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You can tell it’s a good Iron Man comic if Tony is naked and crying, possibly in the rain, because he thinks none of his friends love him. – Sineala

Other signs of a good Iron Man comic:

- Tony thinks about how everyone would be better off if he was dead.

- Tony does a heartwarming charity-type thing that involves not just giving money but also time and energy (create and support a battered women’s shelter, visit small children in the hospital, etc.)

- Tony shuts himself in his lab/workshop and doesn’t come out (or sleep or eat) for multiple days. (Steve, Happy Hogan, Pepper, or Jarvis stopping by to go “WTF, Tony, eat some food and take a nap!” is optional, but most opt to include it)

- Tony has built a shiny new toy new piece of technology. He’s going to test it himself, right now. He already has ideas about how to improve it.

- Somebody else has designed/built a shiny new toy. Tony already has ideas about how to improve it.

- A piece of Tony’s technology comes to life. It loves him very much. It also wants to destroy him.

- Someone wants to steal Tony’s tech and use it for nefarious purposes/already has stolen it and is already using it for nefarious purposes. This is all Tony’s fault and he must stop them at any cost.

- Tony is suffering from some kind of injury/illness/other health issue (heart condition is the most common but far from the only life-threatening thing he’s suffered from). He puts on the armor and fights the villain anyway/puts on the expensive business attire and does the important Stark Industries-related thing anyway. Then he collapses from exhaustion/illness/bloodloss/concussion/the tech implanted in his chest that keeps him alive running out of power/a heart attack.

- Tony is suffering from the above-mentioned serious medical condition. He keeps it a secret from almost everyone so as not to upset/worry them and/or reveal his Iron Man identity.

- Tony is dealing with a serious personal problem of some kind. He keeps it secret from almost everyone so as not to upset/worry them and/or because he’s ashamed of it/afraid of their disapproval. It is his responsibility to fix it ALL BY HIMSELF.

- Tony is dealing with a dangerous threat to the entire Avengers team/entire city/entire planet/entire universe. He keeps it secret from almost everyone (including people who really REALLY ought to be told about it ASAP because it directly involves them) so as not to upset/worry them and/or because he knows they’ll disapprove of his methods for dealing with it/he doesn’t want them to have to dirty their hands dealing with it. It is his responsibility to fix it ALL BY HIMSELF.

- One of the other Avengers/one of Tony’s employees is dealing with a personal problem or superhero-related problem of some kind. Tony wants to make sure they know that they don’t have to deal with it alone.

- Tony performs a Grand Romantic Gesture for his current love interest and/or performs a similar Grand Gesture (ex: “I’ll give away my beloved childhood home to Luke Cage for a dollar for the good of the Avengers”/“You dropped your shield in the ocean so I used my billionaire resources to search the entire ocean for it in my spare time”/etc.) for an Avengers teammate

- Tony like someone/thinks he owes someone something/feels bad for someone, so he immediately offers them a job with Stark Industries, buys them a house/car/fancy piece of tech/etc., or invites them to join the Avengers, even though he’s only just met them in this very issue.

- Something bad happens involving SI or his tech. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

- Something bad happens involving the Avengers. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

- Something bad happens in his general vicinity and/or that even tangentially involves him in any way. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

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ooh, i found another prompt - “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice” au

jonsa prompt - “your country’s trying to take over/annex my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive stop it” au :)

I decided to combine these two, hope you don’t mind!

Father has never been skilled at ruses, and this is yet more proof of that. His ploy to send a decoy retinue to Moat Cailin to draw the enemy’s attention and have Sansa sneak to the castle with a smaller, less noticeable train has failed horribly.

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Bad Girl Ch 6: Playing Gangster

“I’m done with this Yongguk oppa, we set the price and the date together, there is no reason the shipment shouldn’t be here yet,” I remind the elder.

He chuckles nervously and runs his hand through his hair, “Jooyoung-ah don’t be so cruel with your oppas, you know we would never wrong you in anyway. There was just an issue with the ships, just give us one more day and we will have it for you.”

I nod, “I have no issue with waiting, my issue is handing over the money. I don’t pay until I have what I want.”

“You don’t trust me?” He snaps.

Jiho takes a step forward but I hold my hand out to stop him. I cross my arms over my chest and scan the faces of the five men in front me, noting that their youngest member is missing. “I don’t trust anyone that isn’t part of my gang. This matter isn’t up for debate Oppa, I’ll give you your money when I receive my product like we have done a dozen times before, don’t make this difficult. Why are you in such dire need of this money?” My group behind me seems to come closer, preparing for some kind of out break.

Yongguk groans and combs his fingers through his hair again, “These little bastards, some new gang that is trying to get a hold of our territory, took Zelo. They sent us notes about a ransomed either 100,000 dollars for his head or our territory.”

“I know you guys have that much, what is the problem?”

“We are short 10,000 due to some issues but we need that money to get him back tonight, so please Jooyoung-ah, do this for us this once,” I surprised when the prideful man drops to his knees and bows his head.

“This is not our problem,” Jiho warns me but I ignore him and look behind me, past him, to Hanbin who is watching intensely.

“Hanbin oppa, go find the kid,” I command.

“Jooyoung,” Jiho snaps.

“I’m not paying the ransom for them, just go bust in and get the kid. This new gang could cause some problems for us if they are already starting trouble with people as powerful as BAP. Plus I’m not just doing it out of the kindness of my heart, we will be receiving a very good deal when the next few shipments come in, right Yongguk oppa?” I smile bitter-sweetly at the older man.

He nods eagerly, revealing his gummy smile, “Thank you so much white dragon.” The other five quickly drop to their knees along side him and bow so their foreheads rest on the dirty ground of the warehouse we are occupying.

I click my tongue and nudge them with my heel, “None of that, I will see you tomorrow for the shipment, all of you, so rest easy night. But just a little reminder, if something like this ever happens again while my beloved back dragon is here this won’t end so nicely, got it?” Turning on my heel I face the eight men that usually accompany me on my business adventures. They follow me, well Jiho is actually leading, to the SUV that is waiting out side the warehouse. Jiho opens the back door for me to slide in the middle while the others go around to climb in the back or sit on my other side. Bobby is on my left while Junhoe is on my right, Hanbin takes the front, which means the other three were forced in the back. The minute Jiho gets into the drivers seat we lock eyes in the review mirror.

“You have to stop being so nice,” He scolds me.

