my beloved princess


What does it matter now? No, no, nobody left the skidmarks of sin
on your soul and laid you wide open for Hell. You were loved.
Always. We did what was best. We remember your childhood well {X}

Carol Ann Duffy

On a Lazy Sunday - Brendan Gallagher Imagine

are you taking requests? If so can you make one we’re you and b gally are expecting your first child? i’m bad with descriptions basically fluff central. Thank you! have a great day!

Thank you so much for the request! Also thank you so, so much for waiting so long for it. It may not be too long but I think the fluffy-ness makes up for it ;). Thanks for reading, hope you like it! -Accius

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azunya-senpai: Fluffy first kisses with the boys, please? (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

(Yahoo~ I’ve got the second half! Yay! I hope everyone likes this! If you don’t like it when an animal death is mentioned, please don’t read Subaru’s part! Well anyway, read and enjoy! <3)



Peacefully, you and Kanato were enjoying some tasty vanilla cake at the manor’s beautiful garden. You were both talking about simple things and light matters.

“(Y/N),” he smiled, “can you please pass icing? Teddy feels like our cake is too stale.” He explained. You looked at his plate. Kanato’s whole meal was basically a huge amount of frosting that covered a tiny lump of bread.

You shrugged. He grinned widely as you reached out for a huge bowl that was filled with the desired substance. You wouldn’t judge him for his obsession with sugar.

As luck may have it, your clumsiness got in the way of the tranquility you and Kanato were thoroughly enjoying. Your hand unintentionally spasmed. It caused the fragile bowl to jump out of the table and spill its contents all over the dusty floor.

The childish vampire screeched. “What have you done?!” He crouched to the ground and mourned for the spilled frosting. “Oh, shi- I’m so sorry!” You apologized. You tried to get him up. He was sobbing uncontrollably. His wide eyes were filled with tears.

“You monster!” He wailed as you managed to get him back to his seat. You rolled your eyes and sat down. “Don’t worry, Kanato. I’m sure we can ask the manor’s cook to make us a new batch! In fact, I’ll make it for you!” You replied optimistically.

He sniffled. “Really? You would do that for me?” He smiled through his crying. Kanato shocked you when he suddenly hopped up and grabbed your waist, practically kneeling before you. “My (Y/N) is so sweet! She’s even sweeter than all the cake in the world!” He buried his head in your chest.

“Hehe, well, I try,” you cheekily said, “please get up now, Kanato. You’re knees are getting dirty!” He nodded.

Kanato stared deeply into your (E/C) eyes. he looked at you with hunger. “Can I kiss you, (Y/N)?” He tugged the hair on your face behind your ear. “W-what?” You blushed. He lightly carried your chin so you would look up at him. “Please? I want everyone to know that you belong to me… your sweet kisses, your warm hugs and your soul will only belong to me!”

He didn’t wait for your permission. He dived his lips onto yours. You gasped. He was so soft and tender. You deepened the kiss, not wanting him to get bored. You brushed your hand on his striking violet tufts and licked his welcoming mouth. It tasted sweet like cake and candy.

He moved away. You pouted adorably. You craved for more of his touches and gentle caresses. You weren’t disappointed for long, though, because he suddenly carried you like a bride to his room. “(Y/N),” he whispered huskily, “I’ll make sure you belong to me in every way possible…”



“The stars are rather pretty tonight, hm?” You said absentmindedly. The two of you were leaning on the bark of a huge Sakura tree, watching the night sky with rapt attention.

The fedora wearing boy smirked at you. “Of course, none of them are as pretty as you, Bitch-chan~!” He sang. You were glad that the darkness of the night covered the light crimson that was forming on your cheeks.

“You’re lying,” you bluntly stated. He giggled and shook his head. “My Bitch-chan is so modest~” he told himself, “I wonder why? She’s already as beautiful as all the galaxies that glimmer brightly in the sky.” You scoffed at his smooth words.

