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Sorry Not Sorry

Shawn Mendes x Reader




Word Count- 1539

Request/Summary- Hi is there any chance you could do a Shawn imagine where he wins an award and during his acceptance speech he thanks his wife and daughter who are at home and accidentally lets it slip that his wife is pregnant again (cause I feel this would be something the poor boy would do because he would be so excited to tell people ). Thank you

A/N- this is fucking adorable the second i read this request i could picture it in my head oh my god I’m so excited please enjoy, and guests whaaaattttt I’m taking it to the next level so anon, thank you very much

also this is the year 2024, so Shawn is 26, but his career is still thriving and he is a family man and he is sooooo happy

Good luck my darling I love you! Lydia is staying up to watch so you better win, but we will love you no matter what happens!, You shoot a quick text to Shawn as you turn on the TV. 

“Alright baby you can have one popsicle while we wait for daddy to come on okay?” You lean down to Lydia as she stands in front of the freezer. 

“Oh mama…” She sighs. 

“Yeah baby, what’s wrong?” You ask concerned. 

“Mama I’m confused.” She sighs once again. 

“About what Lyd?” You sit on the floor with your back on the fridge. 

“Mama, I want the orange popsicle for me, but I want the strawberry popsicle for daddy.” Lydia sighs, she is genuinely sad at her conflict. 

“Aw baby!” You laugh, “What do you mean you want a popsicle for daddy?”

“Well the orange popsicle is my favorite, but if I don’t eat the strawberry popsicle daddy will lose.” She begins to tear up, “And I don’t want daddy to lose…”

“Well how about this baby,” You begin, “You can have the orange popsicle and I will have the strawberry popsicle for daddy. How does that sound?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She pulls out the two popsicles and runs to the couch, “Well come one mama! We can’t miss daddy!”

You laugh as you shut the freezer door and walk over to the couch where your three year old daughter is sitting. She is wearing her pink fuzzy socks and her Sofia the First night gown. As soon as we sat down the host announced Shawn’s performance and we watched as he took the stage. 

“THAT’S MY DADDY!” Lydia screams as she gets up from the couch and stands about two feet from the TV. You watch as Shawn walks onto the stage with his guitar around his back. His collared shirt is fit perfectly to his lean body.

“Mama hold my popsicle!” Lydia shoves her popsicle into your grip. 

“Lyd…” You stare sternly at her. 

“Sorry mama… please hold my popsicle while I listen to daddy.” She says while flashing her puppy dog eyes. 

“That’s much better baby.” You kiss her cheek before she quickly turns back around to watch her dad. She dances in circles throughout the entire song and you have just about as much enjoyment watching her little curls bounce, as you do watching Shawn perform.

Lydia calms down shortly after he finishes performing and once his award is up you begin to get nervous. “And the award for song of the summer goes to…” The celebrity guest says into the microphone, “SHAWN MENDES!” 

“DADDY!” Lydia screams as a shot of a very happy Shawn pops up on the screen. The cameras follow him as he walks to the stage where he is supposed to accept his award. 

Shawn happily grasps the award as he runs his free hand through his hair. “Wow…um wow!” He begins, “I can’t believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have two groups, I guess, of people to thank. Obviously my fans are everything to me. They brought me here and as cliche as it is, I genuinely wouldn’t be here without them. I also want to thank all of my friends, family, and loved ones that have supported me for the long run. Especially my little family. My daughter, Lydia, has changed my life forever and my wife, (Y/N) is my best friend. She is also superwoman because she is at home alone taking care of Lydia with another little one on the way, so (Y/N) thank you and I love you.”

Then he pauses. His face kind of goes blank as if he is trying to remember what he says and then he remembers that millions of people are watching him live right at that moment. A blush rises to his cheeks as he realizes what he just did.  A beautiful little secret that you and Shawn had kept to yourselves (with a lot of difficulty) had just been mistakenly revealed to the entire world and honestly… you couldn’t be more excited. You had told Shawn about your second pregnancy as soon as you found out, literally. As soon as you saw the three little positive marks on each of the pregnancy tests you ran right to the couch where your husband was relaxing. It was completely unexpected, but the perfect surprise. 

“Oh man, ohh I was not supposed to say that. (Y/N) I am so sorry that it came out this way!” He then turns to the side to give an I don’t know what to say face to Andrew who was standing to the left of the stage “Hi Lyd baby! Mommy and daddy haven’t gotten to tell you yet and daddy just ruined the surprise, but guess what? You’re going to be a big sister!” He gently leaned into the camera as if he was talking to his little girl face to face. 

“Alright I have already said way to much so I am going to just end with a simple, thank you.” He smiles and gave a quick wave and then rushes off the stage. 

You have the biggest smile on your face when your little girl turns around to look at you with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“Mama for real?” She asks.

“Yeah baby. Mama’s got a little brother or little sister in her tummy.” You place a hand on your lower stomach. Lydia walks up to you and points to your belly button when you pull your hand away. 

“Brother?” She asks in awe.

“Or a sister.” You smile. 

“Hello.” She presses her nose to your belly button. Your heart skips a beat and you only wish your husband was here to see this. “I think I love you.” She whispers her brother or sister. Lydia brings tears to your eyes. 

“Did daddy mess up?” She asks confused.

You immediately laugh before saying, “A little bit baby, but its okay. We were planning on finding a fun way to tell you together, but this was kind of fun right?”

“Mhmm!” She agrees. 

You have some explaining to do to a certain little girl! You text Shawn.  

He replies right away by saying, Can we FaceTime?

“Do you want to FaceTime daddy?” You ask Lydia. 

“Yes! Yes! I miss daddy!” She yells, “I want to show him my little brother!” It is obvious she wants a little brother. 

The phone only rings once before Shawn picks up and it is immediately obvious that he has found a quite corner backstage at the awards.

“Congratulations!” You and Lydia cheer once he picks up.

“I am so sorry!” He says first off, “I really didn’t mean to say that I was just nervous.”

“I know baby, I’m not mad at all.” You smile. 

“Wha-why?” He asks. 

“Because I love how excited you are and I don’t even care.” You laugh, “It’s perfect! I am however getting a lot of texts from friends and my mum is calling the house right now.”

“You can ignore that.” Shawn laughs. 

“Oh I’m planning on it.” You smile.

“I’m going to have a little brother!” Lydia cheers before doing  little happy dance.

“You think mommy has a little brother in her tummy?” Shawn asks.

“Oh yeah its a boy.” Lydia says with confidence. 

“Can you give the baby a kiss for me?” Shawn asks. His smile grows even wider as he watches his little girl kiss his wife stomach. 

“Do you want to tell daddy what you said to the baby a few minutes ago?” You ask Lydia as you brush your fingers through her hair.

