my bb all grown up


i still think about boysbe a lot

Think about Alec Lightwood for a moment. Think about what he’s doing right now.

He’s opening his eyes to another day, recognizing that he’s another year older. And maybe it scares him, to know that with every passing day, things are changing, that time is passing, uncontrollable and unstoppable.

But at the same time…

Magnus is here. Magnus is sitting on their bed, chin propped up on his hand, smiling down at Alec with that secret, indulgent smile that only Alec gets to see. He runs a finger down Alec’s jaw, down his neck rune, down his bare chest, sending shivers up Alec’s spine. And all Alec can do is smile back, smile until his cheeks hurt, a natural reaction that happens too often when he sees Magnus. This is the life Alec never thought he’d have, the love Alec never thought he’d have, the happiness he never thought he’d have. But here he is. He has it.

So yes, if Alec could have any birthday wish come true, he’d wish for more of this. For more calm mornings with Magnus, for more smiles, for more peace and quiet. For more time. For infinitely more time.

But for now, he’s happy with what he has. He’ll take everything he can get, savor every day, recognize how his life is so much better than how he’d once envisioned it.

And when Magnus leans down, whispering happy birthday, love against his lips, soft and slow and utterly intoxicating, Alec will say thank you, and it will mean so much more than that.

When Tom Holland goes on Ellen he should:

heads-up dance edition
never have I ever
that game where people get dunked in the water (idr the name lol)
who’d you rather
•surprise Spider-Man fans
• be roasted by Ellen
• talk about Harrison (he does that in most of his interviews anyway, the love is real)


Stress relief sketches of my precious freckled bb.
[Child Ace & all grown up Ace]
The 2nd one is from a dream I had of him recently, Ace smiled at me just like that in it. <3