You lazily moved your head a little closer to him. “How would you know? Have you seen the whole galaxy? Do you even have a rocket ship?” You poked your accusing finger on his chest.

Laito gently grasped your hand and brought it closer for a small kiss. “Ah, does it matter? Just by looking into your eyes, I can tell that you’re a beauty that even the moon and stars would fight for.” Without a moment of thought, he pulled your arm and forced you to sit on his lap. You weren’t complaining.

You nestled yourself lovingly on his cool neck. You inhaled his cologne; he smelled masculine and spicy. “You think so?” you mumbled shyly into his porcelain skin. “I’ve known since the very first time I’ve seen you, Bitch-chan~!”

“Since when were you so good with words?” You raised your head to meet the level of his eyes. They were shining brighter than the morning sun. Their greenness rivaled the fresh patch of grass the two of you were sitting on. They reminded you of a cat’s, intense yet silent; calculating yet curious.

“Since you agreed to be the light and music in my life,” he closed his beautiful eyes, denying you the tranquility that it brought. Masterfully yet hesitantly, Laito tilted his head. His mop of red hair flowing gently with the wind. He got closer and closer until your breaths were mingled into one.

You both shared a kiss. It was too tender to be called harsh. It was too rough to be considered gentle. There weren’t any fireworks in the background yet you could feel your heart throb with each passing explosion. The moon and the stars glittered brightly while the two of you expressed your desires. The kiss was more than perfect; it went beyond the galaxy itself.

“You know,” you managed to moan. Laito was lightly blushing and, for once, he wasn’t smirking. He was smiling. Tracing patterns on his chest, you continued, “I never knew you were a kisser.”

“Nfu~ how about we experiment a little more to see if you aren’t lying~?”



S-subaru!” You cried. You were running around the school with bitter tears streaming down your face. The feeling in your chest was heavy and you were just blindly calling out your lover’s name for reassurance. “Subaru, please come!

So suddenly that you almost bumped into him, Subaru appeared. He panted and looked at you worriedly. You pushed yourself into his warm embrace, sobbing your heart out. You felt him comb your hair with his long cool fingers. “Shhh, (Y/N), I’m here. Tell me what’s wrong.”

His gentleness comforted you. “My m-mom called today,” you sniffled. You couldn’t continue so you simply hugged him tighter. He awkwardly patted you on the back. “Your mom called? What did she say?” He only wanted you to stop crying.

You inhaled deeply. You finished, “my dog… She died a couple of minutes ago.” Biting your lip, you looked up at him.

Subaru’s eyes widened in recognition. He looked at you pitifully. “Eh? You mean Princess?” He dabbed away your tears with his handkerchief. “The dog that pissed all over my new shoes died? What happened?”

You giggled at the reminder. As soon as that burst of laughter came, it went away faster. “Mom was walking her and the l-leash broke and she ran to the streets and this truck came and-“ you said it as swifter as you could without breathing. You believed that if you said it quicker, it wouldn’t hurt as much. You left the rest up to his interpretation.

Tears were still blurring your vision. And yet, as you stayed longer inside Subaru’s warmth, you could slowly feel your sorrow melt away into numbness. He was always the only one that could comfort you.

“Hey,” the albino mumbled as he rubbed your back, “please smile for me again. You look so much prettier when you smile.” He tried to smile himself to motivate you.

You sighed. Changing your expression turned out to be harder than you had originally thought. Breathing deeply, you finally agreed to his request.

You grinned weakly. It never reached your eyes. What you didn’t expect, though, was his lips suddenly moving down on yours. He gave you multiple kisses on your lips and then all over your tear-stained face. Involuntarily, you gave another sob. Not because you were still sad. It was because you knew someone cared enough for you.

You were so shocked, you almost jumped and pushed him away. Thinking deeper, you looked at him lovingly as he hugged you. You pulled at his hand. “Thanks, Subaru,” you whispered as you both began walking to your house, “for being there for me.


