my bed awaits you

Adulthood is literally just a cycle of spending every waking minute wishing you could go to bed until it’s actually time for bed and then it becomes the absolute LAST thing you want to do because going to bed is the thing that makes tomorrow happen and then you have to do it all over again

This Is For You...

Remember when the sky was falling,
Your demons danced overhead.
You thought that no one,
Should deal with your sins,
So you decided to battle them back,
Feed them and keep them,
Nurture and sway them
From the rest of the world.
Risking your sanity,
Giving up your happiness,
Swallowing your vanity,
Undressing your soul
Showing them you’re in control
While hiding your thoughts,
Feelings, and hope.

You’re not alone anymore.

You have to believe that the sun
Is behind those dark clouds.
The wind and the rains
Coursing through your veins
Are fuel to your fire
Alone in its infancy
Corrupting its serenity,
Crying for empathy,
Melting in agony.
Still it is everything
Completely, lost in you.
For the warrior within,
Needs a comforting hand,
Places to rest,
Your head on my chest,
While the wind blows,
Lighting fires in our lives
My heart beating
To the rhythm
Of your breathing
Feeling with each passing
Moment you come alive.


I’ll be here in the morning
After awaiting all night.
Your feet will be wet,
Your body cold,
Coffee next to the bed
Awaiting you, warm.
You’ll still feel
My impression
On the mattress
To remind you.
I’m always here
When you’re ready,
I’ll be there.
Now sleep my raging
Storm, it’s time to rest.
Soon you’ll be,
The feel of my arms
Which have never held you,
The taste of my lips,
Which have never kissed you.
The comfort of my hands,
Which have never touched you.
The sound of my whispers,
Which you’ve never heard.
The warmth of my body,
Which has never laid close.
But, though we choose
To deny it,
Look away, hide it,
Especially you,
Live for the now,
Choose to believe.
Tomorrow is already
Too far away.
Let us live by the
Right here in this instant,
Forgive me,
But I want you
To trust me.
So will you dance
This dance,
With me?

-H. Murcia 11/10/2016 11:33PM