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when will fandon stop it with the whole “aw shucks more people would pay attention to x character if they were written better in canon aw man guess we can’t make any content for them or even acknowledge them :/” nonsense while in the same breath they’re more than happy to write fix it fic for random white dude #15 and give him a libraries worth of fic and headcanons while shipping him with any other white dude he happens to breathe near like It’s Baloney My Dudes

Someone please tell me what the hell I was on when we were reading the outsiders in school

Since TRR Book 1 is all about marrying Prince Liam and doing crazy stuff for him (even though you dont have any plans marrying him) I thought TRR Book 2 would shed a light to the other LIs. But I guess we’ll still have more Prince Liam + Madeleine 😑 Others also wants their happily ever after ya know…with Hana or Drake……….or Maxwell. 😗

Undercover P2

Summary:  Y/N is about to get a whole lot more than what she bargained for when she goes undercover to spy on our little ‘spiderling’.

Requested: No

Word Count: 1.2k+

Note: Y/N in this imagine mini series is a superhero with her own powers.

Warning(s)?: Snarky comments (kind of sexualised in a way), Swearing, Not been proof read. Some fluff near the enddd

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Part 1  Part 3


“Okay class we have a new student joining us today” Great, why not make a public announcement while your at it. 

“Class this is Y/N Rogers, now please do your best to make her feel very welcome” You put on a forced smile, wanting to be anywhere but here. The teacher glanced to you and nodded towards the middle to an empty chair for you to sit in. You walked silently over to the chair, not checking to see who the unfortunate person was beside you to be sharing the table with you. 

“Hi.. Rogers” You felt the urge to roll yours at the amount of cockiness in this guys voice. Great, he was going to be one of those guys. 

You decided to ignore it, after all your here for one and one thing only, focus.

“Girl did it hurt?” The guy from beside you asked. You turned to look at him with a confused look, was this some sort of inside joke or something?

“Did what hurt?” You asked.

“When you fell from heaven because damn.. your an angel sweetheart” Oh for fuck’s sake. Does Steve’s rules apply to complete idiots too? Behave.

Soon enough you hear about two to three guys ‘wolf whistling’ and congratulating the guy beside you. You wanted to vomit. Was this what highschool was about? Getting hit on with the cheesiest pick up lines by dweebs like-

“What’s your name?” You asked innocently, fluttering your eyes at him just a little bit. This seemed to well enough gain his attention from the boys. 

“Flash in the flesh” Was that supposed to be funny?

“Well… Flash in the flesh-” You were caught off by the guys beginning to snicker. At this time you have totally forgotten that there was an audience of about 20 students around you guys. 

“If you must know its my knees that hurt the most” You flirt, leaning in slightly giving him a suggestive wink. You could tell he was starting to become a little bit bothered… good.

You lent slightly further to whisper into his ear.

'When I crawled up from hell“ 

Peter’s pov#

To say I was surprised was an understatement. Never in my whole high school experience have I seen anyone stand up to 'The Flash’. I sat diagonally across from Flash in Science, making it easy to eavesdrop on their conversation. What? Like I wasn’t going to listen in to him being turned down by the most attractive girl I have ever laid eyes on- Wait, what? Where did that come from you don’t even know her. 

It wasn’t until I heard the majority of the class burst out into laughter. I glanced over to see Flash’s face as red as a tomato. God I wish my camera was on me to capture this moment. 

’'Enough, quite down class!” Mrs Y/T/N (your teacher’s name) angrily said towards the class. Everyone soon enough began to quieten down from their laughing fits. The teacher glanced towards Y/N sourly before continuing to write on the board. 

Well this was going to be interesting. 


Y/N’S pov#

You skipped the line for the food seeing as you had lunch packed in your bag. In fact that was one thing you noticed, no one in high school carried around a bag, what the hell? How annoying would it be to walk back and forth to your locker to get the books you need when they can just be on you? It just didn’t make any sense to you.

“Hey can I sit with you guys?” You asked nicely, seeing the familiar girl Emily from this morning. The girls shake their heads with agreement and scoot over to make room for you. You thank them and begin to pull out your lunch followed by your binder. 

Your binder was full of notes, not school notes of course. 

“What language is that?” One of the girls asked noticing the 'funny’ writing. 