Touching its cover the enchanted book suddenly flew open with a rapid whirl!

Philippe quickly reached for my hand with a gentle firmness as pages from the books started rushing past us. The book then started to omit a gentle light that then flowed and filled the room. It’s contents revealed a world that only the two of us could behold.

Philippe’s eyes then met mine and with a sad smile he then proclaimed, “No matter the place you go or the danger we may face, I will always follow and protect you… My beloved princess.”

Wow well this uploading process was fun. *sighs sarcastically* My computer is so done… Scanning art now is becoming tiring for my computer… So I can’t even fathom digital works. Oh well more traditional ones I guess. I’ll also have to stick to photos as well to show them.

I hope you enjoy this! Happy reading my romantic friends! ;D

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To the Universe and Back ( Valentine’s Day Special )


Characters: Tbs x Reader

Written by: Lauren :)

(A/N) Hey lovelies, heres a valentines Day special imagine that can be your valentine if you’re feeling lonely or sad. Both the imagine and I can be your valentine if you want to JUST TELL US CAUSE WE TOO DON’T HAVE VALENTINES :D. I apologise if the beginning is quite draggy and long since it has been a long time since I wrote and it was all weird ish and stuff at first. I hope you enjoy it and okay I’ll stop talking now. I LOVE YOU TO THE UNIVERSE AND BACK x Lauren :) 

At the cool breeze that flew into the room from the window that was opened by the side, I slowly rolled over to my side, wincing at the bright orange light that attacked me almost immediately as the remains of my sleep began to fade away like a tidal wave redrawing back. The coolness of the breeze that blew past my face only made me sigh in relief at the freshness it brought, reminding me of the beautiful palm trees and breathtaking ocean that was only meters from where I laid. The aromatic scent of salty air and strong ocean waves spiraled around the room like a floating leaf that was being carried by the wind, and with the dark orange luminous glow the sun was creating as it set below the horizon, it only made it a paradise for me to wake up in.  

I rolled over to my side, expecting to find the usual warmth and hardness that could be found almost every morning, but opened my eyes in confusion when all I felt was the softness of pillows that were placed beside me.  I laid there in bed for a few minutes, listening to any sounds that could give me a hint Thomas was coming back but when there wasn’t, I slowly sat up and leaned my composure against the headboard behind me.  

My eyes wandered around the huge room, noting the pillows that were on the floor and the open glass doors, but the person I was searching for was nowhere in sight. I clutched the heavy comforter against my chest tighter, like a shield against the now strong cold wind, as I sat there with silence surrounding me.

“ Tommy?” My voice reverberated around the room, breaking the tense silence that floated in the air but as I waited for an answer that I was expecting, nothing sounded back. I bit my lip down hard as I ran my fingers through my messy bed head hair, wondering where on earth Thomas could have gone now. As I leaned over to reach for my phone that sat quietly on the nightstand, a touch of curiosity filled my mind as the view of a nicely slim envelope came into my line of sight.  Gently, I picked it up and brought it closer, noting the messy cursive handwriting of Tommy’s that was at the front. A smile immediately made its way up onto my face as my eyes scanned over the writing which  said “ To My beloved Princess”.

I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear that was hanging right in front of my face initially, before I started prying open the letter, smiling as I began opening the folded paper which was tucked neatly in the envelope. As my eyes started going through the neat cursive words that were written on the smooth and cream coloured paper, pink immediately tinged my cheeks the moment I started reading the first few words.

Dear (Y/N),

Though the idea of waking up beside you after such a memorable night is indeed tempting, I am afraid I cannot no matter how much I want to.  I know you will be   slightly devastated from my absence once you wake up but I assure you not, it will be worth it for what will be waiting for you. Go to the dressing room, love, there’s something waiting for you.

x Thomas

I chuckled to myself, shaking my head, as I pictured the amount of discomfort he must have felt when writing this letter. Though Tommy and I have been together for as long as I could remember, romantic was definitely something that wasn’t part of him. Although, I do appreciate his effort of trying to be a romantic at times, I just couldn’t help but laugh at his attempts. It was both sweet and heart warming knowing that even though he wasn’t good at it, he was trying his best just so that he could make  happy. Thomas held a special place in my heart, and even though I had a soft spot for romantic guys, they were nothing as compared to him. I loved Thomas for who he was, his personality and nature. Though I must say his charm is an addition.

