luck, love <3

gift of life

pairing: harry/evie
rating: pg-13
words: ~3200
a/n: lame title, i know but i couldn’t think of anything. this was a really fun prompt to write haha. and fun fact, i already have headcanons for my two hevie babies xD i combined two prompts, because i thought they worked together really well. 
prompt: A hevie pregnancy? + Hello ! If it’s not too much trouble and fic requests are still open , could you please write a Hevie Fic where Harry is overprotective of Evie ? Thank you ! I love your blog by the way !!
read on: [ao3] []

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I just love how both the Black brothers found love in their best friends. It's the best feeling ever. (( It's the same for you too, right? ))

((OOC: YES! I’m also dating my best friend.  I think that’s why I ship both pairings so hard 😍))

Everyone listen!

Everybody listen to me, if you guys think that you are the main problem and think that getting rid of yourself is a good thing, you are wrong. I know what it is like to be distress and not caring, i really do, but hating yourself will not make it better meaning hurting yourself, deleting your blog and commit suicide is not a good thing and make everyone better nor happy. Stop think less and negativity of yourself and stop hating yourself. You have friends and family that loves you and help you, and be there for you. I too will be there to help you all as best as i can, that reason why i am helping and caring to you guys is because i too have been a distressful life and depression. Nobody is perfect and neither am i, i am nothing but you guys are something to me and my friends. I love you all and please be safe and have a nice life.

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sawyer blue

Thanks for this nonnie! And sorry it took me so long to get to, moving into uni has kept my busy xx

  • 01. Full name: Sawyer Rebecca Blue

  • 02. Best friend: Rose White 

  • 03. Sexuality: Bisexual

  • 04. Favourite colour: Blue (because its her name not the other way around)

  • 05. Relationship status: Single (at start of book anyway)

  • 06. Ideal mate: Someone creative, a bit sarcastic, anyone she can have a laugh with.

  • 07. Turn ons: Kisses down the side of her neck, soft touches, suggestions whispered in ears.

  • 08. Favourite food: Marshmallows

  • 09. Crushes: Cal Thorne

  • 10. Favourite music: Indie / Indie Pop

  • 11. Biggest fear: Losing the people she loves / being alone. This feeds into her anxiety a lot.

  • 12. Biggest fantasy: Nothing too fancy - just travelling Europe by train with someone she loves. Seeing the scenery blur past. Spending their days visiting museums, galleries, bookshops. Spending their evenings sitting on the hotel balcony, drinking wine and talking about anything and everything until the hour is long, and then sliding into bed together.

  • 13. Bad habits: Chewing the ends of her hair, or her nails, when nervous. 

  • 14. Biggest regrets: Not kissing the pretty girl she met on holiday. Not getting up to read her poetry at the open mic night in the bar. Not saying that perfect comeback to the asshole on the bus. The few arguments she’d had with her mum.

  • 15. Best kept secrets: Probably her bisexuality, as she isn’t out at school. Also means keeping her crushes on other girls secret too.

  • 16. Last thought: Reflecting on her friend Rose’s skill with music.

  • 17. Worst romantic experience: The guy she had one, not very nice kiss with, who then wouldn’t leave her alone for six months. 

  • 18. Biggest insecurity: She has an anxiety disorder okay? Asking her to pick one insecurity is like asking a bookworm to pick just one book - it’s impossible.

  • 19. Weapon of choice: Sawyer isn’t much of a fighter let’s be real. She could probably give someone a good hard kick if needed though. 

  • 20. Role Model: Her mum, who raised her as a single parent.

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OMGGG MY HEART IS ABOUT TO EXPLODEE AHHHHHJJ MMM L., OK okay calm down.. hah Everything about Crack is just so cuteee :') I guess Barty and Sirius talking about falling in love with their best friends is my new Favourite thing on this blog now! Hannahhhh you're a sweetheart I love you! ❤

((OOC: I love you too!!

And I’m glad you liked it!))

