my beautiful wonderful baby

me, being held at gunpoint: wait pls let me say one thing before i die

bad guy: ok

me, crying ugly: i just wanna say.. my otp is so real and i love them

“Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it’s ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don’t have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance. I hope they learn that it isn’t ok to make fun of people or call people names. I hope one day YOU learn what it takes to be a parent. A kind selfless parent. A working parent. A parent that puts themselves in someone else’s shoes. Maybe you can’t get it through your thick fucking skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling. So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being “too large” or how “fat” I’ve become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn’t have changed it for a second. I would’ve gladly continued to eat enough calories to produce milk for her little bones to grow. Also, grow the fuck up. Your mother should be ashamed for raising such a judgmental bully. I’m sure she knows how “courageous” you must be for trolling and hiding behind your Iphone and computers. P.s. I would LOVE to see any man or woman give birth to a baby, nurse the baby, and then work 17 hour days and NAIL their own stunts. P.s.s. Be kind to each other. We need it now more than ever. ❤️✌🏼️ ” - Alanna Masterson

Monsta X reaction to seeing his s/o, who always wears long pants and sweaters, wearing a bikini for the first time and has a beautiful body

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Shownu; By the moment you came out of the bathroom with a sheer over shirt, not really covering your red bikini, Shownu would be so stunned at the sight. He couldn’t believe that you have such wonderful body to begin with. Shownu would be at a loss for words when you flashed him a smile smile, twirling around in the process, only to give Shownu a good view of how proportionate your body was, especially with your assets. He’d be giddy about it to be honest, like he’d be praising you over and over and would actually be over-protective of you once the two of you are out to the beach or swimming pool. But then, when the two of you are just chillin’ around, he’d be looking at you with such loving gaze that you’d be blushing. He’d also blurt out compliments here and there, totally catching you off-guard, and that’s when the two of you are enjoying some watermelon, his face covered with watermelon juice.

What do you think, oppa? *smiles, twirls around to flaunt your swimwear*”

“*chuckles*…. *finally able to think of words to say* You look beautiful, baby. *pulls you into a hug* Aigoo, my baby is so beautiful~”

“Hehehe, thanks oppa. Now, let’s go to the beach! *pulls Shownu towards the beach, only to be stopped by him*”

“Wait a minute… *wraps his tanktop around your waist and proudly smiles* There. Let’s go! *wraps his arm around you shoulder*”

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Wonho; Wonho wouldn’t be able to stop himself from grinning widely to be honest. When you came back to the tent with your friend, he’d be speechless at the sight.  He would be really surprised at how beautiful you looked to be honest, may it be in sweatshirts and pants or bikini, you were overall beautiful in his eyes. Wonho would act a little bit dramatic to be honest like the one in the gif before he pulls you into a hug like a little boy. He’d be body praising you to be honest, especially at how your assets bring out those curves. But when he notices the stares of the boys, he’d actually spread his arms and would totally cover you since it was only a sight for him to see but it might also be the other way around like he’d be flaunting you like a proud boyfriend, his chest out while his arms wrapped around your shoulder. Wonho would also be really caring. He’d apply some sunblock on you like he’d apply sunblock on you first before he applies some on himself.

Baby, I’m wearing the bikini that you bought me. Look! *twirls around happily while smiling at Wonho’s reaction*”

“*acts dramatic* Oh my… how can a goddess smile at me? Omo, my heart can’t take at how beautiful my [y/n] is. *pinches the bridge of his nose before bursts out laughing, pulling you into a tight hug* Aigoo, my baby, how can you be so beautiful huh? Man, look at you! I’ve always known you were hiding something under those baggy shirts and sweatpants that you wear!”

“Whatever, babe. C’mon, let’s get into the water now!”

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Minhyuk; Just imagine Minhyuk with big, googly eyes. He’d be all smiles as soon as he sees you with your baby blue bikini. When you show him every angle of the your body, twirling around to show him how cute you looked with a pair of bikini. Minhyuk would totally find you really cute but sexy at the same time. But when boys starts to stare at you, just imagine Minhyuk glaring at them while protectively wrapping his arms around you. And once they’re gone, he’d be back to praising at how beautiful you are and that he’d remind you of the time when you felt insecure which he would also quickly tell you that there was nothing for you to be insecure as you were as beautiful as your heart. You have a wonderful body and he loves it as much as he loves you for who you are. He’d seriously flaunt you to the boys, telling them that they don’t have a beautiful gf like you.