“I said I think I love you.” She smiles to her daddy. You nod in the background to let him know that beautiful moment really did happen. 

“Well I know I love you and I know I love mommy and I know I love the little baby growing in mommy’s belly.” Shawn smiles, “I have to go, but I can’t wait to come home and you Lyd. I love you baby girl.” Shawn blows a kiss and Lydia returns a more sloppy but equally as loving kiss to Shawn. She then marches out of the screen to wait for you to help her brush her teeth. 

“Thank you for being so good about this.” Shawn praises.

“Always. I honestly love how it happened.” You laugh, “You will be all over the internet tomorrow though!”

“Oh I am already trending on twitter!” Shawn sighs. 

“I have to go help Lyd, I can’t wait to see you.” 

“I love you beautiful.” Shawn smiles, “Take good care of yourself please, you’ve got my kid in there.” He pretends to be stern. 

“Oh I will.” You laugh, “Be safe and come home soon, I love you!” 

“I love you more!” 

A Place like That : C1

In which a homeschooled Betty Cooper and a serpent Jughead Jones meet on the Internet forming a bond that would eventually lead into more.

Betty Cooper lived alone in a house full of neglective parents and a sister who could never find enough time to return home. Her anxiety trapped her inside, keeping her away from things she missed - fresh air, new faces, someone to talk to who wasn’t her diary.

Being out of school due to her severe case of anxiety, Betty spent every moment of her life in her room, tucked away in her yellow sheets. Words existed only on white pages, never to escape her bare lips. Her kind voice has been tucked away for the past two years. Ever since the incident, Betty not only abandon school but she abandoned her voice along with it.

Betty was returning to Riverdale High the next morning for her first day of 10th grade. Due to her parents constant bickering and forcing of her ‘recovery’, they both felt school would be the next best thing for the mute blonde. She was terribly anxious and terrified to attend the school - how could a somebody who is mute attend a school like that?

Afraid to share a sound, her voice existed on her Tumblr account. An outlet she used to express her missing expression and unspoken poetry that never stopped pouring out of her.

kiss-me-quiet is typing…

kiss-me-quiet: you awake?
sent 2:32am

The blonde was not awake, but the ping of her laptop rose her of her light slumber.

The message belonged to a friend of hers she only knew as J.J, they kept their names a secret due the fact they lived in the same town. Not knowing somebody’s true identity gave both sixteen year olds a sense of restart.

littlebitlonely: i am now (:
sent 2:34am

kiss-me-quiet: go back to sleep B! i don’t want to keep you from your sleep. you need as much as you can get x
sent 2:35am

littlebitlonely: no worries.. i wasn’t having that pleasant of a dream anyways
sent 2:36am

kiss-me-quiet: the same one again?
sent 2:36am

littlebitlonely: unfortunately, yes
sent 2:37am

littlebitlonely: i’m so scared abt tomorrow, i can’t stop thinking abt it along with everything else going on in my life.
sent 2:37am

kiss-me-quiet: i wish i could be more help, i’m terrified if it makes you feel any better. you’ll be okay! everyone there will love you, how could they not?
sent 2:39am

kiss-me-quiet: maybe we’ll even see each other :)
message deleted.

littlebitlonely: thanks JJ :)
sent 2:40am

littlebitlonely: maybe we can meet there sometime
message deleted.

littlebitlonely: enough abt me, is everything alright with you?
sent 2:41am

kiss-me-quiet: no
sent 2:42am

kiss-me-quiet: got in another fight with my dad, he threatened to kick me out.
sent 2:42am

Betty felt her heart sink whilst reading the message. J.J has explained to the girl his unhealthy past with his family, especially is father. She wants nothing more but for him to just be happy.

littlebitlonely: aw J, i thought things were looking up. what changed…?
sent 2:44am

kiss-me-quiet: he got fired from his job, he’s just taking it out on me.. again…
sent 2:44am

kiss-me-quiet: gtg! he just got back home. sweet dreams B x
sent 2:45am

Jughead Jones slammed his laptop shut, sliding it under his pillow so his dad wouldn’t notice he was still awake. Within five seconds, the raven haired boy was pretending to be passed out on his disheveled couch that was covered in empty beer cans.

After hearing the reoccurring story about how Fred Andrews (his best friends dad) fires his dad, Jughead needed to get some rest before his mind exploded with thoughts and emotions.

He squeezed his eyes closed until he the presence of his father had passed. Shifting his body to a more comfortable position, Jughead tried his best to fall into a sleep that hopefully would last throughout the night.

Jughead was officially switching high schools the next morning, he would now be attending Riverdale High as a sophomore. It was a reoccurring thought in the boys mind - how could a serpent fit into a school like that?

Both fell asleep hoping the other was sleeping soundly.

Sorry this is so short and not so great! This is kinda the intro to the rest of this story. I’m gonna make it multi chapter so if you guys like it so far – please leave some reviews!!

Jones Industries - Chapter 2

Chapter 1 //  ao3 link to chapter 2


Jughead Jones sat in his newly purchased Upper West Side penthouse with his best friend Archie Andrews, on the sofa opposite. They had been in the middle of a game of poker when Archie’s wife rang to talk about a new layout she had planned so the raven haired boy was sat staring at the calendar on his phone, full of reminders of the job interviews that were happening over the next couple of days. As always an outside firm came to do them, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Betty and hoping she would get the job so that he could see her.

Archie came back and took his seat again, handing Jughead a cold bottle of beer from the fridge “Dude Veronica wants me working miracles, I’m telling you. She wanted me to ask you if we can borrow your apartment for her September cover.”

He chuckled “How could I ever say no to her? Seriously, she has enough to blackmail me into giving her the whole place.”

“Don’t go giving her ideas Jug,” Archie replied. “She’d actually do that.” After a moment he asked, “So who is she?”

“Who’s who?”

“Don’t act innocent Jug, you keep checking your phone every couple of minutes. Have you finally got a girlfriend? It’s been seven years since…”

“No.” Jughead interrupted. “I haven’t even thought about her since she ended things and I really don’t want to again. She really was a Class A bitch”

“I think golddigger is the term you’re looking for?” Archie offered. “You keep changing the subject though dude, who is the girl?”

Sighing, Jughead sat forward and Archie copied the movement. “Her name is Betty. We met last night in Foley’s and well,” he ran his hand through his hair “she’s beautiful.”

“So you’re gonna ask her out right?”

Jughead shook his head no, “I want to, believe me I do, but I wouldn’t know what to say or do. What if she becomes like, well She Who Shan’t Be Named and expects all these big fancy things from me?”

“Easy, don’t tell her. You didn’t give her your name right?”

