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Morally Gray Joan

I’m not sure why it’s surprising or bad that Joan has become more morally gray since season 1. I also think she has become more ruthless than Sherlock in a way, because her reasons for enacting justice are much more clear cut and indifferent than his. Joan protects her own, no matter what. Joan is unforgiving, and has no notion of mercy if she thinks it’s not earned. I love that about her, no matter that it’s a flaw or makes her character less likable or redeemable to some.

Sherlock wanted revenge for Irene’s death. Joan wanted revenge for Shinwell’s. The only difference is that Joan is less reckless and more calculated than Sherlock. She has a greater control over her emotions, and when it’s not a clear sign of neglect by the writers, it’s something I absolutely love.

Season 1 Joan was recovering from the trauma of losing her last patient. The guilt from that death haunted her and influenced her actions for a long time. She questioned Sherlock’s morally gray actions not only because she wanted him to get better, she also didn’t want him suffering the same guilt and trauma she had.

I didn’t view actions such as Joan questioning if they were going to turn in the veteran in 1x19 as her wanting to be more law abiding. I don’t like seeing Joan as sacrificing a homeless person’s well being just for the sake of upholding the law - I think she was more testing the waters with Sherlock, seeing how far he was willing to push the boundaries of the law. The most “blank slate” Joan is s1 Joan to me. She is learning to be an investigator, but she has been a surgeon and healer much longer. Her instinct is to help people that truly need it. I think she questions Sherlock in 1x19 because she doesn’t /know/ how he usually deals with these things, and she’s in the stage of watching and learning. To me there are more nuanced ways of judging her actions than law-abiding vs. morally gray.

In season 2 we see a Joan developing into a true detective. Her black and white views as a doctor are being challenged by her morally gray side, which has always been there, as we see in the events of 2x19. She has always viewed people as either innocent or guilty. Her guilt over Castoro’s innocent death shadowed her for so long, I think that colored her reaction to the idea she may have let an innocent patient die even before Castoro in 2x19.

I don’t see Joan as becoming more like Sherlock. She has always been a special version of Watson. I don’t believe the narrative, as I interpret it, is showing Joan becoming less like a Watson and more like a Holmes. She is becoming a more true version of herself. I don’t fear for her soul, or her sense of self, because I view her as acting more morally gray because it’s how she believes justice should be upheld. She can be a healer and morally gray at the same time.

Also, I resent the idea that her willingness to sacrifice a criminal’s life makes her less “good”. Some human lives do not deserve mercy. I suppose I see my own worldview being personified in Joan. I think it’s because I’ve never see the divide between Holmes and Watson as opposing world views that are switching. Watson is Watson no matter what drivel Sherlock says about her being more like him. In Elementary, Holmes has always been more emotional and openly compassionate, he’s just less of a people person than Joan is. Joan is much better at appearing “normal”, but that doesn’t mean she’s always been the heart and he’s always been the mind. Joan is her own version of ruthlessness and intelligence, she always has been. Sherlock has influenced her, but she is not “becoming” him. She has learned herself more fully.

When she talks about cancer to Sherlock, comparing Shinwell to a necessary evil, that’s her doctor side coming out. She has always been morally gray, it’s only her life as an investigator has given this side of her more free reign than it had when she was a surgeon.

I think because I do not see Lucy’s Joan Watson and Jonny’s Sherlock Holmes as interpretations of canon so much as I see them as a reimagining, wherein Joan’s background as a Chinese American former surgeon makes many comparisons to ACD Watson null and void. Some comparison can be made, of course, but Joan is more independent than any interpretation of Watson before her.

I’m not done thinking about this, but I had to get my initial thoughts down.

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I agree with u abt Sebastian. He's a psychotic asshole but he's so interesting and I'm so excited to see him on screen. I have hope that the writers will do his character justice

Exactly. As long as the writers spare us the BS CC threw at us, I am all here for this. And honestly, I was the first who groaned after hearing that Sebastian will be on the show because I hate his fucking ass. Not because he is a villain, because a good written villain can be so damn interested to watch and all, but because I know what crap CC did in the end and I just…I still cannot believe she actually did that. *headdesk*