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The Star Crossed Lovers (Connverse)

Replacing my Phinbella heart with this 

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Poor Connie :(

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Steven: “We could be friends”

This is one of the reasons why Steven is my favorite character!

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Their holding hands :3

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Connie: “You don’t need any powers to be here with me”

And this was when Connverse was my new OTP 

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Connie sleeping on Steven back while riding on Lion :3

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Connie blushing :3

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Shy little cinnamon roll asking her bae to dance with him. Also she blushes!

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This is the second time that they were about to kiss!

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Their future child looks so beautiful! 

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Even Garnet support this ship! 

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Watching the snow together 

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I really thought Steven was going to confess his feelings to Connie

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Connie doesn’t care of your opinions, Steven. She only care of what you like 

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He has so many pictures of him and Connie hanging out

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He doesn’t want Connie to get hurt

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World reference 

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I’m getting hurt 

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Oh geez 

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Oh Steven 

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My official OTP 

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“I want to. I want to be part of your universe” 


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Yes! She wants to more use to the Crystal Gems!

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Pearl support this ship too! 

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Best Friends fight together

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Holding hands again

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The best duo 

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This was basically my reaction when I found out Steven is actually 14 years old

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Wow, Steven is actually planning on marrying Connie when they grow up

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Their hugging again :3

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My second favorite Steven Universe ship, first being Ruby and Saphire. As much I want them to together, that’s not the main focus, which I respect. It sucks that I have to wait but it will be worth the wait :D

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My husband, @scarecrow-hero is pretty incredible. He’s adorable, wonderful and incredibly funny. He’s so talented that he really drives me to try to test the limits of my own creativity. :) I’m so lucky to have him.  He’s wonderful and beautiful in general.

We’re both also total nerds.

This is us:

And also this:

And this little gem too:

We’ve got a dozen more like this. I could go on for days, I swear.


“When I was a little girl, my dad would read the paper every Sunday, and my mom would read a book nearby. And I would sit at the top of our stairs and just watch them. Watch them be still together. And when I think of being in love, that’s what I picture – days like that. And nights like this.” 

#and in the end #the little girl got the beautiful love story she deserved

It’s 1940’s New York City. She’s a lounge singer with a voice that draws in even the coldest of men, and he’s a detective with a reputation for eyes as sharp as a hawk’s. Brought to the lounge to investigate a case, he can’t help notice the doll-face with the voice like an angel and legs for days, but he can’t be distracted. Especially not when he gets the feeling she knows more than she’s letting on. Despite his attempts to keep her at arm’s length, she worms her way in, and he slowly discovers that the dame is far cleverer than she looks. Soon he no longer has a suspect but a partner, with eyes just about as keen as his own (though he’s still far from oblivious to those gorgeous gams).  [Soundtrack]


I wish you could see yourself, my lady. You are so beautiful. You’re crusted over with snow like some little bear cub, but your face is flushed and you can scarcely breathe. How long have you been out here? You must be very cold. Let me warm you, Sansa. ♦ requested by manbunjon

Different Times My Emotions Drastically Changed During BatB2017 (first viewing)

I’m probably missing a few, but here we go…

The prologue starts in with the roses

  • Upon recognizing your favorite part of the soundtrack (that nostalgic wonder), of course your heart would go crazy, right?

Garderobe starts singing

  • I had heard Audra sing before, in Annie.  I knew she was an amazing singer already.  Did I know she could sing like that?  No.  And I was shocked into silence.  My heart still jumps when I hear the Aria.

Gaston and LeFou’s appearance

  • THAT’S Bard!
  • and THAT’S Olaf!

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…”

  • Sound of Music Vibes
  • OMG It’s so beautiful….
  • Emma’s voice right here is just….yes

The wolves attacking Maurice

  • Holy hell, there is a LOT more going on here than in the animation…
  • Come on Maurice, you can get out of this!

Lumiere and Cogsworth’s first appearance

  • OMG it’s them!  They look amazing!

Cadenza starts playing and stops the moment Maurice enters the ballroom

  • Probably the only time the movie legit spooked me out.  I have said this many times, and I will say it again: if I saw an instrument playing a slightly eerie tune on its own in the middle of a darkened castle, I would have scrammed right then and there.

Maurice’s reaction to Chip moving

  • It was one of those instant laughter moments. 

