my beautiful unicorn


Kesha - Praying (Official Video)


unicorn head - rated

very beautiful!  gorgeous horn, lovely hair, she puts a lot of effort into her look & i bet she’s a hard worker! 10/10

not as multicoloured as her unicorn friends, but still very beautiful! she probably has a very kind heart. 10/10

1 word: very lovely. 
she’s a charmer, everyone loves her. i love her too. although she is blocky, she does not let that bring her down! 10/10

he looks so young and innocent! i’d trust him with my life. adorable boy, 10/10

she looks related to Apple in some way. she’s like the pastel version of her, but she’s still very lovely and unique! 10/10 i love her

very majestic. there’s a feeling of dominance around him, but i bet he has a heart of gold. probably the father of samsung and microsoft. he cares deeply about his children 10/10 loving father

wow! bold & bright! astonishing! she would get 1st place at a beauty contest. 10/10 gorgeous girl

hes very confident. he spiked his hair, & he is really beautiful! look at that smile. he’s a gorgeous boy & he knows it 10/10

mysterious gal!  shes quite reserved and tends to keep to herself, but she doesn’t mind being with her friends! you know in those wallpapers where there’s a beautiful horse at a beautiful lake? that’s her. beautiful. i love her so much 10/10


Happy Star Trek 50th Anniversary! 

I’m so excited! Here’s the main cast as cats!!


❝ This is why you should never, ever get your hopes up. This is why you should see the glass as half empty. So when the whole thing spills, you aren’t as devastated. ❞

Memory Lane

This is a fic I wrote for my dear @amaranthine-reign. For those who don’t know, Raini is my e-sister. This girl is amazing. She’s kind, she’s caring and all around legen–wait for it………….–dary, legendary! Today is her birthday and I did a thing for her. Happy birthday, my beautiful unicorn. I love you and hope you enjoy!!

Pairing: Marty Scurll x Reader

Also: Reader is a little less generalized as this was written with Raini in mind. But I hope y’all can still relate to the reader in some way.

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“I was crazy about you then and now.
The craziest thing of all,
Over ten years have gone by
And you’re still mine,
We’re locked in time.”

- ‘Do You Remember’ by Jack Johnson

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