“No, just told her to call me Jughead.”

“Okay so don’t mention who you are. Be Jughead, the guy who likes to order the whole menu when he goes out to eat, who loves yell out historical inaccuracies when we’re in the cinema, who always manages to pull literary references out of thin air. Not Forsythe Jones, billionaire property developer.”

“One problem with that Arch,” Jughead pulled out his phone and opened his email, turning the screen so Archie could see, “fifth name down.”

“Betty Cooper, Monday 11:30am, Admin Assistant” he read out loud. “Oh shit, she’s interviewing?”

“Yeah, so you got another plan?”

“So she does know who you are?” Archie asked.

Taking another swig from his bottle Jughead answered, “I don’t think so. She had a few interviews lined up including one at Money & Gardener and let’s be honest, we all know how much of a dick he is.”

“Jug, focus. Text this girl, say you wanna hang out and see what happens. What if she’s your perfect girl and you miss it?”

Sighing he picked up his phone and sent the message:

Hey, this is Jughead (the guy from the bar). Just wondering if you wanted to hang out soon?

Only a few minutes later his phone beeped and he jumped to check it. “It’s Veronica dude, she says you better be on your way back and if not, woah I am not repeating that but you’ll be in pain.”

“That is my cue to leave then. See you tomorrow Jug” and with that Archie left.

As soon as Archie left, Jughead received another message. Opening it, he read Hey Jughead (still waiting for an explanation on that name.) I would love to hang out, say tomorrow evening? followed by her address.

That night he went to bed happy.


Betty woke up at 7am on Monday morning to the sound of the alarm ringing throughout her apartment. After hitting the snooze button a couple of times, she woke up and went for a shower. Deciding to dress in business appropriate, she opted for black trousers with a white flowy top paired with a khaki green blazer. Putting her hair up into a high ponytail, Betty made sure she had her wallet, phone, and keys before leaving for her first interview of the day at Spector, Grant & Associates at 9am.

The interview went poorly, the person just before her had managed to piss off the interviewer off so she had to put up with his foul mood. Luckily, he had seen her slightly earlier than intended which meant Betty had some spare time to explore Manhattan afterward. Walking out of the tall building, Betty attempted to hail a cab to head uptown for her next interview at Jones Industries but none stopped for her so she ended up using GPS and praising herself for adding internet data to her contract. Eventually she managed to navigate her way to the business, praying that this interview would be better.

After walking the final three blocks from the subway station to the building, Betty booked in at reception and, along with three other people, was taken up to the 30th floor and seated outside a conference room. She looked around nervously at the other candidates that were waiting, some were reading over their resumes, some checking their phones whilst some made small talk amongst themselves. Sitting down next to a guy she assumed was close to her age, Betty was about to go through her file one last time but the person decided to talk to her instead. “Are you okay?” he asked.

Betty looked up and nodded, “Yep just nerves. My previous interview didn’t go the way I intended so I’m hoping this one goes better.”

“I’m sure you’ll be great. I’m Dave by the way” he held out his hand.


“Well Betty, it’s a pleasure to meet you. You’ll do great, don’t worry and” he smiled. “Maybe we could go out for lunch after?”

Betty smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry I’m meeting someone afterward.”

“Thought you might say no, but I just had to try anyway,” he replied.

A man came out of the conference room and yelled “Betty Cooper” down the packed corridor.

Betty stood up and followed him in. She stood next to her chair until he gestured for her to sit down. “I’m Fred Andrews.” He introduced himself, taking a moment to scan over her resume, “So I see you’ve just graduated with a degree in journalism and made the move to New York from Riverdale ?” Betty nodded “How was that?”

“Quite scary if I’m honest, but I’m glad I moved. I felt like I needed to take that step, for my independence.”

“I understand,” Fred nodded. “Why do you think you’d be a good fit for Jones Industries?”

“Well, as you may have read I used to work for the town’s newspaper, which I know was run by my family but my parents had very high standards and if I didn’t meet them, my writing didn’t get published. I’ve been working since I was thirteen, helping them out when I could. When I was fifteen, my father passed away so my sister and I alternated between researching and reporting.” Betty paused, the mention of her father’s passing leaving a weight in her throat.

Placing down the folder he was holding Fred asked, “How was it to start work at such a young age? When I was thirteen I was still running around with my friends. Then again that was about forty years ago.”

Sensing his tone of voice change from formal to a more candid talk, Betty relaxed her shoulders and smiled, “I actually enjoyed it. Being able to go out and find stories, dig deeper into people’s lives but those skills are transferable to almost any job! I can type 70 words per minute, work flexible hours and am ready to start whenever.”

He asked Betty a few more questions, about her life and career aspirations before letting her know they’d be in contact. She left feeling good.


As soon as Betty arrived back at her apartment, her phone bleeped with a text from her mother.

Movers got the days mixed up, they arrive this evening. Be home.

She replied with an okay mom before opening up the small text chain with Jughead and sending Sorry, I have to cancel tonight.

It wasn’t long before she got a reply That’s fine. Is everything okay?

Betty smiled at his concern. The last load of my boxes arrive today instead of this weekend.

I can help you if you want. I’m not a creep I promise. There was a picture attached of Jughead pulling a funny face.

She grabbed the first thing she found, which was a spoon, balancing it on her nose she took a selfie and sent it in reply along with the message Fine but I’m telling my sister that if she doesn’t hear from me tomorrow, to look for you.

Text me your address then, I’ll be there after 5 :)


Sure enough, at three minutes past five there was a knock at Betty’s door. She looked through the peephole before opening it. “How did you manage to get in?” she asked holding the door open so he could enter.

“One of your neighbours kindly held the door open for me. She told me I was welcome at her’s anytime for cake, even felt the need to slap my butt when I walked by. I think I may need a shower after that.”

She laughed pointing to the couch, one of the only pieces of furniture in the apartment, “Make yourself at home.”

“Going for the minimalist theme I see,” he joked, sitting down.

“Something like that I guess. Drink?” she called out from the kitchen.

“Just water please.”

Betty returned from the kitchen holding two bottles of water. “Here you go.” She sat down next to him, “I’m trying not to clutter the place but my mom’s sending a lot of stuff that has no place to go here.”

Jughead was about to reply when a furry creature emerged from a small hole in the wall. Betty spotted it first and screamed, pointing towards it, “Shit shit shit get rid of it please Jughead.”

He leapt up and managed to grab it by it’s tail. Opening the window he dropped the rat onto the fire escape and shut it quickly. After washing his hands he returned to where Betty was, her feet up on the couch, back pressed up against the armrest. “Hey,” he placed his hand on her arm, “you okay?”