Grinning, I stood up from the bed and  wrapped the comforter closely around myself, before I began making my way towards the dressing room which door was closed. Placing my hand on the doorknob, I slowly twisted and pushed it open only to find myself entering a room plunged into darkness. Blinking, my hands blindly roamed around the smooth wall for a light switch and once I had located it, I didn’t hesitate to switch it open.

The small circular lights that were built into the ceiling immediately flickered on, casting a bright orange glow around the room and the floor lights that were stationed below the cabinets so that it seemed as if the bottom of the drawers were giving off light,  illuminating the smooth wooden floor. I looked past the familiar shelves of clothing and shoes that were filled to the brim neatly in rows and my eyes landed in the middle of the room, where a multiple carrier bag sat on top of the white posh chair.  I eyed the biggest carrier bag, which was positioned at the very front and seemed as if it was standing proudly in front of the other smaller ones, and realised that the white carrier bag was indeed from Calvin Klein. I walked towards it slowly, as if there was an creator hidden in there ready to pounce on me, before peeking at what was inside.

A bunch of cream material was seen folded neatly in the bag and using one hand to clutch the comforter against my chest, I pulled out the material, admiring it almost immediately once I held it in the air. My hands ran over the silky cream material, and I was instantly in love with it once the softness of the dress was felt. My eyes wandered over the dress again and again, not knowing how a simple dress could ever be so beautiful. It was short, and flowy, a fit and flare dress that I was already in love with. The dress itself was an icon of beauty, elegance and grace. Then, as I moved closer to the chair inquisitive as to what laid inside of the other carrier bags, I spotted another letter from the corner of my eye that laid beside the Calvin Klein Bag. Shaking my head at this game Tommy had created, I reached forward and didn’t hesitate to rip it open.  The same piece of paper emerged from its hiding place and I giggled to myself at the words that were written on it.

“The prettiest dresses are meant to be taken off. ”  - Jean Concteau

Hope you loved this dress, love, though I must say it may possibly be an advantage for the both of us. Look inside the other carrier bags, more surprises await. Once you’re done, go to the living room where another surprise await. ( Do take your time dressing up, but not to long, I’m already missing you..)

x Thomas

I looked up from the letter that was clutched in my hands and instantly leaned forward, dying to take another peek. A grin tugged at the ends of my lips and heat immediately rushed to my cheeks when I spotted the bright pink Victoria Secret bag that stood within the mass of bags. Shaking my head, I took the bag into my arms, and let out a soft chuckle once I saw what was   inside.

“ Cheeky boy,” I murmured under my breath, smiling.

I emerged from the bedroom, all dressed in the cream colored dress that only made me feel like a free fairy walking on clouds, with the scent of my perfume filling the room. I patted my hair down just to make sure it wasn’t in its usual fluffy mess as I made my way to the living room, excited like a child on Christmas Morning. I hurried down the hallway, past the open rooms, but was immediately disappointed when Thomas wasn’t there. The living room in the villa was big enough to fit at least  five giant Porsche in there and it was beautifully decorated with wooden furniture ,however, that wasn’t what caught my eye. Instead, it was the huge bouquet of roses that sat by the side of the room with puddle of rose petals surrounding it.

Cautiously, I approached it with small footsteps and once I was in front of it, I reached down to pick up another note that was on the floor. With the bouquet of roses in my arm, I sneakily took a sniff, sighing in joy at the immediate floral scent that followed. Taking a look at the note, I cocked my head to the side as on it, was another bunch of words neatly written down.

