my bangs need a trim


2-for-1 selfie day!!

  • I curled my hair yesterday and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. 
  • Yes I do wear black every day.
  • Also I’m aware my bangs need trimming again. Ugh. Bangs.
  • Today no time for curling - got a phone call from triage while I was still getting ready this morning. Spent almost an hour dealing with a minor crisis.
  • It’s also my last day of work for the week…yay!!! 4-day weekend!
  • A week from tomorrow I’ll be in Austin! Another 4-day weekend which means next week is only a 3-day work week!
  • A week from Monday I have a consultation with my tattoo artist and I’m suuuuuper excited. I’ve been craving something new for months. Last new ink I got was a year and a half ago.
  • I actually completed every day of the blogging challenge for August. Shocker.

Ok…I’m off to do stuff. And things.

Happy Thursday, nerds!

This is why behavior is communication.

My ‘rents and I went to Supercuts because my bangs (fringe?) needed a trim, mom needed a haircut and my dad needed haircut and a beard trim.

I’m at the back half of my sensory-hell-everything-hurts phase due to Aunt Flo’s visit, but my choice was go today or wait another month and my bangs were literally poking me in the eyes. So I went. I had my black Tangle and my No Gloom ‘Shroom. I took earplugs in a baggie too, just in case.

We get into Supercuts and it’s loud. Hair dryers, clippers, an angry yelling kid getting his first haircut(he gets a pass tho, poor kid!) while another kid– a little black girl who was probably 10 or so– played with the wooden blocks in the toybox with her parents nearby. Yeah, Supercuts has stuff to entertain kids. 

I sat off to the side by the toybox and did my head-ducked-temple-tapping routine that I do when I’m overloaded. It wasn’t enough to send me into a meltdown, but I had to really focus. I put my No Gloom ‘Shroom in my mouth and twiddled my Tangle as I angled my head to watch the kid playing with the blocks. She was cute! I don’t know what the hairstyle is called, but she had her hair done up in lots of braids that stuck out every which-way with cute ponytail holders on the ends, and the parts in her hair looked like patchwork on her scalp. (I love seeing little black girls with that hairstyle, it’s adorbs!) I also noticed she was sucking on a pink pacifier.

I put my head down again. About five seconds later the little girl came over and handed me one of the green triangle-shaped blocks. They were wood with grain on one edge, but finished smooth to prevent splinters. She jiggled the block up and down and I immediately pocketed my Tangle and rubbed my finger on the grain. Her face kept the same curious expression, but she jumped up and down like I answered a question correctly.

This kid picked up on my distress and comforted me with something that made her feel good. 

Her parents didn’t interject. They probably figured out I was autistic too by the way I acted when I sat down. I glimpsed them smiling a bit in my peripheral vision as I showed the girl how cool it felt to rub the grain-side of two triangle blocks together.

I didn’t say a word to her, I just got down on the floor beside her and lined up blocks with her. Sometimes I took the round peg shaped ones and rolled them back and forth between my hands like a kitten batting a ball around. She picked up the rectangle block and dropped it repeatedly on the little play mat like she was experimenting with all the ways she could make it land. It felt so natural, like we carried on a sensory conversation that included only us.

We didn’t look at each other at all, except to watch our hands and the blocks. We played with those blocks until it was my turn to get my bangs trimmed. 

The place got quieter when the future death metal scream kid was finished having his first haircut. NOW I could really relax all the way, just in time to put up with the unpleasantness of a bang trim. I was a lot calmer and I attribute the biggest part of that to the girl inviting me to talk to her. I gave back the block the girl gave me and jiggled her hand like she jiggled mine. It was how she said hello, so I thought I would use it to say goodbye. She slapped the floor as I got up and resumed playing like she was before.

I heard her parents praise her when I walked off to my bangs trimmed. Her parents were complimenting her for communicating with me her way instead of trying to force non-autistic interaction. They respected her behavior as meaningful rather than dismissing it as “meaningless repetitive movements”.

That’s parenting done right.

He owned an expensive camera that required thought before you pressed the shutter, and I quickly became his favorite subject, round-faced, missing teeth, my thick bangs in need of a trim. They are still the pictures of myself I like best, for they convey that confidence of youth I no longer possess, especially in front of a camera.
—  Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth

OOTD 17-06-01 I got my hair done today, it really needed trimming… my bangs were so long they were no longer bangs. And… a cute black and pink print dress. Psst… it actually has USEABLE pockets. 

This is the same type of dress I wore last time I flew and TSA had to feel up my hips. I guess the guy running the scanner had never seen a dress with pockets before… I was so cracking up during the pat down it unnerved the agent. :D She asked me… Why are you cracking up… and I told her about the pockets… so of course she found them and dug into them and was like … whoa, that’s awesome.

Silliness eh?

anonymous asked:

What should I do? My mom doesn't really support my transition and is trying to force me to grow my hair back out (I'm ftm), I really don't want to, but i know if I argue with her or try to get my hair cut anyway she's going to be pissed and that causes arguments for us and it always ends with me crying and her being very rude and negative towards me and what I feel about myself.

I went through the exact same problem for years. I’d usually wait it out as long as I could and then argue with her for a couple weeks until she’d let me get it cut. Every time I’d say that I just needed a trim and usually blamed it on my bangs being in my eyes and every time I’d get it cut relatively short.

You could try and make a compromise show her some shot girly hair cuts and tell her that you’d be willing to have one of those. Depending on how you style you hair it can still look really masculine. Also a lot of guys have longer hair so you could always look at pictures of them to make you feel a bit better. 

You could also try cutting your hair yourself. I tried doing this once and let me tell you it did /not/ end well but it might go over better for you. 

You could also try other things to ease your dysphoria so the dysphoria that you feel around having longer hair doesn’t impact you as much. So you could try packing with some socks or wearing some more masculine clothes if you feel like that might help everything. 

I’d also recommend trying to save up what money you have (and maybe getting a job) so you can move out when you are of age. Then you can have your hair whatever length you want! 

I hope that all goes well and that your situation works itself out as painlessly as possible. 


Tfw I’m an acesthetic [He/Him]

So my Code Realize Cardia wig came in and as you can see I have the conductors hat she wears along with some brown gloves not in the picture. I’m still working on the costume but it hopefullly won’t be too long for me to start making it. I’ve already drawn up the plans for the top and am looking for some similar boots for the cosplay. Me sans makeup aka my usual look. I might need to trim the bangs since they poke my eyes cause they’re just at that right length but I’m really happy with the wig. It’s from fm-anime.

I really loved @food-says-the-f-word‘s picture of her and @tiny-space-robot holding their SP sons, Douche and El Guaco. It inspired me to do the same with myself and @nicolebrigette with our lovely children, Lil Juicy and DJ Ron.

Nicole, I gave you the fuzzy slippers that Ron has because I can. And you can’t see my eyes because my bangs are covering them in real life. I need a trim badly.

I encourage all you darlings to draw a family portrait with your SP child. It’s quite fun if I do say so myself.