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Reader x Jeonghan

You sat at your small wooden desk, determined to study for one of your many exams this month. Studying was new to you, you didnt really ever need to, but then again, you never really struggled in class until this semester.

The only thing was, it was so boring…. Like, who wanted to learn about the French and Indian War? Certainly not you, but you went on.

Maybe one good thing was how supportive your boyfriend, Jeonghan, was. He always checked in on you, and if you had fallen asleep, he would tuck you in bed and turn the lights off.

Just then, you heard him down the hallway. Like every other night, he would come in to see how you were doing, possibly with snacks. “You know what…” You mumbled as you carefully rested your head against the open textbook. “Ill just let him take care of me.”

You closed your eyes as the door opened. “Yah, are you stud-” he paused before looking over at you, “oh…” He walked to you, pushing back the strands of hair covering your face. “Sleepy already?” He whispered.

You continued to act as he wrapped one arm under your knees, and another around your back, picking you up bridal-style. He started to hum as he carried you to your shared bed. Jeonghan gently laid you down, putting a blanket over you. “Goodnight.”

You sensed him turning away, but before he could go far, you mumbled a small “wait.” Your eyes lazily opened as you reached out to grab his hand. Once you found him, you pulled him towards you.

“Hmm?” His face was half confused, half comforting.

“Stay with me, please.” You brought him closer, but he just pouted.

“But im busy, hon.”

You just pouted right back. “With what?”

After a moment, he sighed. “Nothing thats more important than you.” He made his way to the other side of the bed and plopped down beside you.

He cuddled you to no end. “Goodnight sweetie”

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episode 8, clip 6 ☽ a thousand questions

[ play 24:45 - 29:19 ]

“Are you partied out already?”

Sana startles, and her head whips around to see Yousef drop down onto the bench next to her.

“Is it okay if I sit?” he asks.

She narrows her eyes. “You’re already sitting.”

“I can always get up. Don’t you think it’s important to ask?” he says, voice wry.

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Sad boy Robbie ♥

I’m so proud of this, because i spend about 15 hours drawing it. I’ve just started to learn how to draw properly so please feel free to comment my mistakes ( anatomy, perspective, colouring etc), it really helps!

Moreover, soon i’m going to do more lazytown fanart, so follow me if you want to see more :)

by the way, inspired by this, lol

Temptress (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! To the anon, I’m so sorry I couldn’t have posted this on your birthday!!😅 However, I still hope you had a great birthday!! Enjoy!!

Request: Hey honeybun :) It’s my bday today and I wanted to make myself a present hahaha. I hoped you could do an imagine for me with Steve, cause I had a lovely dream last night :) Steve wakes up and hears you’re in the shower and can see glimpses of you through the opened door. At a point he can’t stand it any longer and joins you in the shower, where you end up having passionate shower-sex? :) I hope you’re okay with this 😘😘

Warnings: smut

Steve woke up to the sound of the shower running. Stretching, he turned around to see that it 1am. Glancing up at the bathroom door, he knew that you were finally home. As you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, you were always busy and him being part of the Avengers didn’t help as well.

The two of you barely saw each other for the past few days and Steve was starting to miss you. Looking at the bathroom he realized that the door wasn’t close. He caught glances of you moving about in the shower, it wasn’t as if he could see you fully but he could catch glimpses of your body.

He continued staring, the open door looking inviting. He let out a breath as he ran his hand through his hair, contemplating on what to do before making his decision. Steve stood up and headed towards the bathroom, feeling too impatient to wait for you to come out.

Standing outside of the door, he could hear you humming to yourself, a smile slipping on his face. “Y/N?”

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The birthday present

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1203

Request: Hey doll 💗 It’s my bday today and I wanted to make myself a present hahaha. I hoped you could do an imagine for me with Steve, cause I had a lovely dream last night :) Steve wakes up and hears you’re in the shower and can see glimpses of you through the opened door. At a point he can’t stand it any longer and joins you in the shower, where you end up having passionate shower-sex? :) I hope you’re okay with this 😘😘 -Anonymous

Warnings: SMUT. Pure smut with a little bit of cute fluff at the end, but mostly just dirty and all the way sinful, unprotected shower-sex smut. Prepare.

A/N: Oh my god, I have ever written an oneshot this smutty. This caused me a huge overdose of smut, so please enjoy -this is the last one you are going to get for a while, lol. I really need to get back to the innocent fluffiness, before Lucifer himself is coming to drag me down to hell.

Gif’s not mine.

Steve woke up to the sound of the running water, and turned around to see that you had already got up, even if the sun had barely raised. The two of you had decided to share a hotel room after a mission, since you were way too tired to get back to the Avengers Tower after the job was done last night.

Frowning, he glanced towards the slightly open bathroom door –just in time to see you coming out of the shower, water glistening on your skin and your hair on a messy bun at the top of your head. He knew that he was supposed to turn his head away from you, but he couldn’t –not when you looked like that. You crouched towards the floor and rubbed your legs with a white, fluffy hotel towel, before getting back up, running it along the curve of your hips and your lower back.

