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A new girl at work said she didn’t like Chris Evans, especially because of his hairy chest in What’s Your Number? and I don’t remember what happened after that I must’ve blacked out but you guys can vouch for my whereabouts the past 4 hours, right? RIGHT?!?

me thinking about my fic: okay, so this story is centered around lup and barry. they’re the new variable here – i should be focusing primarily, if not exclusively, on them.

me writing my fic: and THIS scene is to appreciate angus mcdonald, and this scene can give us some lucretia pov, and y’know we don’t value merle enough, and how about a little taste of magnus’s perspective–

Seafoam's Story

He was a freshman when we met, So foolish and fresh. He never carried around salt or Iron and thought it a good idea to think allowed when he wrote poetry, the fool. That boy so foolish and fresh, even wrote and spoke it next to the pool.

So fragilely human yet so unafraid. I may have a few drops of human blood but I am still a seal maid. Iron burns and salt repels. It matters not that my great grandma was human. My grandma was born of the sea like her father. It is rare but it happens.

When he asked me why I was staring at him that day I could not lie and said, “Your poetry is so beautiful and the sweetest of sweets. Will you write a poem for me, John Keats?”

My ability to speak poetically probably made him think I was human, but no it is just one of the few gifts being born of the sea and a small amount of human blood does. Many don’t like me for that and I know that they do not see me as one of their own completely which is why I attend no court or revelry.

He wrote me a poem, I gave him a shell. He wrote me another and I gave him that old silver bell. We exchanged gift after gift and spent hour upon hour by the pool. Oh how I missed him over the summer, I waited and waited for my fool.

That is the thing about Selkie especially those who are females. We fall for humans and mix with them much more than the males.

We become human easily if we find true love which we find in many ways. It is rare to find a selkie with no drop of human blood these days.

When he came back for his second year her worn a necklace of iron but always took it off when I was near.

 That year he struggled with his exam so I made a deal with the man. I would ensure he would pass, but the last lie he spoke to me was forever his last.

 He did not go home that winter or that summer. Many students began to wonder.

 You see I have never tried to Take him. I refused to let him be hurt because of my impulsive whim.

Maybe I am more human than I thought. Everyone said so but they forgot.

He said he would love me forever. I said the same and I knew then the bond I had to sever.

On the night of his graduation we stand in front of a flame. My pelt burns forever and I feel no shame.

We Selkie fall in love with humans more than others of our like. Now I cross the river just as human as my beloved Mike.




Reylo College AU 

I made these Reylo aesthetics for my fic called Sparkles in Your Eyes.

I wrote this fic in my language (which is Thai) because my English writing skill is not good enough lol but I still want to share these aesthetics to my beloved Reylo fandom.

The story is about Kylo Ren who accidentally sparks with the girl who falls asleep at his favorite bench in Vader memorial garden beside his faculty. Her name is Rey Kenobi, a scholarship student who studies in fine arts.

Even he doesn’t know her at all, even she still in her daydream, he still feels connected to her.

After that moment his eyes are searching for her everywhere he goes, his ears longing to hear her voice and try to do everything and use every method he can use to get close to her.

Other characters are included. Rey’s Corgi named BB-8 who always being cinnamon roll to everyone. Finn and Poe, Rey’s best buddies which embrace her into their lives. Armitage Hux, Kylo’s frenemy who always babble about his cat named Milicent every time he has a chance. Leia, Kylo’s mom and the chancellor of their university and also her twin, Luke Skywalker, the old man who runs the Ach-to Cafe nearby.

I saw something sparks in her eyes, glittering like a whole galaxy.
Please don’t try to run away from me. 
Because your eyes said you were feeling it too.

A little more explanation...

What can I say? I was having a rough day and wanted to keep it short, but I feel you guys deserve maybe just a little more of an explanation as to my reasons.

Let me make it clear that there aren’t really things going on in my personal life (Things are actually pretty good other than my car wreck lmao) and Tumblr doesn’t make me upset or depressed or anxious or anything like that with all the anon hate. So don’t feel bad for me or think that something’s wrong. It’s more of a fact that I don’t feel like I have to put up with it. 

I shouldn’t have to. No one should. And I’m just done with it.

