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Ooo bruh going to be self-indulgent for once :,v Brunette, my hair is a floofy curly soft mess. Pretty tan and have a light accent because I'm Spanish. I have quite big choco brown eyes and I'm really really short, I love being picked up. I'm just a soft awkward marshmallow because of my aspergers but I'm far too curious for my own good and when I feel comfortable enough with somebody I can tend to be lightly saucy and I just care very very deeply about all peeps that I interact with.

I saw your addition! And You SOUND SO CUTE. I SHIP YOU WITH THE TOL BB BEAN 

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He loves how cute and snuggley you are, and wants to hug and squeeze you to death! Also, he is tol so he can pick you up whenever you want! Honestly you’re so adorable he cant even comprehend it!

My First bbtc Win

sooo I just won my first bbtc! this was only my fifth game too, idk if that is good or what but I’m pretty pumped about it! and I’ve never done one of these “longer posts” for bbtc but I will now! LOL

So I played as bb6 queen, Ivette Corredero in @paolashea‘s game tonight! 

This is really long so don’t read it… seriously don’t. 

I was approached to join an “early bb” alliance that included myself, Daniele, Lisa, Marvin @bbdigital and Ollie. This was my first alliance and I had full intentions to stay loyal. I was talking to Britney and she began floating names out there and eventually the two of us formed another five-person alliance that included myself, Britney @crstndpl , Ashley @jesuslovesjaburu , Nicole @haydenvoss and Audrey @flirtyspy

I now found myself in what I assumed to be the two largest alliances in the house. There were only five other houseguests that I was not aligned with.

My game really started in Week 4 when Ashley won HOH and backdoored Lisa from my original “Early BB” alliance. It was at this point when Nicole sent my other alliance, the girls alliance, a screenshot of Ollie telling her about the Early BB alliance. I denied it to the girls and voted out Lisa to prove my loyalty. The vote ended up being 6-3, which obviously made the Early BB alliance weary. I denied that I was the one who flipped even though I did. Both my alliances believed I was with them and I think they trusted me. 

Nicole won the next HOH and surprisingly nominated Michelle and Aaryn, two people not in either of my alliances. The nominations stayed the same and I convinced both of my alliances to vote out Aaryn. Marvin won HOH during the DE and Michelle and Shelli (not aligned with) and Ashley (in my girls alliance). The nominations again stayed the same, and again I convinced my Early BB alliance to keep the person I wanted, Ashley.

So there I was F8 with four from my girls alliance and three from my Early BB alliance. (Nicole, Audrey, Britney, Ashley / Daniele, Marvin, Ollie). I knew I couldn’t win HOH and expose my position in the house. This was until Natalie returned to the game from the Jury and ultimately won HOH. She nominated myself and Ollie. It wasn’t until later that I realized that this was the best thing to happen in my game. If I was on the block my alliances would save me, and I wouldn’t have to vote anyone out. Ollie won veto and Natalie renommed Marvin. Then, my girls alliance all voted to save me along with Daniele from the Early BB alliance. 

As the numbers of the Early BB alliance began to dwindle I knew it was time to fully commit to the girls alliance. Daniele came to me and asked me to help her get in with some other people. I knew I would need her in order to get Marvin and Ollie out. So when she suggested that we make an alliance with us two, Ollie and Ashley, I was excited. I would be able to get Ashley into the “middle of the house” with me and be able to talk to her about some of the bigger moves that would be needed to be made as the game came to an end. 

That week, Natalie and Britney ended up on the block, Ollie was HOH and I knew that the girls alliance would all save Britney. The vote came out to be 3-2. At first, I didn’t think much of it. I thought Daniele voted out Britney and for some reason I thought Ollie was the second vote even though he was HOH. I then realized the vote should have been 4-1 and that someone in our alliance flipped. In the girls alliance chat we all thought it was Audrey who wasn’t in the chat because she was playing on mobile. But when I asked Daniele who she voted out, she said Natalie. That means two people from the girls alliance flipped. I had some suspicions that one of the votes was Nicole because I remembered earlier that she was the one that Ollie exposed the Early BB alliance to. 

Nicole won the next HOH and in the group chat said something along the lines of “I’m going to nominate one of us to keep our alliance hidden” and immediately knew I was going up. I was terrified. I knew if things got out that I was playing both sides, I could easily be sent home. Nicole nominated myself and Daniele. I quickly began checking in with people and making sure they would keep me safe. Nicole won the veto and removed Daniele from the block. I was so scared because I thought she was going to put Ashley up next to me. I was certain I was about to go home, until she nominated Ollie. I could barely contain myself because I knew at that point I had Daniele and Ashley’s votes. So i was safe. 

