my best friend and i memorized it way back when

Just Like a Star

summary; reader is stargazing and is joined by Bellamy, who they have developed feelings towards.

a/n; hey! i’m kinda new to this so if this is trash just ignore me. it’s like 2 am and this was in my head so i wrote it.


After majority of the camp had slunk off to their tents, I slipped out of the gates. I trudged through the woods with my eyes on the sky, not really giving much thought as to what would happen should I come a cross a Grounder or wild animal. After a bit of walking, I sat against a tree and sighed. The weight of the world slipped off of my shoulders and into the chilled air.

I remained unmoving as I heard footsteps approach me from behind. I knew immediately that if it were a Grounder coming to kill me, they wouldn’t be so damn loud. My eyes stayed trained on the heavens. The stars were so bright, so beautiful. The sky was thick with stars, a glittering and twinkling canopy of light. The heavy footfalls came to a halt beside me as the person sat down.

“I feel so small,” I finally spoke up after a few minutes of comfortable silence. I was surprised at whose voice piped up beside me in response,

“I know what you mean.” Bellamy sighed.

“Even on the Ark they were so close but so far. Like I could just reach out and touch one if I wanted but at the same time, they just stretched out around us into infinity,”

When I turned my head to look at him, he was already staring at me. I couldn’t read the look on his face as he tilted his head up. I followed suit and searched the sky. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for.

All my life, I have been in love with the sky. Even when everything was falling apart around me, the sky was always there for me.

“Who said that?” He questioned.

“Yoko Ono.”

Bellamy hummed. I snuck another glance over at him and this time his eyes were toward the ground.

“Penny for your thoughts?” I inched closer toward him, feeling heat radiating off of his body,

Bellamy was always warm. In contrast, I was always cold no matter how many layers I piled on. For this reason, I always found myself gravitating toward his warmth. I wanted nothing more than to curl up into his arms and fall asleep, but I restrained myself. There was no way I would allow my feelings for Bellamy Blake to surface.

I memorized every scratch, scar, and line of his face. Everything inside of me was screaming to tell him how I felt, but I held back. My fear of rejection kept me from truly opening up to him the way I wanted to. Who was I to think Bellamy Blake, “The King” of our small population would actually want me back? We were friends, nothing more. I listened to him worry and stress about everything there was for him to worry and stress about. I tried to give advice the best I could and when that failed, I at least gave him an ear, a shoulder when he needed it. I just didn’t think all of this would lead to me falling for him.

He hesitated and then spoke. “Honestly, I don’t have a damn clue what I’m doing here, Y/N.”

“You’re doing the best you can, Bell.”

This time it was his turn to scoot closer to me. The sag in his shoulders made my heart pang. “I..” He sighed. “I can’t protect them. I can’t save them all no matter how hard I try. Their lives are all in my hands and I can’t..”

“You can’t always save everybody.”

He said nothing in response. I sighed and moved over, closing the space between us so that our shoulders were touching.

“Hey,” I nudged him, meeting his eyes. “Without you this place would crash and burn, you know that right? They listen to you, they trust you, Bell. If it weren’t for you more of us would be dead.”

We sat in silence for a moment before his face broke into a small smile. He looked back up at the sky. “Thanks for that, Y/N.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and squeezed. I immediately leaned into him. My heart soared at the contact. We stayed like that for a second and then as soon as the moment came, it passed. He stood up and looked up at the sky once more before holding out his hand.

“I think it’s time for us to head back.”

I placed my hand in his and let him pull me up. As we began to walk back to the dropship, my mind and heart raced. Say something! Do something, anything! My thoughts screamed. Before I knew it, we reached camp.

“Well,” I turned to him and smiled, shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Well,” he echoed. “Good night, Y/N. Get some rest.”

I sighed as he walked away toward his tent. “Good night, Bellamy.”

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‘Pokémon: I Choose You!’ Movie Review - Initial Impressions

Well, I’ve seen the movie (mainly to understand what’s going on rather than reading the summary), and I will say it’s the best Pokémon movie. But here’s a distinction I’ll make. It’s not the best movie from the Pokémon franchise, but it’s the movie that best represents the world of Pokémon.