She smiled and nodded, “Really looking forward to sharing this place with my new furry friends,” she attempted to joke but her laugh came out as a sob.

“Please don’t cry Betty.” Jughead put his arm around her and pulled her close, his t-shirt muffling the sound of her voice. After some time had passed he said, “I have a proposition for you.”

Betty pulled away, wiping her face, “What is it?”

“Well, I have a spare room at my place. When the movers arrive, I can tell them to take your stuff there. My friend is already at my place so he can let them in. It’s 100% strange animal free and you can visit whenever you want. How ‘bout it?”

She took a few moments before responding. “I don’t know Jughead.”

“It’s just a room Betty. It’s a secure building, I’ll introduce you to the doorman, he’ll let you in and out whenever you want. Plus no unidentified animals will be running about!”

“Alright then. Why not” Betty held out her hand for Jughead to shake, “but I’m paying you some sort of rent. Non-negotiable.”

“I can accept payment in the form of food if that helps.”

Before either of them could speak, her intercom buzzed. Jughead got up and answered it, “I’ll be down in a second.” He looked back at Betty, signaling for her to stay where she was and went downstairs.

Betty watched from her window as Jughead talked to the two movers, who by the looks of their conversation had agreed to go to his place. He ran back into the building and arrived at her door again in record time. “Thanks for that,” Betty said, letting him walk in.

Jughead stood in the doorway, hands on his knees as he panted for breath. “Your neighbor was out again.” Betty passed him his water which he took a big gulp of, “I just managed to avoid her but I’ll take that food payment now.”

Laughing she took out her phone and grabbed the Chinese menu that was next to the door. “Any preferences?”

Jughead shook his head no, “As long as it’s edible, I’ll eat it.”

Within fifteen minutes, Betty and Jughead had chosen an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to watch, and their food had been delivered. The two sat on the couch, both had their feet up on the small table in front and laughed along with the tv show. After three episodes, Betty stood. “I’m gonna clear this lot up.”

“Let me help,” Jughead offered, picking up some empty boxes and following her to the kitchen.

“You can put those in there,” Betty pointed to the bin in the corner of the room.

Before he could reply her phone rang. “Hello” she answered. Jughead could only hear her side of the conversation, “This is she… really? That’s amazing…. Thank you so much sir… I understand, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She hung up and let out a squeal, turning to face Jughead, “I got a job!”

His face lit up with excitement, “That’s amazing Betty! Congratulations!” He wrapped his arms around her in a hug, holding her tightly. After what felt like too long for two friends to hug, he pulled away slightly so he could see her face and brushed some hair out of her face. Betty’s eyes darted between his eyes and lips, she subconsciously licked her lips and Jughead was about to move in when her phone bleeped again making them pull away.

Betty looked at her phone. “it’s an email from Fred, officially offering me the job with the final details. I start tomorrow.”

Clearing his throat, Jughead replied, “I’m so happy for you. I better get going, make sure those movers listened to my friend.”

“Of course.” Betty moved to hug him again but held back so he opened his arms for her, enveloping her “See you soon?”

Stepping back “Of course. Night Betty” and with that, he left.


The next morning, Betty arrived half an hour earlier than was required. Fred met her in reception, along with the three other people that were starting that day. “Welcome officially to Jones Industries. Whilst I’m not a direct employee of the company, I have been asked to come and show you round because Forsythe is in an international conference call at the moment, but I will introduce you to him later on. If you’d like to follow me, I’ll take you upstairs and show you around.”

When they arrived at their level Fred showed them to their relevant rooms, Betty being the only person joining the Administrative area. He showed them to the area where the senior staff members worked, stopping at a board that displayed all staff employees pictures and job titles.

“This is my son Archie.” He pointed to a picture of a redhead with a wide smile.

“Not saying anything bad are you Dad?” came a voice from behind which belonged to the same person in the picture.

“Why would I do that kid? Everyone, meet Archie Andrews, Senior Vice President of the company. Archie meet Ethel Muggs, Drew Stevens, Lucy Mitchell and Betty Cooper.”

He shook hands with them all, but kept his eye on Betty. “Have you met the boss yet? I’m sure I just saw him in his office, follow me. See you later dad.” Archie led the four people to a wooden door, marked Forsythe Jones III , knocking once before walking in. Jughead was looking out the window, back to the door.

“Dad was showing the newbies around, thought I’d introduce them to you,” he signalled for them to walk in.

Betty walked in last, gasping slightly when Forsythe turned around.

“Jug meet Ethel, Drew, Lucy and Betty. Everyone this is Forsythe Jones. CEO of Jones Industries.”

Jughead’s eyes traveled down the line, finally landing on Betty. “Hi.”

The Contest-Part 30

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only Red, AKA @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Rory Montgomery (OC), PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Gemini’s POV

Dean looked like someone had just hit him with a sledgehammer.  “Your pregnant? But how……..?”

“If you don’t know where babies come from by now, Dean Winchester than you need to ask your mother.  I sure as hell am NOT having that conversation with you!” I said with a grin.

He glared at me and I chuckled. “Very funny, Gem! Are you sure?”

“I took three tests, Dean. I’m pretty damn sure.” I said quickly

He looked over at Sam.  “How do you feel about this, Sammy?”

He smiled at me and put his huge hand on my stomach.  “The woman I love, my soulmate, is gonna have my son.  And he’s gonna save the world from Lucifer.  How do you think I feel, Dean? I’m terrified.”

“Well, I for one am thrilled! I’m going to be a grandmother! My baby is having a baby!” Mary pulled Sam into a hug and she was laughing and crying at the same time.  “I just wish John could see this.  He would have been so excited to be a grandfather. The next generation of Winchester.”

“I wish my brother was going to be around.  Leo would have been really excited to be an uncle.  If he hadn’t sold his soul to save me, Rowena wouldn’t have me for a vessel, and none of this would even be remotely possible.”

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Press X To Respawn Ch. 1 (Trixya) - Rainbow

Author’s Note: Hey guys, it’s Rainbow! I know I’m hella behind on Paint the Town but I’ve been wanting to write a Youtuber AU for a really long time, ever since I saw a request for one. I also waste about 99% of my life on Youtube, so I suppose I have “experience” in this field… Well, I hope you enjoy this chapter! -Rainbow

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Take It All Back

Part Thirteen

Summary: Jensen wakes up from his black out, and asks Journey to tell him exactly what happened. 
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1900
Warnings: Hospital setting, conversation surrounding cheating and pregnancy loss.


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Always a Bridesmaid 10/10

So this is the last chapter, I’d like to thank you everyone of you who took the time to read, like and comment - it really meant the world to me. Thank you so so much! I really hope you enjoy the chapter. This and all previous chapters are also available on AO3.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing and suggestions!