Steve gulped, rubbing his face with his hand. The night in the same bed with you, listening your soft sighs and chuckles and the feeling of your skin against his as you crawled into his arms -even that was hard for him to handle. -But the sight of you without any clothes on, dripping water, your hair messy and your cheeks slightly blushed -it was way too much for Steve. He rubbed his hair, before jumping off the bed and walked across the room to the door of the bathroom. Taking a deep sigh he knocked it sharply twice, making you frown slightly.

You wrapped the towel around your body, before giving Steve a permission to come in with a soft hum.

“Morning,” you chuckled, letting your moist hair fell down before flashing Steve a smile as he pushed the door open. “I’m sorry if I woke-“

Your sentence was cut short as Steve rushed to you, grabbed your face between his hands and pressed his lips against yours. Your eyes widened from surprise, but it didn’t took long until you were pure wax under his soft and gentle touches. You lifted your hand to his bare chest and felt his heart beating like a drum, as your other one caressed his cheek and neck gently.

“Steve,“ you breathed out as you broke the kiss, your heart beating and your lips slightly swollen.

He shook his head, stepping further from you. “I’m sorry Y/N, I shouldn’t have-“,

You nipped your bottom lip between your teeth, taking a deep breath, before stepping closer to him, your hand traveling to the hem of your towel. “But do you want to?”

“Yes,” he breathed out, his eyes running down your body and back to your eyes. “More than anything.”

“Me too,” you whispered, dropping your towel to the floor before crashing your lips against his for demanding and heated kiss –nothing like the one before. He ran his fingers teasingly along the curve of your body, as you tangled your fingers into his hair. A soft moan escaped your lips as your lips kept moving in sync with eager rhythm that Steve made even deeper by sliding his tongue into your mouth.

Grabbing the hem of his t-shirt into your hands you pulled it over his head, smiling to the sight of the tensed muscles of his chest and stomach, before taking his hand in yours and pulling him to the shower cubicle after you.

“I was thinking about the ordinary bed sex, but doll,” Steve chuckled, pushing you against the wall of the shower, his blue eyes deep from lust and his lips turned into a wide smirk, “this is so much better.”

A soft moan escaped your lips as the warm water hit your skin, right at the same time as Steve started to kiss your neck demandingly, sucking and tingling your delicate skin. Chuckling, he locked your hands above your head, as his free hand moved down your body –all the way down to your arching clit.

“Steve,“ you gasped, amazed by the sudden contact and pressed your eyes shut as he started to rub your clit with perfectly satisfying movements, making you writhe against his wet body as your moans got louder and his movements more demanding.

“Able to stand by yourself?” he chuckled, his voice deeper than usually, his teeth nipping your earlobe as you moaned desperately for an answer.

Steve kneeled in front of you, widening your legs, before pressing his tongue straight to your tender clit, making you scream his name and pull his hair as he started to draw circles with his strong tongue, his fingers moving to tease your entrance.

“S-Steve, fuck-,“ you whined, trying desperately gasp for air as you were getting closer and closer to your orgasm, overwhelming waves of satisfaction rushing through your body over and over again as he kept moving his tongue and fingers. “Captain please-“

“Gosh, you sound so sexy,” Steve moaned, sliding a finger inside of you –causing another, deep and harsh rush of satisfaction ran through your body.

Demandingly, he started to move his finger inside of you, curling it and pushing it in and out, while his soft lips kept working on your clit.

“Come on doll, let me hear you scream my name,” he encouraged, making you scream his as you came hard under his touch.

Steve got up from the floor, pressing soft and gentle kisses to your skin on his way up, before turning you around, your back pressed against his chest. He moved his lips to kiss your neck gently before starting to push inside of you carefully.

“Oh- s-shit Steve,” you let out a gasp, taking support from the glass of the cubicle, as you felt him –and pure satisfaction filling you up.

“Are you doing okay, doll?” he frowned, his fingers moving your hair to the other side of your head. “I don’t want to hurt you-“

“No, I-I’m okay, I just-,“ you breathed out, starting to realize that all the teasing of the other Avengers truly had been true –the serum didn’t just made some part of him bigger. “Move, please.“

Steve chuckled softly, curse words escaping his own lips as he started to move carefully inside of you, making you moan loudly.

It didn’t take long until he came inside of you with a loud, desperate shout of your name, making you cross your own line as you collapsed to his arms, panting hard, yet satisfied smile on both of your lips.

“That might have been the best birthday gift I have ever gotten,” you let out a soft laughter, after Steve had carried you to the bed and wrapped you into the warm and soft towels.

“Will you hate me forever, if I admit that I totally forgot?” he frowned slightly, nipping his bottom lip between his teeth as he was trying his best to make a braid of your wet hair –with weak success.

“Yep,” you nodded your head, before bursting into bubbling laugh that made his heart flutter. “No, I couldn’t ever hate you, Steve.”

“Good to hear,” he chuckled, bright smile on his lips before leaning closer to you to kiss you deeply. “Happy birthday, doll.”



My cotton candy, strawberry, bubblegum prince goodies are here!! (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ) I’m so happy that I was finally able to obtain cookie and chubby devil Kisumi to add to my collection and look! HE HAS NOW BEEN REUNITED WITH RINRIN AND SOU! SANO BABIES!!!!! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*

Now all I have to do is wait patiently for his bday items ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

do i buy myself a gotdang $200 hairdryer i’ve wanted for years because tomorrow is my 25th birthday and i’m finally making something close to Real Person™ money