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2017.06.27 👣 4 Mile Walk

I didn’t walk down to the beach itself, just stayed on the path, which made the walk speed quite a bit faster than normal. I guess that’s why, either that or Runkeeper just messed up, but the map looks right. I was actually around 3.2 MPH just before I got home, but i got stopped by the neighbor and talked for a while and didn’t pause it, so it dropped down to 3 mph. Still, I’m often closer to 2.7 or 2.8 recently, so that’s an improvement. 

I need to try and get back in the habit of decent walks on days without Jazzercise. I’ve been slacking so much lately, I need something to start clicking again. Let’s hope this is a start.

It was warm, but a nice breeze kept it from being too bad.  Pictures are of Sea Grapes and Beach Daisies. 

The World Is Too Small For Her

My lovely Noods<3 Anyway, i’m quite amazed by Humanz, didn’t think Damon and Jamie would make something as much as good as Plastic Beach (Demon Days onelove). What is your favorite song?