                                            Chapter 10: My Always

When Felicity pulled into her driveway after a long day at work she couldn’t wait to snuggle up with Oliver for a relaxing evening.  This was the first evening in a while that they would both be home. And while moving Smoak Technologies to Star City was the best idea, it of course came with problems that needed to be solved.

As she walked into the house she pulled the elastic from her hair to de-ponytail. Yum, she could smell something good cooking. “Oliver, honey, where are you?”

“In the kitchen,” he called out.

She wandered into the kitchen and saw him checking the chicken in the oven. As he closed the oven door, she walked over and wrapped her arms around his waist and placed her face against his back, “I miss you,” she mumbled.

Oliver reached around for her, moving her to his front and gave her a kiss that showed her that he felt the same. He pulled back for a moment and then went back in for one small kiss. “I missed you too. How was your day?”

“Long! But so much better now that I’m home with you.” She walked over to take down a wine glass.

“Red or white?” Oliver asked.

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Do Wonders Never Cease?

I have said this before and I will continue to say it: YOU GUYS AMAZE ME!!

Back in September when I posted my first fic, I never EVER in a million years would have guessed I would be here today, with 1,000 of you wonderful, supportive, amazing followers. Your words of encouragement are what keep me going each and every day!

Before I get to the fun stuff, I want to take the time to thank some of the people that have continually shown their support and encouragement, and most of all love. I know I am going to miss some, so I do apologize in advance. 

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Internet Famous: Part 12

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11

A/N: I meant to post this yesterday…oops. 

Honestly, the whole unofficial family reunion thing was okay. There was hardly any family drama. Your relatives were too caught up in your relationship with Poe to even care for family drama. It was such a nice feeling. 

You and Poe were helping your mom clean up the place and wrap up all the food.

“Well, now you two are going to have to eat as much of this as possible tomorrow.”

“That won’t be a problem, mom. Poe is always hungry.” You patted him on his stomach, “I still don’t understand how you could stay so fit.”

Poe shrugged with a smirk, “The Gods have blessed me with a beautiful chiseled body.”

You scoffed, “Alright ‘chiseled body’, go help Zoe and Mason clean the living room. I have to talk to my mom.”

“You got it, princess.” Poe kissed your head and went into the other room.

“Is something wrong, Y/N?” Your mom asked as she was moving her spaghetti onto a smaller plate.

“Nothing’s wrong. Tomorrow’s Poe’s birthday and I was wondering what I should do. Of course I had plans, but I didn’t expect to come here. Poe doesn’t really care much for his birthday so I’m trying to figure out what to do.”

“Why don’t you two have a picnic at that park you went to often?”

You thought about what she was talking about, “Oh yeah! The one with big pond! That’s perfect!” You kissed her on the cheek, “Thanks, mom!”

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Revenge, Interrupted (Part 19)

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18

Caroline looked out of the aeroplane window, watching as they descended, clouds dissolving as millions of pinpricks of light came into view. The city, her new home. Somewhere among the multicoloured glitter were Elena, Bonnie, Damon, Enzo… and Stefan.

Her fake boyfriend. Who she liked.

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Happily Ever After 2/?

Oliver and Felicity return to Starling City after their honeymoon and spend time with loved ones, including a tiny one!

Thanks so so much for all your likes and comments on the last chapter! I am beyond flattered. I really hope you enjoy this chapter as well.

Thanks so much to @almondblossomme for proofing!  You can find this and the previous chapter on AO3.

                               2. Practice, Practice, Practice

“Can we stay here forever?” Felicity sighed. She was laying on a lounge chair listening to the ocean waves lap on shore with a tablet in her hand.

“If you want. I intend to make your dreams come true Ms. Smoak Queen.” He leaned over and kissed her from his own chair.

“I’m going to remember that the next time it strikes me that I want a pony.” She smiled. They had been in Bali for almost a week and it had been perfect. They only had one more day before they were to head home and Felicity had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she couldn’t wait to see her friends and her Mom. On the other, she liked living in her own private heaven with Oliver, no one or no jobs to interrupt them.

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balance / a necromancer!woozi au

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happy birthday jihoon!

summary: two sides of an unbalanced world, jihoon learns to conform with the good, and you learn to conform with someone who isn’t that bad.

genre: enemies to friends, supposed lovers

characters: woozi/female reader, other members of svt, ft members of exid

word count: 6.3k

a/n: i’ve been addicted to crossing over female band members into my aus. forgive me. also the longest thing i’ve ever written. character development is my niche. happy birthday vocal team leaderrrr

other notes: super emo woozi

i came up with like all of the concepts in this au. nothing here comes from any fandom as far as i’m concerned, just a general understanding of the magic fantasy universe. none of the spell phrases mean anything, as far as i’m concerned.

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Bittersweet Words On My Tongue

I wrote this for Jeva on AO3, they’ve been leaving me a lot of nice comments on my stories and I felt like saying thanks!

“Evan and Nogla talking about friend crushes, yeah. That would be cute to read (or not bec I know you can make good angst) :)”

Pairings: H2OVanoss, Mentioned Daithi De Vanoss (nothing actually happens).

Warnings: Alcohol Mention, Swearing, a little bit of angst & a bittersweet ending (depends on how you look at it).

“Have you ever… kissed a man before?”

“Yeah. Once… in high school,” Daithi replied, his head ducked low as he concentrated on his drawing and Evan watched as his pencil stroked across the surface of the paper.

It was oddly mesmerising.

He knew that David wasn’t overly talented when it came to drawing- he had watched the YouTube videos of him drawing their group- but his friend was determined to better himself and Evan was proud. It was a hard talent to learn- from Evan’s experience- but it was funny to watch Nogla, with his tongue peaking out between his teeth, as he attempted to draw Evan’s hand.

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anonymous asked:

I'm in my early twenties and still unmarried, how can I stop myself from feeling hopeless about the situation? :(

Why would you feel hopeless? Are we not all sooooo blessed? We all have some family around us. We have good health. We are privileged and by the fact you’re using tumblr I can assume are living in a safe country with internet access and a computer. So you and I are basically living the life of the elite in this world. 

You need to change your perspective. I hate to put myself on the spot and making it personal but I will in hope of helping you: I’m a few years older than you even and I’m single. Shouldn’t I be more hopeless than you since I’m older? But I’m not. I have a bunch of friends who are even older than me and are single. Marriage isn’t your goal in life. Marriage is a means. Marriage isn’t what disney portrays to you that you’ll live happily ever after. No actually, when you get married you’ll have a lot of ups and downs and the reason marriage is good for your deen is because it will make you realize your shortcomings and you can potentially change and improve. See marriage as a tool that you want ONLY because God wants it. Not because you want it out of your own desire and fantasy. If Allah doesn’t want it right now, it’s for our greater good. We submit. We just make dua and ask Him to take care of the rest. 