Baby, listen, remember the time when you felt insecure of all those girls out there? Don’t be. You’re beautiful. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful body and a beautiful everything. Don’t let them bring you down. I love the way how you look as much as I love you for who you are. You have a wonderful body baby and you’re one of a kind! *cups your cheeks with such bright smile* Now, c’mon and let’s go to the boys.”

“Alright… thanks babe.”

“No problem, sweetie~ *winks at you and sees the boys* Guys! Look at how beautiful my baby girl is! Too bad you guys don’t have a girl like mine… Should I set you guys up?!”

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Kihyun; This boy would be so taken aback when he sees you for the first time in bikini. He’d be all smiles to be honest. He wouldn’t be able to suppress his feels and would literally be chuckling the whole time since he’s so giddy about the sight of you and your beautiful body. When you twirl around for him, he’d really find you so cute that he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. Kihyun would pull you into a hug, swaying the two of you while he plants kisses on top of your head. He’d pull away for a moment and would immediately pull out his camera, making you his model. And when you tell him that you’re not that confident with your body, he’d look at you with some look and would tell you that you’re utterly beautiful in his eyes and that you should be proud of that beautiful body of yours because you’re one of a kind. And of course, Kihyun would be over protective to the point the he’d let you wear his tank top to cover up when you feel uncomfortable with the stares of random strangers. And to be honest, he’d also be the type of person who’d post your picture with a speech underneath it.

Oppa, I’m not that confident with my body though.. I think I’ll pass–”

“What are you talking about? You’re body’s gorgeous baby and let me tell you, you’re one of a kind and be proud of that body of yours! You have such wonderful proportions and you’re really beautiful in my eyes baby, really beautiful. C’mon, let’s take some photos to commemorate this day.”

“Thanks, babe, for making me feel better about my body. But before we take photos of me, let’s take a photo together. *pulls you towards him as he lets the other members take a photo of the two of you*”

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Hyungwon; Chae Pepe will be unleashed. He’d be so meme by the minute he laid eyes on you in your bikini. He’d be so speechless that he’d be giggling for a straight five minutes. Once he’d finish giggling, he’d be complementing at how beautiful you are and how your assets are also gorgeous. He’d be so mesmerized at your beauty that he’d really ask the boys to take a photo of the two of you so that he’d make it his lock and home screen wallpaper. And he’d also take a couple of selfies with you before pulling you into the water. Once the two of you started to chill around in the pineapple float that you bought, he’d be really honest with you like he’d be complementing your body and you overall. That he’d reach to a point that he’d appreciate all of your style and would be like, you’re like a box filled with surprises and whatnot. Hyungwon wouldn’t actually like the attention that you’re getting from the boys to be honest that he’d be glaring at them until they look away. 

Hyungwonie~ how do I look? *twirls around with a gleeful squeal*”

“*giggling giggling giggling*….. *finally stops giggling* Baby, you look amazing! Damn, you really a beautiful body…. Yah, Changkyun-ah, take a photo of [y/n] and I for a second. *hands phone to Changkyun and pulls you closer to him with his arms on your waist*”

“Aigoo, don’t tell me you’re gonna make that as your lock screen and home screen wallpaper? *teasing*”

“I am! Daaamnn, Changkyun this one is such a wonderful shot! Nice one. Baby, do you want me to send you this photo? So that we can have matching wallpapers? *cute smile*”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was laughing really loud until you came to the tent in a bikini, making Jooheon shut his mouth real fast. He’d be eyeing you up and down before he proceeds to giving you a knowing smile. When you asked him if you looked horrible, he’d be reassuring you right away that you look absolutely beautiful. Like legit beautiful. Too beautiful for him to be honest. He’d actually pull you into his lap and hug you tightly, with a big smile on his face. Jooheon would actually take all his time to appreciate you and your body. When the two of you are actually strolling down the beach, he’d let you wear his jacket to be honest, not only to protect you from those lustful stares but also from the sun since he doesn’t want his baby to have that sunburn. And when you’re out in the pool having fun with the boys, he’d actually watch you with so much admiration that he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you. And when you’re back in the hotel with your sweatpants, he’d be chuckling at how you can still be beautiful with those clothes.

Wear this jacket, babe. *helps you wear this beach zip jacket and smiles at how cute you looked with his jacket* Omo, baby, your bikini matches with my jacket!”

