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blease,,,,,,,MiriTama first date/first kiss.......I need 2 know how u feel abt this in fiction form. Pls

If there’s one thing Togata Mirio is certain of, it’s that Amajiki Tamaki will always come through in a crisis, despite any fears or insecurities that might try and stop him.  

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i really want hook and ariel to develop a legit brotp though

like, she thinks of him as the big brother she never had and she’s the little sister he never wanted and she insists on giving him unsolicited romantic advice of dubious utility (“ooh, here’s a great present, she’ll love it!” “ariel, love, this is a set of cutlery.”) and she plays his unwanted wingwoman, which she’s actually really good at, because, you know, ariel can’t lie to save her life and she’d have no reason to anyway, so if she’s saying nice things about him, obviously they’re true

and maybe emma thinks they had something going in the missing year and that’s what he’s hiding and she’s trying to snark her way through it (“what would sebastian think?” and “why am i not surprised that you’d get it on with a mermaid?”) but ofc she’s seething with jealousy and ariel has to shut her down but she thinks it’s super-ridiculous because “oh, come on, he gave up his ship to get back to you, it’s not like he’s gonna jump on the first pretty face who walks by” and emma’s just like HE WHAT

and goes to confront him about it and ariel is running after her like “oh fuck i fucked up i fucked up shitshitshit” and before emma can start she’s screaming I’M SORRY I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS A SECRET and hook is facepalming so hard because jfc i cannot take you anywhere fuckin’ mermaids i swear

i just want her to become his obnoxious little sister-slash-begrudging best friend-slash-shipper on deck-slash-personal matchmaker ok