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olivarry + getting to say goodbye to their parents

  • Kuroo: *takes off shirt*
  • Bokuto: Bro, you've got great abs
  • Kuroo: Really, bro?
  • Bokuto: Really, bro!
  • Kuroo: Thanks, bro!
  • Kuroo and Bokuto: *chest bump*
  • Akaashi and Kenma: ...
  • Akaashi: Kenma-san...
  • Kenma: Akaashi...
  • Akaashi and Kenma: It's never too late to transfer to Karasuno.
Things I think about a lot:

Eggsy and Roxy playing fetch with their dogs in the park.

Roxy coming along on Eggsy’s family trips because even though they’re not actually dating, having her around keeps his nosy aunt Nettie off his back.

Eggsy dragging Roxy along with him and his mum to his sister’s first dance recital. Roxy brings flowers because even though Daisy’s four she still deserves to feel like a star.

Roxy punching a bloke in the face at his hometown pub for making some shady comment about Eggsy’s habits as a teenager.

Eggsy showing up to rescue Roxy from a family dinner that starts bad and slowly slides down from there.

Eggsy having someone solid and steady in his life who he can rely on, no strings attached.

Roxy having someone to rub her shoulders after long, tense flights (“Fucking heights Eggsy, I just can’t do fucking heights-”)

Roxy calling Eggsy while she’s away on a mission because she sees his text ‘I miss him’ and whispering to him soothingly when he sniffles and chokes up over the line.

Her hand curling over his at the funeral, squeezing firm and anchoring him down. Her solid warmt the only comfort he has when says goodbye to the only man who’s ever given a damn about him-

Best friend super spies being absolute pals and taking the world by storm.


4x10 - The Queen’s Gambit Job