I’ll say that the opening is a bit of mess, mainly rushing through the events of the first episode without giving it time to breathe, especially egregious since they cut out the nonessential parts like Gary and Misty. It’s disappointing considering that I hailed “Pokémon - I Choose You!” to be the best episode of the Pokémon series. All it did was made me appreciate the original more. I really think they should have used the Gameboy intro just to really pump up the nostalgia.

But I did like the various snippets of Ash and Pikachu’s journey and where he’s going. There’s something about it that captures what it’s like to be a regular Pokémon trainer. I especially like how the legendary Pokémon are portrayed. Not like deities that communicate with you telepathically or be a keystone to the balance of the world as seen in most Pokémon movies. The legendary Pokémon are essentially powerful and mythical creatures that trainers want to encounter and battle. It’s much closer to how you encounter a legendary in the Gen I and II if that makes any sense.

Cross is truly brutal as a trainer. Not deceptive abusive as Damien, since Cross is brutally honest with Charmander and does have Pokémon he genuinely cares about. But he’s a hybrid of Paul and Gary, with Paul’s cold-hearted nature and Gary’s egotism. Really, he’s the anime’s closest answer to Silver AKA Giovanni’s son and the rival from Gold and Silver. In fact, I wouldn’t mind calling the G/S rival Cross from now on.

The world without Pokémon dream sequence is surreal. So surreal it’s nightmarish. Seeing Ash in what appears to be modern Japan taking classes and looking out towards the horizon doesn’t feel right. Especially when it’s completely devoid of Pokémon. The world, despite being full of humans, is lifeless and dull. This is something that Takeshi Shudō would have written, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a page from him. In a way, it explains why Ash is eternally ten-years old. The Pokémon world is a childhood world, unmarred by reality. Ash does not belong in the real world and neither do the rest of the cast. And because of that, he will always remain a 10-year old child even if his physical features have aged. Of course, that’s my impression from the movie.

Speaking of Ash, this is really the story about the boy from Pallet Town. He’s excitable, dumb, brave and has a big heart. Your typical Ash. I will say he’s a lot adaptable in battles even without the Pokédex, Brock and Misty. Especially considering he has only two or three Pokémon with him and already has three badges. Pikachu is also a lot stronger here, given that he was able to flip a Snorlax with just Iron Tail when Snorlax attempts to do Body Slam. Despite their badass upgrade, both Ash and Pikachu are still recognizable and you get the feeling that they’re a representation of everyday trainers rather than an exceptional skilled trainer right off the bat like in DP, XY and SM. Which makes sense considering that they are rookies in this movie.

There’s a lot more to talk about, but I wanted to get some of my initial thoughts out.

Because it focuses on Ash and Pikachu’s journey to find the legendary Ho-Oh, this movie captures what Pokémon is all about and what it means to be a master (they actually explain what Ash’s definition of being a Pokémon Master is: It’s striving to be the best and to make lots of new friends along the way). While movies like Mewtwo Strikes Back, Spell of the Unown and Lucario and the Mystery of Mew have exceptionally memorable characters and even intriguing plots, they have never captured that feeling I felt when I watched this movie. If people want to know what a featured-length live action movie of Pokémon would be like in terms of plot (and not the Detective Pikachu stuff), go watch this movie. It’s not perfect; some of the plot points are a bit confusing and the pacing could use a lot of work. But it is the best movie about the Pokémon journey.

sarah’s (not very) concise and (probably not so) comprehensive tips on moving to uni as a fresher

guys. i’ve just started my sixth year of uni and have been to two different unis now so i’ve now got a small collection of tips and tricks and bits of advice that i keep in mind whenever i move to a new place (seriously, i’m now in my sixth bedroom/flat in as many years…)

if you have any more tips, please add them to this post!!!!