Before you were born God made a house warm and safe ready for you. He had your parents prepared with all that food and clothes and a great environment for you to be raised. He gave you all you have now. He let you go to school and become educated. He planned all your life and all it’s details and then are you telling me when you turn 28, God is going to pause and say, “oops my bad, I TOTALLY forgot to create them a spouse!!!”. Absolutely not. It’s our view of Allah that is problematic. Allah is the best of planners. He hasn’t forgotten any of us. It’s so easy for Him in any second to send you your spouse. But He hasn’t yet. Why? there is a greater good in it and you need to be content and submit that whenever the right time will come, He will send you that person. It might be when you’re 35, so be it. Live your life in servitude of God meanwhile. My friend Umema died a month ago in a car accident and she was 25 and single. If any of us knew we were going to die tomorrow, would we be wasting so much time worrying and grieving why we are single?!

We always focus on that one thing missing in our life. That one thing. Well guess what, there will always be that one thing we won’t have. We are so ungrateful and forget the the billions of other things we have in our lives. If we don’t change our perspective this cycle is endless. You’ll end up getting married and then be upset why you dont have kids or aren’t getting pregnant or why you only are giving births to all girls or all boys. Then if God grants you kids, you’ll find another reason in life to be hopeless and feel like you’re not happy. You’ll be unhappy why your husband doesn’t buy an expensive house or spend more money, why doesn’t your mother in law speak nicer to you, etc etc. 

You’ll watch a lot of your friends get married one by one. Be happy for them. Celebrate with them and pray for them. Don’t lose hope or compare. Marriage has no correlation with how pretty, or how skinny, or how wealthy, or how healthy you are. It’s Allah’s will. Some of the prettiest girls are single while some girls who have major illnesses get married. None of these are factors. The one factor in this equation is Allah’s will. He has all the potential single guys and girls in stock in His store. He decides when to take you off the shelf and give you to your spouse. While you’re in that waiting room, be grateful you even made it there. That you’re alive. That God even created you in the first place to know Him and worship Him. You could have been a flower, an animal, a rock, anything and He chose you to be a human who can reach to a level higher than angels. 

I lost my brother a year ago. I realized that for the longest time all that all I was focused on was how sad it is that I’ve literally lost my best friend, the person I was so close to, and I can never ever see him again till I go to the other world. Did it suck? yes. But why? because my perspective sucked. I was making myself suffer. Now change the lense: I want to think positive and thank Allah for even giving me a brother for 20 years. I’m grateful I had that experience. God could have never given me a brother and He did. Shouldn’t I be grateful? Shouldn’t I feel so blessed that God gave me this experience that many people don’t get to taste and I’m so unworthy of it. Even the death and departure experience is so wonderful. If I look at it from the lense of being grateful then it doesn’t suck. Then I don’t feel depressed. Then I’m just in awe of God and want to love Him more and just thank Him for planning my life and writing the script however he wants and I’ll try to be content with it. 

Lastly, I told this to one of my friends and she told me it helped her so I’ll mention it to you here. The date of your marriage is destined and written by Allah. It can be in 6 months, in can be in 3 weeks, it can be in 2 years, or 10 years. Whatever it is, it’s written. Now, if you know that date exist out there and it’s going to come … won’t you be so ashamed to Allah when that date comes eventually and you’ll be looking back how depressed and how upset you were, wasting so many years of your life being ungrateful for being single? You will be and so will many of us. It’s going to come and you dont want to look back thinking you wasted the prime and precious years of your life being upset over it. We will be sooo ashamed of God why we lived miserable lives for that time period. Think about how that date is written and is going to come. It will, I promise you. You do your duty towards Allah and be a good muslim and Allah will provide you a spouse, a good life, rizg and much more from places you would never imagine. 

Have patience. Pray to Allah. Use this time right now to build your connection with Him. Serve your parents as much as you can. They are your doors to heaven and when you get married you can’t serve them as much as you can right now. Utilize this time and you’ll see Allah’s hand working in your life and making your story beautiful. Whether it’s filled with death, pain, loss, or even a divorce - the story is wonderful because God wrote it and wanted it to be that way.

Apologies for the long answer. I think it’s a dillema many Muslims are facing and so I wanted to give an elaborate response perhaps it will help one person out there. 

Green Dot, Red Dot: A Sockathan Fanfiction

[[Hey guys! Finally got around to participating in this fandom again. This is a fill for kinkmeme number 550. Hope you all enjoy it and DFTBA!

Triggers: Mentions of suicide, depression. Nothing explicit.]]

The username blinks back at Jonathan in the darkened room, the light of it dancing off piles of clothes and the guitar resting on his bed, superhero and band posters on his wall. Sock Sowachowski. Part of him scoffs at the idiocy of putting their actual name on the internet, but it’s late, and he should be doing his homework, so he clicks on the name and types out a three letter message.

sandwichlover101: hey

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Always a Bridesmaid 4/?

Thanks so so much for all the lovely comments and reblogs  - I am beyond flattered and grateful for all those who are taking the time to read my story.

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for the beautiful edit and to @almondblossomme for proofing! And this chapter got a little bolder - well bold for me - so thanks to @tdgal1 for reading, offering feedback and supporting!

The previous chapters and this one are available on AO3.


                                Chapter 4: Jump Then Fall

Sara opened her front door before Felicity and Donna had finished getting out of Oliver’s car.

There went Felicity’s quiet moment alone with Oliver!

“Hey Oliver, thanks for escorting the lovely ladies to my place.” Sara smiled and gave Felicity a look.

“No problem. Now you all stay out of trouble. I can do without phone calls from the police.” he winked.

Felicity really wanted to say goodbye to Oliver privately but she couldn’t think of way without making her mother and Sara more suspicious. Thankfully, Oliver saved her from herself.

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So Many Stars (Ch. 25)

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Chaptered, English teachers in Japan AU
Word Count: 5,901 words
Warnings: Slight angst, food mentions, implied sexy times
Description: There, but for the grace of you, go I

Read Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 | Ch. 13 | Ch. 14 | Ch. 15 | Ch. 16 | Ch. 17 | Ch. 18 | Ch. 19 | Ch. 20 | Ch. 21 | Ch. 22 | Ch. 23 | Ch. 24

A/N: i am eternally grateful to everyone who has read and loved this story. writing it has been such an incredible experience. thank you all!


He woke up some time later to the buzzing of his phone by his ear.