Unless you are the Kazliin’s of the fandom with Until My Feet Bleed, being a fanfiction author is a pretty thankless job. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a lot of support and lovely followers, but when you put in hours and thousands of words, sometimes, 20-30 comments just seems like not nothing for what you’ve done. Especially when there are ‘those’ comments…the nasty and the hateful. And sure, in the grand scheme of things, they are 1 bad comments for every 20 good, but we as humans have a tendency to focus on just the bad, don’t we?

But it also got to the point it was no longer just my writing anymore, it was attacks on me personally. For the most part I never published the nasty anons because why expose all of you to that and why encourage the behavior? No point. But, why? Why the fuck is anyone putting up with this shit on this piece of crap website? For fuck’s sake. 

I’m not speaking at anyone directly, and certainly not to my loyal followers, but THE FANDOM drives away some of the best authors. Not personal issues the author is going through. THE FANDOM.  The YOI fandom has driven me away, just as the SPN one did. Though, I’ll give SPN credit, I don’t recall them ever having a fucking ‘shit list’ (Though I’ve seen how nasty some people are to one of the fandom’s best artists so maybe that’s the same)

What will happen to my stories? I don’t know, to be honest. I won’t delete anything, of that I can promise. PR will likely be done someday because there’s only 2 chapters left and it would be stupid not to finish it. But FP and SP…yeah. I don’t know. Probably LR will continue, since I was always just writing that for me in the first place. But I make no promises for anything either way.

I’m going to go back to what got me into writing in the first place….my world of OCs with @spanthedistance. My beloved 200k story on AO3 that has a total of 4 Kudos between the two books. That’s right. Four. And yet, Even though no one read it, I still love it. I love it so much. And It’s time I return to it,  I think.

If you want to keep up with my writing, then I encourage you to follow A Twist in the Myth Series and the soon to be added Dreams of the Morrow on my AO3. Both can be enjoyed without being familiar with the fandoms they are in, as me and Kage (my co-author for these stories) were very conscious of writing it as such. DotM maybe a little less so, but ATITM can really be enjoyed without knowing anything. 

I’ll still be around, but I just won’t be active. You can still message me and send me asks, but I likely won’t answer for days at a time. You can find me on instagram: bflemingo and snapchat: kashoku if you use those platforms.

Seriously guys, thank you for everything, and one day I’ll probably come back, but not until Tumblr gets their heads out of their fucking asses. 

<3 Sinpai

Not only is Mabel Pines a confident female character, but she’s a confident female character whose arc is never about tearing her down for daring to love herself. So many times, confident women only get stories about how they’re full of themselves and need to be taken down a notch (also, so many times, confidence is only written to co-exist with cruelty–the message is that you can only love yourself if you hate everyone else).

Every time there’s a storyline about Mabel’s insecurity, she ends up validated. Pacifica makes fun of her for being too silly? Her silliness is the only way they solve the mystery. Unicorn tells her she isn’t good enough? It’s because the unicorn is a lying jerk! She feels like she isn’t smart enough to play DD&MD? Her enthusiasm and creativity (plus Stan’s rule-breaking) totally save the day! She gets tricked into starting Weirdmageddon because she feels alone and afraid and not one single character blames her for it and once Dipper has helped her face her problems and convinced her she won’t be alone, she bursts out of the bubble certain that she and her friends can save the world! And they do! It comes down to the Stans in the end, but only because Mabel and Dipper got everyone there, led them and inspired them and reminded Stan and Ford what it’s like to work together.

Mabel’s coming-of-age arc is so well-constructed and nuanced and compassionate and it builds her up instead of tearing her down. It matters. She matters.


Mitt litið grasstra  (My little stem of grass)”  by @lasimo74allmyworld

Never start doodling in the Sunday afternoon just to pass some time. Because you can find yourself into a draperies mazes and curly black hair…

Jokes apart, yes, i started doodling a beautiful pic, a pic took at Wallander times, and it means MagnusTom,…young, blond, curly and radiant. And from that beauty here’s a very young Loki. A teen Loki. I loved the idea of he could have such curly hair, before the usual spiked- up hair in the movies, because it gives me the hint of the time that pass. Here Loki is the quiet, introvert, young prince,…far from all the hatred and awful things.

