my beloved princess


What does it matter now? No, no, nobody left the skidmarks of sin
on your soul and laid you wide open for Hell. You were loved.
Always. We did what was best. We remember your childhood well {X}

Carol Ann Duffy

On a Lazy Sunday - Brendan Gallagher Imagine

are you taking requests? If so can you make one we’re you and b gally are expecting your first child? i’m bad with descriptions basically fluff central. Thank you! have a great day!

Thank you so much for the request! Also thank you so, so much for waiting so long for it. It may not be too long but I think the fluffy-ness makes up for it ;). Thanks for reading, hope you like it! -Accius

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“Welcome!” His voice boasted above the roaring of the hall’s occupants. “Please, welcome Ragnar and his band of merry men.” Father grinned and finally sat down again as the hall began in an uproar for the second time. “Ragnar, have you met my daughter, Y/N?” Father drunkenly put his hand on my shoulder and sipped some more at his wine.
“Yes.”  Ragnar said, watching me. “I watched as she shot some arrows in the woods.”
“Is that right?” Father smiled sarcastically at me as I glanced at anything but him. “I thought we had agreed you wouldn’t do that anymore?”
Ragnar cleared his throat and picked at the chicken in his hand. “Man, or woman, they should know how to fight.” He tore at the chicken with teeth and locked eyes with my father.  “Besides, I asked if she could show me what she was capable of.”
Father didn’t say anything as he rose from his seat and quieted the hall once again. Ragnar nodded in my direction as I gulped down my wine and reluctantly followed everyone else’s attention to the drunk buffoon that loved to call himself King. “We,” he started, flailing his arms to the side, “are here today to show gratitude to Norse man and their accomplishes and their new title as our ally!” The hall erupted in cheers from both the north man and our own defences. “To show the immense gratitude that I hold for Ragnar Lothbrok and his men, I have decided to make another alliance with Ragnar Lothbrok.” The hall fell into silence. “My beloved daughter, Princess Y/N,” he placed his hand on my shoulder again and squeezed it, “will be off to the north after her wedding with Ragnar has commenced to show just how strong our alliance is.”
You could have heard a pin drop, just like my stomach when the words left his mouth in a slur. Ragnar smirked to himself as he downed another ale and glanced around to the men in his army. Father made another speech about warfare and how this will do the kingdom good before he sat down and finally ate something to soak up the wine in his stomach.
“Oh, lighten up my daughter. Married before your older sister? I think that’s good.” He slapped his hand down on my back and cheered as the other men in his care also did. “Celebrations will commence in a couple days, yes, Ragnar?”
He simply nodded. “Along with a handful of slaves and treasure to take back to my lands.” Bringing myself to finally look at him, his blue eyes bore into mine as he pushed his chair back and stood. “We must get our boats ready for when we set sail after the ceremony.” He was gone, along with his men within seconds. I stood, hands shaking as I excused myself and wondered off down the hall.

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azunya-senpai: Fluffy first kisses with the boys, please? (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

(Yahoo~ I’ve got the second half! Yay! I hope everyone likes this! If you don’t like it when an animal death is mentioned, please don’t read Subaru’s part! Well anyway, read and enjoy! <3)



Peacefully, you and Kanato were enjoying some tasty vanilla cake at the manor’s beautiful garden. You were both talking about simple things and light matters.

“(Y/N),” he smiled, “can you please pass icing? Teddy feels like our cake is too stale.” He explained. You looked at his plate. Kanato’s whole meal was basically a huge amount of frosting that covered a tiny lump of bread.

You shrugged. He grinned widely as you reached out for a huge bowl that was filled with the desired substance. You wouldn’t judge him for his obsession with sugar.

As luck may have it, your clumsiness got in the way of the tranquility you and Kanato were thoroughly enjoying. Your hand unintentionally spasmed. It caused the fragile bowl to jump out of the table and spill its contents all over the dusty floor.

The childish vampire screeched. “What have you done?!” He crouched to the ground and mourned for the spilled frosting. “Oh, shi- I’m so sorry!” You apologized. You tried to get him up. He was sobbing uncontrollably. His wide eyes were filled with tears.

“You monster!” He wailed as you managed to get him back to his seat. You rolled your eyes and sat down. “Don’t worry, Kanato. I’m sure we can ask the manor’s cook to make us a new batch! In fact, I’ll make it for you!” You replied optimistically.

He sniffled. “Really? You would do that for me?” He smiled through his crying. Kanato shocked you when he suddenly hopped up and grabbed your waist, practically kneeling before you. “My (Y/N) is so sweet! She’s even sweeter than all the cake in the world!” He buried his head in your chest.