“You’re right! But, honey, wouldn’t it be too hot for you with just that tank top and beach shorts? *pouts*”

“Aigoo, don’t worry baby. It’s alright. C’mon and let’s go buys some ice cream from that stall over there. *points at a not really visible stall from afar*”

“Oki doki *links arms with Jooheon*”

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I.M; Changkyun would be pretty calm about it tho. When you showed up with your red bikini, he’d be proudly smiling at you since he already knew that you have such wonderful body. He’d be wrapping his arm around your shoulder and would smugly smile at his hyungs like she’s mine sorry. But then when you’re starting to get a lot of attention from random strangers, he’d be a little bit whiney as makes you wear his tank top. Changkyun would also be the type of boyfriend who’d shower you a lot of love like when you’d suddenly feel insecure about your body after a couple of women passed by, he’d be like no, baby, you have an amazing body and you know what, you’re the only apple in my eyes. you’re beautiful, okay? and many more. Sometimes, you’d catch Changkyun staring at you with such loving gaze but then sometimes, you’d also receive sassy comments from him but in a good way. Sometimes, you’d also catch him taking a lot of candid photos of you.. .and even videos to be honest. When you’re gone for a while, he’d be staring at the photo’s he’d captured and would actually make a collage and make it like into some aesthetic or something.

Oh my goodness, my beautiful queen has finally arrived with that beautiful body of hers! Flaunt it baby *winks at you before wrapping an arm around your shoulder*”

“Babe… I think this will be the first and last time that you’d see me wearing a bikini–”

“Ssshhhh, don’t say that *places a finger on your lips and then turns around to face his hyungs who are looking at him with a ‘._.’ look* Sorry, hyungs, [y/n]’s mine. But hey, guess what, we can try to hook you guys up you know *wink… minhyuk in the background: hey! that’s my job!!!*”

Do I wanna know? (Part 2)

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(Read Part 1 here contains oral sex, smut) 

“Why did you come?” 

Taemin asked once the two of you entered his bedroom, slipping his leather jacket off his shoulders and throwing it on the chair in the corner of his bedroom. How were you supposed to explain your reasons? You were jealous, curious, even missing him? Being alone with him disabled your brain from working properly; you were still aroused, wanting him desperately. You didn’t want to talk. 


You stuttered, feeling pressured under Taemin’s heavy, lust filled stare.Your body was trembling, your pulse racing so fast that it made your mind cloudy. He strutted over to you and dominantly took your chin between his thumb and finger, his face so close to yours that you could feel his warm breath upon your lips. 

“Did you miss me?” 

He asked, his dark eyes brooding, sending your nerves in to a frenzy. You didn’t see the point in lying to him, after all, he already knew the answers to his questions. 


You answered, subconsciously leaning in closer to his lips that were screaming to be kissed. 

“Do you love me?” 

He questioned. You felt his chest rising and falling with the intense sexual tension; the urge to pounce on each other was incredibly hard to control. His sweet smelling, muscular body pressing against yours was enough to make your knees wobble and fall in to his arms. 


You practically whimpered. This did something to Taemin. He gave up control and crushed his lips upon yours, wrapping his arms around you tightly and making you surrender under his desperate kiss; his plead for forgiveness. His mouth moved with yours in perfect harmony as he kissed you so deeply that you forgot how to breathe. You forgot there was a world outside yours and Taemin’s steamy embrace. Grabbing fistfuls of the sex gods hair, you felt his talented hands lifting your shirt up your stomach and for a second, you had to break away and take a breath of air whilst he made your shirt disappear from your body. Surprising you, he didn’t press his lips back upon yours but laid them upon your sensitive neck, making a cry of pleasure escape your mouth. 

“Then why did you leave me? You knew I was yours and yours only. How dare you think I would touch another woman the way I touch you.” 

He inquired, an odd mix of pain and lust in his now low, seductive voice. You barely had a chance to gather your thoughts and answer him when he dominantly pushed you on his bed, climbing on top of you and pulling on your lower lip lightly with his teeth. You gasped at his awe inspiring touch, barely able to look at him as his red hot stare made your heart thump aggressively. 

“You saw me tonight. I could never look at anyone the way I do you. I fucking love you. I just need to know that you’ll be mine, always.” 

For the first time that night, he showed some vulnerability, baring his true feelings to you. When you left him, he was hurt; very hurt and it broke your heart. Deep down, you knew you were wrong for not hearing him out. It was a sign that the two of you were meant to be together as you too were lost without him. 

“I’m yours Taemin. I’m yours.” 

During the night, his eyes shifted from stressed and frustrated to soft, caring, almost submissive. He was eating from the palm of your hand as you took your position over his crossed legs, placing your legs at the side of his and wrapping your arms over his bare shoulders. Taemin’s nakedness was a true heavenly sight, the moonlight shining on his pale ethereal skin. His eyes widened with anticipation; you could tell he could hardly breathe too. This is what you needed to truly tell each other how you felt and how much you cared. Slowly, you began to lower yourself on to his shaft. Closing your eyes, you felt his warm arms wrap around your waist in a romantic embrace.