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The Journal Part 1 - Hanbin One Shot


Genre: Angst and Fluff
Word Count : 1621 words
Pairing: Kim Hanbin (iKON) x Reader
Summary: When Hanbin wants his girlfriend to be selfish and thinks of herself for once and not only him. 

Originally posted by chocolatechanu

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Born to Die

Can u make a fan fic where Dan is in the hospital and Y/N is like a person who has to take care of him and they end up falling in love?

I’m sorry that this is only one part, but its lame anyways so whatever (also the title is a little too real but its based of THIS song by Lana Del Rey)


Warnings: Swearing, sad

 I’d only been an official nurse for around two years, but I had seen my fair share of patients. My teen years were spent volunteering at hospitals, or helping out my mothers friend at her clinic whenever given the opportunity. Each patient was a stepping stone closer to my future working with whatever injury or disease was thrown my way.

With each patient and time spent studying the field in university, I felt like I could handle it all. Even if it meant death. I was a very strong willed person, and usually I tried not to let things get the best of me. However, that was the circle of life. People died and people were born. There was nothing I could do but try my best (when I had to) and help make time for people a tad bit longer or simply more colourful.

I was used to working in the hospital, mainly working with deliveries or simple emergency room things such as assisting a doctor give someone stitches. I personally wanted more than just that, but there has to be someone who does the job. I was quite good at it, so I didn’t complain. My true feelings had to be put on hold because I could seriously be making a difference in someones life.

After another overnight shift at the hospital, two deliveries, and a large coffee later, I got dressed and began packing up my things before heading home.

“Y/N-a word, please.” Mrs. Jeffries, the hospital director said, pointing her finger at me as I exited the staff changing room. I huffed and slowly made my way over. She grinned and shoved her hands in her pockets.

“Good morning, Mrs. Jeffries. What’s going on?” I placed my purse strap over my shoulder and crossed my arms. I, in no way, looked any bit presentable. The bags under my eyes were probably bigger than the whole continent of North America, and my hair was coated in twelve layers of grease and up in a sad pony tail.

“I was just looking over your folder and you have an outstanding attendance. You’ve been working nonstop since we hired you here. You haven’t even taken your vacation days.” She held the beige folder, running her fingers down the pages and nodding her head forward. “Not a single day missed, nor have you been late. That’s not even counting the times you’ve covered for some of the other nurses.”

“Yeah. I love my job, what can I say?” I awkwardly chuckled, waiting for her to get to the point. It wasn’t like she was telling me anything that I didn’t already know.

“What if I told you I had a job opportunity for you?” She continued on, closing her folder and tilting her head slightly to the side. Mrs. Jeffries was a woman who even at 60-something years old, she still looked younger than her age. She was fit and charming for her age.

“I’d say that was wonderful, but what kind of job?” I immediately straightened out my spine and cleared my throat. I was obviously intrigued by the idea, but felt disgusting. I needed a nice shower and a nap.

“It’s best if I show you,”

We walked all around the hospital until reaching the paid rooms wing. I only ever had been down this wing a few times, as it wasn’t my main area. The specific hospital I worked at contained a lot of different medical workers, so we all had assigned spaces. I would love to work here, as it was more for people who needed constant attention.

“Do you need me to cover for someone down here today? I just finished my shift but I could definitely work it out.” I insisted, walking alongside Mrs. Jeffries. She just shook her head and approached a door at the end of the hallway to an empty room.

“His name is Dan Howell. He’s 25, has terminal liver cancer that spread to his other organs and his family want him here. They’re paying a lot of money for a full time nurse until there is nothing we can no longer do for him. You’re a good nurse and you know what you’re doing. It’s up to you. Job starts tomorrow. You say the word and I’ll give you his file.” There only seemed like one liable answer, and I wasn’t going to hesitate in saying it.

I’d love this job.”


The job had become the most challenging job I had ever experienced. I figured that it would be a breeze as I had so much experience with so many patients in the past, but it proved different.

Dan Howell, a 25 year old man who has struggled with his sense of depression in the past, and has basically been promised he won’t make it to 26 was not taking it well. Clearly, nobody in his position would be taking it well as your life expectancy is very short. He was literally an internet personality who made YouTube videos for a living, so he had been an open guy online.

The second her arrived at the hospital, that changed. He grew to weak to film nor edit any videos.

I imagine he felt too pitied and he was angry. When he was registered as a patient, he stopped talking. He wouldn’t speak to his family, friends, or any of the staff. His voice refused to make any sound and I was stuck every day with him in silence.

“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” I questioned, bringing in the feeding cart. I was exasperated with him but tried to plaster on a fake smile and be gentle with him. I knew that he wasn’t up for being babied, so I didn’t try with him to say things like ‘you’re so strong’ or ‘you are a champ’. He was difficult and he was too proud to let his disease get in the way of that. It would be more admirable if didn’t make my life a living hell.

“Well? Do you want anything or not?” I tried again. Dan’s chapped lips remained closed in a straight line. His eyes slowly moved from the TV to the cart. He then looked up at me and nodded, sitting himself up. I sighed, “what do you want then?” He then just nodded again. This is how it had been everyday for two weeks. A constant guessing game between was I thought he wanted and what he actually wanted. I was over it. “Listen, Mr. Howell, I’m not going to stand here and play God for you. I know that you’re going through a lot, but you going mute isn’t going to change anything. What’s happened to you, sucks. I’ve seen it go on so many times but you need to be able to communicate with me. This is my job and I’m here to take care of you, so make this easier on both of us.” It wasn’t the most professional thing for me to go off on him like that, but it was beyond my control.

Dan blinked a few times and stared blankly at the cart before slowly open his mouth mumbling a simple, “water, please.”


Water after water, bathroom break after bathroom break and we were finally on track. He began to use his voice with me whenever he wanted, and whenever I wanted. We began to develop a nice routine where once a day we would have a conversation when I came in the morning, and the rest would continue on with me asking him what he wants to drink or eat.

It was nice.

He was actually really nice.

Dan was someone who I enjoyed spending time with when I finally began to understand him more. I liked being able to see him as more than a patient and more as a person. I got to know him and his habits little by little and it was refreshing. Seeing him unwind made me notice just how attractive he was, too, and that confused me. He was young and he was so smart. If I wasn’t mainly in charge of his well being and he was just a random person I met on the street, it’d be easier for me to formulate something deeper to him. I hated myself for even coming close to being heavily invested in my what if scenarios.

“Are you done with that? I need to give you your other medicines.” I mumbled, walking over to Dan and seeing his empty food tray with a half eaten brownie on it.

“Yeah, go ahead.” Dan pushed the bed table to the end of the bed and flicked his hair to the side. It had been a few days since he bothered to straighten it and it had become curly all around.

