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masstersword  asked:

Who's your fave hero in FEH?

Oooooooh such a hard choice. I love Effie, Cherche, and Nowi a lot but the character I was the most excited when I saw them in the game is Summer Robin. I was sooooo happy when I saw the banner. A special Robin to go with Bunny Chrom…. so beautiful… and especially after she’d been shoved to the back yet again by the company favouring male Robin when the game first came out :/

Merle: Is it hot down there? Is it really hot?

Director: It’s probably sticky? If you wanna wear shorts, this-

Taako: Oh, wait a minute, we gotta get new looks! We gotta get summer looks!

Merle: [clapping and singing] Shorts! We need shorts!

Taako & Magnus: Fantasy shorts, fantasy shorts, fantasy shorts-