The next week was probably the biggest move I made and I did it while sitting on the block. Britney won HOH and nominated myself and Daniele. When Daniele won veto, I knew I was in trouble unless I got Britney to nominate Nicole next to me. I explained to Britney that I thought Nicole and Audrey were the ones who flipped on her and saved Natalie a few weeks back. Britney then asked for receipts to prove it …. and I was like okay. I can do that. Here my dumb ass was trying to screenshot my vote and figure out how to send it to Britney. Reminder: this is only my fifth bbtc and I have absolutely no idea how to do these things. I’m a newb. So basically in a panic, I posted the screenshot to my tumblr and sent her the link to my blog. It was a mess. I was a mess. Then Britney, rennomed Nicole next to me. I was so happy. I knew Ashley and Daniele would again save me. 

Final 5 was here and Daniele won HOH and initially kept me off the block! Daniele told me that she wanted to backdoor Ashley. I didn’t really want to because I liked the three of us together but I went along with it because she was HOH. Ashley won veto and saved Britney… I wasn’t completely sure what happened because I felt that Ashley and I were pretty close. I automatically went up. The vote came out as a tie and Daniele saved me. 

The Final 4 was myself, Daniele, Britney and Ashley. Ashley won HOH and again, I was initially kept off the block! But then Daniele won the veto. It was kind of a blur but during this vote I told Ashley that Daniele had told me that she wanted to backdoor her. Ashley told me that Britney had already told her that. So I was like hmmm well, ok. I really don’t know why but when I was up against Britney, Daniele saved me. I was surprised because I had just told Ashley that Daniele was after her. Oh well Idk? 

I had made it to the Final Three with the two girls I was closest to throughout the game. It’s also worth noting that I had not won a competition up to this point. But somehow I managed to win Part 2 and Part 3 of the final HOH competition. I had not planned on winning it nor had any idea who I should vote out. I didn’t even know who I was going to vote out until I typed it. I voted out Daniele, and honestly an hour after the fact I have no idea or no memory of how I came to that decision. That’s probably not the smartest or best thing to say but that is what I did. 

I got to the Final Two for the third time in my bbtc career, and won for the first time ever! I won 6-5 so, it’s really not that impressive but.. whatever, I’m excited. Let me LIVE! LMAO

Congrats @jesuslovesjaburu on runner-up and thanks again @paolashea for hosting!

Here’s the chart from the game:

And here is a funny thing from the Final HOH competition, I was a mess, we were a mess: 

Anyways…. If you read all this… why did you do that HAHA. Ok Byeeeeee

OMG. This season has become absolutely insane! I go from loving to hating to loving again in like 5 seconds. I’m pretty sure a large percentage of the HM’s are either shitty people or extremely ignorant, but there’s so much chaos I can’t really focus on that, except for with Paulie. He has so much internalized rage/hatred for women that it is actually really awful to watch. I’m about to do a BB series of posts, so I apologize to my followers, just block the tag bb18 if you don’t want to bother with my ramblings. I’m too amped to not share.

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Hi, you never answered my ask so maybe tumblr ate it or you just didn't want to. Either way I'll send it again! I'm sure your friends are pretty but you are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I know we all put ourselves down sometimes but I really want to to know that I and of course many others truly think you are such a beautiful human being inside and out. Try not to compare yourself to others too much, really you are a lot prettier than you let yourself believe :) - Anon you said you'd marry

omg bb thank u so much n im so sorry for only replying to this now!! you are truly the loveliest ever <3 

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hi it's the engagement anon and you're right i somehow completely forgot about the book fiasco! i thought that was still up in the air abt whether or not it was getting published but that whole thing and him being the literal mouthpiece for 1dhq would be a v good reason for that bandage. regardless of what it is i just hope my poor bb is okay with how often he's done this to his his hand :(

I’m still not 100% that it’s not a fake out story, but it’s definitely possible and it’s got the right timing.  

Zayn ending up hurting his own hand when he’s upset is definitely not ideal, but given the circumstances he’s under, I think he must be pretty well controlled to have not done it more than he has.  Hopefully he never ends up doing too much damage to himself and hopefully his hand heals quickly.

bbs you all so great

     I just wanted to make a little something for the milestone I’ve reached. Nothing too flashy, I honestly could give two fucking shits about follower counts anymore, maybe if it’s a super huge number I totally will. But holy shit my dude I did not expect to be followed by as many of you as there are, just last month my blog reached a milestone but I ignored it. Now it’s getting closer to a pretty biggy one and I just hey why the fuck not. 

     Many of you might know me formerly as fatamoirai, and that blog I had reached a thousand and two hundred followers before shutting it down to get rid of all the negative energy and start fresh. Honestly I didn’t expect a lot of you to follow me over to irafatum but I appreciate it, it just lets me know that my Zero stands out or at least I do for you to click follow again. There are still plenty of you i haven’t gotten to be able to really interact in-depth or chat with, and hopefully as the months roll along we get too! 

     Thanks for sticking around, thanks for interacting with me, thanks for reading my rules, thanks for giving a damn about whatever I’m doing, thanks for reading the effort I put into Zero. 

                         Just fucking thank you man.