“Baby, look at me.” 

He uttered gently, drawing patterns as light as a feather on your back with his finger tips. His chocolate brown eyes sparkled with love at you, adoring your beauty. 

“You’re so beautiful, no wonder I couldn’t get you out of my head. Baby, you have no idea how pretty you are.” 

His words made you blush; you wanted to hide your face in to his shoulder but his gaze had you glued to him; you couldn’t look away. As you began to move upon him, your whole body started to be pumped full of adrenaline and with how amazing he felt with each stroke, you just wanted to ride him harder and faster until he had to slow you down, afraid he was going to cum too soon. You couldn’t help yourself; he made you feel full, like a sex goddess with all of your senses heightened. You adored the way he looked at you like you were the most stunning woman he’d ever laid his eyes upon. He grinned, his juicy lips curling at you as his hair fell over his magical eyes. 

“I’m pretty good at controlling myself baby but not that good. We have to take our time okay? I want to get lost in you for hours and hours.” 

Taemin thought it’d be a good idea to get in to a position where he had more control over the tempo, after all, that was how he felt the most confident. He eased you on your back, your head resting upon the pillows. While he had you under him, he took the opportunity to kiss and massage your breasts, rolling them gently in his hands before placing his warm mouth over your hardening nipples. The sensation made you squirm, a desperate moan coming from your mouth. Already, you missed the feeling of Taemin filling you but he was set on making the night last and apparently making you as wet as you possibly could be. His legs moved between yours and all of a sudden, making you squeal, he parted your legs as far as they would go, completely exposing you. 

“Remember this baby? Remember when I used to do this to you?” 

Taemin’s face moved down to your quivering womanhood, holding your legs apart with his hands and not allowing you to move. You felt your face flush along with your body heating up with desire. With the first lick of his tongue, you cried out and bit your lip hard. Oh yes you remembered; he did it so good that it was impossible to forget. He used the tip of his tongue to swirl around your responsive clit before licking it up and down in a pace that made you roll your eyes back in to your head and before you could even process how intense it felt, you felt two of his slim fingers sliding inside of you, heightening the pleasure. You wanted to scream. 


You cried his name, not sure if you should beg him to stop. You were conflicted; it was hard to take but you were painfully close to cumming. Taemin chuckled, knowing the torture he was putting you through. 

“See Jagi? This is what happens when we go too fast.” 

He ran his tongue flat against your glistening folds, licking up every drop of your juices before sucking lightly on your bud, his fingers working your G-spot. Pushing the hair out of his face, you watched him enjoy the way you tasted. The deep groans he made when he ate your pussy hungrily was such a huge turn on. Taemin knew you wanted, even needed to cum so he finally eased his fingers from you and sucked every single digit clean, his playful face looking smug at the hot mess he had created.

Fucking you slowly, his dancer hips were mesmerising as the way he moved them was so effortless. His manhood sunk in to you deep, still holding your legs erotically wide open, refusing to let you close them. Taemin’s thrusts were patient yet powerful, still causing a stir in your core. It was hard to believe that just hours ago you were refusing to talk to him and now you were naked on his bed, his lips placing sweet kisses on your shoulders. You brought your fingertips up his back, holding on to him as he tried to control himself from going too fast and maybe even hurting you. His pupils dilated as he grit his teeth, sweat forming above his brow, casually picking up his pace before he was pounding in to you. Taemin’s grunts made a melody with your mewls and squeals of pleasure. Finally, he let go of your legs, commanding you to wrap them tightly around him before he came. The harder he fucked you, the more the throbbing feeling in your core got worse, propelling your entire being in to an orgasm. You screamed out loud, feeling the orgasm tingle from your head to your toes. When Taemin felt your wetness pour on to him, he took you in his arms and held you against him intimately, hungrily kissing you as you felt his warm seed fill you until it dripped down your behind. When the two of you stopped, it’s like you suddenly remembered to breathe, waking up to a different world. You’d been in a bubble the whole time. Taemin didn’t want to move; he wanted to stay inside you, joined with you for an eternity. With a sigh, he finally moved from you and scooped you in to his arms, making you giggle. Though, there was one last elephant in the room. 

“I’ll quit the stripping baby. I never liked it anyway. It only ever meant anything when you were here with me.” 

Looking up at him, you realised that he still couldn’t stop looking at you. 

“I mean it.” 

He uttered, sweetly moving your stray hairs away from your face and tucking them behind your ear. As he kissed you tenderly, you started to feel at home again and though he said he was going to quit stripping, you didn’t want him to stop doing it for you, as long as he was yours and you were his, always.