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Kyungsoo singing along to BeWhy…. I’d literally kill someone to hear him

Not only did I finally finish this, but there is the tiniest bit of sort of background lol So! Stuff for my ‘If Bo had a lil bro’. I really enjoyed coloring this one, it’s been a while since I did another colored digital piece. I tried some new stuff, like trying again to step away from shading with black at all. I used blues instead..well except for Shouji’s roots. But that couldn’t really be helped lol I like the way Satoshi came out, too.There is tension between these two and I think it makes for interesting future art projects for their teams lol The whole thorns thing is relatively recent, but they fit the more I think about him.

Anyway, I won’t get into the whole thing right now. But these are some of my next gen babies~

I miss Roman Torchwick. When will we learn more about his past.

I’m really sad that he was glossed over. Last time we heard from him he was giving an emotionally charged speech and I wish I could get a look into the kind of suffering he’d experienced to become the person he is.

Like, villains don’t just become villains because they want to be evil usually. I really want to know what made Roman tick. What took away all his faith.

I hope we can see soon.