  1. it’s ok to feel sad - when my mum dropped me off for the very first time i cried a lot and she cried a lot, and that was ok. it’s not a bad sign or a sign you made the wrong choice or anything like that - it’s just that everything is new and slightly scary and you probably don’t know anybody, you may even be very very far away from home. let yourself feel sad but know that it shouldn’t last forever and if it does, find somebody like a hall warden or a tutor to talk to about it.
  2. it’s ok to feel disappointed - 9 times out of 10, your halls bedroom will not look as nice as the ones in the photos, your building may not seem as slick and clean as on the tours. i know it can be so disheartening to travel all the way to uni, to find that your room is half the size of what you expected, or the furniture is a bit more rickety or whatever. you’ll get used to it, just make it your own - once again, you probably haven’t made the wrong decision, it’s just that those accommodation catalogues are designed to sell things to you, and they probably work. after a while these things will become quirks and memorable things about your home.
  3. the first thing i always do is make my bed. it instantly makes your room feel more like YOUR bedroom, your space - and if you get distracted making new friends or exploring your uni, when you get back to your room you’ll be able to get straight into a freshly made bed rather than having to make it when you’re tired and just want to sleep.
  4. then, figure out how the internet works - and not just because the best way to unpack is with a movie on in the background. let’s say you go out for the evening but you feel kinda homesick and you just want to curl up in bed - if your laptop is already connected to the internet then you can go straight ahead and chat to friends/family, watch a comforting film or TV series, plan the next day, without having to faff about trying to sign up for whatever internet plan your halls uses (i still absolutely loathe eduroam after all these years)
  5. bring things that make you feel at home, not just the typical photos or posters - i brought a batch of my favourite cookies my mum makes, and bought the exact same hot drinks as we had at home, a cushion that sat on my bed at home. these little things that you’d notice if they were different at home
  6. i like to get all my unpacking done asap but sometimes asap means the next day if theres an event going on where you can meet new friends! 
  7. introduce yourself to your neighbours. even just a quick “hi there, my name is ___ and i’m studying ___” - i completely understand that socialising can feel so pressurised whenever people say oh the people you’ll meet at uni will be your friends for life, but seriously if you know and can recognise your neighbours, even if you’re not best friends with them, it’ll help a lot, especially if you’ve forgotten to buy teabags or you need a tampon or if you haven’t managed to figure out the internet yet. i ended up living with my neighbour from first year and we’re still friends today, but i probably wouldn’t have ended up being friends with her if we weren’t neighbours because we’re very different!
  8. attend halls events - on my first day of first year my halls had a big barbecue and then there was a halls themed night out - as somebody with anxiety problems who’s not a massive fan of nights out i know how tempting it can be to hide away and stay in your room, but you don’t have to be the worlds biggest socialite and you don’t have to introduce yourself to every single person in the halls if you’re not that kind of person (more props to you if you are though!), but it’s a great opportunity to perhaps meet other people on your course who you can walk to lectures with or people you can sit with at meal times, and slowly but surely you will find that core group of friends.
  9. don’t be afraid to ask people’s names again - you can’t be expected to remember everybody’s names immediately, and chances are they’ll have forgotten your name too! for the longest time i had the names of two of my closest friends switched around mistakenly aha
  10. things i’m either very glad i moved to uni with or ended up needing very soon after moving and so had to buy - plate/bowl/cutlery - no brainer if you’re self catered but also if you’re in catered halls! (i’d end up missing a set meal time or wanting a midnight bowl of cereal or something), lamp (lots of places don’t allow fairy lights but its nice to have lower lighting than the room light and sometimes the desk lamps aren’t great), radiator clothes dryer - one of those ones you hang off the radiator (i would always use the laundry room tumble dryer but we all have stuff that can be tumble dried, and you don’t want to hang your bras off your desk chair whilst you’re sitting in it!), room freshener spray, spare rolls of toilet paper (although our communal bathrooms were stocked with toilet paper they’d constantly run out over the weekend!), fiction books, tupperware (storing leftovers from takeaways/sneaking food out of the dining hall), nail clippers, plasters, painkillers, lemsip, magnified mirror.
my jeans may all be ripped (but i swear i’m perfect for you)

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5 times Bellamy Blake was a hot mess + 1 time he wasn’t.

