my beautiful olympic team

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Nathan!!!😍 x


My Hero!

Nate Ebner and His Mates On USA Eagles Have Done More For Rugby In The USA Than Any Other Men!

You Are A True Sport Stud, Sir! And so Are Your Mates!!

Woof, Baby!

  • me @ the entire Italian Olympic Team : look, my children, my beautiful children
  • them: shoots at flying stuff like it's nothing, kick people's arses in judo and greco-roman wrestling, swim like they're being chased by sharks for 1500 ms and 5 kms, shoots a volleyball ball at 127 km/h speed
  • me: especially them

Congratulations to the captains of team Canada for the national men’s olympic hockey team!

Sidney Crosby: (#87) Captain
Jonathan Toews: (#16) Alternate Captain
Shea Weber: (#6) Alternate Captain

ok, it may be small and the watermark ruins everything what a surprise


“Sometimes people are looking all their life and don’t find it. It happened, we’re partners and our relationship are more than husband and wife” - Maxim,
“We spend so much time together and we already miss each other when we don’t see each other for a couple of hours” - Tanya,
“She is just always shining and when she is happy it’s like…sooo much light” - Maxim