At this time he is only the litið grasstra, the little stem of grass of his beloved mother. My Loki story seems to be quite inspiring…

anonymous asked:

Hey, whay would you do if Luke, Finn or Rey or anyone would kill Kylo? What about Leia?


ugh. the nerve. I’m seriously not even entertaining that point, so you can forget about it. I actually legitimately believe that’s an insult to Carrie and the character of Leia.

Anyway… guess I’lll… answer this now? But I’m going to expand on this because I smell ANTI all over this ask. And I’m gonna actually talk about why I think this question is messed up in the context of Star Wars.

I guess to answer this… I think the most likely to legitimately try and kill Kylo would be Luke at this point.

I think Rey will be tested and ultimately will not want to kill him, nor will she be able to. This lines up with spoilers we’ve heard from Making Star Wars and Bothan-Spy (reliable source) on Reddit. They’ve mentioned Kylo and Rey talking amicably and Rey running away/disappearing mid-fight with Kylo.

Finn might HATE Kylo, but he is also the most compassionate of the three new main characters - even moreso than Rey in my opinion. He is the first to show immediate, unquestioning compassion in the entire movie - he just refuses to follow orders in the face of moral dilemma. I refuse to believe that good writers would ruin that part of Finn by making him kill a main character - a main antagonist who is in fact being shown in a sympathetic light.

And I do think Kylo - even though he is currently a villain - is being shown as a sympathetic character. We see his whole family… we see his conflict and pain. We see him struggle with his legacy and the “pull to the light.” We see him not tattle on Finn at the beginning. We see him not kill Rey on the edge of a cliff.

That’s not how you set up your ultimate villain. So yeah. He’s a total asshole 100%. He fucked up. But he can still be a sympathetic character - and he clearly is being set up that way.

Hux and Phasma are clear foils to Kylo - showcasing two people who are more obedient and deliberate in their aims with the FO. They believe in the FO. They agree with Starkiller Base (to which Kylo CANONICALLY objects), they are present at its firing.

Kylo is a Knight Templar character archetype (for now) though - one who follows a warped moral code, but a moral code that he believes is just and good. I believe he will also follow the Atoner archetype starting in TLJ - prompted by meeting his mother and forming a partnership with Rey.

Rey and Finn both have arcs informed by Kylo’s influence, too - Kylo is the reason both of them are out of their shitty former situations - and YES. I KNOW he did shitty things to them ALSO. I am aware. He is a still a VILLAIN. But Rey and Finn - to satisfy their character arcs and growth, as well as tell a halfway decently structured story - need to resolve their conflict with Kylo in a HEALTHY way that informs their characters. Just killing him doesn’t really teach anything. It’s very flat, one-dimensional BLOCKBUSTER bullshit.

Star Wars may be pop culture, but it also sets itself apart in its richness and depth in storytelling. That includes challenging character stereotypes and challenging audience expectations. That includes rich, morally ambiguous characters that surprise us. That’s why Star Wars is so iconic - it is fresh, and it follows a set of standards beyond cardboard, simplistic, Hollywood-typical storytelling.

Also, I have a feeling you’re an anti because ain’t no Reylo goin’ around sayin’ Leia gonna kill her child.

Anyway, I guess to DIRECTLY answer your silly question…

If Luke, Finn, or Rey killed Kylo I guess I’d… be disappointed? I mean, what else could I do? There isn’t really anything I can do lol. I’m not sure what you even mean. I suppose I could… complain at the bad storywriting? The missed opportunity in character exploration? But outside of that… I dunno.

At the end of the day, it’s really just a fictional story so I’d probably be like, “Well, that was shitty story writing/ character development. Too bad, Star Wars.”

And then I’d move on with my life, but probably with a bit of disappointment in SW - which is probably my most beloved story.

DanversSistersWeek: Day 3 - Nerd Sisters

Hey folks, I’m late, I know. But hey, nobody’s perfect, eh? This thing’s weird and it’s mainly written for my beloved @ohhellothereworld-blog (this story was her idea in the first place). I hope y’all enjoy it!