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⚡ • I am compassionate, creative, and passionate • my family, my soul, my music • marauders era • male I love spending my time playing my guitar, and singing. Writing my feelings away and looking up at the stars. Love thinking about the universe and wondering about my place here on earth. Also I mainly eat vegan because I'm all about helping the earth 💛

(go vegans!)

Welcome to Hogwarts!!

House: Ravenclaw

Best Friend: Emmeline Vance

Dating: Remus Lupin

You live for the nights you spend with Remus atop the astronomy tower. You’ve been teaching him how to play the guitar. He’s still too shy to sing in front of you, but you’ve heard him when (he thinks) he’s walking alone. He’s promised to teach you piano this summer. Or at least, what little his mother taught him. Mainly sweet songs about love. You imagine she was trying to make him feel less lonely and you love her for it.

want one?


Jungkook’s rolling paper by the members: 

Namjoon: You have no mental sharpness but you are good looking. You are like the main character of an anime. you have so much passion. your eyes and body are massive. You really love Muji Tea. Number 1 at making our team’s average age younger. Jeon Jungkook <3 the ‘guk’ (Broth/soup) that I love the most? Bean paste soup ~ <3

Jin: Jungkook turn on your speakers quieter at home. Come with me to the water park again. Let’s not forget (to go)

Yoongi: Jungkook you are trying to write music lately. If you have something you don’t know, use the internet. I am not a professor/genius. To be honest. I am too lazy to help you hahaha. I’m joking. I will help you a lot. So gain strength. Hwaiting!! (a cheering)

Hoseok: Jungkook-ah!!! Turn down the volume of the speakers in our dorm. I can hear it even in my room. -_- You pig!!

Jimin: Just continue growing up like you have until now. Just don’t grow up taller. Just grow up kind.

Taehyung: Jungkook-ah. It’s hyung … really I’m hyung (He is saying that he is older than him) … you became nicer and gentler lately. *acting cute* let’s have fun/play together.

Taehyung’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: You are so loud when you play (computer)  games. you bother me but I also snore so I understand you. You are the best looking these days. You are like a farmer. You were born as an idol. You are glued to Gucci. you are so innocent/pure. You have no mental sharpness (not able to catch into things quickly) but you are so cute. So lovable. Kim Taehyung <3 the 'hyung’ that I love the most? a-hyung <3

Jin: When you’re playing games please be a little bit quieter. But you have become brighter these days and that makes me very happy. I hope you make the world brighter with your brightness.

yoongi: It’s right that you do everything to the best of your abilities.try your hardest. It’s right that you play games very passionately. Since you do everything very passionately, let’s passionately enjoy music and games too. Hwaiting.

Hoseok: taehyung-ah hyung always loves you ~~ <3 <3  stop sleeping with the air conditioner on. You will get sick ~ <3 <3 stop playing games so much ~ <3 <3 study with hyung instead <3 <3

Jimin: I don’t know since when but you seem to have become more like an adult, but you are also always like a kid (satori). My friend, stop playing games so much before I go throw your computer away. Wake up when I wake you up my friend. I will shove my hands in your armpits. (drew V as the heart figure he always draws himself as). thank you my friend (In tiny letters).

Jungkook: V hyung! Hyung, stop biting me it hurts so much I am going to die. I always feel this way but you are so good looking.

Jimin’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon; You are sometimes cunning but also sexy, short, attractive when you dance, you always work so hard, you like billiard, you changed the most, but you aren’t obvious Chimchim <3 THE 'Chim’ (acupuncture) that I like the most? Poison acupuncture. 

Jin: Jimin-ah you are an angel. I will do a three lettered acrostic poem using your name. park: In park’s family something good happened. Ji: You are a very cool friend. Min: Min Yoongi 

Yoongi: Jimin you are always doing things to the best of your abilities and that’s so charismatic. Let’s be together for a very long time. I applaud your hard work. thank you.

