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ayyyy another mesh edit! i’m super happy with how this came out!
 it’s not perfect but i think it’s pretty alright ;w;
base game compatible
 not hat compatible… why would you wear a hat with your hair like this?  
comes in ea’s 18 default colours
tou // other cc used

// download

*** thank you again to my bb @synthsims for helping get the bugs out ❤️

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✿ for a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Rosia seemed like the kind of person that didn’t want to trouble others with their own problems. It had taken no less than three separate tries before she had finally relented and let Johnny come to her house to help.

 It was the least he could do for her; his dear friend had been a confidant and an inspiration since the two had met. 

His request had come in the form of washing a mountain of plates and silverware, after dinner (which he had also been invited to attend). Rosita was somewhere else in the house, double-checking her children’s homework before bedtime. How did she find time to do this? Two meals every day–three, on weekends–and who knew how many other things to take about the house. Yet she never took it out on anyone; Johnny had never felt the brunt of any irritation or troubles she may have had. It spoke a lot, to her character. It made him appreciate her constant kindness even more.

Johnny turned when she came back into the room, and he flashed a smile before he returned to his work. “I don’t know how you do all of this…” he murmured. Any following words were silenced by the soft kiss to his cheek. He raised a hand to the spot immediately (smearing suds all over his fur in the process) and chuckled sheepishly. 

“Oh–uh, well. You’re welcome, then…” he mumbled, with a soft, but very genuine, smile.

  • Stiles and Malia make out in the season 5 trailer
  • Me: *meh*
  • Stiles holding Lydia and it looks like they are about to die
  • Me: dID YOU SEe TYAT
  • *wipes away fallen tears*

favorite character meme: five episodes [1/5] → 3x09 “a dangerous deal”

Alaska was walking back to her apartment in Williamsburg, a town that was all too new to the brunette. You’d think moving clear across the country alone, not knowing a single soul, would scare someone–but not Alaska. The brunette was ambitious to say the least, and would stop at nothing to achieve her dreams. California was very different compared to New York; the people, weather, food. Alaska wasn’t all too acclimated with the drop in temperature or how rude the New York natives could be. Carrying groceries in both hands, someone bumped into the young girl, causing one of the bags to break. The culprit just kept walking, un-phased by the damage they had just caused. “Well, damn. Would it kill ya to apologize? God forbid, help?” Alaska shouted out as she turned around, the person nowhere in sight. Sighing, she knelt down to pick up whatever food she could that wasn’t spoiled.

The Ghost King meets America’s Golden Boy


Nico looked around the room. He wasn’t sure where this norse god had taken him. He didn’t even know the gods from the other religions even existed, but when he thought about it, it made sense. He was the son of Hades. He was the first demigod that discovered the camp of Roman demigods- Camp Jupiter. If there was Greek gods and Roman gods, it only made sense there were more.

So here he was, on this stupid solo quest to figure out where all the disturbances in New York were coming from. That led him to Loki. When confronting the Norse god, things didn’t go to well. He was over-exerting his powers, and had slowly begun to fade in the shadows. He was too weak alone on this quest. He guessed he considered himself lucky when Thor showed up- although he really didn’t want to admit that.

That’s how he ended up here- weak, exhausted, and slowly fading out in this strange room as Thor spoke with another man.

“Please, watch over the boy while I account for my brother. It is my fault he is in this weakened state, and I must deal with the consequences. I cannot leave him to die and you are the only one I trust.” Thor said to the man. 

“He is Greek. Son of Hades. Claims to also be the King of Ghosts. He is but a child who has been injured trying to fix my mistake. Please.” Thor begged the man. Nico started listening in. He weakly sat up in the chair and looked down at his hands which were slowly fading in and out of existence. He hated to admit this, but he was terrified… he thought this time he might’ve done it. Might’ve finally over-stretched his powers and was going to fade into the shadows for good.