“Archaic Latin” you responded. It was a very old language hardly ever used. You learnt it when you were about 8 years old, it was a way for and your friends to communicate without anyone knowing. You still write in Archaic Latin if you don’t want anyone to know. Like now for example, these were your notes on Peter Parker, you couldn’t just write all this information down and then have your binder go missing. At least this was if it does it would take ages for anyone to even un code it, if they even bothered. 

“Wow” One of the girls says, leaning over to glance down onto your book. You didn’t bother to push her prying eyes away, in fact it was kind of nice to have someone interested. Everyone finds it boring seeing it is practically a dead language. 

“Oh gosh look… loser 12 o'clock” The one who was curious about my book began to giggle followed by three other girls. I turned around in my seat to see what they were finding so amusing. All I could see was Peter and his best friend Ned walking into the cafeteria. So why where they laughing?

They continued giggling for another minute. Was this some kind inside joke maybe? You swear you were saying that a lot today. 

“So why do you want to know so much about Peter again?” Emily voices up, cutting off their girls from their giggle session. 

“Well would you believe if I said I'm here to spy on him cause he’s the annoying spiderling that is fighting with my crew and I want to put an end to him?” I ask seriously knowing they wouldn’t take it that way. Instead they all burst into laughter. 

“Good one Y/N” The girl to your right said. Emily glanced at you, trying to stop herself from laughing so hard.

“But seriously why are you interested anyways?” Emily asks. 

“Ohh do you like him?” One of the girls piped followed by a few others giggling. Damn these girls giggle quite a lot.

“I’m more…” You begin to say, glancing over your shoulder to see Peter and Ned have found a table to sit out and began to eat their lunch. 


Peter’s pov#

While eating my baloney sandwich I felt Ned keep elbowing me in the ribs. I looked up at him followed by an annoyed expression. 

“Ow what?” I asked with a mouthful of food. 

Charming, but look!” Ned says excitedly, 'discretely’ pointing across the cafeteria. I followed his glance and soon I found out what he was so jumpy about. It was Y/N, and she was staring at us.. well me? 

“That’s kinda creepy, even with you looking at her now, she still hasn’t turned away” Ned states from beside me, I wasn’t paying too much attention to him at the moment, my eyes still locked with Y/N’s. 

“And now neither of you guys are turning away” Ned speaks again. I couldn’t help it, somehow I felt drawn to her. You barely even know this girl Peter!

“Yep.. totally… not creepy at all” You tuned out Ned after that. From across the room she smiled and damn her smile was beautiful. And what made it even more special was she was I was the only one who saw it, like it was meant for me and just me. 


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Roleplay Starters from Shit my Girlfriend has said


“I’m pretending I’m the sand.”

“You’re slurrin’ like an alcoholic.” 

“It’s ok, I’m kinda stupid.”

“Your legs are made of fucking steel.”


“Remember that one time you threw baloney onto my forehead? … Because I do.” 


“You got that duck shit stuck in my head.”

“They blelelelelelelelel in their ear” 


“I’m having an crisis. [Name] Memes. Too much.”


“That burp tasted like pickles.” 

“I like pickles.”

“ Don’t touch that- that’s a cactus.” 

“ Thank you for saving. My ass.” 


“ You are. Incorrect.” 

“So I got onto tumblr last night and saw this.

“Calm thine tits.”



“Your jello is screaming.”



“They are screaming from the depths of hell.”

“ Wh-uh- oh fuck it lost me.”

“You have compared me to four things because of my haircut, [insert four really goofy or ridiculous things, I compared her to daw.son, yag.ami, and Fred and Shaggy from do.]


“You’ve been laughing for five minutes over honkhonk.”




**screaming the duck.tales theme at the top of lungs**

“I’m going to torment you for the rest of your life.”

“I’m in [blank] hell.”


“Remember the pepper [or Blank] incident?” 


“Hear that? That was a demon leaving my body.”



“My dude.”


**Ugly crying because of [something ridiculous] **

[GAAAAY!] “Yeah.”

**Laughing for five minutes over honkhonk**

okay but blue calls ronan as many nicknames as she possibly can and it just. drives him nuts hahah

“heya roaney baloney”

“don’t be rude roro”

“what’s up ro-ro-ro your boat”

“see ya later roanster”