“I wasn’t that nice, I gave him a pretty good threat at the end, right Junhoe-ya?” I elbow the younger.

He nods quickly, “Of course, you were terrifying; had me shaking in my boots.”

“Don’t feed into her delusion,” Hanbin glares at the poor boy.

“You’re just mad that you can’t go out tonight now,” I lean forward and poke Hanbin’s cheek teasingly. He tries to bite my finger, earning a flick on the forehead from Jiho.

“I know she’s being a little mouthy but you bite her, I’ll beat you,” Jiho threatens.

“Calm down guard dog,” I pat him on his head, “How about some lunch? I’m starving.”

“We actually have to go get ready for tonight,” Bobby reminds us, “So if you could drop us off near head quarters that would be great.”

Jiho nods, “Sure thing, pretty bird you actually have plans so you wouldn’t have been able to anyway.”

I lean forward and rest my elbows on the center console, “Oh really, with whom?”

He flicks my forehead while the others pull me back and secure my seat belt, “The boss man of course.”

The drive to head quarters in aggressively playful, Hanbin tries not to smile as I tease his men and harass Bobby to the extreme. By the time we get there Hanbin, Chanwoo and Jinhwan are dying of laughter while the others about fling themselves out of the still moving car to get away from me. The minute the car stops Bobby and Junhoe basically fall out of the car but quickly try to recover by brushing the dirt off their suits. The others quickly follow, bowing before heading into the tall building. I climb into the front seat, ignoring Jiho’s whining about how I should have got out and walked around.

I straighten my clothes and flash him a smile, “So where is my beloved?”

“At home, he said he was going to cook you lunch,” Jiho answers as he rolls his eyes and pulls back into traffic. I stare absentmindedly out the window when he starts humming my favorite song.

“What song is that?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I heard it a long time ago and I just kind of stuck. Why, does it sound familiar or something?”

I shake my head, “You just hum it all the time and I really love it. I find it comforting.”

He chuckles, “Really?”

“Yep, because it makes me think of you and you always make me feel safe. I know I don’t tell you this enough Jiho oppa but I love you, like a brother of course but I want you to know that I love and appreciate everything you do for me.” I lean across the console to peck his cheek.

“Where is all of this coming from?”

“Zelo’s situation made me think about when I was kidnapped and how you saved me.”

Again he chuckles, but this time there is an edge to it, “I let you get kidnapped.”

“No, you protected me. Because of you, I made it out of there alive and I’m eternally grateful.”

He is silent for a minute and stares back at me until the light turns green, “Stop with all of this emotional stuff, you’re hurting my heart.”

“Come on Oppa, say it back,” I pout playfully as I take his hand, “You are the best big brother a girl could ask for, I love you.”

“Stop confessing to me,” He pulls his hand away and flicks me, “I would prefer to not loose my job.”

I sigh and accept defeat, already knowing his brotherly love for me. He pulls into the underground parking lot and parks the car in its spot before hopping out of the car. I walk around the car, distracted by my nails, I don’t see Jiho stopping in front of me. He turns around and pulls me into a tight hug, I find myself thinking back to when we first met on the street and smile, look how far we’ve come.

“I love you little sister,” He mumbles softly and kisses the top of my head. He releases me and leads me to the elevator like usual. We don’t talk the whole ride up but it’s a comfortable silence that makes a smile form on my face. He drops me off at my floor first before going down to his own. I step off the elevator and am automatically welcomed by our two guard dogs.

“Hello Leo, hello Ken,” I coo at the two dogs happily.

“How come the pets get greeted before me?” Jiyong whines as he comes out of the kitchen to give me a hug.

“Because they came to the door first, you have to be quick.” I sniff the air and pout, “You haven’t started lunch yet?”

He shakes his head, “Someone else called and left a very lovely voice message about how she needs to see you to apologize about what happened a few days ago.”

“You should just ignore her,” I whine, I really want to spend time with him today, as much as love Haneul I miss Jiyong.

“Too late, I already told her I was bring you over after you got back, speaking of which can I get a full view of this beautiful outfit,” He gives me a big smile as he steps back to check me out. I can’t hold in my laugh as he full on checks me out, going around in circles and everything. I strike a few poses for him, I’m wearing a fitting pin stripped suit, something Jiyong had costumed made for me. “You look like a real gangster,” He pecks my lips.

“Well I have to look the part if I’m playing gangster for the day.”

“Do you want to change before you go?” He wonders.

I groan, “Oppa, I don’t want to go, I want to take off my pants and lay in bed with you for the rest of the day.”

“Well after lunch we still have the rest of the day so don’t worry.”

“No, I want to have lunch with you.”

He chuckles, “You are so stubborn.”

I scoff, “Look who is talking, why are you trying so hard to get rid of me? Huh?”

“I just want you to enjoy your last bits of freedom.”

“Last bits of freedom?”

He nods, “Because in one month, we will be standing on the beach on some random tropical island with at most ten people saying our vows. After that we will not be leaving our villa for a whole month,” He nibbles on my neck playfully. “And then after that we will be traveling the world together for awhile, who knows when we will be back! Could be forever! I might just try to keep you all to myself for the rest of time.”

“Are you sure you want me to go?”

“I want you to have fun with your friends, you will see me tonight, and the next night and for the rest of time, you will be stuck with me. So as I said, enjoy your freedom while you can.”

A massive smile spreads across my face, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We kiss lightly, I get ready to deepen the kiss when he pulls away and begins pulling me down the hall eagerly. “I almost forgot! I have a present for you!” I follow him without much choice, giggling at his childish happiness. He stops outside of our office doors, my old bedroom doors, and places his hands on the handle, ready for an exciting revel. “Okay, so I know that you were really upset about how you had to stop talking to Jihyo because you decided to step into my life so I wanted to give you a little something to remember her by.”

With that he throws the door open, I step inside and automatically get ready to bust into tears. Hanging above my desk is mine and Jihyo’s mug shots from years ago. Jiyong is behind me, his arms wrap around my waist, and his chin rests on my shoulder.

“Do you like it?” He hums.

I turn around in his embrace and return his hug, “Thank you so much,” I cry into his button up. Jiyong and I had talked about how I wanted to handle stuff with my family and friends when I first moved in. He recommended writing them letters and telling them I running away so that they wouldn’t get pulled into the drama and at first I was against it. But after really thinking it through I realized how right he was and agreed. It was one of the hardest moment in my life explaining to Jihyo in that letter about how much I’ll miss her and that she shouldn’t look for me.

