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Lil’ sneak sneak of my contribution to the Faster Than A Bullet: A McGenji Zine  @mcgenjizine

Ehehe I’m so excite you guys the pre-order is nearly available to the public– the pieces and artist involved are so incredible! So honored and happy to been a part of such an amazing project.

You gotta check em cool! ==> 


“…the most prepared take it the worst. The proudest is the most damaged.”

My precious children have all been through so much.

  • Robotboy has a wish that may never happen and powers that are sometimes abused or sought after for evil purposes
  • Tommy suffers through physical, emotional, and mental abuse daily, mainly by his brother, father, and school bullies
  • Lola feels abandoned a lot because she’s a girl
  • Gus acts the way he does because of his upbringing