my beautiful dumb boy

i watched kenny vs prince devitt yesterday and wowza when i tell you those were some good matches i MEAN IT!!! the first one i watched was this one and it’s kinda short but really good they went outside and kenny did a moonsault off a ladder and it was some great stuff. also finn (or prince devitt in this case) did a double stomp while kenny was laid out on a table and it didn’t break of course because the tables in njpw are made of steel. and it was just so great especially for how short it was. omg okay and the next one i watched was this one for the iwgp jr. heavyweight championship and,,,, boy it was really good. kenny’s spin kicks and suplexes are a thing of beauty and both of them do moves in these matches that they don’t do often and they should start doing them more it makes me mad that they don’t. but yeah, people who have watched njpw longer than me probably have already seen these but if you haven’t please watch them you won’t regret it!!!!!!! these are two of my top favorite finn matches now and @ njpw fans if there’s more matches between them than these two please lemme know!!!!!!! :’) also recommend any other kenny (except ones from this year i’ve seen those) and devitt matches pls

hvnschen  asked:

I am offended that u say brendon's mouth isnt as good as pete's have u SEEN that mans mouth??????

I meant no offense to you or Bden but allow me to make my case:

That’s just… like… not even fair.

His mouth is the size of Lake Michigan.  Like???  How???



Sweet Christ in heaven, look at that smILE I AM DYING TO DEATH oh my GOD PETE

Look at his smile, his massive mouth, his excessive shark teeth!  THIS IS THE FACE OF GOD AND I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT

You really need a gif or two to appreciate it, though, I mean… look at the way it spreads across his entire face.  His eyes get all squinchy and his little cheeks and oh my god he has so many teeth and I JUST CAN’T GET OVER HOW BIG HIS FLIPPIN MOUTH IS JESUS CHRIST

I am dead.  I am dying.  I am dying to death because he is so beautiful and his smile makes my heart want to throw itself into the sun.

This gif is saved to my computer as “sweet jesus” and that’s really all you need to know about it.




Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch talk Savages

Wonder Woman #6

…OR “I’d like to buy every synonym in existence for ‘perfect’ to describe this issue, Pat.”

This is one of the best issues so far! I keep saying this every two weeks! But it’s true every week so it’s not my fault! Wonder Woman is one of the best superheroes ever and this book DESERVES her! THIS BOOK HAS TURNED ME INTO A HUMAN EXCLAMATION MARK!

1. You guys! Wonder Woman’s crew is coming together! 

First of all, let me talk about how vindicated I feel that Etta is shutting down “George Perez” here. He honestly did a disservice to her character in his reboot (see my take on his run here and here).

Also, I want to take a moment to appreciate how cute Etta is here. Renae de Liz gave us the best Etta we’ve had since Marston, let’s be real. Will this new canon, military Etta have her fundamental Etta-ness about her, too? Etta = hilarious sense of humor + unwavering self-confidence + insatiable sweet tooth + rich Texas family + the phrase “Woo woo” uttered at least once.  Okay, now that my editorial about Etta is out of the way, let’s back to #SQUAD:

You guys! Wonder Woman and her team are back together IN THE PAGES OF HER HOME BOOK! And they all have this undeniable chemistry and ease together.  I know that I wasn’t the only one jumping up and down when I saw this panel. We’ve already got a flawless Hippolyta and a whole crew of cool Amazons, and now these two cuties + another classic character, Cheetah. Wonder Woman doesn’t need to borrow characters from anyone else. She’s got a whole slew of amazing ones herself when they’re written well. I love.

2. Almighty Aphrodite in flight(y)

All of the gods and goddesses are here! And they’re all protecting Diana! And Aphrodite takes a specific detour to come and check on Steve BECAUSE HE’S DIANA’S LOVE BUG. I love that dear dumb beautiful baby Steve notices the goddess of love in bird form and is like, “Oh hey.” What *are* you, baby Steve?! You delight me in how gentle and observant you are and how wonderfully you fit with Wonder Woman. Oh, speaking of…

3. Dear dumb beautiful baby Steve

Oh my, what did this boy do this entire issue? He spent his time: taking his shirt off when asked, putting it back on when asked, deep in thought frowning when he thought of Diana imprisoned, smiling when he thought of Diana not imprisoned, talking to birds, etc. Steve doesn’t make the narrative about him but he’s there when you need him. Nicola Scott encapsulated his sweetness (among other things, heh heh heh) perfectly.

Stray observations:

  • Among other things, STEVE TREVOR HAS TOO MANY ABZ. I literally blushed when I saw that panel! 
  • Also, please note that Steve’s dimples are canon in this reboot.
  • One of my absolute favorite parts: When she’s cold, alone, and scared in the cell, Diana calls out to her mom. Think about how real that is.
  • After the word “Steve,” Diana’s first word in English is “trust.” #WONDERWOMAN #GREGRUCKA
  • OMG, the picture from “The Lies” makes its appearance!
  • Steve’s visit to Maya and Sandy crushed my heart.
  • Needless to say, I *loved* “Dr. Perez.” While I was reading it I was like “Can they do that?” HEH HEH HEH.
  • This is the strongest Nicola Scott’s art has been so far!