“Please no crying, you’re breaking my heart love.”

I sniffle and wipe away my tears, “I’m sorry but Jihyo has the same set up above her bed at home it just made me miss her a bit.”

He kisses the top of my head, “One day you will be able to talk to her again, I promise, when things aren’t so crazy in our world we can go back to visit the real world.”

“Thank you.”

“You guys are annoyingly cute, you know that?” Haneul gages once again after she closes the front door and leads me into her house. We leave the entry way and head into the kitchen where she is cooking a delicious smelling lunch.

“I’m sorry that we don’t enjoy the same pet names as you and your princess,” I tease as I kick off my shoes and leap on to the counter.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m the king in our relationship,” She playfully snaps with a spatula pointed at me.

“Speaking of which I’m still waiting on your love story.”

“And I’m waiting on yours,” She eyes me, “that is another story for another time when we both feel comfortable sharing how we got to where we are.”

I nod, “Where is your Princess anyway?”

She sighs, “With his depressing cousins, he has been trying so hard to get them to leave that god damn house. He barely got them out the night of the party but the moment he mentioned that Jiyong would be there five of them seemed all for it. The other seven have sticks up their asses. I’m so sorry about what happened a couple of days ago, if it makes you feel any better Taemin got a beating when we got home.”

“What you guys do in the bedroom is none of my business,” I click my tongues at her.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and make yourself useful, can you make three settings on the dining room table?” She swats at me with a rag.

“Three?” I hop off the counter and wander over to where the dishes are.

“Tae should be back and if not we can eat his portion,” She gives me an evil grin as she stirs the beef soup, one of Taemin’s favorite foods. I shake my head and head into the dining room with all the needed dishes, even grabbing some of the sides that she already dished up. As I’m setting up the long dining table I hear the front door open and almost rush to greet, or actually tease, Taemin when I hear other voices.

Oh no.

“Jagiya, I brought my cousins over for lunch, I hope that’s okay!” Taemin yells as he walks closer. I panic and quickly scramble under the table. This can’t be happening again.

“Princess!” Haneul snarls, “I told you Jooyoung was coming over, I doubt she wants to see them after what she saw at the party.”

“Aw, did we scare your friend that night?” Baekhyun muses.

“We don’t want to frighten her, in fact we want to apologize,” Chanyeol plays along, what the hell are they up to though?

“They were really eager to come when I mentioned her being here so I thought maybe they could be friends?” Tae suggests innocently, hoping he’ll be able to avoid whatever punishment Haneul is already thinking of.

Hanuel scoffs, “Jiyong would rather get skinned alive than let these guys near her. I’m going to take her upstairs, you guys can have the dinning room.” I hear her shuffling around, her slippers come into view when she comes into the dining room and just as I’m about to climb out of my hiding spot six pairs of boots quickly follow her. “Jooyoung-ah? Where did you go?” She calls for me but I can’t get myself to respond.

“Jooyoung-ah, oh Jooyoung-ah,” Baekhyun sing songs.

“I want to see this pretty little thing I’ve heard so much about,” Tao hums behind him, not sounding as playful as Baekhyun, he almost sounds desperate.

“Come on out,” Chanyeol joins in, he even whistles making me glare at his boots.

“She isn’t a fucking dog,” Haneul spits.

“Little one,” A sweet voice calls and my heart drops. “Come here little one.”

I should have stayed home.


I have always wanted to travel to New Zealand for as long as I can remember, and so when I decided to move out of my home of 10 years and start pursuing film making around the world, I knew the time had come. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made to leave my beloved home, but I was more ready than ever to embrace the unknown and explore the world. I spent 3 months in New Zealand traveling in a Camper Van having one of the most incredible times of my life. I enjoyed countless nights under the stars, towering mountains, magical rainforest, stunning ocean, and meeting people from all over the world. It changed my life forever, and I know I’ll never be the same.

Magical New Zealand is comprised of 8640 individual images from over 150,000 that were taken as I traveled around New Zealand for 3 months last spring. The inspirational music of Shaun Diaz is the perfect complement to this magical landscape. If you enjoy, please share!


Sometimes the best medicine is drinks, friends, and laughter. Had a great time hanging with my favorite co-residents who have suffered miserably during this month as well. Exhausted and relieved that this month is OVER! Onward to better things, and back to enjoying my typical black cloud status at my beloved home program. Thank you to EVERYONE who sent words of encouragement and good vibes as I trundled my way through this month. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. Every single one of you.

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My Beloved

Angela returns home late despite Genji’s insistence of her being on time on this day out of all the days. How will she deal with the consequences?

A story I wrote for hage-san’s birthday. She’s always been very supportive of my work and I wanted to give her a nice birthday present~ I hope you all enjoy and please support her, she’s an amazing artist and is extremely lovely to talk with and is super sweet~


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Oh fuck it you guys, I am tired of my own Jaal based angst. 

I am going back to where I belong, to my home, my beloved trashcan. 

When Stars Align || Lafayette x Reader - Chapter 1

PAIRING: Lafayette x Reader

SUMMARY: A woman in the revolution? They all told her that she couldn’t do it, but it’s not like she’s ever cared what they thought. The amazing military battle strategist Gaspard Legrand’s daughter had recently turned twenty-one. She heard whispers of the revolution happening in the north, but hadn’t thought much of it. She was happy on her family’s small farm in Virginia where she lived with her father, brother, and grandmother. Until tragedy struck. Everything that she had always been sure of, she no longer knew. Except one thing. She would be the one to free her country.

WORDS: 3107

A/N: Issa series y’all! This is actually the fanfic I’m writing on wattpad, and updates may be slow, but here it is!!

TW: one sexist guy, a death

Wind whistled past my ears as I spurred my horse through the golden fields of wheat, my frail attempt to keep up with my brother Nael. Adrenaline coursed through my veins; the last fence was in sight, and I was nearing the finish, but I silently cursed as I saw Nael already turning back to face me, a smug grin on his face.

“You are too slow, soeur cadet.” He grinned and I rolled my eyes at his ego.

“Not all of us are as amazing as you, frere aîne.” I shot him a playful glare as I finally jumped the last fence, joining him in the clearing beyond our farm.

“Correct, for the first time,” he teased, coaxing a chuckle from me. We began to circle each other on horseback as a mischievous smirk played at my lips.

“How about a rematch? And this time you don’t start before we count down,” I suggested.