So this was supposed to be a birthday fic, but since I suck I just finished it, and I’m gonna cheat a lil and make it a “congrats on 300+” fic too. (Also, you should go follow Anya if you aren’t already; she’s the absolute sweetest!)

Rated: General Audiences
(Read on AO3)


Thirty seconds left.

Clarke leaped to her feet with the rest of the home crowd, eyes glued to a familiar jersey as it darted across the field towards the goal, ball in his possession. Her best friend was the only sophomore on the varsity team, but he left no one in any doubt as to how he’d gotten his spot. “Come on, Bellamy!”

Desperate, a Mount Weather defender rushed him in a flying tackle that sent them both to the ground. The ref blew his whistle, but the damage was done: the offending player climbed to his feet, smirking, while Bellamy remained motionless on the field.

Miller was the first at his side, only because Octavia was at a game of her own and Clarke knew his teammates would never let Bellamy live it down if she stormed the field when he wasn’t actually dying right then and there. But he could be, whispered the irrational, treacherous part of her brain. And you won’t have gotten to tell him —

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Teardrops on My Guitar (Pt. 2)

Hey guys! So here is the second part to Teardrops on My Guitar. This song is based on I’d Lie, also by my girl TayTay lol. I’m probably going to be doing a third part, so let me know what you guys think! I hope you guys enjoy!!


I don’t think that passenger seat
Has ever looked this good to me
He tells me about his night
And I count the colors in his eyes
He’ll never fall in love he swears
As he runs his fingers through his hair
I’m laughing ‘cause I hope he’s wrong
And I don’t think it ever crossed his mind
He tells a joke, I fake a smile
But I know all his favorite songs

Getting a phone call at 2 in the morning was something you were not expecting. Especially a phone call from Luke. It’s been a few months since your Taylor Swift melt down, as you like to refer to it. You and Luke were still friends, but more distant then before. The other guys noticed, but instead of saying anything they just made sure to involve you in whatever they were doing. You were still a big supporter of their band, and attended whatever performance they had. Jenny usually showed up, but when she did she hardly paid attention. You didn’t understand why Luke was still with her, but he still declared that he loved her. So as you can see, a phone call from Luke was something not to expect. “Hello?” I asked, yawning in the process. “Shit, did I wake you up? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called.” Luke rambled, about to hangup. “No, Luke I’m up now. It’s fine, what’s up?” You asked, trying to seem more awake. “Are you up for a car ride? I just need to get my mind off things.” Luke said. “Yeah, give me a few minutes to get ready.” I replied, running around my to get proper clothes on. “Okay, I’m outside already.” Luke said casually. “What the hell Hemmings.” I said after peaking out my window to see he was sitting out there. “How long have you been there?” I asked, hopping on one foot as I got my pants on. I heard Luke mumble something but didn’t get a chance to ask what when I tripped over my pants and fell on my butt. I could hear Luke laughing on the other end and I decided to just hang up on him. I made my way to his car after I was done, I always loved being in the car while Luke drove. He always had that look of concentration but at the same time he looked like he was miles away in his mind. The moment I got into the car Luke was off driving. “So what’s on your mind that you woke up at 2 in the morning to talk to me about?” I asked, looking over to actually look at Luke. To put it nicely, he looks like hell. “I didn’t wake up.” Luke said softly, it took me a second to process what he meant. “Luke! Why have you been up all night? What have you been doing?” I asked. “Just driving, and thinking.” Luke said, glancing over at you. “Spill.” I command, taking a breath in as I saw how Luke’s normally bright blue eyes were just a little bit duller then usual. “Jen and I broke up.” “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be, I guess she was just using me.” Luke sighed, one of his hands going to run through his hair. “She needed help with school, and dated me so I could help her. Fuck her.” Luke said after a pause. I gently put my hand over the one that was on the steering wheel. “I really am sorry Luke. She’s a bitch for doing that.” “You know, I thought I loved her. But I realized, love isn’t real. At least I hope not, cause it would hurt like a bitch.” Luke joked. I laughed along, but I really hope he didn’t think that. Though, he was right, loving someone did hurt a lot. “You know, I don’t think she knew anything about me. She one time thought I actually liked Justin Bieber music.” I laughed with him, mainly cause I knew what his favorite song and artists are, and could name them in order too, but he didn’t know that.

