my bbs will be canon one day

Been trying to fight my mind on negativity within the FNDM but one think I know always is that I’ll always be grateful for R/WBY no matter what. It’s helped me through so much personally.

And above all else I am grateful for every single interaction Blake and Yang have. My heart will explode into a rain of actual physical “thank you’s” if/when bumbleby becomes canon like it’s so ♥

I also want to thank all the BB shippers who are awesome and positive and share cool art/fiction everyday. You all make my day better when I go into the tag - thank you! 

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So I cross posted (and polished up) a few short fics from here to my Ao3 earlier today. Cause, I kinda liked them so why not.

*Note, dub names are used in the DM fics

Joey and the Orichalcos

A season 4 AU where it’s Joey, not Mai that Valon encounters that day. One-shot.

One Last Dance

Post-canon GX fic, ft. Spiritshipping and Soulbondshipping and dancing. 2 parter.

Reverse!Ishtar AU Battle City Finals

Exactly what the name suggests, a role reversal AU where it’s Ishizu not Marik who turns evil. 3 parter, each part from a different POV, taking place at the start of the Battle City Finals.

Reverse!Ishtar AU Odion Falls

A rewrite of the Joey vs. Odion duel to fit into the aforementioned AU. One-shot

What if: Fandom AU || Viking Mythology / Frostiron AU
+ For frostironistheperfectotp (Happy Birthday Mina!! :D)
Inspired Music: Ingwar by Wardruna

“You have prayed to the gods for help. Tell me, Anthony Stark. Will you be willing to bleed in my name? To scream your allegiance to a god of lies, of mischief and chaos?”



Just thinking about how it’s complete and utter bullshit that Han and Leia are separated, are you fucking kidding me? That’s the moment when they would have united even more to try and bring their kid back because that’s what they always did. They were always fighting and at each other’s throats, but when the shit hit the fan they would always unite and go through it together. There’s no way they wouldn’t do the same here, especially here in fact!

It’s also complete bullshit that not only are Han and Leia separated, but the 3 of them are! No! Just no!!

Han always comes back for Luke, Han always finds Luke, Luke always finds Han and Leia, Luke always goes after Han and Leia. The only thing that makes sense about the situation in this movie is that Leia is trying to find Luke, because that’s what she does, that’s what they do, every time!

When Han finds Rey and Finn he should have been out there because he was trying to find Luke, or trying to find bb-8, since Poe didn’t come back with him and he had information about Luke. And what with Han being a former smuggler and all he would know people who could get information, and so Leia would have sent him to try to do just that!

I hate how they separated the 3 like that!!!