Flame Con

They still weren’t quite sure how they had managed to convince J’onn to give them all off. It might have been the argument that now that Supergirl had come out as bisexual, she was a queer icon and had to be there. It might have been the fact that this would be an important experience for Alex and her journey of embracing her own sexuality fully. It might have been the Danvers sisters’ puppy eyes and the feared Sawyer pout that made J’onn’s resistance crumble into itself. In the end, he gave them all off and labelled it as a team-building-exercise for anyone stupid enough to question his decision. How wouldn’t lend them the jet, though.

On Thursday night, chaos reigned in the Danvers/Sawyer household as Alex desperately tried to bring order to her fiancée’s catastrophic packing system and Maggie made a game of throwing down said system. When the LCorp vehicle to the airport arrived, Alex snapped at the driver and Maggie couldn’t get rid of a shit-eating grin. They made up on their way to the airfield, though, to the very displeasure of their poor driver.

Lena’s jet was awaiting them and judging by the silhouettes behind the aircraft’s windows, they were the last ones to arrive. And indeed, Kara, Lena, Winn, and James had already made themselves comfortable in the luxurious seats, their luggage stowed away in the back of the cabin. Alex brought their bags to the others’ before flopping down on the seat next to Kara. Maggie curled up on a seat across the aisle.

Just as they had all fastened their seat belts, Lena returned from the cockpit and within minutes they were up in the air and heading towards New York City.

“I’m so excited!” Kara squealed as soon as they could take off their seat belts. A brilliant smile lit up her face and Alex could see her floating a fraction of an inch above her seat.
“It’s gonna be so amazing!” She frantically flailed her arms, causing Alex to burst into a throaty laughter at her adorableness. The rest of the group soon joined in, endeared by Kara’s childlike outburst.

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Fanfic Author Appreciation Day!

A special shout-out today to all those wonderful fanfic writers out there that share your incredible work. There are so many of you, I’m afraid I can’t possibly hope to remember to tag them all, but know with every reblog, every kudos, and comment that as a fellow author I know how hard it can sometimes be, and I love and appreciate everything you do. <3

I’d specifically like to thank:

@calamity-bean. We’ve not interacted much, but somehow when I was first getting started with this blog I stumbled across an Annlett gifset from your blog with no idea who either of them were and reblogged it simply because it was beautiful and my kind of aesthetic. An hour of research and YouTube clips and vids later I bought and marathoned season one so I could watch season two in tandem with the rest of the fandom. Your fics are incredible and encouraged me to try writing my first ever fic for a historical fiction setting. I owe all my Turn fics to you. Regardless of how the show ended and how disappointing an end for the pairing (which I fully intend to fix with fic when I’m able to stand writing them again), I will always love what this show did give us, and you for introducing me to it.

@ariannadi, your Arian is stunning. Such a wonderful and original character and your blog and your fics/prompts never fails to provide me with lots of Cullen-centric feels. Your blog inspired me to create a home blog for all of my beloved OCs and their stories. Perhaps even more importantly you as a blogger are always such an incredibly kind and positive force, the DA fandom is lucky to have you.

@seaweedredandbrown, my Newmann bff, what can I say that I haven’t so many times already, except that I’m so glad we reached out to one another and have become as good a friends as we have. I adore your writing. Am a little bit envious of your ability to world-build for AUs, and am forever grateful for all of your enthusiasm, love, and support with my writing endeavors.

I’d also like to thank some of the many writers whose lovely works I have enjoyed discovering through @dadrunkwriting and those that make up my #fic rec tag and I go back and read again and again: @brittleskyblue, @watsonshoneybee, @kauriart, @kingsmanhartwin, @jawsandbones, @kaerwrites, @imagineclintcoulson, @queen-culper, @acheesecakewrites, @gaysparkler, @badrowboats, @elfrooted, @iboatedhere, @le-petit-creationist, @vorchagirl, @elletromil, @gentlekingsmen, @trashbagauthor, @venvephe, @acoupletshort, @elsarenard, @missbeckywrites, @trilliath, @cordkitty-ish, @fatally-procrastinating, @thevikingwoman, @galadrieljones, @queensoledad, @dragynfox, @5ftgarden, @ma-sulevin, @grumblebee-trilogy

Lots of love today to all the fanfic writers out there for all the hard work you do and the beautiful things you share with us.