The Beast on top of the gates

  • I could say my heart rate picked up a bit.  Most of it was that I was floored by how he looked.

Belle hitting Lumiere with the stool, then going to get a jar to hit Cogsworth with

  • Another one of those instant laughter moments.

“But what is dinner without a little music?”

  • Everyone knows that that’s the line that precedes “Be Our Guest”, the song that MADE THE ANIMATION WHAT IT IS
  • So my heart rate skyrocketed.  No biggie.

Beast rescuing Belle

  • That roar.  Holy hell…

Gaston punching Maurice’s lights out

  • No one expected that.  No one.  There were gasps and other noises of surprise throughout the theatre.  First time the movie completely stunned me.  I felt like I had just been hit.

Luke Evans’ rant on black magic and mob forming

  • You know, it’s just one of those moments when you’re struck by the fact that you no longer recognize a person because you didn’t think they were capable of portraying such hatred and hostility.  Like, you know it’s still a movie, and he’s just an actor but jeeeeeeez…your respect for him rockets into the stratosphere and disguises the fact that you’ve got chills.

The Castle Battle

  • Yes, Mrs. Potts!  You are no one’s grandmother!
  • OMG Lefou!!!! I kinda feel sorry for him but Cadenza just roasted him so it’s hilarious!!!
  • *GASP* MR. POTTS?!
  • Garderobe just f—ing jumped off the balcony!
  • Cadenza’s a musically inclined machine gun!
  • Please note that I couldn’t properly form these thoughts while in the moment because I was laughing too freaking hard.

The castle crumbling away and sending Gaston to his–nope, not yet!

  • I think the best way to describe my reaction is that moment when you’re about to fall, but your arms are going wild as you try to keep your balance and you honestly don’t know if you’ll fall or stay upright.  My heart went through that.  For like, a split second.

The last petal falls

  • Wait…but she didn’t say I love you yet!  What the hell’s gonna happen now?

Plumette dies in Lumiere’s arms

  • No. You will not.  You will NOT.

Froufrou’s Simba moment

  • Don’t tell me it wasn’t a Simba moment.  The only thing I thought of was Simba trying to wake Mufasa up and my heart just broke into a thousand pieces.

Lumiere’s flourish

  • This was the lowest part of the entire movie for me.  I watched a childhood favorite die right in front of me.  And the horrible part was that I knew he was going to be the last one.  And I just….let’s just say I didn’t want to go back to Belle and the Beast, because I would have cracked under any more grief.

The kiss

  • I was a little bummed that the whole “Belle, it’s me!” “It is you!” wasn’t in there
  • But the theatre applauded…as did I.
  • Dan Stevens is hot.  So my heart fluttered too.

Lumiere and Plumette kiss

  • It was just one of those things that you don’t expect because usually my OTPs don’t get many shining moments.
  • I nearly screamed out loud.  

The Finale Ball

  • My heart was just soaring by the end of this.  I didn’t cry, but I came pretty dang close.
  • I wish I could go on and on about this ball…fortunately, I already have.

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for being such a lovely person, you always make my days a little brighter and I'm so glad you have anon because I could never tell you this otherwise, you're so beautiful both inside and outside, I hope both you and Assistent have a great day because you're my otp <3

Thank you very much, beautiful anon!

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Your coloring is so beautiful. ❤️ I don't know of you take requests? If you don't, please ignore! I don't want to seem selfish. But if you do, could you pretty please color the little Laxana (Laxus x Cana) panel? It made me happy that my little OTP got at last a moment and I would love the precious moment colored.

I’m going to post the whole sequence anyway, but here’s just that panel for now :p

  • *Mona almost got stabbed by the knife after touching a part of the game board*
  • Mona: Touchy isn't it?
  • Hanna: Mona, i brought you here to help me. Not admire the craftsmanship. My turn is next. We have to shut this thing down.
  • Mona: I understand that, Hanna, but sometimes you have to stop and admire the craft behind the dirty trick. I wish i could've built something like this.
  • Hanna: You do?
  • Mona: Think about the mind that conceived this. Why build a dollhouse when you could turn the town into a dollhouse. It's brilliant. It's beautiful.
  • Hanna: Do you two wanna be left alone?

BELOVED || [listen]

“she was my betrothed. she was my beloved… i loved her more than life itself… and seven kingdoms couldn’t fill the hole she left behind.”