“Hehe, well, I try,” you cheekily said, “please get up now, Kanato. You’re knees are getting dirty!” He nodded.

Kanato stared deeply into your (E/C) eyes. he looked at you with hunger. “Can I kiss you, (Y/N)?” He tugged the hair on your face behind your ear. “W-what?” You blushed. He lightly carried your chin so you would look up at him. “Please? I want everyone to know that you belong to me… your sweet kisses, your warm hugs and your soul will only belong to me!”

He didn’t wait for your permission. He dived his lips onto yours. You gasped. He was so soft and tender. You deepened the kiss, not wanting him to get bored. You brushed your hand on his striking violet tufts and licked his welcoming mouth. It tasted sweet like cake and candy.

He moved away. You pouted adorably. You craved for more of his touches and gentle caresses. You weren’t disappointed for long, though, because he suddenly carried you like a bride to his room. “(Y/N),” he whispered huskily, “I’ll make sure you belong to me in every way possible…”



“The stars are rather pretty tonight, hm?” You said absentmindedly. The two of you were leaning on the bark of a huge Sakura tree, watching the night sky with rapt attention.

The fedora wearing boy smirked at you. “Of course, none of them are as pretty as you, Bitch-chan~!” He sang. You were glad that the darkness of the night covered the light crimson that was forming on your cheeks.

“You’re lying,” you bluntly stated. He giggled and shook his head. “My Bitch-chan is so modest~” he told himself, “I wonder why? She’s already as beautiful as all the galaxies that glimmer brightly in the sky.” You scoffed at his smooth words.

You lazily moved your head a little closer to him. “How would you know? Have you seen the whole galaxy? Do you even have a rocket ship?” You poked your accusing finger on his chest.

Laito gently grasped your hand and brought it closer for a small kiss. “Ah, does it matter? Just by looking into your eyes, I can tell that you’re a beauty that even the moon and stars would fight for.” Without a moment of thought, he pulled your arm and forced you to sit on his lap. You weren’t complaining.

You nestled yourself lovingly on his cool neck. You inhaled his cologne; he smelled masculine and spicy. “You think so?” you mumbled shyly into his porcelain skin. “I’ve known since the very first time I’ve seen you, Bitch-chan~!”

“Since when were you so good with words?” You raised your head to meet the level of his eyes. They were shining brighter than the morning sun. Their greenness rivaled the fresh patch of grass the two of you were sitting on. They reminded you of a cat’s, intense yet silent; calculating yet curious.

“Since you agreed to be the light and music in my life,” he closed his beautiful eyes, denying you the tranquility that it brought. Masterfully yet hesitantly, Laito tilted his head. His mop of red hair flowing gently with the wind. He got closer and closer until your breaths were mingled into one.

You both shared a kiss. It was too tender to be called harsh. It was too rough to be considered gentle. There weren’t any fireworks in the background yet you could feel your heart throb with each passing explosion. The moon and the stars glittered brightly while the two of you expressed your desires. The kiss was more than perfect; it went beyond the galaxy itself.

“You know,” you managed to moan. Laito was lightly blushing and, for once, he wasn’t smirking. He was smiling. Tracing patterns on his chest, you continued, “I never knew you were a kisser.”

“Nfu~ how about we experiment a little more to see if you aren’t lying~?”



S-subaru!” You cried. You were running around the school with bitter tears streaming down your face. The feeling in your chest was heavy and you were just blindly calling out your lover’s name for reassurance. “Subaru, please come!

So suddenly that you almost bumped into him, Subaru appeared. He panted and looked at you worriedly. You pushed yourself into his warm embrace, sobbing your heart out. You felt him comb your hair with his long cool fingers. “Shhh, (Y/N), I’m here. Tell me what’s wrong.”

His gentleness comforted you. “My m-mom called today,” you sniffled. You couldn’t continue so you simply hugged him tighter. He awkwardly patted you on the back. “Your mom called? What did she say?” He only wanted you to stop crying.

You inhaled deeply. You finished, “my dog… She died a couple of minutes ago.” Biting your lip, you looked up at him.

Subaru’s eyes widened in recognition. He looked at you pitifully. “Eh? You mean Princess?” He dabbed away your tears with his handkerchief. “The dog that pissed all over my new shoes died? What happened?”

You giggled at the reminder. As soon as that burst of laughter came, it went away faster. “Mom was walking her and the l-leash broke and she ran to the streets and this truck came and-“ you said it as swifter as you could without breathing. You believed that if you said it quicker, it wouldn’t hurt as much. You left the rest up to his interpretation.

