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Okay, I’m gunna confess, I have been wanting to draw something for  crayonkat for a long time now, and upon asking if it was coolio to draw on of her characters along with mine, she said yes! So I was scrolling through her OC tags AND I SAW THIS CUTIE PATOOTIE IN THERE. Her name is Aneedle Strawman, daughter of the Scarecrow and I could not think of anyone better to draw her with than Marcella, my daughter of the Cowardly Lion!

So here’s some cuties talkin bout….. Destinies or some baloney. My dear, I hope you like, and I hope you don’t mind that I drew her and not Pelly ^^; (PS a Monster High one will be in the works too)

Marcella Lion- vintagehoneybees
Aneedle Strawman- crayonkat

totally true thing that happened on the bus
  • me: *listening to music*
  • guy who was ugly: hey sugar tits i would put my baloney pony inside your pole hole
  • me: *just keeps listen to 21 pilots*
  • guy who was ugly: hey i said i'd put my basilisk in your chamber of secrets
  • me: *does a hair flip with my long golden hair*
  • me: frankly i don't give a swag
  • child: i hate you!!! you fucking disgust me, creature of the night! i'll put you in the ground you silly cunt!
  • police officer: sorry sir but that child is right. you're under arrest.
  • harry styles: babe i'm sorry i left you. take me back?
  • me: yes hazza. :)
  • bus: *claps and pisses itself so we get carried out the door on a waterslide of piss.*

 If you go to Hollywood, you’ve already sold out. By the sheer act of going there, you’re saying, ‘I need to go there because this is the only way I can get my movie made.’ Baloney! Indiana’s the place to make your movie. Pontiac, Michigan. Whatever. Then you’re just making it on the merits of the movie. You don’t have to have any discussions about what’s hip now. Who can we get to do the soundtrack? You can actually put a score to your movie instead of a soundtrack. I get this thing all the time. Filmmakers go, 'Can I send you a script? You’ll read it and attach yourself and we’ll package it.’ Why can’t you get the money based on nothing, just the script? This whole packaging thing is out of control. Then you get absurd casting because it’s all packaged by the same talent agency. The sensibility is so bizarre.”

Happy 58th Birthday, Bruce Lorne Campbell (06.22.58)

(Gifs made exclusively for fybc by @hippiegeekgirl

mass following baloney

My dash isn’t constantly spamming me with new stuff, therefore I need more people to follow. Yesssss it’s that time again. 


- Game Grumps

- Ninja Sex Party

- Markiplier

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- Until Dawn

- Skyrim

- Legend of Zelda

- Pewdiepie

- Jacksfilms

- Animal Crossing

- Pokemon

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- Wildstar

- “Older” Nintendo (GameCube and prior)

anything similar to these!! seriously i’m a dork for everything. (i will admit i’m not in the phandom though so if that’s your main thing i’m sorry)