I filled up a new cup of water and grabbed three of his pills and brought them over to him. He lightly smiled, exposing his deep dimples and thanked me before gesturing me to sit next to him. I did so and watched him swallow the pills. His throat didn’t have any problems but I still worried that for whatever reason he would choke.

“Why is your hair always up?” He asked, taking the last pills and swallowing it.

“What do you mean?” I chuckled, crossing my legs and chewing on the inside of my cheek. “I’m at work. It’s more professional of me to have it up.”

“All the nurses and doctors have their hair down unless they’re in the event of putting it up.” Dan shrugged.

“What’s your point, Howell?” I rolled my eyes, looking away from him. Suddenly I felt a slight pressure on my head and felt the elastic bands running down through the strands until my hair was loosened.

“My point? I want to see how beautiful you actually are when you’re not trying to look so professional.” He handed me the elastic band and I turned my head to look at him, my face feeling flushed. My hair was loose and bouncy and fell down on my shoulders freely. He smiled to himself and nodded. “Definitely beautiful.”


I started wearing my hair loose.

I wanted to say that it was an executive decision, but that would only be half of the truth.

Dan captivated me. The longer I knew him and cared for him, the more things I noticed about him. It started with me noticing how when he played a game on his console and he got nervous or stressed out with what he specifically did, his cheeks turned bright red and his lips became a darker shade of pink.

Then, simply with his mannerisms. He sighed whenever he wanted my attention. When he wanted some privacy he would start to drag out his words or mumble excessively. He also played with his hands when he was deep in thought which I found to be adorable.

I hated myself. I hated every part of myself for being so invested in him because I knew that it would just end in disaster. Plus, he probably thought nothing more of me than just his annoying nurse he would have to see everyday until he was buried six feet underground.

 “You up for a card game?” Dan smirked up at me, shuffling a bunch of cards in his hands. We both already ate and I basically had an hour to kill before taking off for the day. I easily had the choice when I left, all I had to do was inform the head nurse and then all the nurses on call alternated each hour to check on him.

“Depends on what we’re playing.” I wiggled my eyebrows at him and sat at the other side of the bed table, tapping my fingers on the wood.

“Crazy Eights. The classic card game.” He nodded, putting the cards down.

“I’ll win.”

After an hour past, we were done playing. I don’t even think we finished the game, we just ending up talking and completely forgot about the cards.

“Stay another hour.” Dan begged. I was resting my arms on the table with my head balancing on my fists , just staring at him. He placed his his arms parallel to mine and did the same thing.

“I shouldn’t, I have to feed my dog.” I mumbled, staring at his eyes that were much more beautiful when they were as close as they were.

“Then a half hour,” he replied, moving one of his hands so that his index finger was tracing patterns on my forearm. “After all, I am talking to you like you begged me to.”

“You are, aren’t you?” I smiled slightly to myself. “Fine then, a half hour.”

“Wonderful.” He slowly leaned in, and ever so slightly brushed my lips up against his.


He grew even weaker.

He was so pale you would think he was a ghost. He was unrecognizable to most of the people he knew. He’d lost even more weight and he was so skinny.

Yet, I still adored him.

“May I ask you something?” Dan asked, once again downing his pills. It seemed he only ever asked me a question when he was taking his medication.

“Go for it.” I asked, giving him another pill for him to swallow.

“Is it bad I really want to have sex?” He sighed. I wanted to laugh but I figured he wouldn’t appreciate it.

“Well, it is normal as you’re a man with a penis. I just don’t know where you’d get the energy for it.”

“Nice.” He answered smugly. “I probably won’t have sex. It’s sad to think that I won’t get to enjoy that privilege before I die.”

“Well, you never know.” I kissed his head. “You may just find the will.”

“Maybe even with you,” Dan chuckled. I shook my head.



“Remember last week when we talked about sex? Yeah, I’m not getting laid before death. Nope. Not happening.” Dan groaned as I entered the room. I shoved my hands in my pockets.

“Dan, it’s fine. You don’t need sex to live.” I discarded the bottles of empty water from next to his bed and dumped them in the trash. He crossed his arms and began to pout like a child when I hadn’t given him the answer he’d wanted.

I had fallen so far down the hole of ‘fuck, Dan is great’ and now I wasn’t sure how to answer him when he said things so negatively anymore. Thinking about him any less healthy killed me.

I sat on the bed and pressed the back of my hand against his forehead to make sure he hadn’t gotten a fever as a side effect from his new prescription.

“Are you feeling alright?” I asked, biting my lip. He nodded.

“Can we try?” He whispered, placing his hand over mine.

“Try what?”




“But I’m working.”

“You’re working to take care of me, please.” Dan pressed his forehead against mine. He groaned and pressed his lips hard against mine, making it probably the most passionate kiss I’ve ever shared. His hands went to my waist, then started searching farther down until he stopped. “Never mind.”

“Are you fucking serious? You just begged me, and then when we started-literally 25 seconds after starting, you stop. Why?” I stood up and went back to cleaning up.

“I decided that I want to wait until I’m better to have sex with you because I also just decided that I love you.” I wanted to scream at him for making himself believe that he would get better. I had no clue that he even had the hope of recovering from what he was going through. I didn’t want to lie to him. So, I only said what I meant.

“I love you, too.”


Dan made a huge mark on my heart with his name on it, and I’ll forever be grateful for just having the luck to have known him. I fell so deep for him in a matter of weeks and I never even knew it was possible to be so vehement towards a human being who needed so much more than just medical care.

Two weeks after dropping the big L word on each other, he passed peacefully in his bed while playing Mario Kart. It seemed he had just finished his last round as he still came 1st in the game.

I couldn’t bring myself to the funeral, as I would just hate myself immensely afterward. The pain was too much, and it was also the first time I hated my job. Life not only screwed Dan over, but when it came to his death, it fucked me up too.

I began to reflect back on all my weeks with him and came to the realization that after I yelled at him to speak to me, he was always the one who initiated conversation with me. He wanted me to talk to him. He wanted me to listen to him.

So many nights, he begged me to stay with him because I was the only one who bothered to understand him. This made me believe that Dan just wanted to be.

Once he left, I went back in the room we spent so many weeks in and started cleaning up and organizing everything so that it was ready for the next patient.

I left that day with a simple box of cards and a piece of paper in my hand with messily written letters on it.

thanks for talking to me! see you when I’m better so we can fulfill that one thing i asked you about.

- yours truly

The Haunted Nightmare

Summary: Dan doesn’t know what to do when a ghost by the name of Phil starts haunting him.

TW: (so far) curse words, ghosts

Word Count: (so far) 2.2k

a/n this is my new chaptered fic! im not sure exactly how long its gonna be yet, but make sure to tell me if you’re looking forward to the next part!

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