my bb bobby

Bobby leaned up against the nearest wall, trying to follow the other person’s words as best he could. He’d be lying if he said he understood exactly what they had been rambling on about. Failing to keep up he decided to act as soon as there was silence, “I’m sorry, you said your name was what again?”

i am so legit worried for bobbi right now

bobbi ‘broke the tiny science princess i didn’t even know out of hydra single-handedly’ morse

bobbi 'i vouched for you’ morse

bobbi 'we need backup’ morse

bobbi 'what about mack’ morse

bobbi loves her people, her family so much

i can’t even imagine how devastated she must be right now

i mean adrianne freakin’ sold it and we could see her pain clearly

but i worry about the long term damage having to accidentally kill one of her friends will do

even if she did it to protect her other friends

she tried so hard to talk him down

she only gave it up when it was no longer her he was hurting

she did it because he’d just knocked jemma into the hole

she did it because fitz wouldn’t, couldn’t shoot

maybe even did it so that fitz wouldn’t have to

made the hard call

the hard call that specialists make to save their people

and even still, she doesn’t expect him to be gone

does not expect his fall or the orders to seal the tunnel and abandon him

and also the fact that she vouched for lance probably means that she also vouched for mack, izzy, and idaho

and she probably did it to keep them safe

and now they’re all dead

i can’t even imagine the weight of guilt and grief she must be bearing right now