He looks around the room
Innocently overlooks the truth
Shouldn’t a light go on?
Doesn’t he know that I’ve had him memorized for so long?
He sees everything black and white
Never let nobody see him cry
I don’t let nobody see me wishing he was mine

It’s been over two weeks since Luke and Jenny broke up, and he was back to being my best friend, at least to him. The guys had another gig and of course I tagged along. When the guys were performing Luke glanced my way, but seemed to be searching the crowd for another face. It was the first gig that Jenny deliberately didn’t attend, and I could see it was killing Luke on stage. The other boys noticed as well, and tried to make up for his gloomy presence. After the show the boys usually stay backstage for a bit, but I knew Luke wouldn’t want to stay there. So after they finished, I waited a few minutes before heading backstage where there was bound to be an exit leading to the back. Of course, there was Luke, sitting up against the wall with his head on his knees. I quietly walked over and sat next to him, I didn’t look at him or say anything, cause I knew he wouldn’t want that. Instead I just placed my head on his shoulder so he knew I was there for him. “It just sucks.” Luke finally said, his voice a little raspy from singing and probably crying. “I know, but at least you have time to let this heal.” I replied, not knowing how to tell him gently that he will probably get over this. 

He stands there, then walks away
My god if I could only say,
“I’m holding every breath for you…”

You were walking down the hallway were you spotted Luke and Calum when you heard their argument. “No, I don’t want to get over it. Yeah I might be overreacting, bur you would be to if you thought you loved a girl and turns out she was using you. I’m so fucking done with this school and these people. They don’t care why should I?” Luke ranted, walking away from a stunned Calum. You were only a few feet away from them, so Luke had stopped in front of you. You opened your mouth to say something when Luke interrupted you. “Save it.” Luke continued walking away, leaving you to blankly stare at the boy who felt unloved. The boy you loved with every ounce in you, but he just couldn’t understand it. “You okay?” Calum asked, having walked up to you when Luke spotted you. “Yeah, I’m not feeling well. I think I’m going to go home.” You honestly felt like having a breakdown. “I’ll get any work for you.” Calum said, giving you a tight hug before allowing you to walk away.

He’d never tell you but he can play guitar
I think he can see through everything but my heart
First thought when I wake up
Is “My god, he’s beautiful.”
So I put on my make-up
And pray for a miracle

I knew where Luke would be, yet I still went to him. He was the only person I went to when I felt down like this, even if he was the reason I was down. He hadn’t seen or heard me walk into the music room, so he kept playing the guitar. People knew he played the guitar, but very rare people have actually seen him play by himself. When he took a second to pause I took the moment to applaud him so he knew I was in here. “How do you manage to find me?” Luke asked after he saw it was me, scooting over so I could sit next to him. “Because I am just that good.” I joked, causing Luke to crack a small smile. “So what’s up buttercup?” Luke used the nickname he gave you. “Just not feeling today. You?” “Same. We both know why I’m not feeling today.” “Or any other day.” I added with a smile. “Shut up.” Luke said, pushing your shoulder. “But what’s with you?” Luke asked. “Just guy problems I guess.” “You like a guy?” Luke looked surprised to hear this news. “Don’t look at me like that. I do like people too you know.” “Well, duh, but I mean you never talked about this guy before. What’s the problem?” Luke asked, more concerned. I let out a sigh at his question. How do you phrase ‘You are the guy I like but you can’t tell because you’re heartbroken and think of me as only a friend,’ to a naive boy? “We talk and stuff, but it’s like he doesn’t understand that I like him. I have for awhile, but he just can’t get it through his thick skull.” I smiled a little, thinking of just how clueless Luke can be at times. “And it doesn’t help that he’s dated beautiful girls in the past. So my only option is to keep looking pretty and pray for a miracle. Maybe one day he’ll notice me, but I doubt it.” I didn’t really look at Luke saying this, fearing it would be a dead giveaway. “Well, that guy doesn’t know how lucky he would be to have you in his life. I mean, I don’t know what I would do without you.” Luke finally said, pulling you close so your head was resting on his shoulder. “What to know what hurts the most?” I asked, taking a shaky breathe. “What?” “I think I love him, but I know he will never love me back. I’m so pathetic.” I said, feeling relieved that I kind of told Luke I love him, but so stupid that I love a guy who will never love me. I held my head in his shoulder, not wanting to look at him. “You’re not pathetic, I think that we are just a couple of hopeless romantics. But that’s why we go so well together.” Luke said, trying to make me feel better. “Of course.” I replied, giving him a half-hearted smile. 