“"She cast her fragrance and her radiance over me. I ought never to have run away from her… I ought to have guessed all the affection that lay behind her poor little stratagems. Flowers are so inconsistent! But I was too young to know how to love her…” - The little Prince

Follow the rose petals ,wherever they may lead you

x Thomas

I looked up from the note and down towards the rose petals, my gaze following its trail where it lead out of the house and onto the beach. Curiosity and amazement began following through my veins like warm honey as I slowly followed the trail, in awe once I had my foot buried within the grains of sand. This place was a place I had never been to before within my 2 week stay here, mainly because Thomas never allowed me to be right here, but now as I began venturing it, the only thoughts that were left in my blank spaced mind was why ever did Tommy not bring me here earlier? It was as if I was lost in my own little nirvana as I continued walking down, my breath taken away by the beauty the beach had to offer.

The clear sky was now a light pinkish shade as the sun settled in the middle of the horizon, about to set. It was as if  the sky was a blank canvas and an artist had splashed various of colours onto it, creating it into a phenomenal beauty of his very own artwork. Though the midnight blue darkness of the night was already beginning to set in, the range of colours from pink to purple still remained glorious as it occupied the remaining bottom space left there was in the sky. The clear blue waves of the Caribbean ocean reflected the view of the sunset that could be seen, and with the hint of orange that could be found within, it only made it seem as if the water of the ocean were like diamonds shimmering.

The sounds of the thundering waves crashing against the beach and the soft soothing music that was playing in the background, only made me forgot where I was and rather, made me feel like I was truly in Paradise. As I enjoyed the feeling of the sand underneath my feet, I couldn’t help but continue to gaze at the view that was spread out and laid right in front of me, like a map of the world. With the strong breeze that was blowing past me, it only brought a freshness of nature I had never felt before and I didn’t hesitate to welcome it with open arms. Then as I continued moving on forward, I stopped in my tracks  once my eyes beheld the setting right in front of me. And there in the middle of it all was Thomas, standing there watching me, with a huge smile planted on his face.  

A small low table was positioned in the middle, with a bunch of pillows surrounding it, acting as seats for anyone who wasn’t so keen on sitting on the sandy ground. The table had a nice silky white table cloth placed above it and on top of that, was a frosted vase of white roses along with candles that had flames burning at the ends of the wicks. The burning flames of the candles seemed to cast a glow on Thomas’s face, making him look even more enchanting than he already was and I couldn’t help the smile on my face as I approached him slowly. I could feel his eyes following my every movement and once I was in front of him only did he take my hand before planting a kiss on my lips. I felt a flower of warmth and happiness bloom within me as we stood there, savoring the feeling of both our lips touching.

Once I felt my lungs begging me for air, I pulled away from Thomas, flustered slightly, and beamed at him feeling as if I was split open and stuffed with sunshine. Thomas smiled back at me and for once I was glad that his usual signature frown wasn’t anywhere in sight.

“ You shouldn’t have done all of this for me, its definitely too much,” I whispered, breaking the peaceful silence that was floating around us. Thomas chuckled and shook his head, shrugging his shoulders as a response.

“It wasn’t that hard actually, just a few pieces here and there. I wanted to make you happy and well, maybe a little taken away and I am proud to say I think I did my job well.”  Thomas’s smile turned into a grin as he took my hand, pulling me along with him. I opened my mouth to say something, ready to fire out a sarcastic comment when he irrupted me once more.

“ Dance with me?” He asked, grinning like a child, with his dirty blond hair in a fluffy mess. I felt my heart pound against my chest faster like a sledgehammer at the sight of his grin and I felt myself got lost in the moment for a while before I slowly began nodding my head. From the corner of my eye, I could see Thomas biting down on his lip as if to stop his smirk from appearing and I felt pink tinged my cheeks, knowing I was caught again. Thomas led us to the middle of the beach, where plenty of space was available for both of us, before he took my hand and began leading me to the music that was playing in the background.