Hoseok: Jimin-ah our Jiminie who is the most attractive in the entire world ~~ <3 <3 when you go back to our dorm today, please clean the things on your desk ~~<3 <3 have strength!!

Taehyung: Jimin-ah~ even if you do aegyo (act cute) to my eyes you are not cute at all ~ do it to a certain amount ~ but when I see that cuteness thank you *acting cute* 

Jungkook: jimin hyung! be thankful that you are older than me. I am kidding, hyung you are always shining!!! Rice cake (jimin’s nickname) forever!!!

Namjoon’s rolling paper by the members:

Jin: Mon-ah I pick up a lot of things that you drop on the plane for you. I wonder how you have so many friends that are like moms around you. But you are cool.

Yoongi: Our eternal leader Rap Monster. Even though I don’t say it I respect you a lot. please always gain strength hwaithing. Thank you.

Hoseok: My center!! My supportive friend Rap Mon!! Namjoon~~~should we go for chicken and beer??

Jimin: A person that drops everything x 18. Stop dropping your phone hyung. You look so cool when you do solo stages. You are the number 1 coolest person when you are on stage. When you are off stage you are the number 1 dummy.  

Taehyung: Watching our leader who’s always cool, I learn something every day. Continue teaching me composing and producing and stop dropping things ~!! Kim Namjoon is the awesome and the best looking.

Jungkook: To RM. you are sleeping behind me right now and you look very very handsome. please continue showing us your cool side <3

Hoseok’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: You are often like a horse, but you pull us like a horse. You are like an angel 1004-9 (sounds like “you’re like an angel” in Korean). the most professional. When I see you my heart feels at ease. you dress nicely. Your shoulders got bigger. You’re very neat. You work hard to make songs lately. The point of our choreography. Jung Hoseok <3 the 'seok’ that I like the most is? Kim Jiseok hyung <3 (making a joke about liking another actor with 'seok’ in his name)

Jin: Hoba, your existence guides/leads my path. you teach me dancing and if I’m about to go down the wrong path you yell at me. You are scary :( I’m sorry I was wrong :(

Yoongi: Your bright energy always gives us hope. I hope you always stay bright and hopeful.

Jimin: You are a cool hyung whether it’s on stage or off stage. you’re such a perfect roommate that people who use their bedrooms alone don’t make me jealous. Sometimes you’re really like an adult and sometimes you are such a silly hyung. You are a hyung that always goes shopping with me. you are a hyung that’s brighter than anyone but also a hyung that gets tired faster than anyone. you are a hyung that loves seafood that I can’t eat. you are a hyung that’s always always loud. You are a hyung that always makes fun of me but also tells me that I’m cool. let’s not be sick.

Taehyung: Hoseok hyung you are someone that makes me laugh. You are someone that gives me joy. you are a hyung that takes care of me. I’m always thankful and I love you. Our hope.

Jungkook: Hope hyung. You are always a bright energy! Thank you for always making the environment happy. I’m catching up to your producing!

Yoongi’s rolling paper by the members: 

Namjoon: I wish you would gain some strength. when I look at you sometimes, you really are good looking. You are often very attractive lately. Your body is very weak, you are like a grandpa. I don’t know since when but you started wearing only black clothing. You got a bit more tanned so you are like brown sugar now. Your music is cool. MinSuga who is important to BTS <3 The 'ga’ that I like the most is? Shim Chunga (an old Korean folk tale)

Jin: Yoongi-ah you are my roommate, even when we marry let’s live together and be roommates how is that? 

Hoseok: Suga hyung!! I always have a thankful heart towards you ~~ <3 <3 I am also thankful for the gift you gave me recently <3 <3 <3 I anticipate you hyung ~~<3 I will give you a birthday gift this time ~ !! <3

Jimin: It makes me happy seeing you laugh often. Always stay this way. Don’t faint when you get older and do extraneous activities. you are very attractive when you perform these days.

