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At Mishawaka High, he was a skinny misfit who got along with people, had girlfriends. He cofounded a fight club that met in a field behind a Celebrations Unlimited, where weddings and receptions took place. “I think we probably came up with some rules. No hitting in the balls, a good rule. There was a guy that rode by on a bike one time. He said, ‘What are you guys doing?’ So I fought him.”

                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM! ♡ 

Hey beautiful humans of tumblr land <3 So not only has another year done by but I have also hit two thousand followers!!! That is truly incredible and I can not believe that two thousand people actually follow and enjoy my blog! You guys are the true MVPs and I love every single one of you to death <3 So this is just a little shout out to all the lovely people that I follow as a little thanks for me to you :) I love you all and hope you all have a great 2017 🎉

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♔ My Queens  (A few shoutouts to some lovely people) ♔

@hotlatinospacerebel: Kass, lovely lovely Kass, the clarke to my bellamy! I’m so beyond thankful that you are in my life. You are so darling and your writing is so fantastic! (I love that you tag me in your stuff, please continue to always do so). I remember that you were one of the first mutual that I got to know well and wow I’m so glad I did!!! love you so much <333 (btw i love your new url, its absolutely A++)

@tymedfire: ERIN!!! My lovely trash partner <333 Do you know that you literally saved my life when I was watching Prison Break?!?! because you did and I’m so glad that we could bond over our mutual love of actual butterflies michael scofield and fernado sucre. I’m just so thankful that we have become friends! Love you <333

@pepperish: Jess! You are the sweetest and you always send me cute messages and ask me how I am! Like that is so nice of you???!? And you are also so supportive of my creations and it really warms my heart <3 Also your writing is the most beautiful thing and makes me want to cry (but like in a really good way!!) 

@bellamyshugs: Ine, I just wanted to include you in this because I know we don’t talk a whole lot but you are a absolute gem and you are just the nicest. Every interaction with you makes me smile because you are so sweet and positive!! I just wanted to let you know <3 

@nobleallison: Liz <3 You send me cute little asks all the time, and can I just say, that it is literally the cutest thing <3 It makes me so happy that you think of me and take the time to send me those message and you are so pure and beautiful, thank you love!!! 

♔ My Beautiful Mutuals ♔

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#[crying on the floor] i love him so much i just want to protect him


2015 WJC, Team Canada


OTP: You Drive Me Crazy/I Will Love You A Thousand Years/You’re All I Need To Get By/It’s Me and You Against The World


1992.08.20 ❀ Happy 24th birthday, Maiyan ❀ 

crescendohowell  asked:

2. 31. And 36.

2. what would you name your future kids?

my favorite names are benjamin, oliver, tessa, and elizabeth :)) (but also bologna and lasagna tbh) 

31. 3 random facts

  • my favorite book is A Child Called It
  • i don’t like mac and cheese most of the time
  • i should be asleep cause i have to wake up at 7

36.  3 dreams you want to fulfill?

  • visit new zealand
  • learn to play a new instrument
  • honestly to just be a good person and be happy w/ life in general