Like a free bird escaping from it cage, my body and mind were immediately lost within the depths of the music as we began dancing, just the two of us along underneath the gaze of the sun and stars.

My hands and Thomas were intertwined together as he led us around slowly, doing the occasional turns and spins as we continued dancing along the sand and the ocean waves. Like a free soul drifting between the world, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to let loose within the music that was playing in the background, feeling so light and free from all of  the burdens that were usually weighed down on me. The beats and rhythm of the music was taking over the control of my body slowly but surely, and its vice like grip on me was so strong that even if I had tried to stop dancing, it would have been impossible because my entire world was spinning so fast.

It was as if time had stopped and only lasted in the moment as I allowed Thomas to guide both of us around the waves of the ocean and shore, a couple both lost in their own bubble of love. I felt free, like a bird drifting through the sky, like the way you just plunge down into the sea from a cliff that hung high above and into a darkness of peaceful silence, as I continued weaving myself in and out of Thomas’s arms. Then as he took my hand from above and spun me in circles, I let loose the control I had over my body and allowed it to do its thing, allowing it to follow the mind it had of its own.

I spun in circles as Thomas continue spinning me, and with every second that lasted, I couldn’t help but love the feeling of the energy that was burning bright inside of me. Like  live electricity being injected into the air, the atmosphere around me was suddenly alive with so many feelings and energy floating within it from the bond of love I felt between Thomas and I to the energy of the adrenaline that was flowing through my veins at such a fast speed I didn’t even think it was possible. As I allowed my body to spin around in circles, the waves of the ocean were crashing against my skin like a connection between me and nature and it only made me spin faster from the amount of happiness I felt. The feeling of freedom, joy and just not being chained to something, it was all beautiful and breath taking at once as nowhere in my life had I ever felt something like that. As I continued to spin,  the dress I wore too  continued twirling with me, flaring out as I spun in circles, only making it look magical like it was shimmering as I danced. The moment itself was indescribable, and the feelings that came along with it could nowhere be near said. It could only be felt and you knew it was there but you could only be with it when you were lost in the moment. It was magical, fairy like, beautiful.

With a tug, Thomas pulled me closer to him immediately allowing me to be wrapped in his arms, and just like that, everything stopped the time, the moment, the energy. It all faded away slowly like a wave receding back but what replaced it was better than everything I had felt within the last few minutes which felt like hours. It was just the usual spark like feeling of being with Thomas, just him and me on that beach, us and only us. And even that was better than the entire magical moment I felt before. I leaned my head against Thomas’s chest as I struggled to catch my breath, feeling like I had finally escape from the black hole I was stuck in and got lost inside. The fast beating of his heart pounding could be heard and felt as I listened to it with closed eyes and as we both stood there standing in each others arms, we both listened to each others erratic breathing that were being sounded. I smiled to myself as I laid there close to him, loving how it feels to finally be in his arms again.

“ That was quite a dance, huh?” I whispered, breaking the silence that had settled between the both of us with the except of the music left playing in the background. I heard Thomas chuckle before he wrapped his arms closer around me, nodding his head.

“ It was quite a moment too, don’t you think?” I giggled at his words and shook my head, knowing how I often get lost in moments. But that was the thing, life was short and what was its meaning if it wasn’t spent in glorious moments? Life is a treasure, a gift, and the decision to make it a meaningful one was left in our very own hands.  Instead of replying, I just nodded my head in response as I stood there too lost for words.

Then, Thomas slowly pulled himself away from me and I was looking up almost immediately at the lost of contact. His brown bambi eyes met mine and I wasn’t happy when I saw anxiety and worry in lost within them. Like a venom slowly sipping through me, I could feel the same worry and nervousness flowing through me, replacing the adrenaline I felt before.