“Do you really want to embarrass yourself even more? I’d have thought you’d had enough.”

“You wish I’d give up. To the hill at the center of the farm?” I cocked an eyebrow at him, and his face broke into a wide grin.

“You’re on.”

We took off once again, this time with me pulling slightly ahead as my horse galloped towards the small hill. And then, managing to escape Nael’s line of vision, I dropped off of the path, stifling a laugh at my brother’s triumphant smile. I waited just a moment before trotting off in the other direction towards my house.

“Où allez-vous?” Nael shouted, finally realizing that I was no longer with him.

“I’m going to get to dinner first,” I shouted back with a grin as I neared the small stable on the outside of my house, but before going in, I pulled my horse, Rachel, to face the horizon behind me. I absentmindedly began to run my hand down her silky coat, feeling her breathing in her chest.

She was a rather small horse, a white lipizzan splattered with gray all down her back. My father had gotten her for me from a local trader, and I hadn’t thought twice before naming her Rachel after my mother.

I had never known my mother, aside from the tales of my father’s time with her in the Caribbean. Supposedly, she was a beautiful woman, and my father and she had met three years after his wife’s passing, as his ship took a detour on a trading route to France. They’d met one day in the market, and were infatuated with each other within that day.

Of course, I was the unintended result of that infatuation. She had written my father six months after he left, telling him of her pregnancy and asking him to come back and take me when I was born. She told him of her struggles with the one child she already had, and that she couldn’t possibly support another. And so he came, and so I left.

I sighed at the memories of the stories I’d heard so many times, bringing my wandering mind back to bask in my surroundings. It was an absolutely breathtaking sight to look down on the rolling fields that were bathed in the late sunlight, and to see the pink sky hanging above as the sun departed between the two.

I was so taken with the sight that it wasn’t for a few minuted that I realized what it meant for me.

“Frere aîne! It is sunset! Père will be home any minute!” I yelled back to him as I quickly tied up my horse and walked back towards our house.

Our father had left on a long trip to France, his birthplace, six months ago. He was to return that night at sunset, and nothing could have dulled my excitement to see him again.

My face was covered with a grin that could have illuminated the entire room as I threw open our wooden back doors. It was almost instantly replaced with a look of concern and confusion as the first thing I saw was my grandmother sitting in her rocking chair with her head in her hands. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably, moved by the loud sobs escaping her.

“Mémé! What is wrong?” I rushed to her side and laid my arm around her shoulder in an effort to comfort her.

Mon fils! Mon beau fils!” she cried.

“What’s happened?” Nael asked as he came in behind me, his voice wavering with worry. I noticed the letter discarded at my grandmother’s feet. I slowly reached down to see what had her so troubled.

Dear Sir or Madam,
We regret to inform you with deep sorrow that Monsieur Gaspard Legrand has passed away on the night of November 15th.

I read the letter aloud to Nael, and my eyes widened at that sentence. My heart began to pound through my chest and tears swam in my eyes, blurring my vision. I blinked them away and drew in a shaky breath before beginning to read again.

His was one of the many lives claimed this summer by an epidemic of yellow fever.

I couldn’t read on. I dropped the page and threw myself into my brother’s arms as it fluttered to the floor. The warm tears began to flow from my eyes, and he and I were soon crying on each other’s shoulders.

“We will be alright, soeur cadet, I promise,” he said through tears. He was always the strong one in the face of tragedy.

We will be alright,” he repeated softly. I hoped more than anything that he would prove to be correct.

That night, I could not bring myself to fall asleep. Every time I shut my eyes, his voice filled my ears, always saying the same thing.

Do what I have taught you to do.

I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to shake the feeling that I could be doing more for him. And I could be. At a certain point, I was convinced.

I stood up, pushing my quilt off of myself, and crept to my desk. I composed two letters that night, first to General George Washington, informing him of my departure from home and telling him that I would be joining his ranks once I made my way north. Next, I wrote to Nael.

I explained to him how Père had spent every moment with me discussing battle strategies, how to surprise the enemy, how to fight. I wrote also of the time we had spent hunting, when I had learned to operate a musket. I asked him to take care of Mémé for me, and to take care of Rachel. I would be taking my father’s horse with me to battle; it was faster, stronger and trained more expertly.

I pleaded for him to understand why I had to go. Père had spent all of his life strategizing for the army of the colonies, but his life came to an abrupt end before we could be freed. I needed to finish his work, and I wouldn’t stop until we were living in an independent nation.

I signed my letters and sealed them, leaving my letter to Nael on my desk for him to find and taking my letter to General Washington with me to mail.

I next crept to my wardrobe, taking only the pants that my father had purchased for me at my request along with some ruffled shirts and packing them into my trunk. I slipped into one of the outfits, and glanced at myself in the mirror. I saw looking back at me not the young woman who would cry for her father, but a strong twenty-one year old who was to free her new land.

I knew it was impractical, but I also slid in my journal with two of the letters from my father that I had saved during his travels expertly tucked in the pages, along with two bottles of ink and a quill.

I picked up my trunk and crept down the stairs. I pulled my father’s horse to the front of the house and slid a pack with my father’s musket onto it. I would also put my trunk in, after taking some money and food for the long journey from Virginia to New York.

I slipped back into the house and filled the remainder of the space in my trunk with all the food that would last, which was mainly bread. I also went back up the stairs for the last time and took the money that my father had stored in his dresser. I didn’t bother with the French money, but I took all the new American and British money he had stored.

As I prepared to leave, I glanced into Nael’s room as I passed. I would miss him nearly as much as my father once I left, but I had to go. He was soundly asleep, and I was grateful for the fact. It meant that I wouldn’t need to confront him as I left.

I went back down to our front doors and before opening them, I turned to look back at my beloved home. Next time I saw it, we would be living in a new nation.

I opened the front doors and shut them silently behind me before crossing out porch and walking down the steps. I smiled at the large brown stallion standing obediently in front of me. I placed my trunk into the pack on its back and hoisted myself into the saddle.

Straightening my back with confidence, I snapped the horse’s reins and it galloped forwards, carrying me into the unknown.

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧

I signed the letter home that I had just finished composing, and tucked my quill and ink back in between my clothing in my trunk. I clicked shut the gilded buckles and put the trunk back into the pack on my father’s horse.

It had been two weeks since we received the letter informing us of his passing. Two weeks in which I had finally finished the journey to New York City.