Taehyung: A hyung that is pretty doing many things, and smiling. Don’t be sick, always be healthy, and make only good memories. The best smile angel of the universe Min Yoongi hwaiting (cheering)

Jungkook: suga hyung. let’s go eat lamb skewers one day. let’s lose weight first though!!!

Jin’s rolling paper by the members

Namjoon: Your mental age is like 2.6 years old, but you love eating. When you drive, when you play the guitar, when you are good at things at times, you are the most attractive. Your age worth is -99999999 won. You are often cute. You were a lot more attractive when we debuted, but you are still good looking. Kim Seok-jin <3 the 'jin’ that I love the most is? Crane wing formation (in Korean)

Yoongi: Jin hyung please act your age … I’m joking. It’s fun seeing you so bright lately! Thank you!!

Hoseok: Jin hyung that I love. I’m so glad that you are the oldest hyung in our team ~~~ !! please act your age though!!~<3<3

Jimin: I’m thankful that you are you. You’re the funniest out of all of us. I think this often lately, but you’re really good looking. You’re also like an old man though … also like a child … also like a fool … also like an angel … Thank you hyung.

Taehyung: Jin hyung please come back to the time when you were good looking~!! Now *sigh* .. never mind .. I like you. also, hyung you match short hair a lot. everything Jin does is good. have strength always!

jungkook: Jin hyung … It’s so tiring stooping to your level but when I see you it’s so fun and joyful … please remain that way. Aja! Aja! hwaiting (cheering).

Cr rosoidai 
That took me like forever to write. Hope you enjoy it ^^ @mimibtsghost



130715 ☆ Soonyoung’s Diary: As we finished our vocal lesson, Wonwoo slowly took out something from his pocket. It was a vegetable cracker. “Hey Soonyoung, do you want some?“ Of course it’s vegetable cracker, because it’s Wonwoo’s favorite. Because the kind hearted Wonwoo gave me some, it tastes better. (That is a lie. Wonwoo, let’s eat a different cracker now please…)
170210 ☆ Hoshi’s Rolling Paper to Wonwoo: Our Wonwoo-hyung, you’ve really become cool~ The more you grow, the more you resemble me~ Eat properly; you ate lots of vegetable sweets when you were younger, but lately you hardly eat them? ©


Coming out is scary just like battling You Know Who. But once you’ve done it, you can say you’ve faced Voldemort.

I’m hella potterhead since I was five years old so I chose Harry Potter to help me say that I’m hella gay too.
(idea) (her/she)



“I love working with Melissa. Everything we do is just fluid, it’s real. When we opened that door in rehearsal, both of us were breaking down in tears. […] Everything she does is just magic.”

“Daryl has watched her go through that struggle of not being able to kill. If she’s losing herself, what’s the point? He cares more about her than anything, so he lies. […] He’ll lie just to protect her. He cares more about her than he does anything.”

                                    - Norman Reedus, WSC Podcast (Feb 19, 2017)

Relationships for writers

I’ve been doing more writing recently (cough fanfiction cough) and noticed the romantic relationships I was writing fell into categories based on their foundation. And because I’m ~that~ type of person I made up little guides for each of these categories. Thought other writers might find it helpful too…

Feel free to add on!

Built on: chemistry


Strong start


Sex is not a replacement for talking

You might hear this couple say:

“It was love at first sight”


Ariel and Eric (the little mermaid)

Red and Kitty (that 70s show)

Tony and Maria (west side story)

Built on: Friendship


Common interests outlast infatuation


Differences in life goals or living styles

You might hear this couple say:

“I’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend”


Monica and Chandler (F.r.i.e.n.d.s) 

Carl and Ellie (Up)

Aang and Katara (Avatar the last airbender) 

Built on: loyalty


face everything as a team


Is it love or adrenaline

You might hear this couple say:

“I trust them with my life”


Han and Leia (star wars)

Katniss and Peeta (the hunger games) 

Mulan and Shang (Mulan)