my baloney

when will fandon stop it with the whole “aw shucks more people would pay attention to x character if they were written better in canon aw man guess we can’t make any content for them or even acknowledge them :/” nonsense while in the same breath they’re more than happy to write fix it fic for random white dude #15 and give him a libraries worth of fic and headcanons while shipping him with any other white dude he happens to breathe near like It’s Baloney My Dudes

Someone please tell me what the hell I was on when we were reading the outsiders in school

“what’s worse? getting kicked in the balls or childbirth? i guess no one will ever know haha”

as a cis male i feel like i should say getting a kick in my baloney pony would not hurt as much as having my VAGINA STRETCHED OPEN AND FORCING A TINY HUMAN THROUGH IT WHY IS THIS EVEN AN ARGUMENT HAVE YOU SEEN A PERSON IN CHILDBIRTH YOU CHICKEN FRIED FUCK

okay but blue calls ronan as many nicknames as she possibly can and it just. drives him nuts hahah

“heya roaney baloney”

“don’t be rude roro”

“what’s up ro-ro-ro your boat”

“see ya later roanster”

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i thought you said you were done arguing with hillary stans? like youre doin good work and sayin good things but like for your own mental health my man

I think it’s Brett that said that. I’ll stop arguing with Hillary stans when they stop adding their baloney to my posts.

again my theory is baloney probably but i also had the thought that like, they put SO MUCH emphasis on steven going 

my mom did a bad thing”

“i have to pay for what my mom did

“i’m rose quartz and i did it

it never made sense to me that they’d put so much emphasis on steven thinking this, or going after this train of thought and seeking justice for his mothers crime after everything that happened. after lion 4, and after steven realizing he’s his own person time and time again. 

except when i think about how rose may not have done it. and how the dialogue may actually be less about how steven is feeling and more about how the writers are trying to present an idea and thought and plot hint through steven’s voice.

why have him saying these things if not to have the watcher think harder about it, especially with zircon bringing up her point, that it Doesn’t Make Sense. 

totally true thing that happened on the bus
  • me: *listening to music*
  • guy who was ugly: hey sugar tits i would put my baloney pony inside your pole hole
  • me: *just keeps listen to 21 pilots*
  • guy who was ugly: hey i said i'd put my basilisk in your chamber of secrets
  • me: *does a hair flip with my long golden hair*
  • me: frankly i don't give a swag
  • child: i hate you!!! you fucking disgust me, creature of the night! i'll put you in the ground you silly cunt!
  • police officer: sorry sir but that child is right. you're under arrest.
  • harry styles: babe i'm sorry i left you. take me back?
  • me: yes hazza. :)
  • bus: *claps and pisses itself so we get carried out the door on a waterslide of piss.*