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Imagine trying your best to cram for your next test in study hall one afternoon, narrowing your eyebrows when you hear the incessant chatter of the three teenaged lads directly behind you. You’ve been friends with John, Paul, and George your whole life, but study hall is study hall, and it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate as the boys don’t seem to want to /shut up/. However, just as you’re about to turn around and say something, the previously-animated conversation goes hushed. You silently thank the three for quieting down, but just as you turn to continue studying, George’s heavy Scouse catches your attention;
“‘ow am I supposed ta do it on my own? I like her a lot… You lot 'ave loads of girlfriends all the time- you could at least help me get /one/!” he whispers not-so-quietly. Behind you, you hear a delighted laugh:
“Aw, come 'ead, Hazza! It’s Y/N, not tha fuckin’ Queen,” John chides, and you feel your face grow hot. You grip your pencil tightly when you don’t hear anymore voices, pretending to continue studying despite having no more intention to do so. You /have/ to know more, and your stomach nearly flips when the boys start chattering once again.
“Come off it, Johnny,” Paul soothes, voice low, “The poor kid’s gotta crush on our Y/N. Let’s 'elp him ask her out.”
“Alright, but if he chickens out, she’s mine. I’ve been working 'er for years now,” John warns, yelping quietly when you hear a dull thud; George must have kicked him.
“Okay, Geo; you’ve just got ta be straightforward. Tell 'er what ye like about her and then ask her; be honest, and she’s bound ta say yes,” Paul suggests, And John hums in approval.
“When should I ask her? She has a test today-”
“Ask her today, after her test- it’ll be a good point to her bad day,” John interrupts, voice warm. “Look at our little Georgie, Paul: all grown up and using 'is-”
“Alright! Let’s just ask her today, yeah?” George panics, and you can picture the blush on his face then as the other two laugh brightly.
Just then, the bell rings, reminding you that you do indeed have your test next period, of all things. As you smile shyly at a bright red George upon collecting your things and leaving, you hurry off to finish your test for completely different reasons than before.

Heartstrings Verse - Summary: When Kurt imagined studying at Blaine’s house, he never thought it would go this way (mixed with this prompt). Set in this verse.

Warnings: frottage

A/N: wow so i’ve had this written out for a month now but it’s such a huge piece in this verse i was kind of intimidated. hope you like it!!

It’s not how he planned to spend his Saturday night, that’s for sure.

Kurt checks the time on his phone and frowns, because if he weren’t here right now he’d just be arriving at Scandals for the night. Instead he looks up to where his dad dropped him off, a house that looks equal part like a castle, mansion and cozy little cottage.

It’s just so Blaine.

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