my bad parking


Sooo I’ve been on a camping trip for only about a week or so but I already feel super rusty with the tablet what is happening ;-;. Since I probably won’t be able to draw much the next days/weeks, I tried to scrape up some pictures to leave you with this sp-dump! It is a bit all over the place, because some of these are older and also what is a consistent artstyle haha. And!! I was actually a bit inspired by @kyleisartificiallyflavored ‘s uber cute doodle because YES STAN LOVES BUGS GOOD (but miss him with creepy parallel-universe-serial-killer-fish please)

Today my sister and I found completely by accident a little park hidden by the river, and I swear it has to be some kind of fae place. The gardens were cared for, yet somehow still wild. There were flowers and butterflies everywhere, and even apple trees. The entrance was guarded by large quartz boulders and we were the only ones there. We’ve been coming to this town for literally my entire life and I’ve never noticed or heard anyone talk about it. It was right in the center of town, yet you really couldn’t hear any noise from it unless you were right by the entrance. I also got the feeling it would be a bad idea to be in it at night. 


So, this is what I decided to post to celebrate my 1 000 followers

A while ago I had an idea for a drawing in a fantasy setting and I really liked it, so I made more! As I drew I got more ideas for different characters and it tranfered into a mini au haha
So yeah this is just a bunch of ideas turned into messy sketches that I finally got some confidence to post 
It’s late and my english is getting worse, so I won’t write the summary (I will let you figure it out sorry) but basically it’s about dragons if you couldn’t tell