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Anonymous asked: *banging fists on table* give us more precious cats!!1!1!!!1! (pls)

Ask and you shall receive, all of these are from my snapchat skddklal, excuse my mom and sis in the bg

@joejonas: An open letter to Parker Grey Jonas, 
    P. PJ. Alien. Buggie. Dimples. Moon Eyes. Sweet Girl. Over the last twelve months, you have shaped and molded my life in ways I could never have imagined were possible. The decision to bring you into this world–with the help of your stellar mom–was the scariest choice I ever had to make. It was also the easiest. A no-brainer, in fact.
    I read a quote somewhere that said something like “choosing to have children is like choosing forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” To have a piece of my heart, the most important and precious piece, not inside me but alongside me, for the rest of my life was terrifying. And since the moment you were born, you took this piece of my heart with you and I’ve watched it grow with every milestone you’ve reached, every smile you’ve flashed at me, every tender touch you’ve given me and every sweet kiss you now give me.
    Baby girl, you are the most precious thing in my universe; in fact, you opened up a whole new universe inside me, one filled with love and hope and everything I know to be good and innocent and true. I know there will be things in your life that I can’t protect you from, no matter how hard I try. But I promise to do my very best to defend you, to keep you safe in my arms, and to lift you up to new peaks until my last fighting breath. 
    Parker, the past 365 days been without a doubt the best of my life and I will continue to watch you grow with my heart outside my body as you’ve always carried it with you. It is yours to keep forever, my baby. There aren’t enough birthdays in this lifetime to celebrate you so I will do my best to celebrate every single day of your life until my last day. I love you so much P. 
    Happy birthday, Moon Eyes. (photocredit: @sodemilovato)



Hi, my lil bby started sprouting finally (this is my first time trying this) and i have yet to see a root? it’s gotten bigger since i last took this (which was about a week ago) and still no roots have popped up. is this normal? thanks!


It’s fine! some plants just don’t want to grow roots until the parent leaf has completely shriveled up,, Just don’t water it since there aren’t roots to take up water. It will grow roots when it needs to :)