Peter Meets Wendy Again Scene Analysis

Did not expect my Trolls analysis to get so many notes, so I decided to post a little something about Peter Pan too.  Please let me know what you guys think!

So Disney created a beautiful scene in “Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland” where Peter meets Wendy again and I want to talk about it for a moment.  Or two.

This scene shatters my heart because they are the Disney OTP that could never happen, but we all still want it so very badly. Peter does not have the capacity to love another person because he is selfish and childish, but Wendy opens him up into what kind of young man he could be. That terrified him, so he ran away and refused to be with her because in the end, he is selfish. He wants what is best for himself; he would not change his entire existence for her, but so badly wanted her to for him. Can you imagine if he had stayed on Earth a bit longer, grown up even the slightest bit more, spent even the smallest amount of time with her on Earth, he probably would have stayed with her and grew up for her. He was so close to falling in love with her, yet so far, because he doesn’t age at all in Neverland. And then in this scene, how much it hurts him that she grew up and lived on without him. His expressions are full of longing, and could be of regret if it weren’t for his childish characteristic again. This bittersweet moment is beautiful and I am so happy they created it. I’d also be happy if someone made some sort of version where he did end up marrying Wendy even though that completely skews his character but like come on, they’re adorable af

A few specific things I want to point out about this scene:

Wendy grew up, which we see as her maturity led her through the beginning of the scene where she curiously investigates a strange sound and then passes it off as her imagination.  Peter stands outside in complete disbelief that the girl he spent that time with could be the grown up in the nursery window, because he never wanted her to grow up.  She knows it’s been too much time for him to remember her and she’s accepted that, but there’s a piece of her that still genuinely hopes just to see him.  When she leans out the window again and Peter is immediately in her face, she’s taken aback because she didn’t think he would even stop for a moment to see her.  This moment of closeness represents his immaturity in that he has no sense of personal space or boundaries (like a child).  It also shows his drastic disbelief in that it could be Wendy and he felt the need to get that close to truly see if it was the girl he met all that time ago beneath the defined jawline and wrinkles.  

Then he says her name (significantly soft, may I add), and her face lights up like the little girl who first met him.  Her smile is beautiful and her eyes are glowing and she sheepishly tucks a hair behind her ear, her maturity melting and temporarily getting replaced by her childhood innocence.  A simple hello is the small part of maturity that manages to escape, whereas she originally wouldn’t stop talking when she first met him.  

“You changed.”

His voice is full of sorrow (can’t be regret, because as immature Peter Pan, he cannot regret anything) and he crosses his hands over his chest and crosses his legs, a sign of slight defiance like a child. She stood there for a moment waiting for his judgment after all that time but she refused to let it dwindle his image of her, because in reality, she was who she was because of him.  He changed her inside, while the world changed her outside.

“Not really.  Not ever.”

Her touch was surprising to him but he didn’t see it as intimate; just alarming.  He didn’t understand how he was feeling but when Tink came between them like she did before, he knew there was something there that never faded.  And so did Wendy.  That’s why she said hello to Tinkerbell instead of disliking her, as well as the fact that with time she grew to forgive and forget Tink’s little jealous outbursts.  And Tink approves now because she knows that Wendy can’t really get in the way of her and Peter, but Wendy can still cause some of Peter’s joy inside.  Tink’s approval reassures Peter that it’s okay and his confident, comical self comes out and he bows to the “madam” playfully.

Wendy laughs and curtsies, a lovely game for the last time.

Peter’s twisting his hat because he’s nervous and uncertain that he has to leave her, but he does it anyway because of his selfish nature.  He happily flies off on the small high of the feelings but that flight was probably full of a lot of thought until he reaches Neverland and is back to his ignorant, childish self.  This is likely why he doesn’t forget about Wendy and the games they played, but he temporarily forgets about his feelings for her as he lives in Neverland with bliss and ignorance.  

He is a walking (or flying) contradiction because he is the symbolic representation of immaturity and childhood innocence, but any time on Earth conflicts with that.  That’s why his behavior changes so drastically, especially when it comes to Wendy. She was the first thing to truly affect his heart, but it unfortunately wasn’t strong enough to affect his stubborn mindset.

What do you guys think?  Bounce off my analysis, I wanna hear more ideas!


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If you're still doing it, Alikou for the ship meme, please? :)

ew / nonono / meh / maybe / ship it / aww / otp / MY HEART

I was sure I answered it but it seems I didn’t? I’m sorry!!