I sat back onto the wooden bench that was still damp from last night’s rain. I looked happily around the bustling city. There were likely as many people walking past my seat as I had met throughout my sheltered childhood on our farm.

I pulled out my journal and began to sketch the park that I was seated in the center of. I was in the shade of an enormous Weeping Willow tree, and light filtered softly through the branches, casting a soft glow on the morning dew.

I did my very best to capture it in a drawing, but I could never have captured the feeling of excitement that coursed through my veins, nor the beauty of the people’s passion showing through their faces as they passed. I could tell simply from their expressions that many of them were there for the same reason as I: to join the revolution.

Their expressions were some that I recognized clearly from seeing them on my own face so many times throughout the past three months. Many of them were students, but not all. There were people ranging from under ten years of age up to those approaching their fifties.

One small trio of girls caught my eye. They were dressed in lavish gowns and had just exited their horse drawn carriage and were holding their dresses inches above the ground as they walked through the streets, taking in all the sights of the city.

The first of the girls’ eyes sparked with the same excitement as mine, and she was walking quickly around and pulling the other two behind her.

The second looked generally excited to be in the city, where everything was happening, but she didn’t appear to have a similar passion. She looked to be a bit younger than her the first, who I guessed was her sister, and about my age.

My eyes traveled to the third and final girl, and I nearly laughed. Her attitude likely could not have contrasted more with her sisters’. She looked to be maybe two or three years younger than me, and she wore a worried pout. She seemed uncomfortable with the idea of being downtown.

I shook my head at the trip and glanced back down to finish my sketch. I wrapped the leather cord attached to the cover around the book, binding it shut. I put the journal away with all of my other belongings and slid back into the saddle of my father’s horse.

I led him back to the street and broke into a steady trot as I came closer to the training ground of General Washington’s army.

It took me at least an hour of riding before I reached the expanse of land on the edge of the island, or maybe it only felt that way because of the anticipation that filled every bit of my mind. I could hardly think straight, and the last bit of waiting before joining the army was weighing down my mind more than ever in the past two weeks.

I stopped my horse in front of the first building down the path, assuming that it was where I would receive my barracks assignments. I opened the creaky door, which instantly gained the attention of the man sitting at the desk.

“How may I help you, miss?” he asked.

“I’m here to receive my barracks assignment,” I said, trying not to grin with the excitement built up inside of me.

“You’re here to receive your barracks assignment?” he repeated slowly, “Not to visit a husband or brother, maybe a father?”

“That’s what I said,” I said with a forced smile, slowly growing impatient.

“And you’re going to fight in the war?” he asked.

“Yes, and if you don’t give me my barracks assignment soon I’ll have to take your papers and find it myself. And I don’t think either of us would enjoy that much,” I responded to his blatant sexism. He sighed.

“Name?” he asked.

“Y/N Legrand,” I responded.

“You will be in barracks eight, it’s the eighth down the road, and,” he raised his eyebrows in surprise, his expression showing that he thought the next part must have been a mistake, “You’re to see General Washington immediately.”

After he finished speaking, I left immediately, not wanting to spend another moment listening to his sexist comments.

I rode down the road for a few more minutes until I reached my barracks. It was a long rectangle, I approximated that it was about the size for four, no, five beds with enough room to store supplies and walk between the beds.

I slid out of my saddle and opened the door to see that I was correct. Five beds. All but one had clothes strewn on then and around the floor near them along with a trunk and a few other odds and ends. One of the beds had whiskey along with several shot glasses. There were some shards of glass on the wood floor near it that I guessed were another glass that they had somehow shattered. I set my things down on the empty bed in the middle of the room and rode off to speak with the General.

He had a separate cabin near the camp entrance, so I rode back the way I came. I walked across his small porch and knocked on his door. No answer. He had asked for me to come, so I let myself into his unlocked cabin.

I walked into a small hallway with just two rooms. The first I passed was his bedroom, which was empty, but I head raised voices coming from the next room. I slowly walked up, not sure if I should interrupt.

“But sir, if we attack from the north we will gain the element of surprise,” the first man said in a deep American accent. I was still not accustomed to hearing people with American accents, even after my time traveling.

“But we will lose valuable time traveling,” said the man whose voice I recognized as that of General Washington.

I walked up to the open doorway and knocked on the door frame, gaining both of their attention. General Washington’s face broke into a slight smile.

“Y/N Legrand. Thank you for coming,” he stood up to shake my hand and the man with him raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

“Je vous remercie for inviting me,” I thanked him as well.

“As long as you’re here, perhaps you can help us settle something,” he said and I raised an eyebrow.

“The two of us,” he gestured to the man who I did not yet know, “are debating on whether it would be smarter to send troops to attack the British forces from the north or the south. What do you think?”

I walked next to where he was standing and looked at the map he had spread out on the desk. I traced a few of the lines with my hands, deep in thought.

“Why not attack from the west?” I asked, “They’re on the east coast of the island, north of us. They would be expecting an attack from the south. But, if we attacked from the north, we would not only lose valuable time but likely pass through the British camp, assuming that they are stationed mainly south of their camp. They would spot us and we would lose the element of surprise that we gained from coming north. But, attacking from the west would sustain the surprise in our attack without us having to lose as much time as if we attacked from the north.”

They both stared at me for a moment, slightly astonished that I had come up with a solution so easily. Then they both looked back at the map.

“It could work,” the man across the desk from us said.

“It most certainly could,” General Washington said with a small smile.

“Leave us,” he told the man who I still did not know.

“Have a seat,” he told me. I pulled out the chair across his desk and sat, popping my knuckles in discomfort.

“I have known your family for a long time, Y/N,” he began, “There have always been many brilliant minds thoughout it. I can already tell that yours will be another to add to that list.”

“Thank you, monsieur,” I replied, noticing how thick my accent seemed in comparison to his.

“Because of that, I would like you to assume the position of battle strategist for our army. We haven’t had anyone good for a while,” he offered and my eyes widened.

“Ce serait un honneur,” I said, at first not realizing that I had reverted to French, and then translated, “It would be an honor.”

“Thank you, you’re free to go back to your barracks,” he said, standing up with me and shaking my hand as I left.

I left and rode my father’s horse to the stables near the center of camp and walked to my barracks. I opened the door, and somehow the room was still empty. The four men had likely gone drinking.

I sat cross-legged on my bed and pulled out my journal. I opened it to a page somewhere in the middle that contained my earlier sketch of New York City as well as a letter from my father.