Yes, I could tell you his favorite color’s green
He loves to argue, oh, and it kills me
His sister’s beautiful, he has his father’s eyes
And if you asked me if I love him
If you asked me if I love him
I’d lie

“Just tell him already.” Michael argued with you. You were hanging out with the boys, a last hoorah before they left for tour, when Ashton and Luke left to go get food. Michael and Calum decided it would be a perfect time to ambush you. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said, trying to avoid this. “Don’t play stupid. You like him, you know him better than he knows himself.” Calum joined in. “I don’t like him.” I said, not really lying. “Yes you do! We know you do, why are you lying to us?” Michael shouted, throwing his arms out to exaggerate. “I’m not lying.” I replied. “Do you love him?” Calum asked, cocking his eyebrows at me. I didn’t answer, instead just looked at the ground trying to act like I didn’t hear him. “Do you love Luke, (Y/N)?” Calum asked again. “No.” I said, gritting my teeth because I, as did Mikey and Cal, knew I couldn’t lie to them. “Why do you keep lying!” Michael shouted again. “Do you want to hear that I love him? That I know all of these things about him and he will only love me as a friend? No, I will always lie. Because I don’t want to ever lose him, and if I can stay in his life as his best friend then so be it. I will always lie.” I said. Michael and Calum stayed silent for a moment, allowing me to take a deep breathe and relax myself. “I’m sorry I snapped. I’m just stressed, my four best friends are leaving me.” I said, placing my head in my hands. “And one lover.” Michael added, trying to be funny. I just glared at him. Cal didn’t say much, just came and laid his head in my lap. “We’re gonna miss you too, I mean who else is going to keep us sane and be a mother to us?” “Well, I would hope your mothers.” I said, laughing. Before Cal responded, Ashton came bounding into the room with drinks. “Where’d Luke go?” Ashton said as he looked around the room. “Last time I checked you two went to get food.” Michael stated. “Pizza!” Michael ran to Luke, who very silently came into the room. “How did I beat you down here?” Ash asked, giving everyone a drink. “Went to the bathroom.” Luke mumbled. I gave Luke a questioningly look, which he just shrugged off. “Did we miss any important gossip?” Ashton joked, joining the group again. “Just how much I’m going to miss you guys.” I replied, glaring at Cal and Mikey. “Well, I know I’ll miss you. Now I have to be the sane one.” Ash laughed, causing me to laugh as well. “You being sane? Ha!” I glanced at Luke, to see if he would say anything. He just kept his head down and looked like he was texting someone. I looked at Cal to give him an I told you so look, but he was on his phone as well. I slapped the phone out of his hand so it hit his face. “Don’t be on your phone when this is the last day you get to be with me!” I shouted, not being too serious about my accusation. Calum still had a shocked look on his face, not moving the phone that slid to his chest. “I hate you.” Calum mumbled. “You love me.” Cal wiggled his eyebrows at you, and you just rolled your eyes. You would miss these boys, but you knew you would miss seeing Luke the most, the only one paying the least amount of attention to.

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