Tears were still blurring your vision. And yet, as you stayed longer inside Subaru’s warmth, you could slowly feel your sorrow melt away into numbness. He was always the only one that could comfort you.

“Hey,” the albino mumbled as he rubbed your back, “please smile for me again. You look so much prettier when you smile.” He tried to smile himself to motivate you.

You sighed. Changing your expression turned out to be harder than you had originally thought. Breathing deeply, you finally agreed to his request.

You grinned weakly. It never reached your eyes. What you didn’t expect, though, was his lips suddenly moving down on yours. He gave you multiple kisses on your lips and then all over your tear-stained face. Involuntarily, you gave another sob. Not because you were still sad. It was because you knew someone cared enough for you.

You were so shocked, you almost jumped and pushed him away. Thinking deeper, you looked at him lovingly as he hugged you. You pulled at his hand. “Thanks, Subaru,” you whispered as you both began walking to your house, “for being there for me.


Touching its cover the enchanted book suddenly flew open with a rapid whirl!

Philippe quickly reached for my hand with a gentle firmness as pages from the books started rushing past us. The book then started to omit a gentle light that then flowed and filled the room. It’s contents revealed a world that only the two of us could behold.

Philippe’s eyes then met mine and with a sad smile he then proclaimed, “No matter the place you go or the danger we may face, I will always follow and protect you… My beloved princess.”

Wow well this uploading process was fun. *sighs sarcastically* My computer is so done… Scanning art now is becoming tiring for my computer… So I can’t even fathom digital works. Oh well more traditional ones I guess. I’ll also have to stick to photos as well to show them.

I hope you enjoy this! Happy reading my romantic friends! ;D

ML Fandom Week Day 2- AU/Friends

Very AU, slight friendship, albeit a messed up one.


Everything was on fire and it was all Adrien’s fault. 

Not that it was a bad thing, far from it. He loved seeing the flames reaching for the sky, wrecking everything in their path, but not caring, just growing, devouring…

“Nice night, isn’t it mon Chaton?”

His head snapped around to lock eyes with the silver-clad figure, as she stroked her knife against her cheek in a way he figured she must have found to be seductive. Lady Luck herself. 

“Do you like playing with fire, Miss Fortune?”

“Only yours, love,” she said, slowly meandering towards him, leaning in for a kiss that he quickly pushed away. 

“Not tonight, Lucky.”

She pouted at this, folding her arms. “You know, I have guys begging me to date them. Wait too long…”

“And you’ll get snapped up by some idiot detention rat?”

“Don’t be so insecure, beloved,” she giggled, batting her lashes in a way that made Adrien dizzy. “You’re still my only.”


The flames rose higher, and suddenly, Adrien heard something he didn’t like very much. 

A siren. 

“Listen, Lucky, I hate to leave you, but the damn firetruck is here, which means the show’s basically over. Also, I have school, and so do you. Probably.” He honestly didn’t know anything about Miss Fortune’s normal life, but everyone went to school, right?

“Buzzkill. Fine, but we’re still on for the Agreste Manor at dusk, right?”


She grinned, and leaped of the building in a graceful backflip. She was undeniably beautiful… but Adrien had his gaze locked on someone else. 

As the transformation washed over him, the thick leather jacket and ripped jeans made themselves known. Chat Blanc’s persona disappeared, leaving Adrien Agreste, Gabriel Agreste’s rebellious disappointment. With a grin, the boy pocketed a knife, and strode into the College Francoise Dupoint.

Three hours late.

He strolled through the hall, and rounded a corner to collide with- 

His face split with a huge smile as the dark-haired beauty glared at him, blue eyes cold. “You,”  she hissed.

“Indeed, my beautiful Princess,” he smirked, grabbing her  hand and pulling it up to his lips.

That hand was quickly yanked from his grasp, and became a fist, which collided with his nose.

Laughing, Adrien stumbled back. “That hurt, Princess!”

“It was meant to, jerkass,” she smiled sweetly. “I don’t have time for idiots like you.”

His hand fluttered to his heart. “Your words are so cruel…” He grabbed her, pulling her into a kiss. “But your lips, so sweet.”

She looked him in the eye, smiled, and screamed. “HELP ME! PLEASE! SOMEONE!”

Adrien let go instantly, but not before the teacher rushed out of the room and interpreted the situation. 

“Mr. Agreste! This is not okay!”

He moaned softly. “Did you have to, Marinette?”

The teacher shook her head. “Of course. Miss Dupain-Cheng. Figures you’d be tied up in this.”

She put on doe-eyes instantly, nearly feigning tears. “He was k-kissing me! And I didn’t want it! Please, Mme. Bustier, keep him away from me!”

Mme. Bustier sighed. “Both of you, go to the principal’s office.”