I pulled out the old paper and ran my hand across the words he had written to me. I didn’t bother to read it; I’d memorized it. I just needed to see his writing. To have something that he had touched. I ran my hand across the edge of the weathered page.

I’ll make you proud, Père.

Why Study History?

The pursuit of knowledge of our past often gets criticised for its lack of immediately tangible results. Do we really need a new generation of people trained in historical narrative every 3 years as students pass through their university courses? Why not instead dedicate ourselves to engineering, mathematics or some other scientific subject.

Perhaps this disparaging view is based on the misconception that studying history is little more than reading a few books written by other people. I have seen a lot of people point to a cycle of humanities subjects; students become teachers to more students who then become teachers, with nothing being directly produced except for more books. But this is an extremely short sighted view of the world.

To me, there isn’t really a question. Studying history is studying who we are as a people; as a species. Our cultural identity is directly tied to our understanding of our own past. To take a simplistic example, one need only look to how fiction has developed in the 20th and 21st centuries. How many war movies have reached critical acclaim? How many fantasy stories based on the alternative histories of the medieval world have dominated both the box office and the book charts? None of these would exist if we adopted the approach of only that which can immediately yield tangible results is a worthwhile endeavour.

But perhaps a more in depth example is needed. When I was 12 years old, my history teacher (a formidable woman by the name of Miranda Wainwright) told us that we would be taking a vote on where our next field trip would be. Naturally we were all ecstatic! The class was buzzing with ideas and everyone wanted to make their voices heard. But then our teacher dropped the bombshell. She told us that due to the fact that young boys were too immature and hadn’t yet developed properly the boys in the class would not be allowed to vote.

Bullshit! We cried out. How could you possibly even say something like that? By the simple metric of our gender we were going to be excluded from participating in such an important vote. We were fuming, but our teacher told us that we needed to get on with class, and told us to open our textbooks to a certain page. 

That chapter? Women’s suffrage.

From then on I was hooked. How much has really changed? In my beloved home country the BBC just published the list of salaries for their top earners. The top paid woman made £500,000 p.a. The top paid man made around £2.5 million p.a. for no other reason than they could get away with paying women less.

Without the historical context, social issues such as these that continue to plague our society every bit as much now as they did 100 years ago lose their true impact on people. Some may claim that these issues aren’t really that bad, but this is simply absurd. If you take the time to wind back the clock and examine our past with the proper scrutiny the bullshit that the world seems to revel in heaping on top of us may begin to wane as people begin to realise that no, life is not cheap. It isn’t a commodity to be traded with so easily. Time is the most valuable resource to us all, and our cultural memory is as yet the only means we have of extending the value of our time.

In a Dream

In a dream I asked Jesus, “Why do you let these bad things happen to me? Is this a test to see if I truly love you? Do you see how much I am hurting? Do you know how scared I am?
Jesus sat down on a large flat rock motioned for me to sit next to him, so I did. He looked into my eyes and smiled. “My son, I love you so much. I see how much you are hurting and I would like to help you but you are in need of self realization. I did not let bad things happen to you… you did.”
I was confused. “What did I do to deserve this lot?”
He put his arm around me and kissed me on the side of my head. “It’s not that you deserve this. You worked hard to get here. I gave you health and you did drugs. You battered your body until it was broken and you poisoned your mind until all you could think about was the drugs… but you didn’t think about me.”
“I gave you the ability to make money and the opportunity to provide for your family, but you gambled it all away. You bet your hours of labor away until you had nothing to show for your hard work but sore muscles and a lie on your tongue. All you could think about was how you would get the money for your next bet… but you gave nothing back to me.”
“I provided you with the ability to love and you squandered it selfishly. You gave in to the carnal desires of your body and betrayed your marriage. You gave your time to someone else’s wife but not your own. Your abandoned your children to pursue a dark heart and a pretty face… but you didn’t pursue me.”
“I gave you eyes to look and see the beauty of a world that I created for you and a book that revealed the secrets of the universe. You spent your time reading the twisted words of twisted men and watching pornography. You used your eyes to watch carnal acts, but you didn’t read my word and you never looked for me.”
“I gave you a mouth to speak, but you tell lies and curse my name. You use your tongue to hurt your wife and abuse your children. You have lied for so long to so many people that the truth is bitter on your tongue. You can lie to the world but you can’t lie to me…and you never talk with me.”
“So you see my beloved. What you think is me punishing you is simply cause and effect. If you point a gun at your heart and pull the trigger, it would be senseless to think of that gunshot wound as a punishment from me, but in effect that is what you are saying.”
I was sobbing into my hands. He was right and I knew it. “Is there any way to undo what I have done?”
“You can never unlie, uncheat, unsteal , uncovet, or unmurder. In fact you cannot unsin.”
“So I am lost forever?”
“Quite the opposite…you are found. You now have the opportunity to stop killing yourself and seek life. Instead of taking drugs and getting high you can find peace and joy in my word. Instead of spending your money in a casino you can tithe to me and I will richly bless you. Instead of giving your love to a stranger, give love to your wife and children selflessly the way that I love you and you can understand what a blessing love really is. Instead of looking at the darkness of pornography and the twisted carnality of the world, read my word and let me reveal my truth to you. Instead of using your mouth to tell lies, use it to love and edify your family and friends. Use your mouth for truth for it is a powerful tool. Use it to talk to me, often, and I will bless your words.”
“If you want me to be involved then come to me and seek my love. Recognize what you’ve done and seek my salvation.”
I wiped the tears from my cheeks. “My heavenly father, I am a liar, a thief, an adulterer, and an addict to the carnal world. I have turned from you over and over and I deserve what has happened to me. Please forgive me for my sins.”
He pulled me into his embrace and held me tight. “I forgive you my beloved… welcome home. This is a blessed day.”
My heart was joyous and I suddenly felt completely at peace. “Thank you Father.”
“Your welcome!” he beamed.
I asked, “And all my sins are forgiven?”
He looked down at me and smiled, “What sins?”

                                 -Paul A. Petty

Starting Inktober off with the cracky but adorable twitter story of Horikashi and their Sheepdaughter. 

basically Kashima brings a sheep home after saving it from the obliviously evil clutches of Seo and makes it her and Hori’s beloved daughter (Hori thinks this is insane but winds up adoring the sheep anyway) 

yeah idk it makes no sense but it’s cute

thank u wingg and patriciaselina for bringing the concept into being.