“(Y/N) there’s something I need to tell you..” Thomas eyes dropped the contact both of us were having and looked down onto the floor, though his hands were now intertwined with mine. I felt my heart beat faster at the sound of those words but I tried to calm my racing heart and mine that was thinking of all sorts of bad possibilities.

“ What is it..” I bit down on my lip as I waited for his response. I watched with eyes now filled with worry as Thomas took in a nervous breath before breathing out.

Then, he did the thing I never was expecting or could think of ever before in my life.

Thomas kneeled down on one knee in front of me and quickly, he pulled out a blue velvet box from his pocket before opening it. As my eyes met with the sparkling diamond that sat proudly in the cushioned box, I covered my gaping mouth with my hand as I finally get the puzzle pieces that clicked. A wave of emotions crashed down on me as I stood there, lost for words. I didn’t know what I was feeling, what words were in my mind, what was going on as I was so lost. So lost in the shock and disbelief that was invading me.

Thomas smiled at my reaction before taking in a deep breath, his eyes meeting mine. And as I continued staring back at them, all I saw was the sincerity, love, and hope. Bright, blinding hope.

“ (Y/N), you have barged into my life like an asteroid crashing onto earth and have stolen my heart, like a criminal in the night. I’m not sure how you did it but you did and for that, I have never been grateful because if it hadn’t been for your presence in my life, I wouldn’t be living with hope and meaning. You have been the light in the darkness that I surround myself in and you have been there for me when I needed you most. You have helped me in so many ways, guided me to wherever I wanted to be, and loved me with your caring ways and no words can describe how thankful I am. You are by far the most amazing and beautiful woman I have ever gotten the chance to meet, and we have made so many memories together that now have a special place in my heart.

Call me selfish but I crave, no, need more of these memories together, a life time to be specific, and I want to be there by your side in every moment of your life. I want to be able to make you smile when you’re down or just brighten up your day just so that its special and unique. I want to be the one who holds you when you sleep and love you with all the endless ways that I can think of. You are the reason my heart beats everyday, and why its beating with such strength because of the joy you have provided me with. Without you in my life, I would simply be surviving each day and not living it. I love you, though 3 words is all I can use to describe my feelings towards you but so be it as long as you know that. I love you, I love you, I love you, and honestly I don’t think I can compare anything with it except the universe itself.” Thomas took in another breath, smiling before he continued on again.

“ I love you like the universe itself, because just like you, the universe is composed out of so many beautiful things like the galaxies and the stars. The universe itself is beautiful inside and out just like you and both of your beauty cannot be described in words for it leaves everyone breath taken just by the sight of it. You are the universe and I am the astrologist studying it, and with everyday that I spend with you, I uncover more of the secrets and facts that I have never known about before. The more I know about, the more parts of you there is to love with all of my heart till the end of time. The things I know about you like how astrologist know so much about the moon, will still remain fascinating as it always is, and no matter how long I will be with you, I will still feel stars struck every time I see you, like it was time repeating itself back to the time when I first lost my mind over you. I want to spend the rest of my lifetime with you, to be by your side, to create more memories with you that I can hold in my heart so please ( Y/N) , will you fulfill my dreams by marrying me? ”

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as Thomas finished his sentence and finally realising that he was waiting for an answer, I nodded my head as fast as I could, still shocked for words. Then without even thinking, I threw myself at Thomas and embraced him into a tight hug, closing my eyes as I enjoyed the presence of being with him. Thomas wrapped his arms closer around me and both of us just stood there embracing each other as time flew past us.

“ I love you Thomas, so much I didn’t even think it was possible. ”  I heard a chuckle from Thomas before he pulled away smiling.

“ And I love you too , love, to the universe and back.”

Omg, guys. Imagine if Yuuki also sent her familiar during the times Zero and yuuki couldn’t be together because of how busy they’d get, and having her familiar stay by Zero was Yuuki’s way of letting him know that even if their apart for long periods of time, she’ll always be right there beside him, always with him, as she let’s him feel her presences. And anytime he does, he smiles.