“What? Why me?”

“I doubt Mr. Agreste’s nose started bleeding of its own accord.” 

Pouting, Marinette trudged down the hall with Adrien. “Why were you in the hall, anyway?”

“Cut the first few hours to watch that gnarly fire on the other side of the city, you?”

She frowned. “… Same, actually. I heard Chat Blanc caused it?”

“With Cataclysm to a stick of dynamite.”

Marinette smirked. “It sure would be a shame if he decided to hit your house, wouldn’t it?”

Knowing that was exactly what would happen that night, Adrien arched an eyebrow. “If that happens, I’m sure my beloved Princess will be right there to comfort me.” 

“Hmm… with pepper spray, maybe.”

They reached the office and entered, smiles playing across both lips.

“Agreste, Dupain-Cheng, I’m shocked. Sit down,” the secretary rolled her eyes.

“Thanks, Lucy!” they chorused. 

“Mme. Andreas to you two hooligans.” 

The hooligans in question collapsed on the couch for the hundredth time that year. 

Adrien studied the rings on his hands, seven of them, and grinned at the simple silver one that adorned his right thumb. The ring that granted freedom beyond measure. Chat Blanc’s ring. 

“So, you know you’re really not allowed to kiss a girl without permission? Or did you have that shitty an upbringing?”

“I had that shitty of an upbringing,” he smiled. “You know that better than most.”

“Do you know how pathetic it is that the girl you harass and who beats you up is the one who knows you best?”

He sighed. “Yep.”

She looked away, and folded her arms. “So, how are things going with your dad, anyway?”

“I think he’s starting to realize that I’m not something he can control. The detentions and suspensions certainly help with that.”

“Good. You’re getting better at kissing, by the way. Still awful, but better.”

“Thanks. Oh, and what about you? Have yours changed at all?”

She shook her head. “Nope. My dad still only cares about my report card and extracurriculars, and my mom still keeps me at an arm’s length unless she’s pissed.” 

“Sucks. Think my predatory ways will activate any protective instincts?”

“Worth a try.”

They sat in silence for a minute. 

“I still hate you.”

“I still want you.”

She rolled her eyes again. “And you’re never going to have me.”

“You know, some girls would literally jump off the Eiffel tower for a kiss from me. Wait too long…”

“And you’ll get snapped up by some psycho with issues worse than yours? Can’t wait.”

He was flooded with a sense of deja-vu, but shook it off. “Nah, you’re the only one for me.”

They were called in, and Adrien offered an arm. 

“No way, prettyboy.” 

That night, he met Miss Fortune at the Eiffel. 

“Hey,” he said, swinging down. 

“Hey, mon Chaton?”


“Can we… There’s a guy in that house called Adrien, and he’s a… friend of mine? Sort of? Whatever, just, can we not hurt him?”

“What, are you a fangirl or something?”

She looked at him, clearly disgusted by the idea. “Ew. No. I’m in love with you, duh. He’s just… a classmate. That’s all. Look, is it possible or not?”

He raised an eyebrow. This was the first time Fortune asked not to hurt someone… and it was him. And apparently they were classmates.

“Hmm… it’s doable. But you know I’ll find out who you are at this rate.”

“Maybe you will.”

They exchanged a wry grin, and with that, Adrien broke down his own door.

Yoshimasa Hosoya

(English Lyrics)

The fuse burns out chipping in fragments
I conceal my breath and countdown in my mind
It explodes with a big bang scattering fire flowers

Darling? Honey? Princess? My beloved kitten?
I call you in a special way every time, I’m your cool honey
That’s why, face this way and smile for me

I’m shivering at your troubled face that you show me every time (So cute)
I love you so much I might eat you unintentionally

(One step hold hands, two step deep gaze, three step mission…? hya~)

How about a sweet kiss under the aurora?
You can change the taste to your preference
If you close your eyes waiting for the candy
It will turn in our flavour

I’ll give so much of myself to you that you won’t be able to carry in your hands

A lost trickster and a good for nothing liar
Answering randomly about the secret of his mask
He’s history’s worst joke

If I could, I would lock “now” up forever (wishing)
I’m the only one who wipes off the tears that follow

(One step planning, two step action, three step pull the trigger)

You saved me from my solitude with a small promise
That’s a gentle memory that scorches my heart
No matter how loud I shout the faded light is already
In the distance of the sky

(One step hold hands, two step deep gaze, three step mission…? hya~)

How about a sweet kiss under the aurora?
You can change the taste to your preference
If you’re by my side I probably
Wouldn’t need anything else

I’ll give so much of myself to you that you won’t be able to carry in your hands