my beautiful wife.................

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Whenever you cried during pregnancy, which was a lot, Chase always switched his eyes as many times as it takes to get you to smile. He'd make funny faces but when you barely cracked a smile, he pouted, black eyes twinkling in the dim light of the lamp. "Baby, what kinda husband am I if I can't make my beautiful wife happy?" That's what made you giddy, a giggle falling from your lips. "You think I'm beautiful?" You gushed, clasping your hands to your chest adoringly. "Cmere you cutie," he grinned

this is so cute holy hell

Daddy Wednesday™ 

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You are my favorite mystic messenger artist and I am lowkey obsessed with your Jaehee fanart. I was wondering if you could do a long haired Jaehee with a messy bun? I am thinking of buying a commission of this but I don't have the money at the moment

well i liked it anyway (♡´౪`♡) also i really love her christmas outfit