I can totally see the appeal and I think they could work very well together. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see them become canon, but to be honest… I like their beautiful friendship as it is. Theirs is the kind of friendship that lasts a lifetime, regardless of what is going on in their lives at any given point.

Still, for some reason, I hesitate to call it a brotp… I feel it’s a little different.


After watching Haikyuu episode 3 for the fifth time, seeing especially the Tensemi moment (TENSEMI!!)

It makes me think that Tendou do that often, that sing thing but hey! we already know that but also the preview dialogue makes me think that is only their thing, Tendou and Semi, like the Kuroken thing! you know that “No i didn’t. Yes you did. No i didn’t…Yes you-. No i didn’t”, a Tensemi thing. At first Tendou would do it ‘cause he loves to tease Semisemi, but then that became something totally theirs. Imagine Tendou singing out of nowhere and pointing at Semi waiting him to sing along, Semi knows that whatever he says won’t be correct but still tries 'cause it’s their little game. Imagine Tendou singing about his mark on a test, his lunch, the Shonen Jump news, or even in Semi’s birthday! he could sing a lame song about what he bought him!!

Summarizing it, this sing thing has now Tensemi copyright to me


So is anyone else dying to see an “aftermath” scene like the one of YayoixShion but with Kougami and Akane instead? Just like ONE TIME? Just one? Please? With beautiful muscular naked Kougami on top?

Because I think it’s kinda sad how they can show Yayoi and Shion like this but not my top ship ;_; (now please don’t get me wrong. YayoixShion is cutes. I have NOTHING against it whatsoever…just want mah ship dammit) Seriously, the movie needs to have one little scene like this. It could last TEN SECONDS, I don’t care. Just please for all that is shippy and beautiful, give Kougane a scene like this TT.TT

But Imagine This

I know everyone likes to go big with their OTPs, and my bruhs down in the ever growing solangelo army aren’t any different. I have read every good Solangelo fanfic I could get my hands on and I’ve been a fan ever since Blood of Olympus. The angst, the hurt/comfort, the aus, even the smuts though I tend to avoid those because I am too gay gay gay gay™ and they’re really too young for that; you name it, I’ve seen it. And I’ve loved most of the things our little subfandom offered for this beautiful couple. But picture this;

*Will and Nico not desperately in love
*Will and Nico not knowing what exactly is happening between them, but they know that there’s something there- a spark; something that makes them just want to STAY with each other, because it feels right. Because holding his hand makes Nico/Will smile or gives either of them that odd fluttery feeling
*Will blurting out the word “boyfriend” accidentally when he speaks to Apollo. He doesn’t mean to say it, and Nico and him haven’t really discussed it, but he glances at Nico. Nico makes a remark, rolls his eyes, but Will can see the smile he’s trying to hide and he knows it’s OK.
*Will and Nico not even kissing- both are too uncertain. But they hold hands when no one’s looking. Sometimes Will gathers his nerves and pecks Nico’s forehead, and it makes Nico’s day.
*The first time Nico kisses Will, it’s on the cheek probably. Imagine- he’s flustered and unsure but Will is adorable and cute and oh god there he goes talking about Grey’s Anatomy again and shit he can’t help but smooch that cutie
*They’re both totally equals in their relationship, each supporting the other in times of need. Nico needs certain reminders someone cares for obvious reasons, Will is just- honestly the kid’s fifteen and performed a surgery that sixteen skilled surgeons have to sweat on for hours all by himself (*squints @ paolo*), needless to say the surgical field can be plenty traumatising, not to mention how terrible you’d feel if you COULDN’T save someone.
*So none of that dominant stuff. Not now or here. They’re both kids and both aren’t ready for a serious relationship but they’re getting there and each day it’s like their bond is growing- by the time Apollo leaves camp for his quest, they’re probably just inseparable
*I’m not sure why I consider the concept of their slow progressing romance so gorgeous

but please allow me the moment to talk about this gif of my rebel prince

look at him, look at this puppy, like this is the happiest he´s been in months, he has good news, they allowed them to go hunt above ground, just the two of them in the woods like it used to be, it´s a small moment but it means the world, it´s not the same but as katniss herself said that was the happiest they could be in that moment, do you understand ? do you ever cry ? like even if everything is changed it´s still their little piece of the world where they were just katniss and gale im crying im a mess