my beautiful cloak

   Art collaboration I did with @nighttime–patrons !!

lineart by @nighttime–patrons  // coloring by me   |   swapped version
             all versions with both @nighttime–patrons and @kellythepitiablefangirl


We will leave this world together, as we once came into it. I cannot die while Cersei lives. 
We will die together as we were born together. If he were dead, I would know it. 
We came into this world together, Uncle. He would not go without me.

“Your time belongs to Overwatch. It belongs to your duty. […] it belongs to your comrades. It belongs to me.”

Hang the Fool by AlmaMeDuele

Hey y’all, if you haven’t read this fic yet and ya like the McHanzo go read it (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ the characters are perfect, the pacin’ is so smooth guh (it’s still in progress tho) - I was hoping to draw a scene that’s more interactive but uh here we are w/ grubby mcgrubster 

Tiny details I could write entire fics around:  Kalex Edition

1)  The awkward tension following Kara and Alex discussing the popcorn machine.

  • Headcanon: Alex was a little less patient than the pair are letting on, but it was a turning point for Alex regarding this alien sister she hadn’t wanted. (Kara’s fascination with salt was kinda cute “or whatever”)

2)  The odd reaction Alex has to Kara turning away immediately following the, “And I always thought you were such a bad liar,” “That’s what a good liar wants you to think,” exchange, [looking down, closing in on herself, and seeming to kick herself for saying such a thing] before she realizes Kara had only turned away because she’d been called on her comm.

  • Headcanon: Being such a good liar is Alex’s actual secret here, and when she tips her hand and gives away her strategy, she immediately fears Kara has caught on to the possibility that Alex could have been lying about almost anything over the years, up to and including things Alex is still lying about. (like the fact that she’s high-key in love with Kara and that’s Bad™)

3)  Alex’s allusion to Eliza blaming her for Kara not dating enough.

  • Headcanon: Eliza blaming Alex for Kara’s dating habits means one of several things:

    a.  She thought Alex might be scaring off anyone that showed an interest in Kara under the guise of being the ‘protective older sister’

    b.  She felt Kara was too focused on Alex and Alex wasn’t doing enough to steer Kara’s attention toward proper romantic investments

    c.  She worried Alex was purposefully dissuading Kara from dating for improper reasons and high-key feared Alex might take advantage of Kara if Eliza didn’t nip that in the bud

  • Headcanon (pt. 2): Now Alex harps on Kara to date nearly as badly as Eliza does, just to prove that she is A-OK with Kara dating, fully supports it 100%, has never had a single reservation regarding Kara and dating that might suggest any sort of improper feelings on her end; nope, no way, not Alex.

4)  The motive behind some of the things Red!Kara says to Alex during the loft scene [It’s overdone, I know, but hear me out]: •  “Trying to cloak my beauty so I don’t outshine yours.”  •  “When you couldn’t stop me being Supergirl, you got me to work for you. To retain some control.”  •  “I am finally free of you.”  • 

  • Headcanon: In her altered state, Kara could twist all the insecurities and feelings back on Alex, make them weapons, make them Alex’s fault, pretend they’ve not a source of shame for Kara.

    Because Kara has always felt like an ugly duckling standing next to Alex’s effortless beauty, always so aware of Alex’s attractiveness and the people that flocked to her - people ten times more beautiful than Kara would ever hope to be.

    And it’s disheartening to know that Alex - beautiful, intelligent, fiercely protective Alex - would only ever see her dowdy, awkward, alien little sister when she looked at Kara, while, at the same time, Kara feels so entirely ensnared by everything that Alex is, held captive, almost. Like it’s not fair that Kara has to be stuck between a rock and a hard place; too close to touch, not far enough to escape, forever caught in Alex’s orbit.

    But under the Red-K, Kara can escape. Can feel all that bitterness, can act on all that resentment, can pretend Alex is the pathetic one nipping at Kara’s heels, and take back the control Alex has always had over her, regardless of whether or not Alex actually knew it at the time.

That’s all the ones that’ve been sitting in the front of my mind recently, but please feel free to make note of some more, if any come to mind, cuz god, those two are just so good for it.

And that’s how, against Lady Penelope’s wishes, Gordon went home with an ankle-length, cherry red hooded cloak.

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So, I just bought a sword (to be specific, a replica of Anduril, Aragorn’s sword from Lord of the Rings) because I am a huge nerd. And what do huge nerds do with newly acquired swords? Photoshoot in my yard the forest.