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So Marsha P. Johnson just doesn’t exist now??? The American transgender woman who “has been identified as one of the first to fight back in the clashes with the police amid the Stonewall riots” (x)  Like honestly you’re the ones erasing LGBT and Trans history.

Friends…. I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. It’s my fault that Barb from Stranger Things got eaten by that monster thingy in episode 3. I made a foolish mistake, that, looking back, I can see was impetuous and reckless. During the first episode I saw Barb with Nancy and I thoughtlessly muttered ‘that’s a lesbian right there.’ I can only surmise that the writers heard this and acted accordingly. In hindsight I can only apologise for what I have done. I doomed this poor girl mindlessly and sealed her fate with my rash words.
I only hope that you can learn to forgive me in time


Holy crap Kanji


03.08.2017 International Women’s Day - ft. the Wonderful ladies of Always Open

i am in a state of downright bewilderment because none of the straight people i have talked to thought that there was any queer “subtext” in the Lego Batman movie??? and it’s like??? WHAT MOVIE DID YOU WATCH FAM?? COS IT SURELY WASN’T THAT

We Need to Talk About Barbara Lake

  • redhead
  • glasses
  • roughly 40-ish? Thus was born sometime in the 70s, would have attended high school in the 80s at some point (depending on how old you think she is)
  • lives in a small town that just happens to be a veil between our world and the world of monsters
  • Isn’t really involved with said monsters, but is by association with others

sound familiar?