Philip Schuyler to Elizabeth Hamilton, July-November, 1804

My Dear Dearly Beloved and Affectionate Child:

This morning Mr. Church’s letter has announced to me the severe affliction which it has pleased the Supreme being to inflict on you on me and on all dear to us.  If aught under heaven could aggravate the affliction I experience, it is that incapable of moving or being removed I cannot fly to you to pour the balm of comfort into your afflicted bosom, to water it with my tears, to solace yours and mine in this depressing situation.  Under the pressure of this most severe calamity let us seek consolation from that source where it can only be truly found, in humble resignation to the will of heaven.  Oh my Dearly Beloved Child let us unanimously entreat the Supreme being to give you fortitude to support the affliction, to preserve you to me, to your dear children and relations.  Should it please God so far to restore my strength as to enable me to go to you, I shall embrace the first moment to do it, but should it be otherwise, I entreat you my beloved Child to come home as soon as you possibly can, with my dear Grandchildren.  Your sisters will accompany you.  May Almighty God bless and protect you and pour the balm of consolation into your distressed soul is and will always be the prayer of

Your affectionate and distressed parent.

Ph. Schuyler.

My Dear dearly Beloved Child

Extreme as my distress is, and indisposed as I may have been, and still unwell, it has pleased the divine being to support me in the severe trials Bishop Moore’s account of the last moments of my dearly beloved son has conveyed great consolation to me and doubtless to you my dear afflicted child.  My Hamilton’s spirit is now in heaven and that of your parent hopes in God’s due time to meet in the abodes of bliss.  I have too long neglected the sacred ordinances directed by our Saviour, but I hope soon to become a partker and if you should be here or I in N York with you, you shall lead me to the alter with the divine ____.

The wounds in my legs bear a favorable aspect and promise a ____ the harm of the Gout although severe is a necessary condition of my constitution and when the ___ subdues, I shall probably enjoy good health for a considerable portion of time, and devote myself to those duties you and my dear grandchildren which my love and tenderness for you and them and my dear departed friend so fondly call for.

Grief is natural on such an occasion as we experience but we owe duties to the living, which together with an humble resignation to the divine should induce to exert ourselves to become calm.  A mind so pious as yours, so deeply embarrassed with the duties of a mother will feel the force of my remarks.  May indulgent heaven support you and rain those blessings on you and my dear grandchildren which your affectionate parent implores of heaven for you and them.  Let the children participate with you in my love.  Assure them of my […] invariable affection.  Adieu my dearly beloved, my amiable, my good, my virtuous child.

My Amiable and dearly beloved Child

Yesterday morning I received letters from your sisters & their husbands and one from my beloved Grandson James.  I immediately determined to go to you and made the requisite arrangements when Mr. Stringer came to drain my wounds.  I commented to him my ambition to embark without delay, and requested that he should state my case to Dr. Charlton or Dr. Post and recommended the proper dressing and medicines.  He replied that my wounds although now in a fair prospect of being healed and the pain diminished required the most unremitted attention.  He apprehended that I could not be removed from his care without and danger and that the result of any accident might probably terminate in an additional calamity to you and my family and therefore insisted me to remain until I could go with safety.  Reflecting on the high and tender duties devolved on me as Your parent and the parent of my dear Grandchildren, and that I might not to risk to hazard a life now so deeply devoted to your consolation and comfort and that of your dear children.  I acquired to Mr. Stringer ______, but do not my beloved conclude from this statement that I am not in comfortable health.  Indeed my Love my wounds are so favorable an affect and the gout diminished that I hope soon to be able to see you.

I have not my dearly beloved child on which condition you and my dear grand children are left as to pecuniary resources but I know that I have the power and thanks be to god the attention and determination to render you and your dear Children perfectly comfortable as long as it shall please my beneficent Maker to keep me in life, and that by my conduct and testament I have bequeathing you considerably more than a mere competency for you and them when I shall be no more.  Oh: If the blessed spirits of no one in the full protection of bless with their God and their redeemer ____ of what happens in the minds of those who have survived them.  The spirit of my dearly beloved Hamilton now comfortable with complaceny my affectionate and tender feelings for you and his children.  My fixed determination to pass the residue of the days which my Creator has allotted me in unremitting attention to promote your happiness and that of my dear grand children.  That in the discharge of this sacred and tender duty.  I shall be upheld and officially seconded by your brothers, by your Sisters and by their husbands.  Oh how much have they already alleviated my heart rendering grief by assurances and tenderness, which clearly indicates these affections for you, your children and farme, and their anxiety to promote you their and my happiness.  Gracious God be pleased to accept my most humble and dearest thanks for having given me Children whose hearts are so deeply entrenched with love to you and me and who so pleasingly anticipate my wishes and wants in respect to you and my dear Grand Children.

Exert all your fortitude my amiable and beloved child to comfort your mind, you and I have great sacred and important duties to comfort for each other and to your dear children.  Notwithstanding my last grief for the loss we have sustained, I already feel great consolation in anticipating how pleasantly I shall be employed in discharging the duties of a parent to a virtuous and Amiable Child and her tender offspring, and that I shall be so affectionately supported in the tender task by all my Children.

I give thanks to my beloved Grandson James for his letter to me.  Embrace him, his Sisters & brothers most affectionately for me.

My Catharine and her husband are both unremitted in the most affectionate attention they have both given me the most unequivocal proof of their tenderness to your children.  They both unite with me in love and wish & pray for your happiness.

Adieu my beloved and dear child.  I hope soon to ____ you to that were you are so deeply _____ and health.

I am your affectionate father

Ph: Schuyler

My beloved Eliza

(To Mrs. Hamilton

To be left with John B. Church Esq.

Robinson Street

New York)

My Dearly beloved and distressed Child

The tempest of the Lord has beaten severely on us in the inexplicable calamity we have sustained.  ___ and example has the son of god concluded resignation in the ____ of the divine will. Let us then humbly bless the Lord, and what we tenderly and dearly lament the loss of one so dearly, so _____ beloved.  Let us address the throne of Grace to attack an affliction and to pair the balm of Comfort into our wounded souls.  Let us always and under all Occupations, remember that what the divine will advises flows from a source which cannot err and altho we shall regret mortals can not investigate the causes which lead to the effects we experience.  Yet we may rest apprised they are for wise purposes.  The Almighty has promised residence to the reverent, [and] our dear departed friend was eminently so, and his spirit now enjoys the promised blessed home you, and I, and all ours  ___ there the mansion of the blessed redeemer and shall in god’s good time meet him, never again to be separated.

