my best colouring yet!!!!

“I like the stars.” His fingers lightly curled against the grass, “I want to see them all the time.”

Hajime let his legs spread out in front of them, arms leaning back to support him, “I like them too.” He glanced over at Tooru, “We can come here whenever you need to.”

i just HAD TO draw this amazing AU of SuggestiveScribe

so padawan Iwaoi watching the stars!

Some of you requested me posting WIPs like last time.. so I am going to!! :) Hopefully it helps..  Please feel free to ask any questions along the way.. 

I finally finished detailing the rough sketch.. after a long time squinting at various screencaps.. I am not sure how accurate i got the armor.. but i tried my best:

Not sure about the colour scheme yet.. but I kinda green/blue combo at the moment so I put that down for now..  I am tagging this “Dorian Painting progress” and update as I work along..