When I shall learn that indulgent heaven has calmed your pious mind, a degree of peace will be restored to mine, and accelerate my recovery, and enable me to discharge those tender duties, which your piety and unbounded affection for me, render you so highly indebted to.  Embrace most tenderly all my dear Grand Children, and if I am not conduced able of going to you as soon as I can, let me intreat you my beloved Child as soon as you conveniently can to [come here] accompanied by Your Children and your Sisters.

Adieu my beloved Child may heaven be gracefully pleased to sooth your affliction and afford you and all of us every temporal felicity while in the life and a happy immortality hereafter

Most tenderly and affectionately

The parent that feels for a virtuous & beloved Child

Ph. Schuyler

For my beloved Eliza.

Your sister would have gone to you but my indisposition and her advanced situation has prevented.  She most cordially unites in love to you & the children.  I am at present free from bodily pain and the wounds in my knee are nearly discharged of the matter which has retarded them healing.  I have stated to Mr. Church the real state of my health.  It will afford you some consolation.

My Dear dearly beloved Child

From the state of the winds for two days after you left Tues, I concluded that you had a short passage, I hope you and my dear grandchildren arrived safe and in health.

On Friday last the ulcer in my foot was opened and the discharge of matter so copious that it has greatly very greatly reduced my pain, the wound digests perfectly well and Mr. Stringer thinks that in ten or twelve days a cure will be performed.  If I keep in bed, where I now am, and where I shall continue as he advises.

Your sister has suffered much since you left us, but is now better but still very feeble.  She is in the room opposite to mine, this enables her altho weak, to visit me frequently–

Ah: my dearly beloved child how greatly do your affectionate attentions and those of my other children, sooth & comfort me, and how sincerely do I reciprocate those affections.

Pray let me know if you have as yet obtained a comfortable and convenient house.  Procure one if possible sufficiently large that you may not be in the lease crowded, for remember, that it is my intention that you should be well accommodated, and make Every want immediately known to me that I may have the pleasure of obviating it.

What has been the decision relative to my Dear Alexander? Has my Dear Johnny obtained permission to enter college?  Are they their sisters & brothers all well, is your health good my amiable child? These are interesting questions on which I wish to ____.

Mr. Malcomb went on friday to the _____, your Sister’s child is perfectly well, I hope she will soon be so, she embraces you and the children most cordially, and tender within.  Love to you and them adieu my Dearly beloved child, may heaven preserve you & them in its holy protection, and pluck every thorn out of your future path, is the prayer of your affectionate parent.

Ph: Schuyler

I felt my Dearly beloved Child the pangs you would experience on a return to a place where the sweet smiles, the amiable affability, the cheerful and enduring attention of the best of men had been wont to meet your eyes and apprehending from what I felt, that your pangs would be severe, I have addressed, and I hope with humility and fervor, the divine disposer of all events to mitigate your grief and to pour the balm of consolation into your wounded bosom.  It is a beneficent God and his gracious providence that our comfort, our consolation, our peace of mind must be derived


in this seeking let us remember that we do not injure that health which is so precious to our dear Children.  Yes my beloved I say our children, for of you and yours I am the parent, and may it please the almighty to let me remain in life, that you and they may constantly experience my love, my tenderness, and my gratitude to the dear deceased.

That your afflictions, my dear, dearly beloved child, have added to mine, was the natural result of a parent’s tenderness for so dutiful and affectionate a child, as he invariably experienced from you. My affliction, has, however, been mitigated, by the favor of Divine Providence in preserving your life, and in enabling me to administer every possible consolation; and it will be no small one to you to be informed that since my last letter to you I have had no gout; that, although the ulcers in my feet and above my knee have been extensive, they bear a most favorable aspect for healing; that I have next to no pain from them; that my appetite is restored; that I sleep well; and, although I cannot walk, I have, for some days past, been carried to the dining room, where I have quietly sat from one to six o’clock.  I impute this happy change, under God, to the excessive discharge of gouty matter from my foot.  Indeed, I am not without hopes of being able to visit you in the winter, if there should be sledding.

I am happy that you have obtained a comfortable house.  Render yourself and my dear children perfectly comfortable at your table, and call on me, my beloved child, without hesitation, for the means of rendering you so.

My winter store of fat cattle and hogs are not expected until the middle of the month.  As soon as they arrive, everything will be prepared for you.  Your sister is collecting the best of butter, which she carries to be watered over to be sent to you and says she will add Bolletjes & Pig’s feet souse.  There are truffles but of value to me as they ____ my soul from the affection and attention, which it evinces to you.  Her breast is not quite well, but a prospect of being soon healed, her babes grows rapidly.  She and Mr. Malcom unite with me in the tenderest wishes and affection for you and my dear Children, may God bless you and them is the humble prayer of your affectionate parent.

Ph: Schuyler

Let me know the number of your home & the street

You did not mention by whom you found a volume of the Church history, which will have just received.


4556 km. 15 days. From bottom of Sweden, to the top. And back again. 

This was my vacation with my girlfriend and son. But I couldn’t leave my beloved Pentax67, stay at home. 

This is not a project. Yet. 

But it can quickly turn out to be it. So photogenic, full of contrasts, fantastic scenery, beautiful light and the feeling of being really really far away from everything. Reindeer on the soccer field, guys driving snowmobile on a lake. How can this, not become a future photojournalistic project!


This post was created in partnership with Zevia. All opinions are my own.

It’s t-minus one day to Thanksgiving, and I’m beaming to you straight from across the Pacific Ocean, on my beloved home island Maui. Hi! It’s a gorgeous morning here, and I’m going to resist the temptation to apologize for said gorgeousness, instead sending forth as much of this goodness to you as I possibly can. I also come bearing cocktails, so perhaps that will soften the (albeit tropical) blow of jealousy.

I’m doing Thanksgiving differently this year, which I’m into—I like surprising myself, like taking different tacks on rituals I’ve done over and over again. This year, my father and his fiancée (that’s new! more on that soon! hooray!!) Susan are going to be in a meditation retreat over the holiday, and I’ve decided to spend the day on the beach. I know. Rough. I’m incredibly excited, to be honest. Totally, one hundred percent cool with trading in mashed potatoes for a hefty serving of salt water and sunshine.

Read more and get the recipe here.